"She lives in the building over there. Of course, there are people watching. If she agrees, you will naturally let you in. If she doesn’t agree, I can’t help it. I have to read the old classmates’ old feelings, but the elder brothers make a small promise and I have to keep them. There are so many things I can do." Feng Yi patted him on the shoulder and left.

"She lives in the building over there. Of course, there are people watching. If she agrees, you will naturally let you in. If she doesn’t agree, I can’t help it. I have to read the old classmates’ old feelings, but the elder brothers make a small promise and I have to keep them. There are so many things I can do." Feng Yi patted him on the shoulder and left.

Cheng Dongyang walked to the white low-rise building. At the door, there were two soldiers guarding the door and not letting him in. Cheng Dongyang looked inside. He didn’t know which building Meng Yudong was in. He shouted at it, "Meng Yudong, come out!"
In winter and winter? She has a separate kitchen here. She is cooking. When she hears his voice, she shakes, but she still cooks carefully and decides not to be disturbed.
"Winter, winter, winter!" Cheng Dongyang had telepathy like this moment. He knew that Dong Dong was inside, and she was in one of her rooms. She heard him and told him to think of it. He shouted even louder.
"Dong Dong, you come out Meng Yudong" Cheng Dongyang is so angry that his face seems to be getting a little worse. "Dong Dong, you come out"
Meng Yudong’s nose is sour. She will take the fried food out. Zhan Longhai also eats here. He looks at her. "Why don’t you go out and make it clear?"
She shook her head. "Let’s eat!"
"You should let him know what your decision is." Listening to the screaming outside, he sighed and Cheng Dongyang became like this.
Meng Yudong shook his head. "I can’t see him. It’s not that I’m worried that I will be soft-hearted, but that I know Dongyang. He won’t accept what I say when I see him. The answer is that I might as well not see him."
Cheng Dongyang’s eyes were red when he shouted outside. He kept walking back and forth staring at the white building. He didn’t believe in Dongdong, and even if he hated him again, he refused to forgive him and refused to see him once.
"Dong Dong, you come out, Dong Dong, I was wrong!" Cheng Dongyang said the voice was hoarse. "Dongdong, I shouldn’t misunderstand you. I shouldn’t believe you. Dongdong, you give me another chance! Meng Yudong! ! !”
Wu Meng Yudong almost didn’t even hold chopsticks. She really couldn’t stand it. She put chopsticks down and lowered her head, quietly listening to his shouting outside.
"Dongdong, did you really give up on me? Dongdong, you really don’t want me? " Cheng Dongyang has some low gas at the moment "Dong Dong, will you come out to see me?"
Zhan Longhai looked at Meng Yudong and listened to the sound outside again. He sighed and went out.
Cheng Dongyang saw Zhan Longhai coming out of a door, and he was red-eyed.
Zhan Longhai walked slowly over and then walked to the door to guard the soldiers. The door let him out. He walked up to Cheng Dongyang and said, "Dongyang temporarily calmed Dongdong down-she doesn’t want to see you."
"Zhan Longhai, you are my good cousin who turned my wife here and stabbed me in the back." Cheng Dongyang hated to see him gnash his teeth and said.
"Dongyang, if you want to recognize me like this, you can say" Zhan Longhai wry smile "Dongdong, she doesn’t want to see you now. You don’t let each other calm down and wait for everyone to be calm before coming to her."
"This is our husband and wife thing with you" Cheng Dongyang the face so cold "Zhan Longhai I tell you that it’s my wife’s winter and winter now. Put away your little thoughts and stop harassing my wife"
Zhan Longhai was really upset when he heard this. He snorted coldly, "Dongyang, you don’t seem to understand the situation. The person who is harassing Dongdong is you. She doesn’t want to see you. You don’t yell here. You will make her difficult to make her suffer."
"You shut up Zhan Longhai" Cheng Dongyang listened to this and his face became even uglier. He looked sad and looked at the building where he lived, but she refused to come out to see him.
"Dongdong, are you really unwilling to see me?" Cheng Dongyang keeping a close eye on her door. He is behind the door in winter and winter. "Really don’t give me a chance?" Winter and winter "
Meng Yudong leaned against the door and burst into tears. Didn’t she want to forgive him? It’s not that she has no confidence to continue walking with him.
"Dong Dong Meng Yudong!" Cheng Dongyang screamed at the top of his lungs and called her name. He even moved away from Zhan Longhai. He had never seen such a Cheng Dongyang.
"Uh" sealing game listening to the cry is very sad to see him with a sigh "old classmates I don’t take this! I let you in, you come to make trouble with me, and it’s going to be someone else, so I’ve been arrested for yelling here. "
"Let me in to seal the game" Cheng Dongyang walked to the front door, and the soldier was consciously holding a pike to block him from entering.
"It’s not that I won’t let you into Dongyang." Feng Yi can’t give him a sigh. "It’s that Dongdong doesn’t want to see you. Since she doesn’t want to see you, you will be forced."
Cheng Dongyang such as being struck by lightning, he stared at the building and turned pale. "Dongdong, will you come out? Can’t we meet once? Winter and winter "
Feng Yi and Zhan Longhai looked at each other and sang that there was nothing they could do. Without Cheng Daji, he made noise here, and he had to fight back to prevent people from arresting him and gagging him.
This also has to sigh that a woman is ruthless. Cheng Dongyang is called like this. She said that she can’t see the truth and she just doesn’t see it.
Meng Yudong clung to the door, and her hand clung to the handle of the door. Dongyang sound is wrong. He is very weak now, and she wonders if he will faint in a second.
But her horse said to herself that Zhan Longhai and Feng Yi would face him and he would be fine.
Cheng Dongyang is really desperate, as if he doesn’t want to come out to see him in winter and winter. Does he really want him in winter and winter? I’m really going to never forgive him. Chapter 41 is an opportunity.
"Meng Yudong! ! !” He finally roared with his last strength. He had just had minor surgery in the past few days, and he was so desperate to get here by car all night. After this roar, his physical strength was exhausted, and his eyes went black.
Feng Yi and Zhan Longhai got a fright and Gengqihang also caught up.

Zhang Yang immediately turned his energy to the Sanwei Dan furnace next to him and reached out and prepared to put it in the ring.

The blast furnace didn’t respond.
Zhang Yang Yi Yi feels that it should be more than enough to hold this blast furnace in the ring! Such a situation has neve happened before.
With a wave of his hand, he stretched out his hand and wiped the alchemy furnace again, but there was still no response.
Zhang Yang frowned.
"Isn’t this Sanwei Dan furnace a fairy that can’t be put into the ring of accepting things?"
"Or is there any array restriction here?"
Zhang Yang looked around Sanwei Dan furnace and saw that the foothold of Dan furnace seemed to be characterized by law.
Not nodded.
Body strength broke out and mercilessly bombarded Dan furnace in the past
A agitation melodious impact blast furnace is motionless.
But Zhang Yang is induced to Dan furnace leg a psychic force fluctuations.
Zhang Yang unwilling to roar a claw towards the ground at the legs and feet again said that I can’t stand the fairy Dan furnace and you can’t stand the stone ground.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Charge Dan furnace
The light flashed and Zhang Yang’s arm was instantly bounced.
As soon as Zhang Yang was one leng, he saw a spiritual fluctuation and a flash of light in the array at the legs and feet of Sanweidan furnace.
Zhang Yang a bad feeling in my heart legs to a push back.
Almost at the same time, there was a loud bang, a flash with a bright flash, and the thunder ball hit Zhang Yang just now.
A big pit appeared in the rocks.
Zhang Yang heart secretly palpitations if you just move a little slower step, even if not seriously injured, I’m afraid I’ve had enough.
The sudden change made Zhang Yang more fearful, but he didn’t dare to make moves casually.
I turned around Sanwei Dan furnace twice and finally shook my head naively. It seems that this fairy is not my own for the time being.
Repeatedly staggering heart andao pity.
Just when Zhang Yang was going to give up, he saw Xiao Hei’s "Ji Ji" a strange cry and kept gesturing at the same time
Zhang Yang move in the heart is this little guy have a way to break the circle to take this blast furnace for yourself?
"Go ahead!"
Zhang Yang waved his hand.

Li Xun saved their homeland from being invaded by the war, and went all the way to kill the enemy with a great army. They actually started a disaster. After returning home, they even resisted Li Xun’s squad. How can you say that an emperor of the Alssen Empire and the head of the Tianshan Palace can swallow it? If someone resists again, they will kill them without pity.

"Stand back or I’ll kill you!" Take the lead in the general to the front coming to civilian way
"Kill kill!" Civilians turned a deaf ear to warnings and still killed again and again.
"Ah … ah …" Then she heard a scream.
A group of civilians who didn’t listen to the warning rushed to death. Archers shot arrows at the ground, and the bodies died at the sight of so many people. Those civilians only retreated behind and watched in panic as the army kept advancing. Those civilians were really stubborn. Li Yun’s army kept a certain distance and shouted slogans to follow! When Li Yun’s army passed through the city for a mile, it was blocked by twenty thousand defenders.
"What do you mean, how dare you stop the marshal and the princess army? You should be guilty or you should kill them!" The general in front of the road pointed to the defenders and shouted
"Somebody get me a murderer …"
The garrison general on horseback pointed to Li Yun’s army, but before he finished speaking, he saw a firm but gentle shot from Li Yun’s carriage, and the general on horseback escaped. However, even the man and the horse were left in a pool of blood by Li Yun’s firm but gentle shock, and he didn’t know how to move his lips a few times before he finished speaking! I don’t want to know what the other half of my lips say, just take the murderer.
Quiet …
The latter figure flew out of the carriage and slowly floated in front of the army; Arrogantly standing in front of the way, the army was carrying momentum, and a thick murderous look emanated from Li Yun’s body, as if it felt bloody murderous look from hell. The army in front could not help but retreat, and it was too scared to be incontinent on the spot. Without a commander, the army was like a group of dragon heads and suddenly did not dare to make a move.
"Roll for me! ! !” A divine voice from the Nine Days buzzed in their ears.
"Marshal adult we are all here to escort! Somebody disperse those civilians! Protect the Grand Marshal and Princess Ann! " A lieutenant replied hesitantly.
But Li Lian ignored them and flew back to the carriage and told the army to move on. If they attacked, Li Lian would kill these troops, but the lieutenant was still a sensible man. When he saw Li Lian like a god of death, he changed his mind in a hurry and put the target on the civilians behind Li Lian.
General Linda’s office!
"What did you say? That little guy actually launched a private army to attack civilians? Kill the general in the city again? Does the palace have anything to say? " General Lin asked an official in the palace and said
"It was Li Yun who did order the shooting of those civilians who were close to the military families, and he knew about it, but he said that they all committed crimes and sent people to detain the Lord to return to the palace for interrogation," an official replied.
"What? How dare you say that and send troops to capture the duke to the palace? Damn it, back off first. Be careful not to be seen here! " General Lin cursed the way
The day before yesterday, General Lin of the Yuan Empire recruited several martial arts experts and told them that they must kill Lord Lukakatahna and prevent him from entering the palace. Later, he told some people to go out with some gold coins and ask him to buy off some ordinary people. If not, his family threatened them, and they had to make full preparations to deal with him before Li Yun returned to the imperial city.
But will Li Yun fall for that? What witness, physical evidence or threat? ?
Soon the Lord of Cartagena was arrested by some big guards, and the Lord of Cartagena shouted unjustly, "What did I do to arrest me?"
"I’m sorry, Lord Cartagena. We are just following orders. Please cooperate. Please go to the palace. Nothing will happen!" Guards with struggling Cartagena, the main road
"Brother Bing, I have children with a high hall and three months. Can you let me go and help me tell the pursuers that I really can’t leave Cartagena! The people need me and my family needs me! Please, I can give you silver. "The Lord of Tahna knows that this is not so simple, and his heart is very white.
"Sorry to offend someone to take the Lord of Cartagena away!"
Finally, Li Xun led ten thousand troops to Tianyuan Imperial City, and then they went to the palace. All the officials seemed to be waiting for Li Xun, and even General Lin watched Li Xun slowly enter the palace with a sly smile.
In front of the officials, Li Yun said hello to Zilu’s father. A faint tunnel said, "I don’t know if you are so eager to recruit me into the palace. What can I do for you? I just came back from a long journey to have a rest. If there is nothing, I will leave first."
Say that finish Li Xun away from the palace toward the outside, don’t put the purple dew father look more ignored those ministers and officials eyes looked at Li Xun was about to recede Tianyuan imperial king was about to ask Li Xun to see Li Xun has left the big palace to leave a long-lasting tone way
"What’s the matter day to say again! I’ll give you an answer one day. I’m tired! "
It’s true that Princess Li Luan, who was soaking in Zilu, personally led the troops in the eastern expedition to recover more than ten cities over mountains and mountains, and constantly plotted to occupy the enemy’s territory in a province. Just after leading the way, he was recruited to the palace for questioning, but for seeing Zilu, he was rewarded with "Vigorously king kong palm" on the spot.
"Li Yun, a high-minded person, please ask him to arrest him, or we will be afraid that it will damage the face of the royal family if we go out of Tianyuan Empire." General Lin said with a clear head on his knees
"Hum, I think it’s what you want to face. How do you get involved in my father’s body? How do you do it? The enemy beat the enemy, but it was also occupied by the enemy. After watching Li Yun recover the territory and expand the territory, are you jealous that others are better than you? Didn’t you see it? When people come home from a long distance without greeting them, it’s like trying a prisoner. Father, you are all bastards. If it weren’t for Li Yun, you would never have seen your daughter. I hate you! ! Hate you! " Sitting next to the throne, Princess Zilu got up and pointed to the officials and the king of Tianyuan Empire and left with tears.
"You are all a bunch of bastards. What do you have all day long? If this matter is found out for me, I will punish them Jiuzu and piss me off. Baby daughter, you wait for me! It’s my father’s fault. It’s my fault. Don’t walk so fast. Wait for me! ! !” The king of Tianyuan Empire also got up to face the officials and scolded them so much that they didn’t dare to lift their heads, and then they chased the crying purple dew.
On the top of the mountain outside the city, Li Luan caressed the shawl with the mountain wind, and his mind was full of melancholy, and he was so arrogant that he could kill their so-called senior officials on the spot regardless of the scene, but he couldn’t do that at this time because he didn’t want to hurt his beloved woman or hate herself.
"Alas, I didn’t think that I could open a great emperor and worry about women. Forget it. After this, I’d better build a sect and then leave this world and Zilu. They make it clear that if you come with me, you can hate it or not! Anyway, it won’t last long! " Li Yun murmured to the mountain wind
The Iceberg Palace has enrolled thousands of students since the day Li Lian left. All of them are beautiful princesses from all over the world. The genius is 1 to 2 years old. All of them are as beautiful as a fairy, and with a red sword, they are more beautiful than a little dragon girl. The aura at the top of the floating palace and the practice of mind have become like eating people and fireworks …
I don’t know how Princess Anna is now. She was the first woman to get Li Xun’s heart. Presumably, she has learned an advanced art by now, and she has also traveled with Li Xun’s thirteen protoss women to the Grayson Empire. Princess Anna will not worry her father, but of course she must give him a magic letter.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Can I stay?
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Can I stay?
On the top of the mountain, Li Lian knows the protoss and looks for a senior archangel in the protoss. When Li Lian feels her, she will hit another mouth with great power. The other entrance is to suck her in as soon as she appears beside the senior archangel.
Finally, Li Lian let her out of the world. When the angel dressed in mysterious clothes appeared in front of Li Lian, look at Li Lian’s evil smile, slender white hands and two fingers to form a long firm but gentle stab at Li Lian to avenge the protoss. When Li Lian saw her, she split her and shouted that the same one flew over and she fought.
Less than 10% of the skill, this fairy-like mysterious-dressed angel’s battle on the top of the mountain has changed color, sand and stones are flying, and even the trees next to it have been destroyed by Li Lian and his wife. It seems that Li Lian’s creation of magical power from another plane has never been expected to be turned into a true spirit by the twelve angel protoss, and every move and style are so powerful that Li Lian’s semi-success has even tied her.
Did Li Yun think that the magical power I created would also flow to the divine world? Hehe, I can see that Aslan Si and her family still love their protoss ideals.
"Yes, that trick’ the combination of man and knife’ has opened my eyes!" Li Yun side and the Vietnam War more gas xuan garment angel said
"See how I tidy up you this Yin jun! Eat me a trick’ man and sword are one! "Say kill kill fine hands together to form a huge knife gas a fly into the huanglong great break hordes; The white shadow flew to the front Li Luan.
"Good, good, let you see a Chinese saying that" Tai Chi "is a great solution!" Li Yun made a handshaking gesture against a huge white knife.
Because Li Yun made great progress in practicing kung fu, it was so powerful that Tai Chi appeared after Li Yun.
In front of Li Luan’s true qi, a circular Tai Chi fish of Yin and Yang blocked the flying knife gas and white shadow, and moved her firm but gentle to the side to make a sound. A huge abyss with a depth of 10 meters and a length of 100 meters was created by firm but gentle, and it was rowed from the top of the mountain to the middle of the mountain, and the trees next to it fell to the sides and broke.
"If I didn’t have Rapier in my hand, I would have killed you, a slut." The angel of plain clothes flew before Li Xun and gasped at the smiling Li Xun.
"Okay, okay, that day was my fault, wasn’t it? I shouldn’t have touched your ass and milk ~ ~ ~" Li Yun said to the angry virgin angel in front with a somewhat flirtatious statement.
The angel thought that Li Yun defeated the God King after he entered the protoss that day, and then he molested them. The archangel was just one of them.
"You! You rascal! You flow! !” I can’t beat Li Yun again. She can scold like this.
"It’s me, but I’m not a rogue. I’ve tried my best to give you a good life. I haven’t killed you all. You should be reasonable. Don’t be angry. Sit down and talk to me about something. I’m in a bad mood today! Don’t worry, I have no feelings for you, otherwise I would have asked you to come out to accompany me to bed! Hehe, don’t look at me like that, just think I’m wrong! " Li Yun looked at the virgin angel who was angry and was less than twenty years old. Actually, she should be over two thousand years old, but it seems that she is only in her twenties.
After that, the two of them chose a big stone to sit and talk together, and talked about many things, including their life in the protoss, which made Li Xun feel more fond of and pity for them. The virgin angel who sat next to them looked at Li Xun many times with very confused eyes, thinking that she was naked at this person that day and was touched by his hands in several places. At this time, her face could not help but float a little red.
Speaking of the hundreds of thousands of virgins touched by Li Xun, this woman sitting next to her is the one that Li Xun touched the most. Although it was a moment that day, Li Xun’s hands touched her breasts and buttocks several times. As soon as this angel appeared in front of Li Xun, she waved her sword to kill Li Xun, which was aimed at this aspect.
"What do you look so beautiful that the male angel didn’t you start work? Are they other performances? " Li Yun asked curiously the angel sitting next to him.
"Fairy? You mean angels, right? That dead male angel, they can’t wait to be bad to me every day, but we have rules. He dare not be bad to me! "

Just now, he has given the information to you Binhan. If you insist on it for a while, you Binhan will be able to save himself when he arrives. What you should pay attention to now is to insist on it as much as possible.

In fact, he didn’t know that Gang Fengyang had deliberately asked him to inform You Binhan.
"Stop him." The wind rises and sinks and drinks an ice arrow. It has already caught up with Bo Yuan and shot it in the past. Bo Yuan has been scared and worried about fleeing at this time. When he is aware of the strange wind behind him, he has come and gone. The back is suddenly frozen into an ice sculpture by the ice arrow.
Bo Yuan’s body was shocked to see the body move and felt the biting cold pouring into his body. Bo Yuan quickly transported his life force to resist the expulsion of these cold.
However, it is too late.
Wu Hua and Michelle didn’t come here to be an audience.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and thirty War
Welcome you to come.
Bin Han fantasizes about a bright future. You Bin Han suddenly sensed a message from the communication jade note and immediately took out the communication jade note to find out *Pshu8* bubble! Ba *
"Oh,no. Is it exposed?" You Binhan got up in a hurry and ran into the house. He shouted, "Wu Zun’s troops come with me."
There are seven people in Bingham’s Wu Zun level, except You Binhan, Cheng Yi and Bo Yuan, and there are four others. At this time, there are two people in Bingham’s house, Wu Zun. When they hear You Binhan’s yelling, they immediately rush out to kill God.
Others wondered and looked at each other and didn’t know what was going on, but they couldn’t catch up with Bingham’s speed, so they left the house and continued to do their own things.
By the time you Binhan arrived at the scene, people had gone to the building to leave a crowd of onlookers and two horrible bodies.
Bo Yuan and Cheng Yi have died and their death is quite miserable. It seems that they have been trampled back and forth by elephants, and their bodies have been severely deformed. Now I am afraid that even their parents can’t recognize them.
Seeing Bo Yuan and Cheng Yi’s body, You Binhan’s head suddenly exploded like a boom. He just imagined with himself that the two brothers would end up in such a miserable death in less than a moment, which made You Binhan angry to the extreme in an instant.
You Binhan caught a cousin watching Feiyun from the side and looked angry and shouted, "What’s going on?"
"It’s that Feng Yang is so fierce that they become like this after three strokes." The man said with trepidation that at this time, his head still clearly echoed with the abnormal fighting power displayed when Feng Yang dealt with Cheng Yi and Bo Yuan, which was an absolute overwhelming killing.
"Bastard" You Binhan suddenly pushed the young man out to kill God, and directly pushed the young man and flew to dozens of feet away, which surprised a group of people. Although the young man was very angry, the other party was ranked tenth in the second Wu Huang Billboard. This kind of person is not the average person who can offend.
At the same time
Feng Yang and the three sisters Tang Ning appeared together at Bingham Gate, and they blew the closed door with one foot.
More than 30 people who stayed at Bingham were shocked by the sudden explosion, and their hearts trembled. Immediately, they saw that the original Bingham boy took Xia Ying away and walked in slowly, all of them were scared out of a cold sweat.
At this time, you Binhan and two Wu Zun level masters have been transferred. Binhan has left a group of people with the level of martial arts to keep home, but this group of people is difficult to lead, and no one dares to jump out to organize the fight.
"Downing, Xi Yu, Liu Man, it’s your turn to perform." Feng Yang said in a low voice, the bow of the sunset is already in his hand. If he has been dedicating himself to the smoked moon because of his negligence, the generation of Feng Yang will forgive himself.
If you can’t find the jade, you don’t mind killing the Bingham people. This will curb the secret broadcast of jade and smoked moon to kill the gods.
The three sisters Tang Ning did not hesitate. Although Tang Ning, Xi Yu and Feng Yang had some emotional disputes, they both chose to temporarily put aside all their personal feelings to help Feng Yang find his things.
The three girls walked to Bingham House without fear, and walked to the more than 30 Bingham members without fear.
The 30-odd brothers saw that the people in the war hall had stepped on their heads, and they were beaten. They immediately pressed their hearts to have a fright at Feng Yang and attacked the three sisters of Downing in succession.
The wind flies and jumps over the fence. The sunset bow has already pulled an ice arrow and fired it out to kill God. A teenager who has already launched an attack is about to hit Tang Ningshen. The attack comes to a screeching halt. His body is frozen into an ice sculpture.
At the same time, the wind keeps emitting ice arrows, and whoever rushes to it will be shot into an ice sculpture and bear the biting cold of the ice arrows.
Tang Ning, Xi Yu and Liu Man are sisters, and no one can get close to them and present a triangle position.
"Seven Stars Gather in Array"
Tang Ning, Xi Yu and Liu Man glanced at each other and waved the same gestures at the same speed. With the gestures of the three people waving, the three people were already lingering around to form a triangular rain cover to protect their bodies.
With the launch of the law, the three men’s arms launched with a virtual claw, and one by one, they launched a rich and vigorous group. Bingham was like hail flying all over the sky. Anyone who was hit by a vigorous group was not hit by a blown body, but by vomiting blood and screaming, and hit the ground and walls. The explosive force of the vigorous group also bombed the ground and walls with potholes.
In order to get rid of Bingham’s popularity, I can send out the three sisters Downing, a great killer in the group war.
Another place in Feiyun Gate
Rowling, Wu Hua, You Xueer, Yun Rou, Hua Tian and others led a group of war fighters in several corners. Some people chatted around like passers-by in public, but their eyes kept wandering around.
Chen Yi and Hao Yu are two Wu Zun masters of Binghan. They came to practice in the training room with more than 20 brothers, but I didn’t expect that they just received the message from the boss, You Binhan. It was very urgent to say that the two guys, Yihe Boyuan, were killed by the wind and let their horses take people back to get rid of the battle hall as soon as possible.
"This Cheng Yi is really arrogant. He is confident that he is clever and has not been easily killed by the wind. The strength is important." Haoyu disdains to say that although Binghan people are at the same time, they are also fighting for the level of Wu Zun, and Cheng Yi has always been a bit arrogant and arrogant, which makes Haoyu look uncomfortable.
"There may be a lot of trouble this time." Chen Yi frowned.
Today, you Binhan also vowed to reassure everyone that the horse would have a good show to keep everyone in good condition. I didn’t expect Cheng Yi and Bo Yuan to be swept by the wind. It seems that this wind is really not very easy to deal with, which makes you Binhan seem to be nervous.
"Tube he what wind Yang or nonsense war hall before Bingham is just a baby can have much trouble" Haoyu disdain pie mouth said.
Chen Yi and Haoyu are anxious to get out of the practice room and lead more than 20 brothers out of the practice room and hurry to Bin Han.

No wonder Brother Tang was disappointed. Most of the Zhu Ji Dan elixirs that Sun Hao harvested have been refined by Sun Hao. Naturally, there are not many elixirs left, so it is strange that there can be more elixirs.

Brother Tang sighed and reported the integral "Aoki Sun Hao Zhuji Dan panacea with 100 main drugs and 20 plants with 200 points; Four hundred points for ten auxiliary drugs; Tsukiji Dan muti points six hundred points … "
The two younger brothers were in an uproar. This score is too low!
Sun Hao, the younger brother in front of him, did not have a score below 1,000, which directly created the lowest score record.
Magic repair there Jin Xie Ri and Bai Zhenghuang looked at each other with a flash of incomprehension. Sun Hao’s ability to kill them would not believe that Sun Hao got a hundred Zhu Ji Dan elixirs!
His magic brother actually laughed, and his magic brother laughed at "How amazing the monks will be at the end of Qingyun Gate Row! What a surprise!"
When bian Xu Zongzhu heard this muti integral, his heart exulted and he sighed secretly at the same time. His heart was full of guilt for Sun Hao. It took Sun Hao a lot of muti to refine Zhu Ji Dan, which directly led to this situation. If possible, try to make up for it after going back to Aoki Zong.
Chen Zhenren’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled at Qingyun Gate, and he found that Xuanyuangong seemed to be in a daze. He shook his head in a daze, and now it can be so. Whether it is good or bad has become a foregone conclusion. It is estimated that Qingyun Gate will lose this time, and it will not be too ugly to lose.
Some monks who are not right with Sun Hao around Shen Yu, such as Mr. Zhang, burst into laughter at this time. "This is Xia Guo Hunting King?" Title friar? Didn’t lose me Qingyun frontispiece "
Face to face, hiss and laugh at Sun Hao, who is still smiling in the sky.
Brother Tang continued to announce Sun Hao’s integral, but he didn’t open his mouth. Brother Tang himself was shocked. How did this happen? At this time, Brother Tang suddenly found that there were not many elixirs in Sun Hao’s bag, but the key was too few Zhu Ji Dan elixirs, and there were many high-order elixirs, especially Jin Dan elixirs.
After a pause, Brother Tang said that "Aoki Sun Hao Jie Jin Dan elixir has 30,000 points of 36 main drugs in 96 strains; Sixty-six strains of auxiliary drugs have a total score of thirty-three thousand points … "
Sixty-three thousand!
The field is silent!
Laughing at Sun Hao’s magic brother as if he had been strangled by his throat, his eyes widened and he looked at the integral wall with disbelief.
Sun Hao’s name flashed on the integral wall, and then he jumped forward to the top of the list and ranked first.
Gold evil day and Bai Zhenghuang looked at each other and flashed Nai’s look. I knew Sun Hao was not simple. Gold evil day was a means to do everything, but after all, it was a chess match. At this time, Sun Hao was strongly surpassed.
At this time, Sun Hao has been quiet since he went, and the Lee brothers burst out laughing.
To say who has confidence in Sun Hao here is naturally the Lee brothers and Xuanyuangong. They circled with Sun Hao. Sun Hao received those elixirs, but there are several different kinds of elixirs in his heart. Sun Hao has gained a lot. If the score is not high, that is the real hell.
Westbank > (After Boyao Virgin Group, the elder group expects Youjun to join the group number 4494422).
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Go against integral
These five guys have been holding their breath, waiting for Sun Hao to make a blockbuster. At this moment, Sun Hao was really strong, and the five brothers came alive as if they were alive.
Li Xin "Wow, hahaha, I know that Sun Boss is hidden";
Li Sen "dressed as a pig to eat tiger"
Li Miao has been silent for ten years.
Li Yan’s "blockbuster"
Li Yao "awesome …"
Then the five brothers shouted three times in a row, "Sun Boss is mighty, Sun Boss is mighty, Sun Boss is mighty …"
The gag of the five brothers made the atmosphere loose, and the younger brothers on both sides came to their senses from Sun Hao’s huge integral, and the younger brother Aoki, who stood with a light smile, couldn’t help sighing that there was a great person in the affiliated clan of Qingyun Gate!
Is there a brother of an affiliated clan who is stronger than the five elements of the devil clan?
Forever and ever
At this moment, the five elements of the magic clan broke the gold, and the evil of gold became a stepping stone to Sun Hao’s strong rise
Magic repair wood old ghost over there looked at gold evil day sink and asked "evil day? What’s wrong with this Sun Hao? "
Gold evil day said with a dignified face, "Mu Shibo competed with this Sun Hao’s fighting power."
Three magic fix true people smell speech is one leng.
Bai Zhenghuang also said at this moment, "If it weren’t for the patriarchal Fubao brothers and broken gold, there would be a danger of falling …"
Gold evil day once again added "Sun Hao and XuanYuanHong at Qingyun Gate have reached the final harvest and may return me and Zhenghuang"
Three magic fix true people smell speech silence to look at each other, finally lang old magic shook his head and stopped talking, but look at Corleone eyes have been full of bad.
At this time, the hearts of Zhen Chen people in Qingyun Gate are full of surprises. The process of losing Qingyun Gate in this secret land is also full of twists and turns. However, I never thought that the subordinate clan younger brother had a strong rise under the weak situation of Qingyun Gate, relying on the big boy’s power and the Xia Guo’s title brother Sun Haosun Aquilaria had a strong victory over the five elements of magic clan. Sun Hao not only achieved personal points, but also surpassed the five elements of magic clan in one fell swoop and won the final victory.
This victory surprised Chen Zhenren. This time, the Qingyun Gate forces won considerable benefits, and he and Yun Zhenren, the two leading monks, naturally gained a lot.
This time, there is no doubt that Sun Hao and Tong Li are the biggest dark horses. Two Aoki Zongdi points are incredibly high. Sun Hao ranks first and Tong Li ranks third, which is quite impressive.
After counting the integral, Sun Hao is still smiling, not surprised, handing Brother Tang a gift to prepare the imperial sword, but when Sun Hao swept away the integral wall, there were bursts of green light again.
Brother Tang stopped Sun Hao with a flash of divine light in his eyes and said with a smile, "Brother Sun, wait a minute. The integral wall shows that you still have the elixir from the secret realm. This is a type of elixir that must be paid. You can’t bring yourself out of the secret realm."
The color of the integral wall changes, and everyone can’t help but look at each other. I’m surprised that this guy still has bootleg goods? How many elixirs did this guy get with such a high score?
Sun Hao is also a little startled! To tell the truth, it’s time to take out the elixir, and all the other departments have taken it out. How could it be that brother Tang Zhujidan and Jiejindan elixir Sun Hao have taken it out according to the requirements? Teacher younger brother can be sure that my bag will be filled with such elixirs again.
Brother Tang couldn’t help frowning when he heard this. "According to the rules, if the integral wall changes, I have to personally verify the bag of my younger brother. Is it convenient for my younger brother?"
This? Is it convenient for Sun Hao to frown? Very inconvenient! Don’t say that he Sun Hao got some gains from the secret realm of dragons and finches. For example, Sun Hao doesn’t want to expose these three things, and there are many Zhu Jidan in Sun Hao’s bag. It’s just strange that he cheated criminal evidence conveniently.
Corleone hesitated, which would make XuanYuanGong sound come and "give it to him".
Sun Hao and Tang Zhi are not familiar with each other. I don’t know if Tang Zhi is credible, but Sun Hao is very convinced that XuanYuanHong said so. Sun Hao then nodded and took out his bag and threw it in the past. "Then please bother your brother to find out for himself and see if Sun Hao has any secret medicine."
This bag is mainly put in the Longfinch Secret after Sun Hao entered it. Some of the harvest in Longfinch Secret is mainly reserved by Sun Hao, but it is not necessary to pay the elixir for refining Jiejin Dan or Zhujidan. Of course, Sun Hao refined Zhujidan after entering it.
In the corpse, the heart is frozen and the blood is frozen. Sun is bold and unconstrained, and the bag for putting the other important materials is not afraid of being discovered by Tang Zhi.
Tang Zhi took the bag and swept it away.
This is? There are rows of jade bottles in the bag of God’s knowledge. Jade bottles are full of magic pills. Pay attention to the soup and know that it is Zhu Jidan. I can’t help but smile bitterly. Boy, there are so many Zhu Jidan! No wonder this little Zhu Jidan elixir has turned into a panacea with so few combinations. No wonder this little hesitation is simply evidence of his crime!
Tang Zhizheng was about to speak, and XuanYuanHong sounded in his ear. "Don’t talk nonsense when looking for medicine."
Tang Zhi’s heart is full of intrigue, and he thinks that yes, XuanYuanHong is connected with this little game-writing protocol ring. He must know these preconditions. It seems that I can keep silent, but his mother turned out that there is such a big loophole in the rules of Longfinch’s secret territory. Once the secondary alchemist enters the secret territory, it is no less than a tiger entering the flock!
God knowledge quickly swept Sun Hao’s bag and Tang Zhi once again said, "Aoki Sun Hao’s three elixirs in ten thousand years have an integral of three hundred thousand …"
A panacea for thousands of years!
300 thousand points!
The scene is dead again!
Sun Hao, this integral is going against the sky!
Sun Hao’s integral on the integral wall shows that it has reached more than 660,000 terror!
660,000 points is simply unimaginable. If you want to know that in the past, Dragonfinch began to calculate the points to the highest point, but Sun Hao raised this integral record to a horrible and insurmountable level. This record is likely to be the kind that people look up to.
Tang Zhi’s face smiled brightly at this time. "You don’t know the panacea for ten thousand years, but you must also report it to Zongmen. Those who don’t know it don’t sin, those who don’t know it don’t sin, hahaha …"
Westbank > (After Boyao Virgin Group, the elder group expects Youjun to join the group number 4494422).
Chapter two hundred Reward one for one’s merits
Sun Hao diandian head is so ""Dian ""small "said.
Medicine is thoroughly remoulded in ten thousand years, even if it is a first-order elixir, its value is incalculable once it is ten thousand years old. You know, elixir and spirit beast are all creatures like monks, and there is a Shou Yuan limit of ten thousand years, which is too long. Few elixirs can be born for so long, and even if they can reach ten thousand years, they are often kept by the spirit beast next to them or recruited by monks before they grow for ten thousand years.
There are some special regions and special kinds of elixirs that can reach the age of ten thousand years.
The elixir of ten thousand years is also a medicine for a large door like Qingyun Gate, and it is hard to get points, which is even more outrageous. It is actually a plant that has reached 100,000 points.
Xiangwannian elixir is of great help to break the elixir and give birth to a baby. This is probably the root cause of the high score of Wanwannian elixir. For Qingyun Gate, Brother Yuanying means ding-level combat power, which means that the combination of Zongmenzhushi and Yuanying must be priceless.
This time, Lang Lao Mo felt uneasy.
The old devil’s eyes sparkled and he looked at the bag in Tang Zhi’s hand.
The elixir of ten thousand years tempted him a lot.
Besides, if this thing is taken by Qingyun Gate, it’s a big deal.
I never imagined that there would be so many situations in the Dragon Que Mystery Guild this time. First, ding level appeared, and then there was a panacea for ten thousand years. There is no doubt that there must be some unknown changes in the Dragon Que Mystery this time. The last two cases must attach great importance to the Dragon Que Mystery, and maybe it will trigger a new round of struggle around the Mystery.
See ten thousand elixir cloud Luo Cha also spirit a flap lock the lang old magic mouth coldly said "lang old magic if you want to start work anytime".
Lang Laomo’s eyes are shining with fierce eyes. Haha, "What do you say about these three elixirs?"
Yun Luo Cha said coldly, "It’s a big deal. Can’t the two of us do it now? This elixir is obtained by Qingyun’s younger brother. Naturally, it belongs to me."

This recruit Xu Mo and others expected that everyone was not too sorry, but when the other monk came to the island, everyone was in a state of upheaval, which was somewhat beyond everyone’s imagination.

All kinds of brilliance, light and shadow are shining constantly, flying swords, chariots and implements are floating and flashing, and half a handle of the battle flag is erected, and there are unexpectedly forty or fifty forces near the periphery of Tianji Island.
There are so many banners, and the number of them is natural. There are more than a thousand monks, and the strength is different, but there are already many Godsworn brothers in China, and there are many Godsworn brothers!
Not only that, but also the number of monks who hide their breath is at least similar to those who give off their breath
In this way, nearly 3,000 monks are madly flocking to Tianji Island!
Not only Xu Mo and others, but also the evil spirits’ double statues changed slightly, because they saw even the proud sky in a large group of masters and saw the scorching sun. One of the two swordsmen, Johnson, was the one who burned the Yang sword and the other one repaired it, which was even more profound and powerful.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two The situation is sinister
"Is it impossible to eradicate my lonely island by adding such a mighty team to the digital repair?" Xu mo low curse a complexion is extremely ugly.
The leader of Lingming said, "In this situation, unless it is the hands of two predecessors, we will be destroyed by the other side."
The magic cloud and blood wing said to this, "This place is our foundation, and the master has a life to hold this place, even if there is a strong enemy approaching, he will persist until his return."
Xu Mowen nodded deeply, and the spiritual leader was silent. They didn’t turn their backs, but the situation was too bad.
"Kong Xiu has gone to invite evil spirits and two predecessors left. We should discuss as quickly as possible, just like dealing with such a strong enemy. The other side is extremely fast. You see that Johnson at the level of Ling Xu has already suspended the remaining monks in the square miles of Tianji Island. It’s like a peak sexually rushing in, that is, a wick of incense kung fu can surround Tianji Island."
Anger, annoyance, depression and other emotions come to the fore. I didn’t expect such a situation to come so quickly.
Training monks and cultivating forces are all white. This is a prelude to expansion and killing. However, it has always been said that it is necessary to establish the array first and then gradually develop the forces. The spiritual leader, Xu Mo and others are not in a hurry. On the one hand, they have their own self-cultivation and can be promoted. After all, they have reached the realm of Lingxu. If they can have virtual masters to show them progress, it is just around the corner.
In addition, for example, the pre-ghost Sect and the pre-ghost Sect have different foundations, and there are still some ghost Sect masters who are not good at it.
If you fight hard, you can save your strength and recuperate, and gradually develop your forces. Then you will be able to compete with each other. Isn’t this a wait-and-see situation?
It is absolutely unacceptable.
"Tell all doors to prepare for battle!" Xu mo’s cold words
The leader of Lingming, also with a heavy face, said, "Lingming ancient religious practitioners are ready to fight to the death at any time!"
Magic Cloud and Blood Wing, Lu Frost, Li Mountain bodhi old zu and others are all gearing up, but this fighting spirit is not to slaughter the enemy’s pleasure, but to brew anger or to say that it is forced to fight, and everyone is angry.
There’s nothing wrong with the other side. It’s obviously a premeditated thing. It’s impossible to give up easily. Maybe even the number of experts in Tianji Island has been estimated in detail. Otherwise, would it be possible to send out several experts in Lingxu?
It’s not easy to burn Yang Jian Zun alone. It’s not known to outsiders that even the proud sky is even more difficult to chew on bones and body repair. It looks like Ling Xu’s appearance is real and hard, but no one has ever seen it.
The five old men around him are even more powerful. It is estimated that even the evil spirits are not as old as the five old men.
Since Lian Tianzong’s deputy patriarch came forward, it represents Lian Tianzong’s position and all kinds of petty attachment also make this force look extremely difficult to deal with.
The gray and black shadows flashed, and the two figures slowly fell. It was the two evil spirits who honored each other.
Looking at the evil statue in front, he smiled and said, "It seems that so many factions have been inspired. It is really a good relationship to be separated from each other." This good word is naturally quoted with irony.
The magic statue also sneered, "Even the Tianzong people are a little interesting, but there are still a few familiar faces in this time. Why don’t we get rid of each other together?"
He said that Xu Mo and others immediately raised their hopes. You know, these two are the absolute Johnson-level strong Taikoomen ruling and trial. The two elders claimed to be Taikoomen duo, but they can’t and heard that the evil spirits and Xiu Yuan are more than that. Both of them have powerful means and their joint power has soared.
However, Evil Zun obviously doesn’t care much about this matter. It seems that he doesn’t want to mind his own business. The general tone is indifferent. "Since Lu Li hasn’t returned to this matter, we’d better stay out of it. Since these little guys are from Lu Li, you and I can watch the battle."
So say immediately let spirit ghost hierarch and others are stunned at that time I don’t know what to say.
Even the hearts of all people are vaguely unhappy for evil honour.
However, if I want to come, I will also send so many masters to the other side for such a big battle. If it were him, Johnson would naturally feel extremely difficult and could not go all out because of some young players.
Even if they are separated from their masters, it is not necessary to attack them like this. The most they really fight is to be separated from each other to help them ensure that they can leave or leave.
Say that finish two people seem to reach a tacit understanding, the general figure flashes and then disappears again. They feel a burst of language, even Kong Xuan and Kong Xiu, brothers and sisters who have just arrived here, are also impressive.
"Give up this place and hand over all the magic weapons of Dan medicine to leave alive or kill!" At this time, a broken sound came through the island of Tianji so that everyone could hear it clearly.
Eyes slightly narrowed, Xu Mo and others are all killing people, and they are born with murder in succession.
Even Kong Xuan and Kong Xiu’s brother and sister are angry and want to shoot.
There are still some injuries before the bodhi old zu in Lishan, but what old injuries can we care about in this situation? If Tianji Island is completely breached, will the other party leave any survivors easily?
At that time, the evil spirits will naturally leave easily, but the rest will not be so lucky. If you don’t say this, you will die without any value.
Because the whole island people are expecting to land and leave Xiucheng, several small forces will gradually grow up and become full-fledged, so that even if they die, they will be able to stay in the immortal world instead of being besieged and killed by the group Xiucheng as it is today.
At this time, the calling person is banned by the law of Tianji Island. Besides, this person looks very ordinary and plain with a dagger, and the Guanghua dagger doesn’t look like a top player.
At first, the leader of Lingming thought so, but then he frowned and immediately said, "This man is also an unborn master, and he is not inferior to even the strong ones of Tianzong!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Defensive disintegration
Xu Mo flew out and jumped out to the outside of the ban and said directly to the ordinary man, "I wonder if I can tell you my identity?"
The leader of Tianji Island knows that the prohibition control law can naturally escape to the outside of the law in an instant without affecting the stability of the large array, but it is quite dangerous to leave suddenly like Xu Mo.
However, if the other party responds to the island in this way, the other party will not hesitate to make eye contact with Xu Mo, which is both a negotiation and a fight.
When everyone is ready to fight for it, the messenger will fight for more.
"Damn the jade slips I heard in an emergency, I have already crushed the symbol and tried several times to get a response from the master?" The magic cloud blood wing is anxious, but there is no good way
At this time, it is not only the magic cloud and blood wings, but also the rest of the people are anxious.

Alice rushed to a small building without stopping her motorcycle.

At this time, a man of about forty years old is sitting on a luxurious sofa and a beautiful blonde young woman in a living room in the building.
This man is thin, his eyes are deep in his hair, and his shawl looks a bit like a character in a horror movie. If he doesn’t know him, he probably won’t give him more attention, but he knows that others should give him a little face because he is Francisco, the leader of the speeding gang, and San Francisco is extremely powerful.
There is a beautiful blonde young woman sitting in Francisco’s lap. This young woman is about twenty-five years old. She is tall, protruding forward and backward, with fair skin and a pair of eyes that can hook people. At this time, she is hooking Francisco’s neck and coquetry.
Not far from Francisco, there was a man in white, black pants and sunglasses. They were all like sculptures. It was obviously Francisco’s personal bodyguard.
"Baby, I’m going out on business, and I’ll be with you when I get back later." Francesco touched the beautiful young woman’s face and was about to get up.
"Honey, are you going out to accompany his woman?"
That beautiful young woman is pestering Francisco to stop him from leaving.
"I’m going to negotiate with the dragon gang about the Grand Hotel," Francisco paused. "Just take a bath and wait for me to come back. I won’t be long."
"Honey, wait and go. The Dragon Gang is just a small force. It’s nothing for you to wait." The beautiful young woman continued to coquetry as if she couldn’t live without a man for a moment.
Just then, the living room door was smashed, and Alice came in angrily.
"Alice, who made you angry? Your little face turned white with anger." The beautiful young woman giggled when she arrived in Alice.
"Get out of here, you fox. I have something to talk to my father."
Alice gave the beautiful young woman a stare and said
"Alice, why are you talking to me like that? I’m your stepmother at least." The beautiful woman said with some dissatisfaction, but she seemed a little afraid of Alice.
"Call you roll roll you are my stepmother? You’re just a father and a woman. Get out of here if you don’t want to fight. Don’t you see that I have something to discuss with my father? "
Alice great anger way
The beautiful young woman got up when Alice was furious and left as meek as a cat.
"What’s the matter with Alice?"
Francisco asked Alice
"Father, I was bullied by the dragon gang in Chinatown today!"
Alice, the wicked complained first!
"Alice, my baby daughter, who bullied you? Who in Chinatown has the guts? It is said that Long Ao Hai Er Long Jianfeng is good at martial arts in Chinatown, but he may not be able to beat your whip, right? No one should be your opponent to others? "
As soon as Francisco heard the horse, he asked how much he cared about this daughter. It doesn’t matter who bullied her daughter. Everyone in San Francisco has to give way to Alice. Of course, this Alice is not bad. This place in San Francisco is not a gun. Few people can take advantage of him.
"It’s not that he is famous in Chinatown, but I haven’t paid attention to it yet."
Alice Francisco, sitting beside her, pouted and said.
"Who’s that? Is it that old guy Long Aohai who bullied you?"
Francisco said, "This guy Long Aohai really knows how to collect protection in Chinatown beforehand. No one dares to say no, but he has formed a dragon gang to help Chinese in Chinatown refuse to pay protection and asked me to meet today. It is estimated that he wants to negotiate with me and doesn’t want to pay protection."
"My father is a woman named Xiaoxiao. I have never seen her. This woman is a very good marksman. She can shoot several shots in a second. She interrupted me with a whip gun three times in a row. I can’t stand this evil spirit from my father in Chinatown. You must avenge me."
Alice said aggrieved, grabbing her father’s arm and shaking it hard.
"Alice, what is the background of the other party? You tell me what’s going on, and I’ll make sure you get justice. No one in San Francisco can bully my daughter yet. "
Francisco asked Alice if she was angry. Whoever bullied his daughter in San Francisco hit him in the face.
"It’s the Lily Hotel in Chinatown, where that Xiaoxiao should also be a dragon gang."
Alice replied.
"I also sent William and others to Chinatown this afternoon. I know Long Aohai doesn’t want to pay protection. William is called to take people to make something out. Alice, haven’t you met William? It stands to reason that he must be there this afternoon. Where is this trot? "
As soon as Francisco heard the horse, he said that he would take out words to call William.

The Hunger added, "I know you’re after Lu Zheng. It’s said that your ancestors killed several slaves in The Hunger, burned several slaves in The Hunger, pacified the rivers and lakes, and also killed two palace people in the north and south. So you, Lu Jia, and I have a hundred-year feud. It’s a pity that your ancestors have long since vanished and I can’t kill him myself. Then you can pay him back his debts!"

Lu Xiangdao: "I really want to kill you myself."
Blood magic way "but you can’t kill me. It’s fate."
Lu Xiangdao said, "Maybe I can’t kill you, but I can tell you that your field will be even worse. You will be alone. Do you want to know something when you die?"
The last thing The Hunger wants to hear is that his game is miserable.
Blood magic way: "I don’t know what I need you to tell me after 200 years!"
Lu Xiangdao: "Don’t seniority in front of me. You are just two hundred years old and have been frozen all the time. You are still a’ junior’ in front of me because of your experience and understanding of the world! It’s God’s will that you can survive in the Woods. I don’t want you to. How tall are you! "
Chapter two hundred and sixty-four Soul Broken Green Mountain (6)
The Hunger didn’t get angry at Lu Xiang’s words. As Lu Xiang said, if it wasn’t for the rice father-in-law who brought people and disrupted Lu Xiang’s plan, it was really run tonight, even if he suddenly got trapped, the static demon would die.
Blood magic way "you’re dying, Zu, don’t care."
Lu Xiang and The Hunger also said these words in order to delay the profit as much as possible. When this precious time, Lu Xiang kept running and hoped to restore some depleted qi as much as possible.
It would be better if it was dragged to the imperial court.
So he might be able to get out of trouble.
Lu Xiang continued, "I can also tell you that whenever you are resurrected, you will eventually be defeated!" "
People who practice The Hunger are arrogant, paranoid and conceited. The Hunger has always believed that his wisdom and martial arts are comparable to his achievements in The Hunger. He is the first wonder in the world. Although he was defeated by Xue Canglan 200 years ago, Xue Canglan died, and he still won his victory.
In this life, The Hunger was resurrected and believed that his ability would surely accomplish the great achievements of 200 years ago, but it turned out to be the opposite, and he was almost at the end of the road.
The Hunger tried to find the answer to failure more than once, but he didn’t find it.
Lu Xiangrui was once experienced and knowledgeable. The Hunger would like to hear about Lu’s understanding.
The Hunger said with great interest, "Oh, I’d like to hear from Master Xiang. Do you think I will fail when I am resurrected?"
Lu Xiangdao said, "The truth is simple, but the simpler it is, the more you ignore it."
Blood magic way "don’t talk nonsense! Say I want to hear it! "
Lu Xiang stared at The Hunger with a tunnel "because this is not your time! In terms of strength and reputation, you have no foundation and no one will agree with you. It’s just like you shouldn’t enter the game, but you have to enter the game to stir up who loses if you don’t win! All your resurrection will be a fiasco! "
This is not your time!
This sentence echoed in The Hunger’s ear.
The Hunger heart also shocked a.
Yes, the present era makes him feel strange and anxious.
Everything has changed dramatically.
Dynasties have changed.
Canghaidu became a mulberry field.
Although there are thousands of beings in the sky, no one he knows well, no one can really understand him, and no one can listen to him.
Is this really the reason for his failure?
But he still won’t admit it.
The Hunger said, "If you hadn’t helped Lin Yizu, you wouldn’t have lost! Zuxian doesn’t want to dominate the rivers and lakes and seize the sky. I want you all to pay the price of death! "
Say The Hunger figure from the stone, such as a leaf blown by a strong wind, suddenly rises and floats towards the land.
The Hunger body GangFeng surging his robe "hunting" flying a messy head of long hair flying face magic face at the moment full of hatred, hate and unwilling.
The blood magic man did not flash a red hand shadow with a broken grasp to Lu Xiang’s chest
As if to take out Lu Xiang’s heart and liver
It is difficult for The Hunger to attack the land and continue to recover from pranayama
After several wars, he was black and blue and consumed a lot of energy. As The Hunger said, even if The Hunger was more injured than him, it was him.
But Lu Xiang will not sit still.
Even if he is desperate, he will fight for the honor of Lu Jia.
Lu Xiang’s right hand suddenly shook like the wind blowing the moon shadow in the water. Lu Xiang’s hand shadow hit The Hunger’s paw shadow and paw shadow hit like a lens and The Hunger’s body flashed.
The Hunger grabbed Lu Xiang’s head with his left hand and struck Lu Xiang’s chest with his right hand. The Hunger wanted to make a quick decision. He forced Lu Xiang to confront him.
Lu Xiang carved out a trick. He took The Hunger’s palm to resolve The Hunger’s blow to his chest. The palm also reached Lu Xiang’s palm to palm, and then he took the palm out of his hand to blood.
"Bang" one
Two people palm strength scattered like a strong wind lift around flying sand and stones.
This palm two people also almost force.
If the terrestrial force can still be hard-fought with The Hunger on weekdays, it’s really hard to resist The Hunger’s palm force. The terrestrial force spit out one mouthful blood from the shock mouth, and his body trembled and came out.
Because of the huge earthquake force, the broken bone of Lu Xiangshen’s wound is more painful than the two wounds that have stopped bleeding and blood gushes out.
Although The Hunger is also scarred, The Hunger feels pain.
The Hunger’s figure is also like the phantom of the opera chasing after Lu Xiang.
Lu Xiang’s body continued to float backwards, and The Hunger’s body was swept towards him.
The red light in The Hunger’s eyes is full of cruelty and bloodthirsty desire at the moment.
Just as Lu Xiang’s back is about to hit the stone wall behind him, Lu Xiang’s move "the moon flies to burn" and the "Phoenix" in the middle of the month flies to The Hunger. Because of the consumption of Lu Xiang’s force, the speed and strength of the "Phoenix" swept from the middle of the month are also weak
The Hunger has learned that the "flying on the moon" is also prepared.
The Hunger kicked out and kicked the "Phoenix" in the head. The "Phoenix" first had its head broken and then its whole body was scattered.
Then the "moon" also
This instant The Hunger put his hands together and inserted them into the round of "moon", and then he jerked his hands to the left and right, and the round of "moon" was torn from it like a cake by The Hunger.
The Hunger’s figure also passed through the "Moon" fracture like a phantom and continued to face the continental phase.
At the moment, Lu Xiangtui’s back also hit the stone wall, and The Hunger’s body shape was instantaneous.

The ship Yuexiu Fu sighed a little listlessly and fell to the corner when the signalman came running. "Commander Ge Ge is in a hurry!"

Masao Kitano took the newspaper, glanced at its signature, and even glanced through it. He directly crumpled it into a ball and threw it into the garbage basket a few meters away. He glared at the signalman. "If there is such a newspaper again, just dispose of it like this and don’t bother me again!" I turned my head to look at the close chess game and smiled. "The more you ship, the more you made a mistake."
Ship Yuexiu Fu said that "it’s just a matter of getting entangled in corners."
Masao Kitano said, "Give you a chance to regret chess or you will regret it."
Ship Yuexiu husband said "regret playing chess"
Masao Kitano thumped a ping-pong, "You lost in the encirclement and suppression!"
With this fall, the original was entangled with the black dragon vertically and horizontally, and several small white dragons became a python in a line. As soon as the two small black dragons were ground to pieces, the black side immediately lost.
The boat Yuexiu Fu smiled but couldn’t stop jumping wildly. He was wrong. This humble loophole was caught and the horse was finally beaten badly ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Chapter 53 The Battle Cloud in the Strait (2)
A large number of pictures and materials of the Jakarta Massacre quickly occupied the core positions of news in various countries through the Japanese invasion, and illustrated pictures appeared in newspapers in various countries. The video screens of Jakarta were flattened, and the ruins of Jakarta were full of floating bodies. The bodies of black rivers were lying in the wilderness … This terrible scene was beyond the psychological endurance of people living in a peaceful environment. Those developed countries in Europe and America did not know how many idle people were. The ladies and gentlemen looked at the video screens and trembled. The street was holding a newspaper. It’s not uncommon to vomit while walking. These bloody images have a strong impact. They are also chased by the Chinese army like a lost dog. President Suharto finally made a visible appearance to his people and spoke to the world. This man is estimated to be a little incoherent even with anger, fear and excitement. He cried for a while, scolded for a while, roared for a while, was excited, was neurotic and exaggerated. Even if Hitler was invited, he would be dumbfounded!
"China is the most evil country in the world …… they just found an excuse and flagrantly invaded a major country and the capital of this country carried out a brutal massacre! Jakarta is gone! The number of casualties in the claw depression is displaced! Even I, the president, almost died at their hands! They plundered and destroyed ancient religious temples, and the overwhelming gunfire leveled a place of interest! Beasts, soldiers and even road ambush machine guns will kill refugees car after car! "
"I don’t know how many people have been killed in this previous disaster so far; I don’t know how many soldiers were tortured and killed by them after they laid their weapons; I still don’t know how many towns they destroyed and how much wealth they looted! I know that if the world adopts a tolerant attitude towards China’s aggression and this torrent of death rushes across Southeast Asia, then the whole of Southeast Asia will become a place of death-this is by no means an alarmist! "
President Suharto screamed at the top of his lungs, and some people were shocked. The lucky ones’ self-report was even more tearful. A five-or six-year-old girl was at a loss and said to the camera, "My school is gone, my teacher is dead, my family is dead, and my friends are dead …" A pair of big eyes with holes and that confused expression is really heartbreaking. NATO countries have always talked about "people are above the Lord". Almost every national organization and anti-war organization has organized a huge anti-war demonstration. The line "China withdraws its troops from Southeast Asia" and "the executioner must be tried by the Hague court" have merged into a law to stop the flood from sweeping the western world. In just one day, at least 15 countries have indicated that they will temporarily recall them.
Ambassadors to China have even announced that four countries have broken up directly, without saying anything about severe sanctions before sanctions!
Compared with the western world, the reaction of Muslim countries is more intense, the religious sentiment is the most fanatical, and the anti-celebration in the Middle East is more intense. Several Arab youths took to the streets and shouted down the pagan slogan, burned the Chinese national flag and surrounded the Chinese consulate. Some extremist religious organizations began to besiege Chinese citizens. When an extremist religious organization roared "Jehad (that is, jihad)", those bloody Arabs roared "Jehad! Jehad! Jehad! " I can’t wait for Ma Xianghua to go to war so that they can join the army and March to East Asia to kill those Chinese heretics! Trapped by this wave, Saudi Arabia and other countries have recalled their ambassadors to China, and OPEC, as expected by Masao Kitano, has announced severe oil sanctions against China. Before the satisfactory explanation of the Jakarta massacre, not even a drop of Middle East oil will be transported to China through the Hogmuz Strait!
It is impossible for this wave not to affect China’s foreign relations, and the situation deteriorated sharply, which inevitably dragged down the economy, especially after OPEC began to launch oil sanctions. At one time, there were rumors in China that Liu Zhe Jakarta had killed too many people, and the Chinese should send him to a military court to quell public anger … The prosperous development situation was disrupted and everything became frantic.
Zhongnanhai looked at all this coldly, but the political pressure was so terrible that it crushed the backbone of a country. However, the Republic was not afraid of having a hard shake with NATO and Warsaw Pact, and the Republic was not afraid of the pressure of a country. Zhongnanhai was psychologically prepared for all this when Liu Zhe killed. It was just that the impact would be so great. In an emergency informal meeting, the Minister of National Defense asked, "Did the chairman recall Liu Zhe to give him a punishment to ease the pressure on a country?"
Deng Lao wanted to shake his head. "No, I’d rather let the tiger return to the wild than withdraw from his post from the tiger’s position. It’s not advisable to punish him, although it can ease the pressure on the country, but it will also dampen his spirit." I smiled. "It’s really painful to play against an opponent who knows his way of thinking very well. Those three evils may even meet a strong enemy this time."
The Chief of General Staff said, "Masao Kitano is now the commander of the Expeditionary Force in Japan. He was a rare strategist in Japan during World War II. Ishihara’s favorite pupil was a rare strategic master in Japan. This man was known for his calm and meticulous logical thinking. He was once called a’ logical machine’ by foreign experts. It is said that he was a vegetarian and never ate meat or killed anything in his life. This man spent most of his life studying China’s war against Citigroup and China’s war against China, so he hit our key with one hand."
The minister of industry said "there is a surplus"
Deng Lao said, "Great, just enough."
The foreign minister hesitated to ask, "What about diplomacy?"
Deng Lao said, "Keep silent and keep the country quiet. Even if foreign countries turn over the sky, they can’t resist us … The will of the Republic is not dominated by the state!"
The foreign minister said, "The blow from the other side seems so fierce that our diplomacy almost collapsed, but there is still a huge loophole."
Everyone is interested in "what loophole?"
The foreign minister said, "Iraq and Iran! The war between these two countries has reached the most tense point, and they can’t do without our weapons! OPEC gives us a radical salary, and we can also find compensation for these two countries. We need to increase arms exports to these two countries in exchange for enough oil to meet part of the needs of the country …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
At first glance, everyone thought it was a good idea. The Arabs didn’t have the guts to confront us head-on. The oil sanctions didn’t matter much to us, but it was also good to open a gap. OPEC, like the king, was determined to ask them to lift the oil sanctions for several months. But don’t forget that Iraq and Iran are both oil-rich countries. If these two countries want to continue to increase their oil exports to China, the whole of Arabia should be hit in the face. On the one hand, they vowed to impose severe sanctions. On the other hand, there are ships carrying oil to the East … Arabs have always been in a mess. I believe that the probability of success of this plan is not generally greater than that of joining Israel, which will kill them! Hum, you have a good plan, I have a wall ladder, and I have to pay a little price for bossing the Republic!
The Republic quickly sent representatives to Iran and Iraq for in-depth communication on the issue of weapons for oil. It is said that the negotiations are like this.
The representative of China said, "The world is not willing to sell oil to us now. We are counting on you!"
Iran and Iraq "don’t expect us. We also want to tell you that our transaction must be temporarily suspended … There is no way. Who told you that Jakarta killed so many Muslims? The whole Islamic world is furious. If we don’t make a statement, we will be isolated by the Islamic world! Brother, understand. We can resume trading in two weeks at most. "
China stands for "What? Interrupt the transaction? Recover in two weeks? As I say, if you interrupt, don’t get back into trouble! It happens that we have a large number of tanks and armored vehicles to export. You don’t want us to sell them to Iraq (or Iran)! "
The representative of China "also brought 150 long-range self-propelled guns"
Iran and Iraq "If we don’t join the oil sanctions against China, we will be punished by Allah!"
The representative of China "added 30 33 mm long-range rockets"
Brother Iran, please stop. Can’t we pay for it? Can’t the original price rise by another five percentage points? We really can’t export this oil to you now! "
On behalf of China, "there are a number of new guys with supersonic and subsonic anti-ship missiles."
Iran and Iraq "I ….. we can’t sell our Muslim brothers with weapons … but we really need these weapons ……"
On behalf of China, "We also intend to export a batch of short-range ballistic missiles with a range of 300 kilometers."
Iran-Iraq "Who? I asked you what claw depression is? Can you eat it as a meal? "
After a round of rolling negotiations, the representatives of the two countries completely realized Saddam Hussein’s ideal and Khomeini’s ambition. They sold their teammates. OPEC was dismayed to find that after it announced oil sanctions against China, more oil was exported from the Middle East to China, but they did nothing about it! Because of the efforts of these two pig teammates, OPEC oil sanctions soon became a laughing stock. After a month, they had to be unhappy and announce the lifting of sanctions. They didn’t catch a hair and lost a lot of oil revenue. Not to mention making the world laugh enough, they were unlucky enough.
During the fierce battle in the field of public opinion and diplomacy, China and Japan launched a bloody and dark secret war in Southeast Asia. Neither of these old enemies had confidence to bite each other to death, so they were cautious and didn’t weigh much, that is, they killed a few people and set a few fires …
Chapter 54 The Battle Cloud in the Strait (3)
Although he deliberately suppressed the influence of different homophones on the expeditionary forces, Liu Zhe still felt that his country had brought great pressure. He did not regret that if he was given another chance, he would still kill in Jakarta so that the Jawa people could remember the next generation, but he always felt guilty about his country.
Now, his opponent is an expert in strategy, and the enemy is steady and ruthless, and he takes the key point directly. The big article about the Jakarta massacre made the Republic extremely passive, while three divisions and two brigades in Japan displayed huge forces. The coast of northern Canada was isolated from the expeditionary forces, and the sea and land traffic in these two cities made the expeditionary forces inevitably impetuous. The cruel and abnormal Japanese army left a painful memory for the Chinese nation. Now hundreds of thousands of Chinese in two Chinese cities have become Japanese soldiers. Can we not worry about it? Liu Zhe was surprised to find that he was in the wind before he really fought. In the face of such an opponent who is more cunning than a fox and more forbearing than a poisonous snake, he has a powerful feeling that he can’t make it out. It’s really not his specialty. His specialty is Pojun’s killing generals. Forget it. Leave this big problem to Liu Weiping
Now Liu Weiping is watching the massive anti-China demonstrations in the Middle East without blinking, watching the five-star red flag being burned and the bricks, eggs and raindrops flying to the consulate. This scene makes the staff members hate their teeth itch, but he looks at it with relish and praises from time to time. "It’s amazing. I didn’t expect that Japan still has such a powerful role. It’s a trick to use its strength to almost make the Republic of the Middle East stand on its feet again!"

Zhang eyes cold without hesitation tomahawk blink black mans flash Feng Hong head roll Chapter 13 violence gourd ladle.

Chapter 13 violence ladle
Zhang Yang beat Feng Hong with one axe and double dark strength, and then pursued him with victory. Even cutting two axes just killed each other!
"I’ll fight you!" The warrior with a big sword on his back didn’t stop Zhang from slaying Feng Hongxian. He was so angry that his hands pulled out the fiery red sword that was more than two meters wide and half a meter behind him and split it straight at Zhang.
"War is war!" Zhang Yang waved a tomahawk back and touched the big sword directly. Two people quit two or three steps in succession.
Zhang Yang was forced to return to the future because he had just beheaded Feng Hong, but the martial artist retreated because his strength was not as good as Zhang Yang’s.
The jack against Zhang that almond-eyed woman whispered, "Ha ha ….. Chen Hao is not deadly dead, or the competition is less."
I was very afraid that Zhang Cheng Hua was hiding from the crowd. "This Zhang is really evil, and his strength is getting worse and worse. Every time he appears, he has to pay attention to the dead and don’t have chaos again."
In addition to the young woman of the peak martial arts master, many people think that Feng Hong was beheaded by Zhang Yang, and Zhang Yang’s pale face speculated that Zhang Yang was hurt more deeply.
Chen Hao’s moves are also accurate. Zhang Yanggang is not strong enough to cut one person.
Zhang Yang and Chen Hao rushed out in a straight line to kill each other again after hitting a blow, and swung a big axe to cut it off.
"Thunder!" Chen Hao yelled at the sword with one hand and fell quickly, and the red light was extremely powerful.
Zhang Yang’s axe fell on the other side’s big sword, and the chopping speed was not far from each other. Chen Hao didn’t want Zhang Yang’s big sword to chop at Zhang Yang’s hand axe, and wanted to chop the latter axe before attacking.
When the speed of heavy weapons fighters is not dominant, they will collide with each other and fight for the high and low. If they fly the other weapons, the consequences will be very severe, killing each other.
Zhang Yang’s body element can flood into his arms, and the tiger cannon punches into the tomahawk, crashing and chopping Chen Hao’s sword, and drilling into the latter body with double dark energy.
"Double dark strength!" Chen Hao was frightened, but it was too late, because he wiped out Zhang Yang’s dark strength, but it was already damaged by the first pet’s dark strength, which was even more powerful. The big sword Yuan could suddenly be scattered!
"get out!"
Zhang coldly uttered a word, and a virtual shadow flashed across his right foot. Many people didn’t know Zhang’s leg shadow, and he had already kicked Chen Hao in the chest!
"Crack" rang over Chen Hao’s broken sternum, his chest sagged, his body went backwards uncontrollably, and a blood column was sprayed all the way, and every step he took left a deep footprint.
Zhang hand crazy tomahawk disappear speed surge is still a quick victory figure appeared in front of Chen Hao hands into claws direct attack!
Chen Haoju’s sword is very orderly to resist the footsteps. Although he is injured, he has enough experience in fighting.
"Ding ding …"
Zhang Yang’s double claws emerge, and the Yin belongs to the fire element energy, just like the iron claws, which are black hooked, and Hei Hu’s split claws constantly grasp all the good parts of Chen Hao’s body.
Chen Hao’s sword back resisted the constant retreat and quickly disintegrated Yuan Neng.
Zhang Yang’s strength is too strong. When he hits a big sword with black paws, the fire element can be broken constantly, and even the back of the sword has left scratches!
It’s all fire yuan, Zhang Yangyuan, and the quality is high. Chen Hao has too much power to surpass the other side, and there is no axe. He is faster and almost taxiing the tiger Tiger Claw to catch it continuously
Zhang Yang consumes too much energy, and it is not without reason that the tomahawk disappears after fighting for one day in a row, but now he will be impressed by the combat effectiveness if he takes the tomahawk again.
"Send you the way!" Zhang Yang doesn’t want to spend any more time poking out a bunch of chaotic shadows!
"Zhang Yang, I will fight you!" Another six-star warrior attacked, and he rushed out of the back with a slender sword in his hand!
Wu Yu was worried, and his face was red with anger. "A group of despicable guys actually fought in wheels!"
Regardless of the sword stabbed behind him, Zhang Yang’s hands suddenly turned into black fists, and his arms muscles suddenly bulged, and the double dark strength of the sword back suddenly rushed into Chen Haoti again.
Even if the latter is ready, it is still difficult to resist Zhang Yang’s attack because Yuan Neng’s defense is not enough.
Chen Hao tried his best to still can’t attack his hand in a short time. The big sword fire element can disperse defense, reduce the body surface circulation element energy and stagnate for a moment, and blood overflowed at the corner of his mouth.
Zhang Yang roared, and all four beasts roared! Arms big tendons jumped up and punched Chen Hao’s sword, and another punch shot directly off Chen Hao’s head!
No yuan can protect Wu Shigen from Zhang Yang’s beating. Chen Hao’s death is worse than Feng Hong’s and faster!
Zhang Yang was stabbed in the back by the warrior with a long sword!
"Zhang Yang!" Wu Yu was anxious to jump out, but the thought that he could not get up when he went out worried Zhang.