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"It’s not terrible to die. I’ve enjoyed the most beautiful things and the most delicious food in the world. I’m not willing to die at the hands of a mud-legged pariah," the star said maliciously

"There is no such thing as untouchability or expensive life, and the value of your life is the same. It is meaningless to say it in your last words, because there is no place for you in the world." Zhang Lan pulled out the reverse blade.
"I don’t need you to start work, my life and death are my own decisions." The stars said and took out a delicate dagger from behind.
This knife is a family treasure. The father of Xingchen gave the position of chairman to Gloria, but he gave the dagger to Xingchen. In their father’s mind, Gloria can take care of the whole people of free group, while the star holding the dagger can protect her sister.
But in fact, the stars never understood his father’s meaning. Greed, cruelty and fierceness annihilated his humanity, and death was the inevitable result.
"I hate this feeling. It’s disgusting to lose." The stars pulled out the dagger backhand and took a deep breath. Both of them dared not tremble in the middle of their hands. "Hey, do you want to watch it all the time? Come and help me. My hand is cramping! "
"It’s not a cramp, it’s just a fear. This can happen to everyone." Zhang Lan sighed and stepped forward to help the stars hold the handle inch by inch until the whole knife was stabbed
"It didn’t hurt so much?" Stars surprise way
"Because your body will naturally secrete renal gland hormone, it is painless to paralyze your nerves, but your life is over." Zhang Lan gently looked back at another group chairman who ended his life
Chapter five hundred and fifty-seven Cross the rubicon universe war
In the universe, the mutual attack of warships has changed from a simple fleet war to a camp killing each other.
You Na shows that the imperial regiment has control over the ball, which can not only command all the regiments, but also command the universe fleet, and now even the imperial ring is completely under the control of the imperial regiment.
What does this mean? Zhang Lan’s control over the earth has simply become a god. The chairman of his regiment and the unified organization have no restraint ability for Zhang Lan.
In such a long history of the earth, no one has ever managed to dominate the ball, but Zhang Lan has.
It is this kind of dominance that Nikyang leads Chaos, which is tantamount to thinking about the moment when Zhang Lan rashly attacked the overlord regiment not long ago. At that time, he still thought that he was the enemy of the world, but now he has taken control of the whole world, which has changed Gu Xuan and his position by one degree. Think carefully and fear.
As a last resort, Nikyang must also inform Chaos to wander or he will become a huge target for many rail guns.
At present, the emperor’s ring faces himself and can attack an orbiting satellite gun. Even if Chaos is stronger, there are still 64 floating orbit satellite guns. The difference in quantity is too much, which can be made up by wandering.
Chaos floating matrix ball with energy shield is definitely the strongest defense body of the warship at present, but it is still impossible to confront the whole defense body of Emperor Ring.
And this advantage is getting bigger and bigger as Zhou Xian moves …
Sitting in Washington, D.C., Zhou Xian, the host computer room of Eye in the Eye, kept tapping the keyboard and actively joined You Na.
"You Na and I directly cut into the human-computer network of Chaos and those hives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do this. This distance is too far. They make the network different from the earth, but I can try to hack into their system." Zhou Xian calculated a terrorist plan.
"What do you need my cooperation for?" You Na to react immediately.
"If even one bullet is attached to the surface of Chaos, I can find a way to hack into them and let Chaos die instantly." Zhou Xian is also throwing caution to the wind.
"How sure are you?" You Na serious way
"2% for 1 second and 6% for 1 minute when the fiber-optic projectile stays on the surface of Chaos; It is almost "excessive" for Zhou Xian to be able to keep 1% cut-in for 5 minutes.
But to know that it took a whole year for a overlord group to be paralyzed in five minutes and it took more than 1% of the universe to collect resources to complete the warship, it immediately felt nothing.
"I’ll be responsible for the completion of what you asked me to do. You are ready to invade." You Na said and hung up the communication and got up from the captain’s position
"Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to do something important. Thank you for being so supportive of me. Although I’m not an easy-going girl, you dare not back me up." You Na suddenly said.
"Because you can burn people, captain. What are you doing?" Xin Bug Chief Officer has sensed that something is wrong.
"From now on, I hand over the captain’s power to Xin Bug. He will be your acting captain and I need to fly the fighter." You Na is going to be himself
You Na knows that this kind of invasion Zhou Xian is also fighting for her life. She needs to send bombs to fight the Chaos firewall through optical fiber. This kind of power is thousands of kilometers away from the earth. No one can make it so far, but Zhou Xian’s network loss power can do it. She needs to send the spirit of the Ministry to thousands of kilometers away. If something goes wrong, she will die.
There is no reason for Zhou Xian to take risks alone. You Na must play along to the end.
"Captain, are you serious? 20 thousand fleet command you to throw it to me? I have never carried a flag and fear of death is what I brought out of the womb! " Xin bedbugs are almost crying in a panic.
"Give full play to your BUFF and try every means to make everyone alive, so I can take care of it." You Na patted Xin Bug on the shoulder with a smile and left everything.
"How are you going to fight this?" Xin Bug is also resentful.
Unloading the shoulder burden and walking out of the bridge at that moment, You Na became the warrior who rushed to the battlefield … Let You Na not help but smile.
Although You Na is a celestial semi-protoss chaos root, there is no opponent to fight in World War I, but this is too environment after all, no matter how strong Una is, it is extremely small relative to the universe. If it is too small, You Na will die like his ordinary people.
Knowing that the Skyfighter team is leaving, the fighter pilots have finished closing in the hangar.
Noah’s warship is equipped with the Skyfighter model "Falcon", a small shuttle with a length of 5 meters, which has extremely fast maneuverability and not strong defense. It is equipped with a shield-off defense system, but it can make a limited number of times, and some large attacks cannot be defended.
In order to increase flexibility, Falcon is equipped with relatively few ammunition, and four missiles are off the machine gun, which is the main weapon. The range of this small space fighter is about 5 kilometers around Noah’s warship at most.
This is the same as the purpose of Noah’s warship. Noah’s warship is a powerful ship. Targets 5 kilometers away from space battleship can rely on causal guns and a large number of ship weapons to complete the attack. There is no need to always strengthen their fighter groups like aircraft carriers
You Na, the captain of the fighter team, said to the team members while wearing a fighter plane, "Ladies and gentlemen, I will need you to carry out a narrow escape operation. We need to cross the entire theater, penetrate through the floating matrix group of Chaos and leave their shields so that I can smoothly send optical fibers to the surface of Chaos."
"It’s hard for me to describe to you how dangerous it is, but the only thing I can say is that this is our best chance to win. I can guarantee that no matter how difficult the battle is, I won’t lose one of you and fight until the end, all right?"
"White Sir!" Member qi answered.
"Very good!" You Na said and buckled the driver’s helmet and quickly rolled over and sat in the cockpit of his fighter plane.
There are as many fighters in the whole fleet, which is the second chance that Noah’s warship can not carry out at present, and it is a desperate battle
When You Na debugged the system, Zhang Lan’s face appeared on the screen in front of him.
"You Na, I don’t approve your battle plan. You can’t work so hard." Zhang Lan objected positively.
"I’m sorry that the sword string has to send Chaos, which is a terrible cosmic-class special warship. If this thing is still near, the orbital area will be completely controlled by Guxuan. This is our only chance. I don’t know when it is." You Na continued to debug.
"Do you also want to disobey orders?" Zhang Lan is a little angry.
"Just because you said you believed in what I did, you should support me conditionally." Una smiled.
"The death rate is too high, which is not my intention." Zhang Lan blamed herself.
"Zhang Lan, not all plans can be under your control. We have to learn to adapt to the line." You Na said and hung up the communication
Chapter five hundred and fifty Dance Snow is going back to Earth
The battle against Kun is more like a tragic suicide attack. After Linger was killed, a group of celestial semi-protoss all attacked with red eyes.
At present, there are only two attack units that can cut into Kun’s side, namely Ye Chang and Long Wangye, who constantly stand on the platform to create various multilaterals to hinder Kun’s action, but the effect is very limited.
Soul-breaking and Caster have been constantly switching platform positions about 1 km away for multi-angle long-range attacks.
They cooperate perfectly, which is simply a model for the semi-protoss to besiege and fight god at the educational level, but looking around the world, it is probably possible for Guxuan to attack Kun with such luxury.
However, Kun was never injured except for some nosebleeds just now. He wandered around many besiegers and constantly countered the enemy without falling wind.
"broken soul wave!" In the distance, there is another wave of broken souls. In the past, Kun was hard-jointed and then came out of the explosion unscathed.
This time, Kun dodged sideways and let the horrible light mass fall freely into the ocean, directly blowing out a water column as high as 100 meters. What is even more frightening is that Kun turned his head sideways and looked at the broken soul and Caster.
"Run!" The sovereign is nervous and constantly switches to a new position platform, so that the broken soul can quickly escape with Custer.
Because of too much attention to protect the broken soul and Caster, no one thought that Kun appeared behind the sovereign just now, just now, the absolute realm was once again opened to the sovereign and Kun together.

Xiao Xi should be tired to get along with him, right?

He closed his eyes and said, this thunder can’t stay after this.
Chapter 619 End of the road
Everything is in the calculation of rain and clear days.
Since he said it almost …
Things naturally didn’t emerge from his calculation.
Three days later.
Outside Qixing, a miniature warship with an overall ring shape is sailing in the direction of Qixing at a steady but extremely fast speed.
It seems that this warship has been sailing for some time, and now it has gradually approached the position of the Qixing ring.
At this time, the Qixing cosmic route has already been captured by hybrids …
Now, that defense and detection against foreign enemy have become the means and assistance for hybrid to hinder the arrival of foreign aid.
But ring warships seem to have already had a response to this situation.
Outside the painted black hull, there were waves of light curtains flowing …
With the unification of the ship’s hidden barrier
The warships that are sailing in the future are still in people’s sight, but they have disappeared into the automatic defense range of all radar and detection weapons.
And the closer you get to Qixing,
The faster the speed of the warship is, the more blazing light is emitted from all the thrusters before it is idle, pushing the warship to be almost ten times faster than before, and it is sprayed straight at the Qixing Department … The warship shape is also ring-shaped with the change, and the warship gradually gathers together to form a bullet shape.
It’s really like turning into a bullet, shooting itself through the atmosphere and breaking through all the defense circles.
And then fell directly into the Qixing department.
Cheng didn’t disturb anyone.
Qixing cliff …
This used to be one of the most famous scenic spots in Qixing.
The cliff is like a crescent moon hanging from the top of the cliff.
Whether it’s taking pictures or sightseeing, it’s extremely rare.
It was in the fierce war that the crescent cliff was completely destroyed, along with the rare vegetation around it.

Here we go again.

[At the age of 4, you successfully broke through to the fourth floor of refining gas by swallowing the flesh and blood of then monster beast! However, it may be because the self-cultivation has become higher, and it is also possible that if the monster beast then dies for too long, swallowing the flesh and blood of the monster beast then will have little increase in cultivation.
[You took out the monster elixir and demon elixir a year ago to avoid being influenced by the ghost of demon elixir. You decided to take out the demon elixir and expose it to the sun every morning to evening! 】
[The burning sun contains masculinity to melt the ghost of demon elixir and monster beast]
[You dreamed of a big demon cursing at yourself]
[It’s really a little bit to say so]
[At the age of 7, your body is large enough. In this acre of land, you are the overlord monster beast. Some monsters with low strength will become your rations after passing through here]
[At the age of 12, you have refined five layers of gas through the practice of Li Yaodan! You realize that you often dream that the demon beast of the elixir is still a thief and wants to take your body away.
You have a bigger territory in the mountains. You didn’t kill the monster beast in the territory, but beat them so that they would bring you a panacea every month.
[Low-powered monsters can either go far away or be your tool man]
[You have become a mountain king in this area! 】
Deep in the mountains
An ugly monster crawling slowly on all fours looks like a giant salamander bigger than a crocodile.
The monster beast "grunted" in its big mouth, and there was a secret medicine lying on its back.
It came to the cave and clumsily released this panacea.
Then it’s like I’m afraid I’ll die for a moment
Quickly turned away from this wrong place.
If anyone is here, you will see that there is no such panacea on the ground in the cave.
It is absolutely dazzling to see the muti piles together.
There are at least a dozen elixirs here!
Although the order is not high …
But there are many winners!
before long
A black shadow came out of the cave deeper, and sharp bird claws stepped on the solid ground, and the stones on the ground were easily scratched out, which was creepy.
When this shadow gradually shows its shape, it is impressively the January crow monster beast!
It’s a double neon!
"These guys are quite sensible … after beating them a few times, they become honest and dare not offend at all."
Fu Shuangni sighed with emotion that the monster beast is the law of the jungle and was amused by their simple thinking.
But I have to admit …
Monsters are much more sincere than humans. They are real. They bring a panacea every month as protection to honor her.
And don’t dare to play tricks.
This …
I appreciate the double neon!
"Not bad"
Looking at more than a dozen elixirs on the ground, I said that I was very satisfied and muttered to myself, "I can earn more than a dozen elixirs every month after collecting more than a dozen monsters with low strength. What if I collect more than a dozen monsters?"
She has some panacea that is very important to her.
There is no way to make an alchemist by turning into a monster beast.
But she can rudely eat the elixir, which can also make herself stronger.
However, the conversion rate of the efficacy of the elixir is not as high as that of Dan medicine.
Of course, it has turned into a monster beast …
Don’t count on so many demands.
Don’t expect to live more exquisitely.
"But …"
Fu Shuangni hesitated: "At present, my territory is not small. If I continue to expand my territory, there will definitely be conflicts between those powerful monsters around me. It is difficult for you and me to compete with each other in the current five-layer gas refining strength."
"Unless …"
A smile flashed in her eyes. Unlike those monsters who fight alone, she has a group of monster brothers!
This is what she has done by force over the years.
She also tested their loyalty many times.
The monster beast is very loyal. They do whatever she tells them to do.
There will be no psychological resistance.
So …
It’s not that you can’t touch it
You know that you can’t get stronger through that demon pill frequently, or the ghost of the monster beast in the elixir will have a greater and greater influence on you. You need to find another way to get stronger, so you can find a way.
[And there are many elixirs that can produce the soul and curb the residual soul of the monster beast then, so as to be more assured of practicing the demon Dan]
When you are 13 years old, after a year, you will decide to attack the wolf demon in the east.
[The other party is six layers of refined gas strength! 】
More than a dozen monster beasts with different looks and shapes are rushing in the east direction, which can be described as a stampede. The trees where the beasts pass dump gravel and fly around, and the smoke is high.
They are not very high-maintenance, and there are two layers of refining gas.
The strongest is a turtle demon with three layers of refined gas.
But there are a lot of them.
If there are more than a dozen monster beasts, it is estimated that even those who cultivate immortals will recognize whether there is a beast tide coming. Are there a large number of monster beasts ready to slaughter human beings together?
Actually …
This group of monster beasts is not going to shoot at humans. There is no figure in Fiona Fang for hundreds of miles.
They are going to shoot the monster beast!
They are big sisters.
Take them to grab territory!

How nice Poseidon is! "

"Poseidon? Then I won’t be able to get this title until I completely break through the star level.
But I still like it. It’s actually a wonderful thing that priapus died in a woman’s belly.
Of course, if Lord Notos doesn’t like to call me Xia Milla, it’s no problem!
But I like people to call me Lao Xia, "said Zhan Xia Milla.
"Old summer this seems to be called Huaxia area over there? You are not surnamed Xia? " Notos said
"But I like this name. It sounds comfortable and sweet." Xia Milla seems to have some memories.
"That’s Chinese stuff. I’ll call you Xia Milla. When you are equal to me, I’ll call you God’s name code!" Notos said
Smell speech Xia Milla eyes slightly narrowed nodded "notos adult your heart is good".
"Notos adult instrument strong signal search shows that Fiona Fang’s 10,000 kilometers of strong energy fluctuations, my own telepathic search around and found no hidden breath.
But my ability has brought me a little bit of anxiety … "Another star-rated strong Wan Tong said suddenly.
"Is it a slight anxiety?"
Notos laughed. "Does it mean that they have three-phase thermal explosive bombs? Looks like a bunch of little guys.
But still pay attention!
Cheer up!
After all, the team that can beat the mechanical Elves out of their wits must give them enough respect! "
The communication channel came to laugh.
In the laughter, the distance between the two sides is already very close, less than ten kilometers, and at the same time, the sound is retired.
In fact, this kind of sound is not a sound, but it is emitted by its own strength and vibration. The mental energy field can be used, but this method will only be available when there is a transmutation.
Can communicate in taizhong.
"Blue Star Humans?" This is Xu retreat.
"Of course, so are you?" Notos is not surprised that these phase information has been included in the previous information.
It is also for this reason that the two sides did not say nothing at the first time.
Deep in the distant asteroid belt, blue star humans meet blue star humans, which is also considered as fellow villagers meeting fellow villagers.
"Of course this satellite is us! It’s not easy for humans to go deep into the asteroid belt before they were occupied by you. I hope you can quit, "Xu said."
Smell speech, smiled "this should be me? If it weren’t for the blue star humans, I think you would be dead now. "
Speak, shrugged his shoulders "look at the same blue star human face to give you a chance to surrender peacefully!
Surrender. We include your men at the edge of the brainwave star.
I will give you a price that will make you very satisfied. "
Xu back sneer at a "I want to know which side you come from? Does it look like dawn redemption?
Is it the six joint districts or the seventh joint district of the first Asian Union or a myth? "Asked xu back.
"It seems that you are familiar with blue star things should be recently came here to surrender, surrender I will tell you my origin!
I promise that the treatment after surrender will definitely be better than your current treatment!
Even people from the six joint districts! "Notos said.
"We must surrender and you will not quit?" Xu asked again.
Smell speech, smiled "what do you think? Are not children. Do you think you just let us quit?
If you really want us to quit, you should at least show a little strength that can make us quit! "Notos laughed and said Notos added," This is for the sake of the same blue star human face. I will give you this chance.
Otherwise, you would be a corpse now! "
Smell speech Xu back abrupt light with a sigh "really want us to show a? I think it’s better not to show the same blue star human beings. "

Ji Luoling heard a meal and then Xi Xi laughed. "Naturally, I followed him to play. This time, I finally ran out of the house and met someone so interesting."

"Funny, you big ye"
Sue should finish calling out the ship and go straight with Xiaoqiang.
"My uncle was cheated by you."
JiLuoLing ground whisper half sentence then rose up and went straight to Sue should ship.
Although this is the place where the Demon City is located, there are hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Demon Temple. He is not interested in what the Demon Conference is, mainly to go to the Demon Temple.
"Your surname is Ji. I once had a friend named Ji. Are you also a Ji family?" Sue should smile asked.
"I won’t tell you."
Ji Luoling curled his lips and smiled. "If my adults know that I will make friends with Brother Su as soon as I go out, you will have to break your legs when you go back. Don’t ask Brother Su anyway, I won’t tell you!"
Su Ying heard the words and secretly shook her head. Although this girl doesn’t say anything, Su Ying can also see some clues, but since the other party has no malice, he himself is also called.
The ship is fast, and Jiluoling chatters all the way like a bird just released from a cage.
She has a strange charm. Although she is very straightforward, she doesn’t hesitate to say that she should make friends directly, but it makes people feel good about her.
Just then, I suddenly saw a thick coolness in front of me. The hull of Su Yinglou in the cabin is a magic weapon, but even so, it can’t stop this coolness.
JiLuoLing somberly low way "ghost Buddha city here …"
"Ghost Buddha city? What is this place? " Sue should be strange way
"It is said that it used to be a Buddhist holy place before, and then it was robbed overnight, and hundreds of millions of thunders chopped and killed all the monks in the mountain, so there was not even a mouse or a fly left."
Ji Luoling put away his somberly look and said, "It is said that there are ghosts and evil buddhas here. This person is so powerful that we must be careful."
Su Ying walked out of the cabin and looked ahead. It was a dilapidated mountain. There were some grand temple ruins faintly visible, but these temples were already ruined and desolate.
You can see a long jack-o’-lantern floating around everywhere in the mountains.
The most terrible thing is that the mountains are covered with some huge sword pits, which are bottomless, as if the sky were falling and the swords penetrated deeply into the mountains and killed all the creatures in the mountains!
"I have heard from my family that it seems that this Buddhist holy land, Hokkeji, has offended a certain god, and that god has been angry and punished by heaven. Those sword pits are really traces left by lightning strikes. Those monks died unwilling to die and were full of rage and hatred for the gods, so they turned the spectre into wandering around here."
"Who is that evil Buddha?" Su Ying asked.
Ji Luoling shook his head and said, "I don’t know. It is said that the ghost Buddha was a Taoist monk in the Zongmen Holy Land. Later, he was unwilling to occupy this place and turned it into a ghost Buddha city. We have to be careful and be entangled in those ghost buddhas and ghosts."
Su Ying nodded, and the boat slowly passed through the ghost Buddha City. Suddenly, the Ran Ran in the ghost Buddha City rose in poverty, peace, tranquility and awe-inspiring. It felt like sweeping away all evils and transforming the world!
In the Buddha’s light, a golden Buddha sits in a virtual figure, looks handsome and flies all over the sky, chanting the Buddha’s name, and the Buddha is crashing to sing the Buddha’s sound, and the golden light is spreading more and more widely.
"Let Wen and Yuan Jue take advantage of people’s suffering and bind Nirvana Buddha’s convenience."
The Buddha’s voice gives people a feeling of compassion, as if a Taoist monk had turned over all beings to send ghosts to death.
I saw a lot of ghost fires floating faintly, and one by one, the pale ghost monks were looming. These ghost monks sometimes looked ferocious and sometimes looked peaceful when they heard the Buddha’s voice.
Thousands of ghost monks walked into the Buddha’s light, and their spirits became weaker and weaker. It didn’t take long for them to wash away their rage and smile and dissipate into the Buddha’s light.
"This is the Buddhist classic magic lotus sutra!"
Ji Luoling was shocked and shouted, "Is it possible that a Buddhist master came to prepare to turn the ghosts and monks who died here into Buddhists and send them to their afterlife?"
Suddenly, something congenial became strong, and a huge ghost Buddha roared out of the mountains and rushed to the golden Buddha.
"You still can’t let go after thousands of years?"
A clear voice whispered, "Brother Xiu Cheng Da Sheng came here today, which is a great change. Your brothers and sisters also ask you to return to your place and die!"
Su Ying should look at the place where the sound came from and see a white monk kneeling at the foot of the Buddha and prostrating himself deeply.
The ghost Buddha rushed to reach out and grabbed the head of the white monk, but he didn’t catch it. The ghost Buddha’s body trembled and his rage was gradually turned into Buddha’s light. His face recovered as usual and he stepped into the Buddha’s light. "Now the idiot teacher has released his obsession, so do you."
The white monk callous way "brother can’t let go! How can you let thousands of brothers and sisters die when your teacher dies? "
Ghost Buddha sighed and disappeared into the Buddha’s light.
"send the master!"
The monk in white suddenly burst into tears and repeatedly prostrated himself.
The Buddha’s light and the Buddha’s Buddha all dispersed. The white monk got up and turned to the ship. It seems that Jiangnan and others can’t help but make a cold war. Seeing that the monk has no eyes, ears, nose and mouth, his face seems to be a blank sheet of paper.
"How does this guy eat?" Xiaoqiang a wink is curious way
Su Ying nodded and said, "It must be a Buddhist monk to be able to refine such a Buddha’s light and such a giant Buddha to transform thousands of ghosts at a time!"
Chapter seven hundred and forty-seven Nine unique magic monk
The stupid ship Xiaoqiang is still entangled in the problem that the monk with no face is like eating, but Ji Luoling’s face has changed greatly and he exclaimed, "Let’s go! This man is a magic monk dust!"
"Nine unique magic monk dust?" Sue should be puzzled. It’s the first time I heard this title.
Ji Luo Linghua changed color and explained, "It is said that Chen used to be a Taoist monk in Hokkeji. He was young and less than 500 years old, but he has become a great sage. He claims that the nine wonders are more powerful than walking away. This person is even more terrifying than the most vicious devil!"

Almost at the same time, the long-standing resentment of the dry well spewed out from the well instantly.

Then the hungry ghosts became angry and growled and turned into a ferocious evil spirit with dozens of heads.
Unlike those children who have been taken away by Ah Jiao and put into a shrine to cross over.
These evil spirits in the dry well, suppressed by Ajiao for a long time, are all full of tyranny.
On whether it was the original occupation of Jikoji bandits or the subsequent mistaken entry into Jikoji murderers …
Absorb their resentment, and after the black rosary of the soul is taken away, they will merge into a statue that is 100 times more ferocious than ordinary evil spirits.
The truth was forcibly detained by Ajue and the evil spirits in the dry well were suppressed. Their resentment was by no means comparable to that of ordinary human beings.
You know, even evil spirits with deep resentment vent their resentment and hatred of death in front of them.
Once the resentment disappears, these ghosts will go to hell to report, and finally decide how many layers of hell according to their evil causes and consequences before their death.
However, the inheritance of the magic Buddha is no longer as kind as before, and Ajue will not let go of these fanatics who have lost their humanity so easily.
Even if you force a spell to arrest the souls of the dead and let them kill each other and eat in the dry well day and night, you can vent Ajue’s agony.
If it’s brothers and sisters, you need to cross over.
I’m afraid Ajue would have committed suicide to turn the Buddha into a magic Buddha and then swallowed up the ghosts of those murderers-just like what those murderers did to the children before their death.
Only by personally letting those murderers daylights out can Ajue’s hatred be solved.
The appearance of Pei Wende and the subsequent seizure of the black rosary line certainly surprised Ajue.
But after determining the identity of the other party, Ajiao did not have any worries.
"Are you crazy? !”
Lanterns and shrines trap children’s ghosts in ghost temples, which can be said to resolve and turn over their grievances so that children can reincarnate.
But at the moment, the evil spirits that emerged from the dry well were maliciously bred by Ah Jiao!
I don’t have much resentment and hate for Ajue, but I abruptly detained them in a dry well to prevent the ghosts from finding their traces.
This kind of situation, not to mention those who are narrow-minded and violent, will lead to refugees, and even normal people will become fierce souls full of resentment.
On the one hand, cross over, dissolve the resentment in the children’s hearts and send them to be reborn one by one …
On the other hand, it detains and breeds evil spirits to prevent one of those murderers from going to the underworld …
This method is extremely compassionate and vicious, showing the true meaning of the so-called "magic Buddha"!
"Crazy? I have never been awake since she left me … "
Before again, it was cool and calm. With the manifestation of the three-sided stone Buddha behind him being burned out by the magic flame, Ajue’s thought became more and more extreme.
"I hate myself. I hate those thugs, but I hate leaving her even more!"
In an instant, Ajiao’s body has burned out and replaced it with a fierce and surly three-faced magic Buddha.
The real magic Buddha is different, although Ajue Fa also has three faces, but the surly and fierce colors are exactly the same, and there is no distinction between good and evil.
Or, to be more exact, the manifestation of Ajue burning himself out at this time is the proper posture of the real magic Buddha.
Being poor and evil, hating yourself …
If you become a magic Buddha root in this way, there will be no three-sided division.
Evil on three sides is the real form.
The root of the state of showing evil on one side and sleeping on both sides is the evidence that the foundation of the magic Buddha was destroyed and the Tao retreated greatly
So who dares to be the enemy of this level of magic Buddha?
Even succeeded in cheating each other?
Pei Wende didn’t even think about it, but he knew who else could be feared by the magic Buddha.
Chapter 20 My name is Wei Tuo.
"She didn’t abandon you. She didn’t want to hurt you!"
Watching the crazy Ajue completely turn into a dark light and then rush out of the room, Pei Wende didn’t know if the other party had heard what he was saying.
However, judging from Ajue’s behavior, there is a high probability that the other party will not listen to himself.
But now Pei Wende has also neglected sleep.
Because he found that I don’t know when the girl had gone to the bed with Zhenjing and picked up the one that had turned into a black mord.
It was not until this time that Pei Wende suddenly realized.
There seems to be one of the most obvious bug—— in the "story" that Ajue said before-who is the girl?
Everyone in the temple described by Ajue before should have died except him?
So who is this girl who opens the door for herself to help Ajue cross over and resolve the spectre resentment?
Ah Jue, it’s so clean. It’s because the children who died were all named by that girl. Why doesn’t this girl have an exact name until now?
It’s as if this girl just doesn’t come, and even there are no memorial tablets of girl bones in the shrines around her.
It’s not the evil spirits that children turn into, and it’s not the only living person in this ghost temple like Ajue-what is this girl’s position?
"Who are you?"
Pei Wende is really confused this time.
It seems that this girl and Ajue have been together for a long time, but there is a slight contradiction in subtlety. Is this girl sacred?

However, it shouldn’t be that simple. Three thousand years ago, the seal broke and liu er rushed out, which caused a lot of casualties to the genuine goods from the mountain.

Little phase liu said, "It was only at the beginning of the mountain that the first generation of brothers in Lishan practiced a few armor. Could it be that they were weak from the mountain at that time, which made the killing of the monkey too strong?"
"It’s possible, but it still doesn’t make sense. Several bodhi old zu returned to the mountains without flying fairy. Their means and knowledge will never be sent. They will spend great energy to help the townspeople rebuild the seal, which shows that they think liu er is a disaster! Can let that a few think it’s’ evil’ things even hard to find "willy shook his head and continued" KuangNan wild that ancient battlefield war is fierce, to seven saints to help; Liu er’s ferocity, which lurked in the east before, even the twin cities were occupied by them; Su Jing has met two liu er immortals, the former with a ghost and the latter with a great loss of strength, but it is also the fairy who is really strong before and after, which shows that liu er is not idle. "
It’s an honor for anyone who hears of the three corpses saying serious things once in a while.
From the past, it can be seen that liu er’s strength will never be bad, maybe not as good as that of Middle-earth, but it will never be too bad. So Su Jing asked for a spin and came back. Wang Jing was so bad?
At this time, there was a guarding city "Xia Erlang" who reported that it was Yan Bo who called the city to see the teacher.
Soon after the end of the challenge, Yan Bo came to the division, which was his only hope. He didn’t dare not try to curry favor with him, but when he came, his son-in-law took his emperor Ji back to the palace to do "serious things". Little phase liu asked Fang to wait outside the city and forget him.
Yan Bo waited for a long time and couldn’t help asking Xia Erlang to inform Fang that the tiger had lived in the official position for a long time and knew that the little devil was difficult. He didn’t wait for money, but Xia Erlang said, "Remember to bring some fresh flesh and blood when you come next time."
Yan Bo repeatedly should …
Sue’s scenic spot leader ordered Yan Bo to come in, but I didn’t listen to her figure. She changed into a male costume with a green scarf, a green robe and a green belt, but she didn’t hide her face. Anyone can see her daughter’s house at a glance.
I changed my costume and didn’t listen to the crowd. Little phase liu occupied Tang Guo’s position. Xia Lishan is a basket case. I’m weak, delicate and beautiful. I’m not going to go back to practice for the time being. I have to follow the public.
Did Tang Guo take a look and turn around to serve Xia Gong on the other side of Su Jing? Phase liu Jr. is not out of his mind and won’t curry favor with this job, but this trip is interesting and his identity is interesting. It’s a great show, and Hydra can’t bear to leave this station.
Yan Yan Bo was brought into the Xia family mansion to meet the sugar man, and there was another beautiful page and a bald baby. It was amazing that the people around him kept popping up, but asking more questions was absolutely not respectful to Su Jing. "I made a name for myself in the first world war in the snowy plains" and "Linling City is transparent and looks at the four corners of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and it is hard to find a blessed place".
After listening to a few words, I saw the other party say something tasteless. Xia Lishan smiled and interrupted, "Wang Jing died at my hands. Does he deserve to die?"
Yan Bo got a fright, but there was no stranger who was cruel and gritted his teeth and nodded. "Offending all the teachers deserves to die! Wang Jing deserved to die! "
The beautiful page, who is new here to serve the public, patted his bag and pulled out a pen and paper to copy the sentence of Yan Yanbo into a square plate and held it in front of the count. He spoke and asked him to sign it.
I didn’t really come out today, but I’ve been exploring this for a long time. When Su Jing was studying Chinese, she also learned a line of words to write neatly and beautifully.
If you dare to sign this pledge, Yan Bo’s face is white, and he wants to withdraw his resistance, but he is really at a loss to find an excuse. Fortunately, the paper in the tray suddenly burns and turns to ashes. The handsome page smiles and smiles. "If you don’t pledge, you will say that my family is in poor health. Please be compassionate and talk more about business when you waste less."
After that, he returned to the sugar man’s side and wiped his forehead with cold sweat. His heart was white and he was away from the mountain, and all the powerful people.
"This time, an audience with the teacher is the most important of the three things. There are eyes that have offended the teacher. Please ask your adult for a lot …"
It is also nonsense to plead guilty and apologize. Su Jing directly said "the second thing."
"The second thing is that the official is entrusted by the people …" Fang Zhihu immediately turned to the topic. "Do you remember that I once said that Xueyuan beat the armor bureau and A bet on Xueyuan Seven?"
The nobleman surnamed Zhayu participated in this game, and after seven days of buying the snowfield, he was incompetent and was condemned by the court to property and demoted to Shu Ren. Su Jing remembered this and laughed. "Congratulations to Mr. Zhayi for winning this game."
Yan Bo shook his head. "Winning is winning, but wealth is still out of the question … Surname Zhaxian status wants to beg for a bet, but it’s not a bit overreaching."
After the name of Zhaguang was called Zhaguang’s victim, he didn’t even qualify for the fall of the capital. He moved to the summer and settled in poverty, but he was also calm. He also came to watch the snow field this time just to watch the excitement, but he didn’t expect to win.
When you are not beating, Zhaguang occasionally dreams that he won this game, but because he doesn’t believe it, his heart is very white, even if he really wins, he can’t go to gamble. That’s death, but it’s true that Xia Erlang won the championship and he won a great fortune. The greed in his heart immediately swelled up and he didn’t want to give up.
Don’t give up and dare not be miserable. In Zhaguang, winning is much more painful than losing. If you look again, you will find that the sugar man in White Crow City is incredible. Please ask the immortal ancestors to cut the prince of the dynasty, and don’t even look at the emperor … And the sugar man seems to think highly of Yan Bo.
The opportunity of wealth is always in front of us. Don’t say that even if you win 20% to 30%, it will be enough for the rich to be deprived of the official position. I’m sorry that my ancestors fought for a wealth and less to protect Sun Cheng, but everything will be ruined … Have to be a life? I’m not worth my life now.
On the Han people’s control of people or their spiritual intelligence people have "three corpses" in their bodies, and the desire of the three corpses to control people is not simply "want this and that". They are all very clever, and their owners can always find all kinds of glamorous excuses, so their desire becomes generosity.
Yan Bo continued, "Come to me after you beat me, and hope that the teacher can make decisions to get back the bet won in the first game. If it can be done, I hope that half of the proceeds will be filial to you. The old official thinks that this is not a bad thing, but it is daring …"
It’s already done. I need to talk about it again. I’ll draw a tiger at the head of Suzhou scenic spot immediately.
Su Jing is very interested. "Please ask me to pay for it? Aren’t you afraid I’ll swallow it all after I come? "
There is no need to say more about the scene of "Zhaguang said he was willing to fight this time", and Yan Bo directly gave the other party’s original words.
The three corpses all thought it was a good deal, and Mr. You Chi-mu’s eyes were red with blood when he heard the word "asking for money", but he didn’t forget to ask Yan Bo, "How much can I give you?"
Yan Bo truthfully replied, "He didn’t ask me how much I wanted. I should say,’ Let’s see if the teacher will help you first.’ I didn’t dare to trace back to the past from the teacher. When the family was powerful, I took care of the ancients. What I did in this matter was just to speak for me and move my mouth. If it was done, it would give me a heavy gift, but multiple officials would not care about it."
Su Jing was noncommittal and simply asked, "When the first game closed, everyone who placed bets should have a contract, right?"
"Yes, Mr. Zha Guang told me that he was carrying it with him." Seeing that the teacher’s words were loose, there was a smile in his tone.
Taking a fair hand to collect debts, Su Jing decided to take this job with the words "making people uncomfortable". In his mouth, he asked again, "Is it money to seal bets?" Is there a treasure of instruments? "
"There must be, but how many and what treasures are there? I don’t know if I want to know the details. I’ll ask you to plunge into the crow … Linling City to see it."
Su’s scenic spot leader agreed that Yan Bo would step back a few steps, half turn around and let go of the spirit message to call Zhaguang to meet him.
Yan Bo came to Su Jing for three things: pleading guilty and asking for forgiveness, and being entrusted to collect accounts. After that, Su Jing asked, "Is there anything else?"
Fang painted a tiger with a respectful face, and his words became gorgeous again. He dared not say too much. After a few words of praise, he dared to get out of the business-dear!
His sister Fang Fangmao kissed Tang Guo, a sugar man, a consort of his teacher.
Yan Bo’s move is of course to tie the ancient Fang Fang and his teacher together more firmly, but it can’t be said that he has been dependent on each other since childhood, and Fang Fang, the only relative, is reluctant to sell Fang Fang’s cat and hope that she can marry Tang Guo.
Because the White Crow Sugar Man was born, it fell, and the Fang family offended the Manchu dynasty, which became more and more stormy.
Fang painted a white tiger. If the teacher is true, he still has hope for life. If the teacher is false, the Fang family will be finished and die properly. When the Tang Dynasty turns against them, where will it be dedicated to protecting them?
But no matter whether the teacher is true or not, they are all really busy and powerful vicious figures. My sister can really talk to Tang Guo about the future situation. It is better to have a strong and superior guardian around him than to follow his brother-it may be even bigger to marry Tang Guo’s real sister. Teacher’s fake sister has more chances to live.
To be a brother, you always need a younger sister to make a plan. It is not wrong to be wrong, but the best choice for Fangjia’s current situation.
Su Jing doesn’t make decisions for phase liu, and he can’t do it. The hydra turned his eyes to phase liu and asked with a smile, "What about you?"
Little phase liu’s answer is very familiar. He asked Yan Bo, "Can your sister eat?"
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two Time of Destiny
Yan Bo suddenly shook his head with sweat on his forehead. "Never make it …"
Opposite Su Jing waved to Xiao phase liu, "You don’t lack this bite, don’t always want to eat" and then turned around and smiled at Yan Bo. "Don’t worry that Tang Guo loves to eat people but won’t kill Miss Fang at random … I think it’s good."
When I heard the flowers, I was crossed. "You look good, so marry her!"
Red eyes are like fire. "How do the ancients calculate the dowry of marrying their sisters?"
Willy eyes half closed "two fairy home za don’t say short words in front of ying people"
Don’t mention concubinage in front of the daughter-in-law. It’s shocking to wake up the other two people. I wonder if that beautiful page beside Xia Lishan is really so heartless and smiling and beautiful.
The three muddy people will not let Su Jing ignore the three corpses if they seize the opportunity of booing. "Miss Fang can come to visit me in Linling City at any time when she is free. If she wants to have a picnic, she might as well call me Tang Guo. They are all hillbillies from Xueyuan, hoping to have a chance to look around and learn."
It’s not a blind date and marriage. It’s great that everyone can get along well with each other as acquaintances, but it’s great if you can’t grow up with that idea and have a friend friendship in the end. It’s great to draw a tiger’s nod and agree. At the same time, you can seriously say, "Teacher and Master Tang are so dazzling that you can see that some young ladies in my sister have a temper, but please learn from me that Fang Fang cats are like this. It’s all my fault that my brother, alas, has a thin family since childhood, so I have protected her and let her be too arrogant … But Fang Fangmao
Get along with the white crow sugar man all the way. What’s the hot sex? Bo knows about it. He must explain this to Bai Su Jingbai. He means to laugh. "Put one hundred and twenty hearts. Tang Guo will never eat Miss Fang."
It seems that the master did all the work, but it was Su Jingkou’s little girl who came to phase liu to ask for a "safe". phase liu was too lazy to talk nonsense and nodded "rest assured"
At this time, Xia Erlang, the gatekeeper, informed that a man named Zhayu had come to inquire for him outside the door.
Zhaguang didn’t go far. He stayed away from the fire city for a while and waited for news. He came immediately after receiving the hot news.

Russell’s heart moved at the bottom of the pupil and suddenly burst into a group of blue flames.

An emotion of indifference, despair and isolation that he had neve felt before flooded into his heart, which made Russell’s eye consciousness become indifferent.
In a moment, Russell’s body turned into an ordinary blue songbird in the blue flame and took off-
-What can I fly?
Russell’s heart is hard to suppress amazement.
The first time he flew with his wings, he felt an unprecedented strangeness and drew an elegant arc … almost crashed directly.
Fortunately, Russell’s learning ability is still quite excellent.
Before the crash, he managed to fly with his clumsy wings.
However, it seems that Bluebird’s flying ability can’t support his long delay …
The bird perched precariously on the sink, fell down and flew up again.
When Russell triggered psionics again, the metal cage emerged from the void around him and banned Russell.
He lost the ability to fly in an instant.
The cage with that bird clanked and dangle, then settled down.
Russell looked out through the cage.
The strange horizon gave him a sense of seeing tears from behind bars.
He also quickly understood the birdcage quality.
The psionic power of "caged bird" is a passive trap form, and it is a preparatory stage ability to trigger to become a bird … just like Russell peeked into the past memory of "Little Glass", it seems to be another manifestation of his incarnation psionic power.
If someone closes the doors and windows when the birdcage is in the same room, then the person with the last door and window will be pulled into this one-on-one relationship.
Another way to trigger is that the other party hits the birdcage out of curiosity or because of simple hand base … Then Russell can pull the other party into it. If this way is triggered, Russell can jump out of the cage himself.
In that case, Russell can take the initiative to choose whether to eliminate the two-sided antonym.
"Imprisoning or creating a psionic power that is beneficial to the home court …"
Russell pondered.
Although the conditions are quite harsh, once they take effect, they can play a very good role.
If Russell has to fight against the steel monster whose semantic body transformation degree exceeds%, he can strip off the other semantic body and form an advantage.
The stripped righteousness will change back to the "flesh" form … If you have adapted to the righteousness, there will be a lot of discomfort when you suddenly change back to the flesh.
"… or can be chased by a group of people? Create a one-on-one fight to reduce the number of employees or gain time? "
It is not clear whether the birds and cages will stay in place when entering that virtual space.
After that, a camera can be placed to record an outside video to confirm one.
"And this psionic power has wonderful by-products …"
Russell’s expression is subtle.
Without it, Russell can become a bird.
In this way, if Russell is handcuffed or imprisoned, he can fly away as a bird if there is still a gap.
No one would have thought that Russell, the cat’s soul, could become a bird.
Unlike Alice’s universal psionics, bluebird psionics are quite extreme-the kind that will be greatly reduced once the mystery of psionics is known.
Russell’s current psychic level can last about twenty minutes.
If the "blue songbird" body is not used, it will be half-time … and this trap cage can be maintained forever.
The disadvantage is that Russell will be very fragile if he becomes a bird. If this form dies, then he will really die.
….. but if it weren’t for physical changes, it shouldn’t be a big problem
Russell once became Alice in the first mask when he was in the front boat, and almost immediately suffered a lethal attack.
That hard punch broke Russell’s spine directly.
But Russell was not injured when he resisted the attack that could interrupt his spine … but was beaten back to the original form. The mask was shattered by the transformation and the avatar also entered the cooling.
It will take about a month to recover.
At this point …
"Maybe you can also use the avatar ability as a month to cool body double?"
Can also be used as a vest.
It’s best to have as few people as possible who want to know the original appearance of "Blue Song Song" …
Russell wondered what else his psionics could do.
He tentatively stretched out his right hand.
But the "no device" psionic power has no response at all.
….. So you can’t make him incarnate when you transform?
Russell reached out his hand to his face before washing his hands.
With the blue flame rekindled, Russell’s body shrank instantly.
Russell is take a white mask without facial features off his face.

2.5 meters

Obviously, the students have worked out a way to deal with Xu’s mysterious ability in the video of Deng Wei’s war against the public.
It seems that they came to Xu tui to test their thoughts.
When Wang Xuan approached the range of two meters before Xu retired, he didn’t make a move.
And the students of the academic Committee are already nervous and their fists are clenched tightly
In the recent study course, almost all teachers are saying that in actual combat, mysterious students must keep their enemies at arm’s length.
This is an Ann before the university.
Two meters away from the limit, students can kill the mystery in one explosion.
There is no suspense.
"Monitor, you also retire!"
If you are in a hurry, you just don’t yell.
Xu back did not move a face of smile and looked at slowly approaching Wang Xuan without nervous meaning.
"I’m going to do it. That’s your weakness."
Wang Xuan is very graceful, and once again slowly approaches a retreat. Wang Xuan moved at the moment when Xu retreated closer to one meter.
A stride side punch attack flashes close to Xu retreat at the same time
Xu back still didn’t move.
There is little sign of defense.
It’s like getting ready to get beat up there
Li Zhang was startled.
Does this retreat seem to be less magical than in the video?
However, Wang Xuan didn’t have so many ideas, and all his attention was devoted to the battle at the moment.
It’s almost a step punch. Wang Xuan’s body turned sharply again at the moment. It turned out to be a fake move
A whip in their ears potential to Xu back leg intention to put down Xu back.
At this moment, Xu retreated his eyes slightly.
Bang bang!
Kicking the brick and hurting the breath, the sound of cold air suddenly sounded.
Wang Xuan’s whip leg suddenly met with difficult resistance at a distance of five centimeters from Xu’s leg.

Tianyang couldn’t help frowning. Although Yun Ze had already said that this would happen in Dabi at that time, it was still a little uncomfortable to touch him now.

Every year, the number of people who awaken and sublimate in the fortress is limited, and it is hard to explore the opposite world, but the family is bigger than the sublimation in the family.
What Tianyang can’t understand most is that the fortress knows this, but he still agrees that each family can "borrow people" from the fortress military department.
This is not acquiescence to sublimation, but it’s ridiculous to kill each other.
Yun Ze seemed to know what Tianyang was thinking. "Don’t hesitate to die when you die. You will definitely not understand when you attend the big game for the first time. I’ll explain it to you later."
Tianyang saw his one eye and nodded, and the star aggregates pressed into the red moon combat knives, and the blade lit up with a blush.
The war between the two sides stopped when the rank of the fortress slowly retreated and retreated to a hundred meters away.
At this time, there was a sharp break in the air, but the defected hunter shot an arrow at the heart of Zhao’s element!
This arrow kicked off the battle.
Almost at the same time, the arrow shot out, and Zhao Hong’s butcher’s knife tilted and picked up the arrow.
Behind him, a god of war took the opportunity to rush out. The red light in the corner of his eye was elegant and fighting spirit, and he went straight to Yun Ze with a double sword.
Kun Lan shouted, "White Hair Protection Captain, that’s Ryan. I’ll do it!"
No, Kun Lan, wake up, Tianyang has flicker and cut into that soldier’s track. Red Moon combat knives pull out a bit of winding crimson knives and flash at the other man!
Chapter 226 Big equipment
There is a constant energy collision and dull roar in the channel of the base. Although the rank of the fortress has retreated hundreds of meters away, it can still feel the tingling sensation on the skin surface.
So he simply put his hand on his chest and put a layer of immortal armor on himself.
The tall man’s aura suddenly sank three points before he could rest assured to watch this rare sight.
This passage has become a battlefield. The elements of the battlefield are long guns crossing the direction of the passage, and the elements of Zhao’s family are heart-warming.
Yun Ze knew that rank 3 yuan Su Xin would kill his team alone if he was given the time and opportunity.
Fortunately, the ability of flame needs to be prepared when it wants to cause large-scale damage, and those powerful abilities need to be prepared when they need to be prepared.
The same element, Xin Yunze, naturally knew this. He threw a spear at the other side of the element and let go of the attack. At the same time, Yun Ze had spare time to take out the star-aggregates supplement liquid and fill it like water.
Those supplements are crystal bottles, which make the heart and temples of the Zhao family twitch constantly. They need crystal bottles to hold supplements, which is definitely the third type!
The third type hardly sublimates to the lower ranks because it is too expensive.
Type III supplementary liquid can replenish more than 30% of the total amount of star aggregates at one time, but the most important thing is that it can be used three times a day.
In other words, carrying three bottles of this supplement is equivalent to one more person!
Like Yun Ze, with rank 2 strength, Zhao’s element heart may not look at it.
But now people are holding type III supplementary liquid as water to drink, and they are going to fight for delay. If Yun Ze can be dragged to Zhao Hong to slaughter and another soldier is dried up, isn’t it easy to clean up his heart?
But knowing this, he can’t do anything. The passage is limited. He has no place to hide if he wants to. The element is not mobile.
Netha’s ability to abandon fire also makes the element throw a gun to offset Yun Ze’s attack.
But in this way, it is in the middle of Yun Ze’s arms
When Yun Ze dragged the sublimation of the same rank across the street, the female hunter behind her looked at the field and she shot an arrow at any flaw.
Rank 3: She has mastered the ability [must be in the middle], so there are pictures of stars and arrows turning and chasing from time to time, although she has not killed an opponent so far.
But she assisted the Zhao family, except Zhao Hong Tu, who was always driven by her arrows from time to time.
Zhao Hong Tu is not the kui is a Zhao family’s show. Every time he makes moves, he must rush to Kun Lan’s flaw.
The two men kept hitting each other and exploding clouds of dazzling Mars.
Quinlan is also a malicious person, but he was always fighting with Zhao Hong Tu, and occasionally he was stared at by Zhao Hong Tu for a flaw. He simply drove Zhao Hong Tu to give up the opportunity to hurt the enemy no matter how to use a lose-lose game.
As a result, Kun Lan, who is slightly weaker, is evenly matched with Zhao Hong Tu.
Throughout the field, the most depressing thing is the soldier stared at by Tianyang.
At first, when Tianyang intercepted it, he didn’t feel at ease. He was able to judge that this little white hair was only rank 2 at most.
At that time, Tianyang chopped at him with a stunning knife, but he was startled, but he was also unambiguous. He immediately forced Tianyang with a double sword, a sword to block and a sword to fight back.
But the retreat of Tianyang was no longer a frontal attack, but went around behind him, forcing the soldier to give up attacking Yun Ze and turn to deal with Tianyang combating Dao.
In this way, the two men struggled, and soon the soldier found that something was wrong. As far as the rank of God of War was concerned, Tianyang was too fast.
Moreover, his mobility is not generally high, and he often flashes out of his sight at the slightest warning. Even though he has rich combat experience by sensing the opponent’s aura, he always scares out a cold sweat by blocking the high-temperature combat knife every time he presses the key.
The more you beat this soldier, the more you suspect that this little white hair is really the rank of God of War.
Does the ares rank have such high mobility and speed? But if it weren’t for the rank of god of war, how could this little white hair carry a combat knife and fight melee with himself?
It was this soldier who became more and more frightened and depressed in the Vietnam War.
I thought that at least I was a sublimation of rank 3 and was forced to jump by a rank 2. Where should I put my old face after going out?
Think of this soldier biting his teeth and going to take out his closet trick to get rid of this annoying little white hair!
Finally, this opportunity has come.
Once again, when blocking Tianyang combating Dao, the rank of God of War drank a long sword and used subtle moves to make a sword flower.
The dazzling sword shadow, Sun Yat-sen’s wrist holding the knife, suddenly released his hand involuntarily with a pain.
It turned out that the man’s sword flower was a distraction to attract his attention, and he stabbed the teenager’s wrist with his other sword.
Eating pain, Yang let go of combating Dao and fell to the ground.
Zhao soldiers immediately flew up a sword and kicked the red moon combat knives, but they recovered from the fact that I didn’t know when I picked up an exaggerated pistol, and the black muzzle was pointing at my head.
"Let’s stop here."
Although Yun Ze said that if he could die, he would die, but he hated this man the day before yesterday, and today he complained that he would kill each other in this way. Tianyang was a little reluctant
The battlefield of sublimation should be contrary to the meaning in the eyes of young people who kill each other in the world.
"I surrender" Zhao soldiers sighed and simply let go of their hands and fell to the ground with two long swords.