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"I like the back door," Xue Xin said with a smile.

"Shut up"
Soi Fon gave him a white snow letter immediately.
After the distribution of the four groups, Soi Fon added, "Then let’s talk about the precautions and signal transmission methods for a warning."
Chapter sixty-one Truth
After about twenty minutes, two Sineitai captains, Soi Fon and Suzuki, told all the plans and distributed the snow letter, which also made them white.
Guard the back door with the three of them to prevent someone from escaping from the back door. That’s all you have to do
This is very simple.
It’s necessary for Sifengyuan Night One and Ota Tian Xijin to solve the problem of the old patriarch and the little patriarch. The strongest one left is just a four-seat team. If you can’t reach the level strength of the vice captain, you can’t reach the qualitative change gap.
When Xuexin’s strength is deadlocked for a while, it is possible to defeat with Soi Fon without any problem.
And it’s not difficult to have people around to support you.
After the distribution, everyone stays here and waits
They came ten minutes early because of Soi Fon, and now there are twenty minutes left from the plan.
We can’t leave until five fifty.
In this way, when we have to wait for ten minutes, Soi Fon and Suzuki will stay here and start with the Qifan team, while other Sineitai players will join Sifengyuan Yeyi and Ota Tadashi.
Sineitai will automatically arrive at their respective places as planned, and they need to go to the right places.
"Is there anything on my face?"
Snow letter looked at staring at his Soi Fon asked touching his cheek.
Soi Fon said with a snort of cold, "Don’t drag your feet later or I’ll spare you."
"Don’t worry."
Snow letter waved and said, "I will finish myself."
"I hope so"
Soi Fon twisted his head with his hands around his chest.
But at this time, Takashi Xiaomulo asked curiously, "What is Xuexin and Soi Fon?"
When death heard this, he looked at the snow letter and looked curious.
Soi Fon has been aiming at Xue Xin since just now. What exactly are they? What happened?
"Does he dare to answer?"
Soi Fon squinted at the snow letter and said with a smile
But the letter said, "I’m her brother."
Even Soi Fon was a little surprised by the slight one leng of death around him. I didn’t expect him to admit it himself.
Uemon, the little toon blade, frowned and asked, "What brother?"
"Brother, father and mother, brother and sister"
Snow letter said with a smile
Everyone is surprised, even the snow letter is no exception
Uemon, the little toon blade, asked curiously, "Is Soi Fon also a Zhibo family?"
Soi Fon shook his head and said, "It’s not my last name."
"bee? It seems that you are also a class aristocrat. You are brothers and sisters, but why is Xuexin surnamed Zhibo? "
Love Sichuan Luo Wu puzzled asked.
"Ask him."
Soi Fon said coldly that although he hated Xuexin’s violation of family rules at that time, he also knew that Xuexin had a new life and made new friends. His life was very happy and he joined the Seventh Team.
Plus, after learning that a large number of people attended this incident that night, she felt that if she said it, it would affect his life.
Now Soi Fon still hates him and will not give him a good look.
But he won’t do anything that will ruin his life again.
So Soi Fon didn’t intend to tell the truth and didn’t think the snow letter would come out.
"Well, I’m the fourth in the bee house. My name is Bee Shilang. According to the rules of the bee house, I need to go to the secret mobile army to join the criminal army to protect Night Adult, but one of my four brothers is dead. Maybe it’s my turn. I chose to refuse and was expelled from the house."
Snow letter shrugged his shoulders. "I’m leaving Lingting. I was introduced to Shibo’s family by an adult at night. It’s almost sixteen years since I was adopted."
After hearing what he said, everyone was in shock.
Soi Fon was also surprised. I didn’t expect him to say it and frankly admitted that he left because of fear.
"It turned out to be like this."
Aichuan Luowu smiled and said, "But if you go to the secret mobile unit, maybe we will lose a genius in the Seventh Team."
"That’s right"
Uemon, the little toon blade, also said, "I’m going to let you take my position as deputy captain. If you can’t, I’ll have to do it for two more years."
Seeing that no one around showed anger, Soi Fon was puzzled and asked, "But he is afraid of running away. Don’t you think it’s shameful?"
Aichuan Luowu said softly, "It’s shameful if you choose to do it but get away from it because of fear, but what’s the shame if he doesn’t choose to do it at all?"
"That’s right"
Uemon, a small toon blade, said, "It is the same for everyone to choose a life opportunity, and it is not a good thing to join the secret mobile forces to die."
Soi Fon didn’t like Uemon’s last sentence, but he didn’t refute anything. Instead, he looked at them unexpectedly and asked, "So you’re not afraid that he will run away in the middle school?"
"Ha ha ha"
Hearing her words, everyone burst out laughing.
"What are you laughing at?"
Soi Fon asked some angry.
Xiaomulong said, "Xuexin once had a relationship with a female death in his team. They were drunk and hugged and lying on the street together. They were found by the patrol of Shifan Team and sent to Shisanfan Team. Shiba Kaien wanted to punish them. Xuexin was beaten for 30 times and suffered punishment for the other party. He was beaten alive and passed out without saying a word. How can a responsible man run away from the game?"
"is there such a thing?"
Soi Fon was a little surprised when he heard it for the first time, but he still said, "But this is different. This is not the same."

He wouldn’t be too worried if he came behind the scenes.

But Lai is a minion … He understands too well how cruel those flatterers can be.
What if Xiaoli doesn’t say what they want?
Maybe the other person will …
No, he has to hurry back.
Rushed into the car and quickly took out the terminal and dialed several company researchers to communicate, but no one answered.
Obviously, Zhou Cheng was right, and everyone was under control.
The enemy is too strong to be serious now, but it has made him helpless.
The only thing he can expect is that the other party will not take him too seriously, just as no one will deliberately trample an ant to death.
He can dial his wife’s communication.
The other side will be connected soon …
"Xiaoli home into the thief? !”
Li Jijun started the vehicle, stepped on the gas pedal and the car flew home.
"That’s right … it’s broken. I’m afraid these thieves are prepared and should be your business enemies?"
Liu Xiaoli there voice with a little panic and shock.
"Don’t resist!"
Li Jijun Avenue "Let them take everything they want and don’t know where it is. You tell them … money, information and title deeds. Give them whatever they want. Don’t resist. Money is a foreign object. Ensuring your own safety is the first element …"
He dare not say too much.
Because the more you know, the easier it is to be killed.
Including him … He knows so much that I’m afraid he can’t escape the liquidation afterwards.
But Xiaoli and Xiaoyuan don’t know anything. It should not be an accident to cooperate.
Liu Xiaoli "is no longer"
"What ………. what? !”
"Because they were all knocked over by your daughter."
Liu Xiaoli said.
"What? !”
Li Jijun’s car was so shocked that it almost couldn’t step on the brakes and even people and cars turned into the ditch
Chapter 79 I was careless and didn’t flash
"Is it shocking?"
Liu Xiaoli looked a little callous and looked at the house with a stool and legs posing as a strange sword.
And in her feet lay several painful struggling figures just like the background wall.
But even with so many people testifying, she is still afraid to accept the reality at the moment …
Although she was alarmed by the enemy’s attack, she was not surprised.
Shopping malls, such as battlefields, are unruly, but there are not many people.
Over the years, with the rise of the Li family, I don’t know how many people have moved cakes, and many of them have been attacked by vicious people.
At the first stop, she skillfully pulled out a silver automatic pistol that Li Jijun gave her for her tenth birthday last year.
Holding a gun all the way, while the enemy didn’t understand the terrain of the manor, he quietly touched his daughter’s bedroom and planned to escape with her. Along the way, he heard a lot of squeal screams, all of which were paid bodyguards by the manor.
Obviously, the enemy has no good intentions.
But who knows that the daughter has just joined up and hasn’t come out yet, and she was directly blocked by several people in black masks.
There is no escape from the dead end. Liu Xiaoli is already ready to fight with them with a gun.
As a result, I didn’t expect my daughter to kick over the makeup stool, tear down a stool leg and rush …
This way, that way, that way …
Dancing on the stool and legs gives birth to wind.
The attacker is not without experts.
It’s a pity that in the face of fancy tactics and never seen a way of fighting before, all the unprepared departments were knocked down, that is, Li Yuan’s hands were not leaning on the heavenly sword, but stool legs, otherwise I’m afraid none of these people could stay alive.
In the game, even Li Yuan was shocked by his biting.
It was Cheng who forced Liu Xiaoli to break down.
Li Yuancheng’s rustling made her almost wonder if this was her usual stupid, greedy and lazy daughter?
She callous to communication said, "why don’t you believe it? I don’t believe I asked her. She said she was learning Wushu in the game … It’s just that I didn’t see much change when I played mahjong every day. "
"Stop it and run away. Don’t worry about everything at home. Let them toss you down. Even the outpost is not the enemy. It’s much more terrible than you think."
Li Jijun managed to hold the vehicle steady and shouted.
Then suddenly put on the brakes.
He looked gloomy …
At the corner, several off-road vehicles blocked the road ahead, and dozens of figures were lurking on both sides.
Tight encirclement knew they would never let him go.

An elder in the house handed the roster to Ling Renjie, who looked at it carefully. The former said, "Only 43 people met the requirements after our consultation."

Ling Renjie said while watching, "There are nearly 150 Tsukiji deacons in the clan, and less than 50 of them meet the requirements."
Smell speech the man in front of him explained, "Although many monks in the family in the foundation period are strong in recent decades, they have broken through one after another. Their breakthrough is too short, and now the foundation is still wandering in the early stage."
And the qualified Tsukiji deacons broke through the list in the past few years, and the young people broke through in recent years and were selected because they met those special conditions. "
Lingrenjie explained that the list will be read and the list will be closed. "I’ll go and present the list to the three elders first.
Let’s take a rest first. Once the Three Elders agree to it, we should organize people to inform the list of Tsukiji deacons, and at the same time make some adjustments to the Tsukiji deacons’ guarding of various places. "
Ling Renjie left and soon met Ling Youdao, and presented the sorted list for Ling Youdao to have a look.
This is where Ling Renjie Cong consults, so that even if something goes wrong, Ling Youdao can’t blame him. After all, Ling Youdao himself has seen it and found no problem.
"Well, you know more about the deacons of Tsukiji than I do. Now that you have confirmed the list and feel that there is no problem, you should immediately call for the list."
Shortly after Ling Renjie’s departure, a series of command orders were sent from the Ling family in Baiyun Mountain to the northern section of the Wan Archipelago chain in Feiling sea area next to the meteorite sea area, especially the Qingdan sea area in the northern section.
Then the list of Tsukiji deacons received the call-up orders one after another. Although they doubted the family call-up orders in their hearts, they dared not disobey the family call-up orders. They were urgently called to be in charge of specific matters. After giving instructions on some important matters, they immediately set off for the meteorite sea family.
In less than half a year, the list people rushed back to the family.
Originally, it took several months to get from Jinjiaofang City to Qingdan Sea, even if it was a real-life flight, but with the end of Terran War, Zhenxuanzong and other forces returned to Wandao Chain through the northern section of Wandao Chain, led by Zhenxuanzong, and several big forces supported the northern section of Wandao Chain to build a straight-chain Jinjiaofang City to send troops closer to Qingdan Sea.
It is precisely because of this send-off that the time from Qingdan sea area to Jinjiaofang city is greatly shortened. Otherwise, the deacon in Qingdan sea area will never return to the meteorite sea area family in less than half a year. After all, it will take several months to send the order from the meteorite sea area to Qingdan sea area, let alone return again.
After returning to the meteorite sea family, the list was summoned by another person.
Forty-three Tsukiji deacons hurried back to the main hall.
Ling Youdao sat down first and scanned the 43 people and said, "You must be wondering now that the family suddenly transferred you back."
As soon as he said this, he went to the hearts of the deacons, and his spirit became different
Ling Youdao didn’t hide the direct way: "The ruins of Zhenhai Palace are about to open. I called you back this time to choose the right person from among you to represent the family in the ruins of Zhenhai Palace."
What is the place where the ruins of Zhenhai Palace were bombed by the deacons? That’s what several monks in Beihai dream of seeking happiness. The number of genius treasures in it is expected to make the monks in the construction period achieve the elixir, and the real people will achieve the Yuanying.
"You’re not so surprised. It will happen in a few years."
"In addition, you will have a competition later. The strongest person will get the family’s key training and hopefully get the representative family to enter the ruins of Zhenhai Palace."
"In addition, there are three places randomly designated by the elders. Your performance in the competition is also very important, and those who have the skill of cultivating immortals are preferred."
Smell speech, some people are happy, some people are worried, and they are all led away.
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Selection into Zhenhai Palace Three deities compromise!
Forty-three Tsukiji deacons immediately put themselves into active preparations after returning to their homes after the meeting of the Assembly Hall.
They are different in strength, some are monks in the late period of the foundation and some are monks in the early period of the foundation, even the monks in the early period of the foundation chose the reference fight.
Although the contest is for the five places, it is also a rare opportunity to learn from each other and make a good impression on the elders. No one chooses to give up the contest regardless of the strength.
Let all the deacons in the competition reach the goal of learning from each other, and do not make two people with strong strength meet in the early stage of the competition, which will lead to the elimination of those with strong strength. Ling Renjie made a fairer competition plan and presented it to Ling Youdao for decision.
The rules he made are also very simple. First, select seven of the 43 people in the reference bucket to be the strongest, skip the front airport directly, and each bucket will occupy a ring and enter the fourth round directly.
Seven people were selected because seven of the forty-three were monks in the late period of the foundation.
In this way, there are 36 people left. After the first round of fighting, 10 people enter the second round of fighting. After the second round of fighting, 9 people enter the third round of fighting. At this point, the monks in the early stage of building the foundation have been eliminated by the Ministry, and the rest are all monks in the middle stage of building the foundation.
In the third round, one out of nine people entered the first round, that is, the fifth round.
In the fourth round, it is not that five people compete with each other, but that five people challenge the ring. If one of the seven people is defeated, there are six others who challenge the ring.
No matter whether others challenge or challenge others themselves, everyone will have three chances to compete, and finally seven people will win.
Then seven people will compete in the fifth round to rank the strength of the seven people. The five people with the strongest strength can get everyone’s key training and have the opportunity to represent Cang Li Ling’s family into the ruins of Zhenhai Palace.
Ling Youdao carefully watched it again and was very satisfied with the plan.
"If you feel good, just follow your plan."
Ling Renjie was very fast, and in a few days, he prepared the supporting facilities such as the pit and sent a notice of the pit race schedule.

Accompanied by continuous annoyance,

They sat up from the warehouse, and their dissatisfaction was a look of regret.
Only Shi Qingxuan cried with a face of surprise, "I saw the head sister. The young head sister is so beautiful … I must tell the head sister that Zhang Ji is a playboy who provokes girls one after another. Don’t like him."
And Su Wei’s ear rang several times in succession.
[Are you redeemable for the four points of truth that you plundered Liu Lei assets in 5 yuan? 】
[You plundered the assets of Zizania latifolia, and 12 yuan can be exchanged for 12 points of authenticity. Do you want to exchange them? 】
[You plundered the assets of Zhongqing in the snow. Is it true that 7 yuan can be exchanged at 7 points? 】
Obviously, there are still many people who have gained something
After listening to their detailed description, Su Wei was only white.
It turns out that there are too many of them, and they split into two ways from the beginning.
Such as Snow Chihiro Shi Qingxuan, they are trying to mix with the six major factions and disrupt them from the Ministry.
While Liu Lei, they pretend to be the audience of Tianying Sect, who has not yet arrived, and they are daring to teach the altar …
At that time, the elite of Eagle Sect had not yet arrived in Yin Tianzheng, and they were all on their way.
At this time of crisis, they actually got away with it.
And then …
He died directly in the teaching.
And Liu Lei killed the five scattered people in the chaos and got a set of judges’ pen acupuncture method with a cold modesty, which is quite exquisite.
However, Zizania latifolia’s Jiu Yin Zhen Jing was valued for extinction.
Invite her to join Emei …
In the past few days, she has been specially given a set of four-elephant palm method, which is estimated to be that she is somewhat similar to her ancestors.
Including Shi Qingxuan.
Only Snow Chihiro …
If you look at her eyes, maybe she is the one who gains the most from all the people present.
Chapter 191 Vertical inadequacy
"To sum up, I agree with the ancient martial artists that we have paid far less attention to the OL of Limiting, even less than those in research institutes and clubs, which need to be improved as soon as possible."
Guwu association general station
Annual general meeting
The president of the Chen Zhou Association is naturally eligible to participate.
And his speech is directed at the recent explosion of "Limit" OL in the network in reality.
His righteous words said, "I have received reliable news that there are fewer than 300 different artists who have logged into this Gu Wu game and want to learn the techniques in the Limited OL, and the people in the colonization club have also taken action. Obviously, they have all discovered the magic of the Limited OL, but compared with our Guwu Association, they are the people who pay the least attention to the Limited OL."
And he glanced at the old man sitting opposite him.
Jerry Lee
He is one of his old enemies in Guwu Association.
Two people can also be regarded as fighting for a generation. They still have different ideas, but in the end, they have completely turned into two people fighting for each other’s feelings. You say one, I have to say two, you say two, I have to say one.
It can be said that with the growth of age, personality is becoming more and more sexual.
In Shaolin dating a few months ago.
Chen Zhou has been very keenly aware that Su Wei wants to expand the "Limited" OL mind and applied to the Guwu Association in due course
It means that the association can send some young people worthy of training to enter the game to take the lead …
But it’s a pity that it was pushed back by Jerry Lee’s saying that martial arts are out of Shaolin.
What do you mean by the sentence "the first martial art is the second martial art" since ancient times … Isn’t this putting their ancient martial arts association at risk?
Therefore, at that time, Jerry Lee only asked Chen Zhou to apply for abolition after this sentence
But after all, he is an old man, and the association has not completely refuted his face, but allowed him to choose several members with outstanding qualifications to join the Limited OL for trial.
But it’s just to give Chen Zhou face. That small number is almost negligible
And now it seems …
This decision is stupid.
Even people from the institute of different arts and the colonization club have tried to get in touch with "Limit" OL. Obviously, their martial arts and martial arts do have their own unique magic.
It happened that Guwu Association held the so-called reserved pride.
It can be said that the decline of Gu Wu is not without reason.
Chen Zhou heart nai sighed.
He said, "Most of the associations I proposed to send are worth training young people to send them into games and give them funds for activities. We are ancient fighters. Compared with different artists and breeders, we can directly benefit from those martial arts skills and techniques to strengthen ourselves. There is no doubt that this is the biggest opportunity for our ancient martial arts association!"
"Well, you are quite right."
Yun Liancheng, the president of the general meeting, never seemed to deny Chen Zhou’s opinion before, but he nodded repeatedly in Jerry Lee.
Everyone is a face of approval.

And the position of the Virgin of Lishan is also very delicate at this time. Although she is a hermit, she just gave birth to a Chinese emperor. In those days, Ziwei had planned to usurp the throne with Zhenwu, and there was always a gap between them. Therefore, if the Lady of Lishan said that the wheel king said it was a fake jade emperor, she would definitely recognize Ziwei and Zhenwu Qi Tianling’s middleman had colluded long ago, which made the jade emperor think more than evidence.

The Jade Emperor didn’t ask anything from the Lady of Lishan, but asked Houtu, "Empress Houtu, explain this?"
Been to see the jade emperor sullenly sneer at a "if you believe in the wheel king, you don’t have to ask me. If you believe in me, you don’t have to ask me."
The Jade Emperor said, "It’s a big deal. I didn’t neglect it at all. Does Empress Houtu mean that the wheel king has made irresponsible remarks?" Been simply turned away from seeing the Jade Emperor.
The Jade Emperor looked at the Wheel King again and asked, "Are you the only one left in Yamaraja in the Tenth Hall?"
Wheel king "exactly!"
The Jade Emperor added, "How can you escape from life if you are an empress?"
Wheel king "at that time, she …" He stole a look and ignored him. "She killed me from the first temple, and when I saw the situation was critical, I escaped from behind and was chased by her halfway, which coincided with the Buddhist paradise returning to the true Buddha, and all the Buddhas passed through nine deep caves before saving my life."
The Jade Emperor asked, "Where did the Guizhen Buddha and others go?"
The wheel king "returned to the true Buddha and rescued me, saying,’ If Houtu dares to kill you, I will expose her evil deeds in heaven!’" "
The jade emperor nodded heavily to the wheel king. "You go to the back of the house first and I’ll send someone to heal you." The wheel king got up and went to the back of the house. Naturally, the jade emperor’s confidant came out to meet him.
The Jade Emperor realized with his finger, "Qi Tianling’s evil monster will sooner or later flatten your nest!"
Seeing that the jade emperor was screaming at the top of his lungs, he blushed, smiled and said nothing. He took Hou Tu and said, "Let’s go, sister." Hou Tu took a white look at the jade emperor and left a sentence, "What a fool!"
The two of them went out of the Lingxiao Hall, and the Virgin of Lishan followed them out. The Virgin of Lishan laughed and said, "Don’t blame an old woman for running away."
Been bitterly said, "This wheel king is really hateful and dares to make irresponsible remarks in front of me."
Enlightenment: "Sister, he can’t hide this from the Jade Emperor."
"Oh?" Houtu said, "Seeing that the Jade Emperor has believed!"
Wu shook his head and said, "Although the jade emperor made a cruel remark, he told the wheel king that he could do this position. How can he be so coaxed?"
Our Lady of Lishan also said, "It’s not bad to realize what you said. It’s a strategy to stabilize the army."
Enlightenment: "At this time, it is necessary to find Sanqing to discuss a countermeasure to prevent everything!"
Our Lady of Lishan said, "That’s right. Go ahead."
Wu and the Lady of Lishan in Houtu and the Emperor Ziwei took leave and went to Qingwei for a day trip.
I’ve realized the future for a long time, but I see the heaven today, but I feel that it’s colder than before, and there are not many fairy officials. It’s true that the jade emperor has ignored the court affairs for a long time, and most of the immortals have been idle and gone to their own leisure.
I was about to fly out for thirty-six days when someone called behind me, "Sun Dasheng, the empress who has been treated, walk slowly."
Looking back, Wu realized that it was two generals, Tortoise and Snake, who chased Wu in the Zixiao Palace in the North Tianmen. He stopped to wait for the tortoise to come to Wu and said, "It saved a lot of effort to find the Great Sage and not want to meet him here."
Enlightenment surprised way "Zhenwu emperor back to the palace? You want to see me again? "
The turtle general said, "It was the emperor who sent me to find the Great Sage."
Knowing that Zhenwu and Fenghuang are old enemies for thousands of years, Wu asked earnestly, "Did the Great Emperor win this battle?"
Turtle will say with a smile, "No one said that he had found an old friend and asked me to invite the Great Sage to talk with him at Zixiao Palace."
Old friends? Wu wanted to think about it. Did Zulong and Fenghuang bury the hatchet instead of fighting? This is really a great event.
Wu Ji said, "Go, go!"
The four of them rushed to Zixiao Palace and rushed in. It was Zhenwu Phoenix who sat in the hall!
The fourth volume The cat was the best Chapter DiYiEr cheating
Zhenwu sees enlightenment and Houdi comes in with a beaming face to greet enlightenment, but instead of putting his mind on him, he hits the phoenix sitting still.
Phoenix phase liu Zhenwu Kirin has been entangled with these four people for tens of thousands of years. This dispute seems to have no reason, but it has forced Zhenwu and Kirin into desperation. I have always wondered what Phoenix wants. I was a little excited to think that I might reveal this secret today.
The four men took a seat at Zhenwu and said, "Are you saying this or am I saying it?"
Wu Da was surprised that Zhenwu actually called Phoenix a senior? This is from the beginning?
How can they be distinguished from each other when they are peers? Seeing the phoenix nod slightly to Wu, he said, "Wu has long been famous, but it is better to see it."
Enlightenment "You are welcome"
Phoenix said, "My son, Dapeng, thanks to you for not going astray."
Enlightenment: "Dapeng is my brother. If the brothers are close to each other, should they be polite?"
Phoenix sighed, "When I was born in the second year, I realized that peacocks are talented and there must be great achievements, but it was just the opposite."
Wondering that Dapeng is not a great achievement, Phoenix said so, so she asked, "What are the predecessors’ words?"
Phoenix said, "You all know that I am a NINEONE bird, right?"
Wu nodded his head. Everyone knows that Phoenix went on, "But I don’t know that I’m a bird for a while, and I’m a bird for a long time."
Huh? Wu was frightened to disgrace, but it never occurred to him that it was no wonder Zhenwu called Phoenix his predecessor. So … Where has the bird grown for a while?
Phoenix Road: "Five kinds of Wang Ruzu Long, Kirin, phase liu and Phoenix have one for each meeting. I will be the second phoenix when I come to this meeting."
Wu asked, "You, too, spent some time in the furnace of nature, didn’t you?"
Phoenix shook his head and said, "You guessed wrong this time."
Wu Da did not lift the furnace of nature. What else can survive the meeting?
Phoenix’s face always looks sad and noble as jade, and it seems that it hides the confusion and hesitation from ancient times. He went on to say, "I can cross Yuan Er because I have perfected the magical power of Phoenix’s talent to the extreme when Yuan will die soon, and this is the only way to come back from the dead in chaos."
Suddenly, he had a flash of light and cried, "Is your talented avatar nirvana?"
This time, it was Phoenix’s turn to be surprised and ask, "How do you know Nirvana?"
He learned from later generations that although he had heard the word nirvana, he didn’t know much about nirvana and resurrection from the dead.
"I forgot where I read it," he asked instead, "What is the mystery of Nirvana avatar that can resist chaos?"
Phoenix said, "Nirvana … If the fire goes out like the wind and the roots are scattered, it will be a chaotic force."
Enlightenment can’t help but shock. If it’s true as Phoenix said, then Phoenix is the first person who passed Yuan ‘er without relying on foreign objects. Even if Tathagata has to rely on the furnace of nature to get through this matter, I’m afraid that the second person will of course be excluded.

Behind him, the magic fog diffuses, and the figure of the magic machine dissipates. The fog is like a tornado, and the absorption force is being blown down in the center by this sword.

Dark clouds and thousands of golden thunder bursts accompanied by roaring …
Powerful and firm, like an object.
Snow Chihiro was not surprised at all. The right hand pinched out the golden light of the sword finger and condensed it. It spread from the front and quickly concentrated a sword blade.
Bring up the streamer
Ancient fighters didn’t have a long-range attack method, but now Snow Chihiro takes off his sword like a cruise missile. This peerless magic challenges the other side.
And the sword is more dexterous and changeable without arm restraint, and its power is ten times stronger?
Many reincarnation people who are not at the scene can’t help but exclaim when they see this extreme move.
"Sword art? !”
Isn’t it?
Snow Chihiro took off his sword at the moment, just like Jiang Qing had made the swordsmanship have the same effect.
It was only when they looked closely that they realized that this was not swordsmanship, but that she was manipulated by qi.
But the true qi has a qualitative difference. Jiang Qingjian’s spirit is not inferior.
It was Jiang Qing who fought several times, and Snow Chihiro actually got a glimpse of the mystery of his fencing. At this moment … all the reincarnation people thought of Li Xiaoyao.
This small trick is that you can learn it at a glance.
Now it seems that Snow Chihiro is no worse than him.
"Chihiro is amazing."
Shi Qingxuan is dazzled and obsessed.
Looking at Snow Chihiro waving, it is obvious that the more delay, the more unfavorable it is to Snow Chihiro. She is going to set the outcome in the shortest time.
The heroic sword contains a sword and rushes into the dense fog, forcing the magic machine out
This magic machine also dare not be careless again.
Dominate the cloud around me, and suddenly it rains heavily, but every rain bead is like the most terrible attack of the magic machine.
"Come to the magic machine to pick me up and return to Wan Jian!"
Snow Chihiro showed no weakness.
The true qi of the body urges to the extreme, hundreds of meters away, the heroic sword symphonies and reflects, while the magnificent firm but gentle spreads and sweeps from the beginning to the end, and the sword runs counter-current.
Quite anti-guest-oriented.
Bang bang bang ~ ~ ~ ~
Stir-fried beans as dense as firecrackers are two people, but they are more turbulent and vast than the confrontation between thousands of troops
At this moment, the whole day became a battlefield.
Everyone exclaimed.
The spectator retreats and then returns.
The secret capital has retreated, but the range of shock wave approaching is getting wider and wider. If you don’t avoid it, you will be ground into pieces.
Shi Yan hurried to "enlighten the gospel"
The capital has its own gospel blessing, which should have been started in the war of national subjugation, but now it is facing a secret confrontation between these two people
A protective shield rises to cover the whole imperial city, and two people are covered in it.
The shock wave reverberates and bounces back and forth, sending out dense ripples on the gospel shield, like rain splashing down the lake.
In the fierce confrontation, Snow Chihiro took a sword and returned his hand.
She went straight to the magic machine with the heroic sword in her hand mixed with the firm but gentle edge.
"Come on"
Magic machine at the moment also can’t help some hard.
Stretching out his hand and clenching his fist, the dense fog filled him with sudden heaviness and stopped falling ten times towards Fang Snow Chihiro.
In an instant, blood splashes
Snow Chihiro’s body has been covered with dozens of blood stains … but she is sad and inexplicable to protect herself.
It turned out that the injury did not collapse, but the heroic sword extended the sword net criss-crossing and approached the magic machine.
The magic machine raised its hand to resist
However, this mighty blow turned out to be a false move, and there was much more room for development in Snow Chihiro.
One-style virtual trick immediately took advantage of it.
A moment …
Hero sword has been light on the magic machine neck.
"What? !”
Magic tiancheng was shocked and suddenly got up. I couldn’t believe that my father would be defeated.
And Fang Yi’s teachers’ faces are all ugly, and many fighters have also issued a howl of excitement.
Yunliancheng is so excited that his neck is thick.
I can’t believe that budo is so strong, that Snow Chihiro is so strong, and that human beings can be so strong!
Magic machine face is ugly than.

Jia Yelian drove all the way to the vicinity of Niu Shan Town. He recalled the video route from Niu Shan Town to the north and saw a lush forest like a wall in front.

Bypassing the front of the forest, someone suddenly stopped the way. "What do you live for?"
Before Jia Yelian lowered the window, the man complained, "It was you. Why did you come here? Go in! "
Jia Yelian drove around a special green wall to keep out the tunnel entrance.
He turned on the lights and drove into the tunnel entrance supported by green plants.
Half an hour later, the car drove back from the tunnel. Jia Yelian stopped the car and took a seat on the side of the road. He took a few deep breaths and dialed the assistant’s words.
"Assistant five maple stadium there let them remove the seal …"
"I’ll do it."
"All his actions against Energy Manor were cancelled …"
"Inform Cai to let them help me prepare a sum of money …"
"… is …"
"There will be an assistant …"
"Mr. Jia?"
"This matter can’t be known!"
"I know"
Jia Yelian wanted to hang up and the assistant quickly stopped him. "How much does Jia Zongcai have to prepare?"
Jia Yelian froze. He took out the Xuan Cai page and turned it over. He looked at the words "My manor is the main money" for a long time and could not speak.
Yeah, how much is it?
What about after the money is paid?
President Jia of Niu Shan Town Middle School looked at the torn seal and grabbed his head in wonder. "Is it ok to unseal this stadium?"
"Yes, the stadium has been unsealed, and all the procedures have been completed," the worker said.
"What about the school?"
"The school … we also unsealed it, but this room is really going to reach the dangerous house standard. It’s really too dangerous because of the heavy rain recently. You’d better not," said the worker.
"Ok, thank you, thank you!" President Jia looked grateful. "Would you like to come in for tea?"
"No, it’s going to rain again. Let’s hurry back," said the worker.
"Strange what’s going on?" Zhang Er, director of Jia, was puzzled. "Today is full of strange things. First, the water outside disappeared inexplicably, and then the school was closed for a while, and then it was unsealed …"
"It must be because they are afraid of me!" Mayor Jia proudly said, "They are still smart, or I will shoot them!"
Director Jia rolled his eyes. I’ll say nothing if you are old-hearted.
"It’s going to rain again. I’ll take a tour outside."
Hu Xiaohu looked at Zhuang not far from the gate of Wufeng Gymnasium with a face of worship. "Brother Zhuang, what magic have you become? What, suddenly the gym will do? "
"Because I read a hundred-test lark spell!"
"What spell? And this thing? Teach me to teach me! " Hu Xiaohu’s eyes shine.
"My manor focuses on money!"
Hu Xiaohu’s eyes are dizzy. "Brother Zhuang, don’t joke."
"No jokes" is really clever. I have a hunch that I will make a fortune again recently! Zhuang is not far from laughing. "Oh, yes, I’ll tell uncle mayor that my dad is going to donate the teaching building again! He must be very heart … "
"Don’t!" Who thought that Hu Xiaohu grabbed Zhuang not far away? "Now the school has become a dangerous building. We don’t have classes, but the gym can play ball! If Brother Zhuang helps us build the teaching building, we’ll have to go back to class … "
Not far from Zhuang, the dizzy slapped Hu Xiaohu on the shoulder. "What do you think about this bear child all day!"
He came to pat Hu Xiaohu on the forehead, but the bear child was too tall to reach.
Hu Xiaohu grinned. "Otherwise, I will tell others that Brother Zhuang’s true identity prevents you from pretending to be a wan ku!"
"Do you care about me?" Not far from Zhuang means who do you take me for?
"I’ve seen through you. You like this kind of pretending feeling best!" Hu Xiaohu pointed to the core.
"Lost to you" is not far from Zhuang. What’s this called? Is karma bad?
He just finished blackmailing Jia Yelian. Why did he turn around and be blackmailed by this bear child?
"By the way, we have to play a friendly match with Sister Lin Han!"
"You are so familiar with yourself anyway …"
"We have to take a dog-drawn carriage!"
"Hey, don’t push your luck!"
"Then I’m going to shout! The mayor grandpa … "
Not far from Zhuang turned supercilious look "lost to you go go …"
Several bear children cheered, threw a basketball and ran out. The maple carriage, the high crab and the big ladle reprimanded and drank a group of people screaming and disappearing around the corner.
A bunch of fools
"Bear children are really sad …" Zhuang not far away. "But … it’s good to be young!"
Compared with these bear children, I always feel old.

"Cover the sea whip!" Wu hit home

Xuan Nv said, "Qi Fu Hai Jiao has been getting along for a long time but never touched it. Among the seven apes, except you, who ate a lot of flat peaches, he is the strongest creature. At this moment, if you give him a whip, you will not despise it."
Enlightenment is full of joy, and it is necessary to be hidden from the world. I didn’t expect that most of the magic weapons were in my own hands, which was beyond my expectation.
Xuan Nv then said, "The magic weapon of fire is two fans."
Enlightenment: "I know it must be Laojun’s banana fan or a banana fan with a handle that can fan out fire."
Xuan Nv said, "A banana fan with a main fire and a main wind is more powerful than ten times!"
I didn’t think that two handles of fans could do this. One of them is a fate, baby. If you want to be one … My darling is really a weapon to kill and set fire to!
Wu asked, "Did Sanqing get all these magic weapons?"
Xuan Nv said, "What’s so strange about it when he learned that Pangu had turned many magic weapons into an axe before I waited?"
Wu Dao said, "It is wrong to say that the banana fan is melted by the leaves of the Yin essence."
Xuan Nv said, "Naturally, it’s not right. That’s because the old gentleman deliberately concealed it and was coveted."
Enlightenment: "When telling this lie, it’s lucky that Yuan Da Tian Zun got it. If it comes, it’s very troublesome."
Xuan Nv said, "Although the seven magic weapons are also distributed in Yin and Yang and five elements in a short time, this yuan is very different. If the Tathagata is not a pulse of nature, it is difficult for him to see the mystery in his hand."
Enlightenment: "Where is another magic weapon?"
Xuan Nv said, "This magic weapon is called the earth spirit bead."
Wu heard Xuan Nv say the name of the earth magic weapon and said, "What’s the difference between this magic weapon and where?" Xuan Nv said, "I know it’s deep underground, but after searching for it several times, I think it’s someone else’s hand."
Enlightenment "oh? Is there anything that Xuan Nv can’t find? "
Xuan Nv said, "If I am hidden in the world, I naturally can’t find earth magic, which is not my specialty."
Wu stared at the lifelike pangu axe and knew that it was not a whim for Xuan Nv to talk to himself about these magic weapons. He thought about it and asked, "What can you see if the secret of the occult method is practiced?"
Xuan Nv said, "I can see that this ancient axe is divided into eleven magic weapons."
Wu suddenly realized that the more you practice the secret of the occult method, the more mysterious the heavens and the earth you see. It seems that you really have to step up your practice.
However, one of the great things that my eyes have to do is to re-refine the secret stick. After hearing Xuan Nv say that the ancient axe cannot be recast, I think highly of my secret stick.
Burn the lamp and ask yourself to find the five elements of the great god, the earth-based wood, to ignite the water, and finally to assist in the creation of blood and gold essence, so that the real secret can be achieved.
Enlightenment "There is another boundary in Xuan Nv that I want to see."
Xuan Nv said, "Where is it?"
Realizing that "the northwest is not surrounded by mountains"
Xuan Nv nodded, "You go ahead."
The two of them fell down and realized that they were performing a somersault cloud, folding out a dozen somersaults behind Wan Li and Xuan Nv, and rushing to catch the enlightenment, "Is this somersault cloud burning a lamp?"
Wu nodded and said, "What?"
Xuan Nv said, "Do you know how far you just turned a somersault?"
Wu shook his head and said, "I haven’t counted a somersault for thousands of miles."
Xuan Nv said, "It’s strange that even if I teleport, there are hundreds of thousands of miles. How can you go out to Wan Li?"
I don’t understand that I have made progress in the mixed-yuan holy somersault cloud kung fu. What’s strange about this? Xuan Nv added, "You don’t know that this world is as far away as a blink, and even Sanqing, burning lamps, Kunpeng and I can’t escape this rule. How did you do it?"
Huh? I don’t know if there is such a saying, "I don’t feel different as usual."
Xuan Nv thought for a long time and finally shook his head and said, "It’s really strange. Maybe that’s the genius of apes?"
The two men hurried to the northwest again, and in a short time they arrived at Jin Tianyin’s land. If they expected it, a suspense was about to be solved.
At the end of the week, he realized that he had risen to the towering jade pillar, and he realized that there was also a law here that was very different from Qingqiushan, but he didn’t understand this law, even though he was a saint.
Xuan Nv said, "I knew that the complex was in the mixed yuan, but Jin Xian could see it but couldn’t touch it. Therefore, it is impossible to crack it. Alas, the Tathagata is wily, but it is a way to destroy the array base if it is next to the cloth."
Enlightenment "if it can’t be broken, it doesn’t matter that he will have a law sooner or later." Enlightenment thought to himself, if you collect five kinds of king’s blood someday, you still have to worry about not breaking it.
Although the Gangfeng here is fierce, it has a great influence on the two of them. Knowing that this place is the threshold of mixed yuan Jin Xian, he flew along the nine branches again and again and saw that these nine branches were scattered in all directions like branches
I don’t know how high it flew this time, but finally I have to see this one branch out again.
The fourth volume The cat was the best Chapter 42 Moving the pagoda
I realized in my heart that I went back and forth again and again. I don’t know if there is a branch. Is it really a giant jade column? If there is no such thing as a giant jade column, will things really fall?
Wu climbed further and found that Gangfeng seemed to blow away the soul. He dared not move again. Xuan Nv strolled over and said, "Wu, what are you doing here?"
Wu Dao said, "When Gonggong’s head couldn’t touch Zhoushan, I wanted to see the trace."
Xuan Nv said, "There are eleven here. How can you find them like this? Come with me."
Xuan Nv is familiar with this world, but she flew obliquely to the northeast with a realization, and then she saw a fork broken.
He looked at Xuan Nv with a grain of salt. "Is this the root that Gong Gong broke?"
Xuan Nv nodded and said, "Exactly!"
When I got near, I took a closer look at the new crop where the branch was broken. This branch was eroded by wind for tens of thousands of years, but it didn’t have the slightest sense of obsolescence. This giant jade column material is really harder than burning lamps. I once said that if he didn’t take the material here to make a natural furnace, it wouldn’t be broken. According to the enlightenment, at this moment, it seems that this branch is several miles thick. Then this natural furnace is really huge!
But I can’t figure out why this broken branch can’t fall off? He looked at Xuan Nv Xuan Nv and said, "I won’t go too far if I go any further. I don’t think I can stay if I have traction."
Enlightenment: "In those days, Gonggong’s head didn’t touch well, and then the northwest collapsed into the southeast, but this branch was only one of the eleventh middle schools, even if it was broken, it would have much impact."
Xuan Nv said, "You only have this idea when you see that the southeast is full of aura and the northwest is barren?"
Enlightenment "Exactly!"
Xuan Nv shook his head and smiled. "It’s a big mistake. The distribution of aura in heaven and earth can’t touch the mountain. You will know it naturally after you have achieved the secret of Xuanfa."
Enlightenment: "Gong Gong claims to be furious and can’t hit Zhoushan. It’s really cool to see him today."
Xuan Nv smiled and said, "Where is Gong Gong’s rage and depression? He is extremely eager to collapse the mountain. There is a flaw here, but the material of Qingtian Yuzhu is the hardest thing in the world, so it is called Gong Gong Gong’s neck fracture and death."
Wu thought to himself that Gong Gong could make it here to repair a broken sacred neck, so how could he die? If he wanted to live, there was always a way. Now that he is dead, he will die.
Gong Gong Da Yu and others all killed the God of Nature, and the ape’s life will be destroyed. But he went to Zhuan Xu War in Buzhoushan instead of Kun Peng’s belly? It didn’t mean to hear it at first, but now I think there are many obstacles.
Xuan Nv realized that he was stunned and said, "Let’s go to Lingshan."

To put it simply, it’s just a light beam with a virtual demonstration video conference

How did Cai Shaochu’s virtual projection become an adult?
Smoke solid don’t say will Nyirabu corners of the mouth out of the blood?
It’s not scientific, but it’s a bit mysterious!
The meaning behind this surprised everyone.
Nyirabu who was slapped in public was strangely angry.
This is an insult!
This is trampling!
Trampling and insulting his Nyirabu personality!
Cai Shaochu dared to slap him in public!
This is absolutely intolerable!
This is a provocation!
"The heads of Raymont’s main joint districts, I think that Cai Shaochu, the star-rated strong in Huaxia District, has seriously violated …"
Before Nyirabu finished, Cai Shaochu’s virtual projection flashed slightly at Nyirabu’s horse and scared Nyirabu to retreat behind Nott.
If Cai Shaochu slaps him again, his face will be completely gone!
No, it’s almost gone!
"Don’t you want to hear the reason why I chose Nyirabu as the vice president?" Cai Shaochu took a bite, and the strong people in charge of the pedestrian star in each joint district even nodded.
This step they have to!
Otherwise, it’s really possible for Nyirabu to get a slap and send a star-rated strong man to hack with Cai Shaochu.
So Nyirabu this slap base …
Realizing this, Nyirabu was wronged like a kannika nimtragol who was …
However, Cai Shaochu explained that they were still very willing to listen to a wave.
"Mr. Maipeng ‘ao, let me ask you something." Cai Shaochu said.
"Excuse me, Mr. Cai"
"When you police in Milian District face the danger of holding a gun, you usually warn them to shoot first, right?"
"Yes" Maipeng Mr Nodded.
"when did you first warn the other side not to let go?"
Maipeng’ ao thought about "the second warning"
"The second warning is still not fired?"
"Third warning," said Maipeng ‘ao.
"The third warning danger points still don’t shoot? Come to the fourth warning? "
"No, our police will decisively shoot and kill dangerous points!"
"Very good!"
Cai Shaochu nodded with satisfaction. "One more question, what would you do if a stranger at home tried to break into your home without permission?"
"Warning first!"
"You still insist on breaking in after a warning. Are you warning for the second time?"
"I will choose a gun to shoot or call the police!" Mai Peng ‘ao has some white Cai Shaochu meaning, but white belongs to this pit. At this moment, he has no choice but to jump!
"Perfect answer! Then I invite you to watch a video and talk about other issues after watching it. "
The conference hall immediately lit up the video recording of the previous war of Tongtian Special Combat Team.
When Free Indra landed on the Fuqiang asteroid, the Tongtian Special Forces broadcast a wake-up warning.
When Indra Battle Group of Freedom Special Forces wanted to forcibly break into the ancient base of Daxi nationality, Tongtian Special Forces gave a high warning.
The number of warnings is definitely more than three times!
However, whether it is the Freedom Corps or the Indra Corps, it is still determined to break through!
"Even if the rich and powerful asteroid didn’t declare in the Unout asteroid war accusation department, the ancient base of Daxi clan was occupied first, right?
Flag, preliminary measurement, don’t say anything about it.
As far as the Daxi ancient base is concerned, there is always a first come, first served, right?
Warn the freedom special warfare group Indra War Group to attack forcibly. Tell me, if Tongtian Special Combat Group doesn’t fight back, is it going to surrender? "
Cai Shaochu eyes swept from the meeting room all people "who have different opinions, it will be said!
If anyone really has a different opinion, I’ll ask Tongtian Special Combat Team to follow their ass that time, and I’ll ask Tongtian Special Combat Team to repeat this scene as soon as they explore a valuable planet!
Is there? "
"Is there? Say it quickly if you have it! "

Su Jiner quickly came to find out after learning the situation.

Su Jiner came to see that Wanghui had become as terrible as when he first saw it in the mountains, and he was frightened to death. Although Wanghui was in a frenzy, Su Jiner was also afraid, but Su Jiner could not watch him kill himself.
Su Jiner looked back and cried, "Please stop, brother …"
Look back and stop hitting the stone. His demonic red eyes stared at Su Jiner. Su Jiner shuddered and couldn’t help but look back and stare at Su Jiner for a moment and then said to him, "Are you a treasure beauty? Or my granddaughter’s wife … "
Su Jiner busy nods, "I’m a treasure beauty and your granddaughter-in-law. I’m still pregnant with your great-grandson, so you can’t hurt me. What’s going on? You tell me and I’ll take you to find the treasure. I know there is a place where there are several rare treasures … "
"I don’t want the treasure! I want to die now. "I hope to return and completely interrupt Su Jiner’s words. Then he enlarged and asked Hu Ling to hide the soul and come here to fight with him."
Hu Ling’s hidden soul is not far from here. When he hears the sound, he comes here quickly.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul came here and fell to the ground. He glanced at his head and looked back and then at Su Jiner. Then Hu Ling’s hidden soul body, the heavy beast, seemed to be ready to make a move automatically.
Su Jiner is still easy now. She is afraid of causing misunderstanding of Hu Ling’s hidden soul and hurriedly said, "Uncle Hidden Soul, I am Jin Er, and I am easy."
Hu Ling hidden soul yoshimitsu eyes immediately to his way "Brocade, why are you here? Come and look back, and now you’re crazy. He’ll hurt you. "
I didn’t expect to come back and shout, "Being crazy will never hurt the treasure beauty, but it will always hurt you!"
Say and hope to return, lift a big stone and smash it at Hu Ling’s hidden soul. At the same time, hope to return to the body and flash with strange laughter after the big stone.
In the face of smashing a big stone, Hu Ling’s hidden soul roared and slapped the big stone and instantly burst to look back. The figure also appeared in the eyes of Hu Ling’s hidden soul, and the white hair was flying like the devil of hell. The palm of your hand took a direct shot of Hu Ling’s hidden soul, which was wrapped in animal skins.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul also vigorously greeted him.
Both of them are vigorously pushing their heads, and this palm force can be seen.
When the palms collide, they give a "bang" explosion.
At the same time, their bodies were shocked by each other and looked back. Their bodies simply flew out backwards, and then they turned in an instant and looked back at Hu Ling’s hidden soul. At this moment, they wanted to die. It would be great if they could pull Hu Ling’s hidden soul back.
On the one hand, Hu Ling is hiding the soul, and on the other hand, Grandpa Su Jiner certainly doesn’t want the two of them to fight each other, and Su Jiner knows that Wanghui is no match for Hu Ling’s hiding the soul.
Su Jiner was anxious when she suddenly saw Lin Yi’s figure galloping towards this side. She cried to Hu Ling to hide the soul, "Let’s go, or we won’t be able to leave."
Although Hu Ling hides the soul, he is not stupid. Even if he reaches the peak of The Hunger’s kung fu, it is impossible for him to be an enemy of Lin Yi and hope to return.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul said to Su Jiner, "Take care of yourself, Jiner. I’m sending people everywhere to find Ji Lingxiu and I can take you home."
Hu Ling’s hidden soul identified Su Jiner as what his daughter never believed in Su Qinghou. Now we need to find Ji Lingxiu again and let Ji Lingxiu uncover the mystery of Su Jiner’s life in front of Su Qinghou, so that Su Qinghou can return Su Jiner to him no matter how hard it is to defend.
Say Hu Ling hide soul shape in one direction.
Looking back, I saw Hu Ling’s hidden soul run away, angry and angry, and hit his head against the stone wall and splashed with stone chips.
Soon Lin Yi also arrived. He saw Wang Wang coming back and hit the wall like crazy. Before he hurried.
Lin Yi knew that it was extremely difficult to dissuade him from looking back. Fortunately, he even looked back at several acupuncture points and sat down and couldn’t move.
He shouted at Lin Yi angrily, "Xiao Lin, you are quick to solve my acupuncture points! Or I’ll hit your head in your ass! "
Lin Yi crouched down and took out a handkerchief to wipe his face. The blood rubbed against Lin Yi’s face. He looked forward to returning and hugged his grandfather and grandson.
Lin Yi looked back with great sadness.
Looking back, I suddenly cried, tears, runny nose and face blood mixed together. He cried and said, "Xiao Lin, I’m not as good as an animal … I remember that …"
Although Lin Yi doesn’t know what is the reason to stimulate the magical return of Wanghui, Lin Yibai must be a very cruel thing.
Lin Yi didn’t ask what he thought of when he looked back, for fear of stimulating him more. Lin Yi choked and said, "Brother remembered you and forgot that you didn’t do anything. You just looked back and Qin Tang."
Lin Yi cried in his heart, Grandpa Shuang’er, I’m sorry for you. He has made you work so hard for so many years …
Lin Yi kept appeasing and looking back, such as comforting a child who was extremely frightened. Su Jiner also cooperated with her husband to coax her back. The couple tried their best to look back, and the mood gradually calmed down. Many colors on his face that made people feel palpitation dissipated were not as dazzling as before.
And Sue light hou and Fang Qingyun don’t know when to nearby.
A big tree stood a few feet away.
Looking back, Fang Qingyun sighed. He said to Su Qinghou, "He, I, he didn’t expect the magic to happen again. It seems that the influence of The Hunger is really a solution. In those days, Fei Yun, a monk, couldn’t think of the exorcism. This The Hunger really left a huge trap for future generations. Even Hu Ling and Qin Wuwang were hurt by his’ half The Hunger’."
Su Qinghou said, "It’s still a sin to live. They all deserve it."
Fang Qingyun suddenly asked, "Do you still want to kill his father now?"
Chapter one hundred Doubt Liang Jiuyin (2)
Fang Qingyun knew all about Su Jia and Qin Tang’s grievances. At that time in Kunlun Mountain, Su Qinghou told Fang Qingyun everything.
Facing Qing-yun Fang, Sue didn’t give a positive answer to this question.
He is light said 1
"Things have already been decided, and sometimes it’s better to let fate take its course, otherwise the more round you are, the less round you are."
Then they looked back again.
Lin Yi and Su Jiner put their hopes back and calmed down, and then Lin Yi gave them a solution to return to acupuncture points.
Looking back, he pulled Su Jiner’s hand with tears in his eyes and he said, "Treasure Beauty, is there really a big treasure in this mountain?"
Looking back, Su Jiner felt sad, but Su Jiner forced a smile and tugged at her beard and said, "What did I cheat you, ancestor? If you listen to me and Xiao Lin, I will take you to find the treasure, but can you score me half?"
Looking back, his eyes rolled and he gave birth to a plan. After he was ready to find the treasure, he stunned the beauty of the treasure and then took the treasure for himself. He was proud of this wonderful plan.
He said to Su Jiner, "Hey, hey, I’ll give you half."
So in order to appease Wang, Su Jiner had to take him around for treasure hunting.
Xiao Liu Qin ordered Bai Mei to take people to follow them secretly.
There must be another accident.
Looking back, Su Jiner coaxed Lin Yi away with a heavy heart and walked to Su Qinghou and Fang Qingyun. Lin Yi, the other party, Qingyun said, "Mr. Fang, looking back, is there any way to treat it?"