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If you find it, it’s probably nothing. Can you still lock a man up?

"I always pay more attention to my daily life according to my original plan and invite them to the Bureau of Investigation for tea whenever I have the opportunity."
"I don’t know if there are many people in this organization, so we haven’t been asking for information."
Another possibility is that this organization is mainly active in foreign countries, and its fighters in Baiyun Prefecture and Baijiang City are the only black swordsman.
Others may be logistical support, which of course is hard to find.
"Don’t worry, I am duty-bound to find this organization!"
Jiangtingqiu avenue
He’s been waiting for days. Brother Black hasn’t met him, but he has found many clues.
He believes that he is so enthusiastic that it is only a matter of time before a heart is found!
There will be!
I talked a few words about the more important issues. "The influence caused by the frequent occurrence of evil in various places these days has become more and more serious. Our Donghuang border is barely under control, but some small countries have fallen into fear."
"Like Borneo, there has been an extremely serious disaster, with the gates of hell pouring out in an instant, and it is difficult to count the fallacies. Now that city has completely fallen into the casualties."
Hearing this, both Snow White and other investigators gasped at the scene.
The gates of hell!
The wave of evil!
Can human beings resist this? How do you feel that the end will come at any time!
"But we are not too desperate. There are more and more paradoxes, but we humans are also making progress. A few days ago, the General Bureau of Investigation made a new breakthrough and developed a lethal weapon that can guide and compress the growth of life energy."
Zhou Bureau said
This almost makes people breathless.
But the investigators are all curious about when the new weapons in Zhou’s mouth will be equipped with them. Wait a minute … They don’t seem to wake up and can’t guide life energy.
Expecting investigator Orz
At this time of Zhou Bureau, people brought a long box. "This is a new weapon. I also have a lot of human feelings to give priority to our Baijiang Branch."
Inside the box, there was a white pike split into two pieces and lying quietly in a long wooden box.
Zhou Bureau looked at Snow White with a pair of lures | turn … Cough him, how can someone do something called lures? There has been no special investigator in Baijiang Branch. He did this in the hope that Snow White could sit here for a long time.
It wouldn’t be so tight to have a special investigator in their Baijiang branch.
This is beneficial to both sides.
"Give it a try. Only you can make this weapon here."
Chapter 39 Actions of all parties
Snow White is also curious. She has heard a little about the development of this new weapon.
For a long time, like her, her awakening ability is not high, and the strength of the special investigator is actually awkward.
Come on, they can’t cope with it. The output is purely scraping.
To put it mildly, they can get rid of evil by themselves, and they can save a lot without using foreign things.
But is a special investigator like her saving money? Can’t!
Scraping is because life energy is too loose to find a guiding method.
Just like if a person wants to kill a tiger with his fist, he may be too tired to do it-or if the tiger doesn’t answer back.
But if this person has a sharp machete in his hand, it will be different, and he can easily break the defense and stop scraping.

Lingqing knew at that time that Wen Jun had broken through.

He evolved from Wen Jun into a peach tree. After all, she was very fond of a peach tree in Taoshan.
At this time, it was another breakthrough in Taoshan Taolin, but I didn’t expect that with the vitality of heaven and earth, a ten-foot lotus flower in Fiona Fang rose.
Lotus leaves are rippling like water waves.
Then, every petal of the lotus blossom has a spiritual brilliance full of vitality.
Luotao Mountain is absorbed by every fruit tree and gradually gathers its own spirituality.
When all the layers of lotus petals show a 91-petal violet pavilion independent Taoshan Peak,
A more intense clear glow falls on all the fruit trees in the mountain.
Although the remaining plants in the distance have not changed like this, they have become full of aura and vitality.
Wen Jun is sitting in the lotus heart and looking at Fang’s blooming vitality. All kinds of spiritual plants show a sincere and innocent smile.
Then she took all kinds of visions and turned her head into a lotus flower.
On weekdays, she was silent, and at this time, she didn’t have the meaning of poetry and mood at this time.
It’s not that she won’t be proficient in the classical education that the warring States deputy received.
But she’s not used to it.
Afterwards, Lingqing also learned from Wen Jun that her nine violets not only have protective energy, but also contain all the vitality.
At the same time, she also integrated the spirit of the ancient dragon into the process and cultivated a kind of spirituality.
In the future, it will be very convenient and easy for her if this violet comes to enlighten the vegetation elves.
With people in fairyland, her demand for the spirit sword and golden cicada method is naturally not so strong.
And a brainwave, although it has not yet been condensed, has not been practiced, but it is almost the same.
I want to stay in view of the new year, and he will surely be able to combine all kinds of wonderful things with all kinds of beasts and bodies to practice the wonderful things and break through the fairyland.
During this period, he devoted himself to practicing. Will he come? Where is the leisure to refine this spirit sword method?
For him, the spirit sword method is definitely not as big as his unseen immortal practitioner.
Therefore, apart from Wen Jun asking for a few, the two wanted to see if they could see if Violet and Qi Ling had a brainwave at all.
A few days later, Lingqing was still combing the blessed land of Qingyun Mountain by the boundary tree, and he saw Taoist Yun-sheng coming to him and said, "Someone is asking for an audience outside Guanzhu Mountain.
Self-proclaimed fame and hatred is the old knowledge of the Lord to thank him. "
"Oh, invite him in," said Ling Qing after a pause.
Since the second time, he helped him and Lu Qing and others to take it, and then he didn’t care about revenge.
Later, I also heard that Qiu Feibai and others contributed a lot to the destruction of Xiao Mo and others.
He is applying for permission.
After all, Qiu Feibai and others had put it bluntly and didn’t commit anything. It was just mixed with Xiao Mo and others.
And it was later confirmed that they didn’t know it at first and helped them cheat some people.
Later, I found out that Xiao Mo and others had fallen out after their evil deeds.
It’s nothing to be biased against the Ministry of Special Affairs in the past.
Anyone who has cultivated some evil laws will subconsciously be suspicious of the Secret Service Department.
At this time, it’s been a month since the second action, and I want Lu Qing to have finished handling things.
After a while, Lingqing saw Taoist Yun-shen coming with Qiu Feibai and a very attractive young man, a teenager, a woman with a cold body and a burly monk.
As soon as they saw Lingqing, the five people bowed their hands and said, "I have seen a Muslim."
"Don’t bother" Lingqing stretched out his hand and said, "Please go inside."
Said to them, please come into Qingling Pavilion.
After the placement, Qiu Feibai introduced several of his companions to Lingqing.
It was Fan Long, Wang Hou, Xue Shu and the monk who broke the precepts.
Then I looked at him and smiled. "This time, thanks to the matchmaking of real people, we can suffer from twists and turns."
I’m waiting for this time to thank the real person for helping me. "
Compared with Ling Qing’s vice middle school, when he saw him, his face was a little more relaxed, and the sunshine was a little less dull and gloomy.
"Our brothers also have nothing good. We have previously got some spirit animals and blood to give to the Taoist priest."
After the speech, he took out a conch from the bosom and raised his hand to send a few cases beside Lingqing.
This kind of snail that can hold things has also been collected a lot in other cities.
Lingqing doesn’t want to accept his things. After all, it’s just a little effort for himself.
Besides, how many people suffered before they acted to destroy Xiao Mo and his party?
Naturally, he didn’t want their reward, but he wouldn’t refuse when he heard the spirit beast Jingxue.
"So being original would be disrespectful." Lingqing knocked on the table to show her acceptance and looked at them.
"This is also your totally without making any mistakes to have this result.
If you are not afraid, you will be as good as Lu Tiansheng. "
"True" QiuFeiBai and others nodded deeply.
This time, after seeing Jing Yesi uprooting Xiao Mo and his gang and saving the victims, they completely understood the power of the Secret Service.
At the same time, it also gave some recognition to the Ministry of Special Affairs.
After all, it is the Ministry of Special Affairs that really maintains the current peace situation and does not make the reality jungle.
Lingqing can also hear from their words that they are really sincere.
So it is much more valued.
It is also very commendable to say that mud is evil and not stained.

The forehead is blue and the whole left eye is bruised and bruised.

By the whole mysterious freshman, Deng Wei is car-scrapping than watching Taiwan’s angry freshman tough way
"This is a practical exercise, and the actual exercise is in the front and the exercise is in the back.
Besides, we are a genetic new human being, and we will face dangers in the future, but now we are ten times and a hundred times more.
If you can’t even accept this little danger, what are you doing at Huaxia University of Genetic Evolution? "
Deng Wei’s high-spirited tone finally looked directly at Wen Shao.
"Teacher Wen, am I right?"
Wen Shao looked heavy and nodded. "That’s right …"
"It’s true that the actual combat drill is in the front and the drill is behind. Do you dare to come?" Slowly, Xu retreated and interrupted Wen Shao’s words. Look at Deng Wei!
"Hum, if you dare, I can play along with you today."
Deng Wei is confident and arrogant!
A full face of blood Xu nodded his head but looked at Wen Shao.
"Since Teacher Wen is a practical exercise, can I have all the abilities?" Xu asked back.
"Of course" Wen Shao nodded.
"Mr. Deng Wei, I have a very famous ability. Do you know that I can?" Xu asked back.
"Soybean Superman?"
Deng Wei naturally won’t refuse. He said how can he hit himself in the face before actual combat?
"Of course."
Moment Xu back with a handful of face blood spit out one mouthful blood foam and then blunt Taiwan way
"er, which classmate brought soybeans? I didn’t bring soybeans today?"
More than 100 students in Taiwan’s mysterious first grade are absolutely defeated.
Who will bring soybeans to class?
Even with a mouth so cute and cute, won’t you bring food?
Who will bring soybeans!
More than 100 mysterious freshmen in Taiwan looked at each other.
Everyone didn’t bring soybeans.
It’s also nai to retreat from Taiwan
None of them brought soybeans. It’s really …
"If the circle is round, it should not be too big or too small," Xu said again.
More than a hundred mysterious students in Taiwan have found trouser pockets in succession.
Male students must be direct.
The buttons are a little round, but they are flat.
No, the girl classmates even looked at their own jewelry.
Gong Ling is the most anxious.
I looked at the pearl necklace without a round ornament and my eyes suddenly fell on my roommate’s neck.
The pearl necklace with a blue pendant is very beautiful.
Pearls are round!
"Clear your pearl. Take two for emergency first."
Zuo Qingqing suddenly understood the roommate’s meaning.
Hesitated for a while, directly untied the necklace and twisted it, took out three round pearls and handed them to Gong Ling.
"Is that enough?"
"That should be enough!"
Gong Ling immediately trotted and ran the arms drill platform, and the momentum rippled as soon as he ran.
Super fierce!
"Xu retired classmates to give you this."
"Thank you!"
Xu back took the pearl ok ok.
This pearl is very textured.
Slowly reached the front ten meters of Deng Wei.
"Well, I’ve left some hands on the first two times. This time we’ll practice … be careful!" Xu retreat is a bit hoarse!
"You are also careful, I will still try!" Deng Wei nodded
Three seconds later, Teacher Wen, Deng Wei, jumped on Xu’s retreat like a leopard flashing again.
With the first two experiences, Deng Wei’s tactics are more changeable and secretive.


"Coson Ning, you don’t die a natural death." "Coson Ning, you won’t live much longer. I watched you die …" "Don’t … let me go … I don’t want to die …" "Snow … Snow …"
"Stop it"
Fu Tianqiu’s eyes were red, cursing, crying and begging for mercy rang into a piece. At last, the sight of all people was blood red. As Mubai’s thugs waved, they saw the executioner’s hand broadsword following the landing, and then the heads rolled down …
The static needle fell and the audible field was silent for a long time. Seeing that the execution ground was red with blood, a corpse fell to the ground, Murenfu died, Qiu Hai died, and his head tumbled to the ground. A large area of blood was dyed red from the ground, and the execution ground was red with blood …
"You …" Fu Tianqiu looked up at the tower and Mubai was shaking with anger.
"Rebellious thief when the whole …" At Fu Tianqiu Mubai coldly, "Fu’s adult loves himself".
"If you die, no one will stay …" "How cruel!" "It’s going to break the sky!"
Many people in the field can’t be calm and shocked. It’s unbelievable that there are some high-ranking officials and big people, especially those who are too close to Qiu Hai and Murenfu. There are still some people who can’t see Ning Caichen. At this moment, they feel even better. Looking at Murenfu and Qiu Hai’s tumbling head, their hearts are cold and they have a great fear …
Finally, the bodies of Qiu Hai and others were also disposed of, but the whole power could not calm the people of Li, such as princes and nobles, whose blood was stained at the meridian gate, and the families of Mu’s family, Qiu’s family, Chen’s family and Li’s family were wiped out. Fortunately, more than 2,000 people were killed at the meridian gate of Wyndell Dichinson, and there were such characters as Murenfu, the prime minister of the current dynasty, and Qiu Hai, the shaofu family …
"What a Coson Ning" Changxin Palace Mr. Li gasped. Although he had long guessed that Ning Caichen would probably start work, he knew that Mu’s family and Qiu’s family were beheaded, and that several families, such as Li’s family and Chen’s family, also suffered. Ning Caichen’s bloody and decisive means made him have some unexpected things. "Since then, Qiu Hai and Murenfu have been completely gone …"
"It’s a pity that Zhu Hongyi is still alive?" Zhu Hongji’s eyes showed regret. "Does Coson Ning know what Mr. Zhu Hongyi thinks about this matter?"
"I don’t know?" Mr. Li frowned. Ning Caichen didn’t move Zhu Hongyi. He couldn’t figure out how to say that Ning Caichen didn’t have the guts. He didn’t believe it. He thought, "This may be good news. Coson Ning didn’t do anything to Zhu Hongyi. He won’t be unfaithful to Liang for the time being."
"The princess longed for the Prime Minister, Qiu’s adult, Li’s adult and Chen’s adult all died, including more than 2,000 family members who were beheaded at the meridian gate by Xiaoqi Camp." The small ring of Zhaoyang Palace reported to Yongle that there was some surprise in her eyes.
"It’s all right to die". There is a glimmer of brilliance in the beautiful eyes.
"Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, I won’t die, I won’t die, haha …" The news of Zhu Hongyi’s noon gate in the Orchid Palace was laughed out because he knew Murenfu and others were dead and he didn’t die, which proved that Ning Caichen wouldn’t start work on him …
"News of the Queen’s Noon Gate: Mu’s family, Qiu’s family, Li’s family and Chen’s family were beheaded at the noon gate of Xiaoqi Camp, including more than 2,000 people who longed for the Prime Minister, Qiu Shaofu and friends Jiading’s family." A maid-in-waiting in Baihua Palace said.
"Are they all dead, Coson Ning? What do you want to do?" In the bed, Shu Fei is dressed in a pink robe and her face is beautiful. A pair of beautiful eyes are flashing. "What about the one over there in the Orchid Palace? Didn’t Coson Ning start work on him?"
"It seems that General Ning didn’t report back to the King, which means that the King is still in the Kremlin." The maid-in-waiting replied later, "But the handmaiden just got the news that Empress De Fei has entered the general’s office."
"She went to see Ning Jin" Shu Fei’s beautiful eyes lit up.
"It’s an empress. Do you think you should wait for the position to wake up and tell it to the position when the time comes …" The maid-in-waiting suggested that there was a sneer in her eyes. General Liang Guode’s secret meeting in the middle of the night can imagine what Zhu Ji would think of this news when Zhu Ji heard it …
"No" surprised the maid-in-waiting, but Shu Fei said, "Don’t tell anyone about this without my order?"
"Ah," the maid-in-waiting was surprised and her eyes were full of incomprehension. It seemed that this was the best opportunity to suppress Princess De. He couldn’t figure out why Princess Shu would give up.
"Do as I say"
Chapter 252 Fourier double beads
Finally, the maid-in-waiting left the palace, although she was puzzled in her heart. It seems that Princess De Shu has been fighting hard. Now, Princess De entered the general Ning Caichen’s residence in the middle of the night. For whatever reason, it is by no means a glorious thing. It is absolutely a big scandal that General Liang Guo will have a private meeting in the evening. If the news is told to Zhu Ji, it is almost impossible for Princess De to have a good chance. Even if she does not die, she will definitely enter the cold palace. She can’t figure out why Princess Shu will give up, but although she is puzzled, she also knows how to be a maid-
Shu Fei is lazy in bed alone in the spacious hall, with a pink robe and fragrant shoulders half exposed. She is beautiful, and her hair hangs down on her chest. Her posture is sexy, plump and beautiful, and her beautiful eyes are charming.
"Coson Ning" Shu Fei’s beautiful eyes could not be extinguished. "What kind of person are you?"
"Motherfucker, what would he rather do? Want to rebel?"
Fu Tianqiu looks pale and growls in the Fu family room outside the palace. He is really angry. He didn’t expect this to happen tonight. The Xiaoqi Camp directly killed Mu Jia, Qiu Jia, Li Jia, Chen Jia and other families. If it is only Mu Jia and Qiu Jia, he can understand that after all, the charges of Qiuhai and Murenfu in Huangmenpo are not enough to destroy the family, but Li Jia and Chen Jia can’t be lucky that these were all Qiuhai and Murenfu who once participated in dealing with Ning Jia together. This is very obvious. Ning Caichen.
This is Fu Tianqiu’s most angry. He is not bent on Ning Caichen like Murenfu and others. On the contrary, he appreciates and takes a fancy to Ning Caichen because Ning Caichen and Liang Guocai are guaranteed. However, Ning Caichen’s practice today is an excuse to eliminate dissidents and Zhu Ji is in a coma without a king’s orders. This is the more he is angry. And with Murenfu, Qiu Hai and others dying, Liang Guochao Gang will surely usher in a chaos.
After the anger, it was another deep feeling to pay for revenge. Sitting in the chair, the former Liang state-owned Ning Caichen will go to a new height, but now it makes him feel more and more powerful. He thinks things are too simple.
"Dad, it’s so late at night. Let’s have some tea to warm up."
At this moment, there was a crisp sound, and then I saw a beautiful woman come in, with bright eyes and beautiful eyebrows and delicate facial features, just like walking out of the painting with a tall figure, a white coat and black silk like satin, and a wisp of moss hanging down her chest and coming in with tea at the front end. If Ning Caichen is here, it will definitely stare big eyes, because this person looks almost exactly like Nie Xiaoqian, it is difficult to find the slightest difference. If we insist that the difference may be that Xiaoqian is a ghost and this woman is a person.
Fu Tianqiu seems to have always been his eldest daughter Ching Fung.
"Dad, I’ll rub your shoulders …" There is another sound for the sake of sound. A woman came out behind Ching Fung. This is a beautiful woman with a height of 1.7 meters. She is not as short as Ching Fung. She is dressed in white with big eyes and arch eyebrows. She looks very beautiful when she smiles. Her cheeks show beautiful dimples. It is Ching Fung’s sister Fu Yuechi and her daughter Fu Tianqiu.
The speaking woman has walked to Fu Tianqiu and massaged his shoulder after birth. Ching Fung put the table in front of Fu Tianqiu with tea and then massaged Fu Tianqiu’s shoulder with Fu Yuechi.
"It’s so late, don’t you two rest?"
Look at the face of his two daughters, Fu Tianqiu, and I can’t help showing a smile. He has two daughters in his life, but he is very satisfied in his heart. Although Ching Fung and Fu Yuechi are both daughters, they are both very sensible, and the two sisters are beautiful and generous, and they are also proficient in talents. They have also learned some martial arts. It has always been his pride for these two daughters …
"Some people can’t sleep. It’s too noisy outside, so they come to see Dad." Ching Fung replied and then asked, "Just seeing Dad seems to be a little angry. Is General Ning what’s the big deal outside? General Ning has it."
Ching Fung asked just now, she and Fu Yuechi have not gone out, but the noise outside is clearly heard. When I just came over, I saw Fu Tianqiu with a face of frustration and asked.
"Yes, did Dad hear during the day that there was a traitor in the imperial court who wanted to murder General Wang Hening?" Fu Yuechi also asked, but in my mind, I unconsciously emerged a silvery-white armor figure riding a horse. That time, it was Ning Caichen who entered the capital of Yedu, and Wang Zhu Ji personally led the civil and military officials to meet her. The crowd also looked at Ning Caichen in a corner at that time, and since then, that figure has been in my mind.
"Did General Ning do something bad?"
Ching Fung sense motive see fu tianqiu face some not good-looking then said
"It’s not just bad, it’s a legal day." When it comes to this, Fu Tianqiu looks ugly.
"What happened to Dad? What happened to General Ning?" Fu Yuechi behind him was in a hurry, but then she felt that there was something wrong with her tone and quickly shut up, but it seemed that Fu Tianqiu didn’t notice it.
Ching Fung took a look at Fu Yuechi next to him and gave me a different color guess-
"I heard that this time Huangmenpo longed for the Prime Minister and Qiu’s adult to collude with the Red Wing Army to murder General Ning. Unless General Ning came back, he would start work on the Prime Minister and Qiu’s adult."
"If only it were like this," Fu Tianqiu sighed.
"Isn’t it? What else is there? " Fu Yuechi asked
"Mu Jia, Qiu Jia, Li Jia and Chen Jia … have all been killed by Xiaoqi Camp, and more than two thousand people have just been beheaded by Xiaoqi Camp at the meridian gate …"
This Ching Fung and Fu Yuechi both opened their mouths and exclaimed.

I heard Chu Yi slowly say, "It is not difficult to solve these problems, but it is just to reform the control and military system."

Whether it is the official system or the military system is slowly formed by several generations of emperors left by Mao. In the final analysis, it is to emphasize the martial arts and suppress Zhao’s literati.
Now Chu Yi’s mouth is going to reform the military system and the official system. Zhao Gou naturally has no confidence in his heart, but Zhao Gou also knows that if Chu Yi makes a decision, it is impossible for him to stop this day. Anyway, now the civil servants have already suppressed the military commanders, so simply let Chu Yi let go to reform, which is the theory of success or failure. The ultimate benefit seems to be his day.
As far as Chu Yi is concerned, Lu Junyi, Lv Shinang and others are still quite efficient when thinking about reforming the military and political affairs of Dasong.
A series of notices were posted, not only in the capital, but also in various states and roads, where notices of recruiting foot soldiers were posted.
Obviously, Lv Shinang and others are worried that the capital alone will recruit enough foot soldiers. Anyway, Chu Yi did not say that the scope of recruiting foot soldiers would be limited to the capital, so Lv Shinang simply posted notices all over the States.
Xiangzhou tangyin
Several Xiangjun looked at one of the notices posted on the wall and said, "Peng Ju, look at this notice. It’s recruiting the ranks."
"Chu Yi, the great manager, led an army to destroy Xixia, Daikin and Tubo. I didn’t expect this to be the great manager’s recruiting ranks. It would be an honor to join Chinese."
The young man named Peng Ju is tall and straight, with a strange look in his eyes. "Do you brothers dare to fight for a bright future with me in Beijing?"
Yue Fei handed over to Niu Hao and laughed. "Dare?"
Zhang Xian laughed. "If Peng Ju didn’t have to quit the army at the beginning because you wanted your uncle to be filial, even now you would have reached the top of the world and hung out with our brothers."
Wang Gui several people nodded in succession, but they knew that Yue Fei had already joined the army a few years ago, but he had to leave the army for mourning because of his father’s death. Otherwise, Yue Fei’s ability might have been famous.
Yue Fei chuckled, "It’s a duty for people to be filial. Besides, I have never felt any regret when I left the army. After all, if not, you and my brother would not be able to get together every day."
Niu Hao urn urn airway "this time let’s listen to peng for everyone to go back and put the good living at home, and then we will go to the capital together".
When the notice came out, he was not as handsome as Yue Fei. Many generals who had not yet come to his own stage looked at the notice one by one and were eager to try.
In the third year of Shaoxing, Xia Chu-yi’s recruitment of soldiers caused a huge wave. How many people admired Chu-yi, a famous ranger, and came to the capital? At the same time, Chu-yi’s intention to reform the military and political affairs at the court suddenly attracted hundreds of officials’ outcry
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-seven Emperor Mao is so lonely!
However, anyone with an eye can see that Chu Yi’s intention to reform the military and political affairs is based on the system. It has to be said that the system left by Zhao Kuangyin is indeed natural and beneficial to the civil servants’ saying that only a military commander in the Song Dynasty will be suppressed by the civil servants.
Don’t look at Chu Yi’s potential to cover the sky now, and his position as a military commander is also greatly improved. But in the eyes of many cremation, Chu Yi will leave the court in the future. This day is already their cremation’s day. It is said that the military commander will not be in charge of Chu Yi at that time. Isn’t it up to them?
However, now Chu Yi wants to change the military and political system from the root, which is different in the eyes of many civil servants and gentry.
Once the system is changed, it will not be so easy for them to suppress military commanders and control the court.
You know, they don’t know how much effort it took to achieve this. Once Chu Yi reformed the military and political affairs, I don’t know how much it would cost to suppress the military commanders.
Not to mention that when Chu Yichao came out to reform the military and political affairs, it immediately attracted strong opposition from many conservative ministers
For those ministers, they are not afraid of regime change, even if Chu Yi usurps heaven, they will not object if they are not moved.
However, Chu Yi actually wants to attack the military and political system, so these conservative ministers can’t sit still.
Even when Song Huizong and Zhao Ji were forced to be located in Zhao Gou, these ministers didn’t respond at all, but now these people are like dead parents. Some people swear at Chu Yi and call him a traitor.
Sitting in the dragon chair, Zhao Gou looked at the chaos calmly, and he couldn’t help sighing slightly. He couldn’t help but reveal a somewhat ironic look at the eyes of these ministers.
That is, Chu Yi touched the interests of these people. Otherwise, even if Chu Yi wanted to seize DaSong Jiangshan, these people would not react so violently.
"Who dares to change the ancestral system of Emperor Mao!"
"For these systems, Emperor Mao made changes to the ancestral system, which is against Emperor Mao Chu Yi. How dare you …"
"Chu thief, do you think there is something wrong with the rules set by Emperor Mao?"
Chu Yi looked at these so-called celebrities in the court calmly and indifferently, and suddenly Chu Yi had a sense of familiarity.
Don’t you think he was regarded as a traitor by a group of civil servants? The only thing that makes Chu Yi feel a little relieved is that not all the ministers are so reactive.
Quite a few ministers bowed their heads silently, and some people looked at him with great expectation. Obviously, these people knew all the drawbacks of the system left by Zhao Kuangyin at the beginning, and now these drawbacks have seriously dragged down the normal operation of Dasong.
It’s not that this man of insight hasn’t tried to launch a reform, but unfortunately the conservative forces are too strong, even those men of insight can change the overall situation.
Many people look at Chu Yi, and they want to see how Chu Yi will respond to the present situation. You know, there are many ministers who oppose this, and there are many high-ranking ministers.
At this time, Chu Yi glanced around at the officials who jumped through the ceiling and cursed them. "Have you all said enough?"
Seeing Chu Yi’s reaction, the ministers stopped one by one and looked at Chu Yi puzzled.
Chu Yi chuckled, "Since you are so supportive and nostalgic for Emperor Mao, why don’t you all go to Emperor Mao’s mausoleum?"
Such as Li Gang, Zong Ze, Zhang Shuye and others could not help secretly breathing a sigh of relief at Chu Yi’s words. You know, just now their hearts were hung up for fear that Chu Yi would kill these people.
Of course, they don’t sympathize with these people, but they have a lot of influence. If Chu Yi really kills people, it will not be good to come to Chu Yiyu, and even it will be more notorious.
Chen Wenxuan, assistant minister of does, couldn’t help but stare at Chu Yi’s face with anger and disbelief. "The traitor is still here. You are qualified to decide where we are going."
Chen Wenxuan turned to sit there and Zhao Gou said, "Please wait for me to make decisions."
More than conservative ministers also said to Zhao Gou one by one, "Please ask the ministers to make decisions and return them to me for justice."
Zhao Gou first saw Chu Yi and others with a slight sigh, and his eyes were fixed on Chen Wenxuan and others. "You are loyal to the court and I am very comforted."
Wen-xuan Chen and others face somewhat lit up to recognize Zhao Gou or their side, so Wen-xuan Chen and others can’t help but look at Chu Yi with provocative eyes.
However, Zhao Gou suddenly changed his voice and said, "But Emperor Mao was too lonely in my dream last night. Now I think that if Qing and others go to the tomb to accompany Emperor Mao, he will not be lonely."
Chen Wenxuan and others suddenly looked up at Zhao Gou, but they saw Zhao Gou with a cold face and a calm face, as if words had not come from Zhao Gou.
"Positions you …"
A minister consciousness towards Zhao Gou way
However, Zhao Gou looked at it with the wave, accounting for almost half of the civil and military courtiers’ hearts, and they were slightly relieved.
Fortunately, half of the ministers did not come out to express their opposition, otherwise he was really worried about whether Chu Yi’s military and political reform could be carried out.
"I will Chen Wenxuan and other loyal countries personally assure me that I must go to the imperial tomb to accompany the Mao emperor. This is a real example for the world. My heart is very comforting and I can’t bear to refute the loyalty of the old minister …"
Burst with a soft Chen Wenxuan fell to the ground with a pale face and more than one soft Chen Wenxuan fell to the ground on the spot, and dozens of people fell.
"Bad king, bad king!"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Aren’t you afraid of the court law?"
At that time, the conservative ministers reacted differently.
However, no matter how these people reacted, Zhao Gou’s will was fulfilled, and soon the imperial army dragged out these ministers who had been deprived of their official positions and were left with empty titles one by one.
As these officials were dragged out of the hall, nearly half of them were missing. If we don’t arrange the official positions immediately, even the court law will really operate.
However, Chu Yi has been prepared for a long time, and a plan for completing the military regime has been drawn up, and even the list of officials of various ministries has been presented together.

Lu Kang, an instructor, has been working as an instructor in Huaxia District at the lunar base for several years, and has also experienced foreign studies by students for several sessions.

There should be a lot to say in this regard.
"Yan Lie!"
"Yan Lie?"
Instructor Lu Kang revealed the thought color and obviously had an impression on Yan Lie.
"In fact, the most important thing to do with YanLie should be the big two tigers Cui Xi. One is good at assassinating and criting another, and the mountain attack is also extremely strong.
But Cui Yulie also has a short board. "
"Do they have a short board?" Xu tui thought for a moment and suddenly reacted, "Extraordinary ability?"
Lu Kang nodded. "I fixed them up last year, but I didn’t get together in the end. I didn’t expect Yanlie to see you."
But speaking of which, you and Yan Lie are also very good. Of course, this combination of you and Yan Lie also has shortcomings. "
"Defense or hard shoulder ability?"
Lu Kang nodded his head.
"But this world which have so perfect combination YanLie actually very suitable for you.
His direction limit of an assassin can help you filter out most of the risks of ambush or close-range assassination.
Relatively speaking, you still lack the defensive ability and are not Yan Lie’s best comrade-in-arms.
However, your mysterious and extraordinary abilities are outstanding, and your mental sense is outstanding, especially your abilities of stabbing and flying swords, which have a long attack range. Yan Lie can cooperate with you.
It is the ultimate output team.
If you are lucky, you and Yan Lie should form a team, and the harvest should not be bad. Of course, the risk is not small, "said instructor Lu Kang.
"So you think it’s no problem for me to form a team with Yan Lie?" Xu asked back.
"No problem in strength cooperation.
However, there are two problems to be solved when you and Yan Lie form a team. The first problem is that you are a freshman and can compete for the list of the 213 new Tianjiao team this year.
This list is that the calculation algorithm of team units is slightly complicated to ensure the fairness of multi-team and small-team teams.
However, if you want to form a team with junior students, the meritorious military service will be counted in this list, "Lu Kang said."
Xu retreated in astonishment.
Tianjiao team list awards are very rich.
Better than the first day.
If he doesn’t get the reward, he feels that his motivation will be reduced by at least half.
"The solution to this problem is also very simple. You and Yanlie need the facts to form a team to calculate the meritorious military service.
That is to say, you and Yan Lie are working as a team, but all kinds of exploits and achievements are counted as a single team, "Lu Kang said."
"Is that okay?"
"Of course! This set of rules has been explored by the lunar base for many years before it matures, which will not amplify the vicious competition of the students but also ensure the passion and motivation of the students to kill the enemy, "Lu Kang said.
"Since I’m allowed, I can accept it. I’ll discuss it with Yan Lie and see how he is," Xu said.
"yanlie I know the fact that I’ve been alone for two years, so he’s absolutely acceptable.
The difficulty is that you two face a problem. "
"What’s the problem?"
"Who’s in charge when you two are in actual combat on Mars?
Listen to who? "
Xu retreated and froze.
This is really a big problem!
Especially for genius who have great confidence in their own strength.
Just like before, when it was said to be cleared, Xu retired and had to get the command to come to the outside world. It was also necessary to kill the Tianjiao list and get the captain quota.
In the final analysis, there is one thing-to ask the captain to direct others.
Many times, Xu tui, like many geniuses, trusts his own judgment more!
Originally, it was determined to choose a teammate captain and conductor among freshmen.
But now if a teammate becomes a junior, Yan Lie,
Xu retired the captain’s quota and left it alone.
Who is in charge has become the most difficult problem to solve at present.
"You have solved this problem yourself and made a decision to tell me." Lu Kang got up and patted Xu’s shoulder, but he added
"By the way, it’s also very important to remember to pick up and familiarize yourself with the combat equipment from the equipment center early in the day."
After explaining this sentence, Lu Kang left.

It even bans the soul bird spirit, and can drive it away to kill the enemy if necessary.

After the flame divinity is integrated, the spirits can surpass them when they are alive if they have substance.
Tri-color flame burning high temperature directly makes the surrounding glass crystal empty.
The spirit bird howled and swooped down on Zhou Jia at a high speed, leaving a long tail flame behind him, but seeing the ghosting image, he couldn’t see his real body.
Spirit comes before fire.
After a hundred battles, Luo immediately violently stirred up, and the perfect defense could hardly resist the extreme high temperature penetration.
Zhou Jia’s eyebrows are slightly raised, and the thunder axe and staff in his hand are instantly transformed into thousands of virtual shadows, which are integrated into the strength of the battle.
"Boom …"
He felt that three forces of poverty were attacking his body, and he couldn’t help but lean back and feel the high temperature, so that his skin was tight through the thunder axe and the staff.
Such a high temperature turned out to be even the seventh highest plough, and it was a little difficult.
Not the kui is a fake artifact.
But …
Yeah, that’s all!
Pseudo-magic skill-royal thunder chop!
Harsh Lei Guang cut through the virtual in an instant to cut out the top 100 thunder axes, and the light was staggered, and the three heads were immediately delayed
Filament cracks appear on the surface of the soul.
Zheng Qiao’s wrist trembled and his eyes were frightened, and then his hand roared
"Boom …"
Jingpo explosive will attack the surroundings differently, which is beyond Zhou Jia’s expectation. After all, there are still several black bandits around.
Eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and white smoke appeared on his body.
The sudden surge of power makes the thunder axe and staff wield more and more rapidly, and the defense of the hundred battles is also greatly increased.
Tri-color flames swept through
Everything we have passed through is empty, and even Lei Guang, which Zhou Jia has transformed, is suddenly dim, and Tianluo is even more riddled with holes
When the attack reaches a certain level, the perfect defense is hard to support.
The blow also exhausted all the strength of Zheng Qiao, with black hair and black hair, and his cheeks became shriveled and old.
Even the three fire treasure fans in their hands are dim.
"Ah …"
A pair of twins suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Jia, holding hands with each other, and their eyes were full of rejection.
Pale blood double?
The black wind bandit twins’ one-handed combined attack method is very good.
Broken mountain tactic!
Two people Kouga bite has inspired some consumption essence yuan, the number of life forbidden body source power instantaneous surge breath crazy surge.
Demon wind!
Only one point and two demon winds merged into one and crashed into Zhou Jia.
The bone-eroding demon wind has the vitality to destroy all things, and even the protective Xuanbing can be corroded by it.
Another person appeared at his side.
Four leaders, Ruan Dengbing
He is holding a sword with a cold light flashing, and the sword has been cutting Zhou Jia’s waist and ribs.
There are a few people left who have moved without breaking out, exerting their own skills or desperate means.
Even Zheng Qiao, who is dying, drives the collapse of the law here and will suppress people for a short time.
"Well …"
In the face of the attack, Zhou Jia whispered, but he didn’t react much and was blown away.
Bone-eating demon wind
Kill the sword light!
Destroy all sources!
Cut the Jedi knife light!
"Rumble …"
Roar endlessly
Zhou Jia’s seat was instantly wrapped in all kinds of flashes, and the breath was completely submerged, so it was visible that the flesh and blood were broken.

"Sword, please!" Los Changfeng continued

Huangfuyi took several steps back.
Pasturing Yun Jian City has taken several steps.
The sword, which is famous for its golden light, sings again.
Pastoral Yun Jian city decisively out of the sword …
The imperial sword has three realms: people with firm but gentle mind, swords with heart, and swords for grazing in Yun Jian city. The sword seems to stay in the first realm of the imperial sword.
Because Wang Daojian is in his hand
There are three aspects of sword meaning: subtle as wind, solid as practice, rushing like river.
Pasturing the king in the hands of Yun Jian City suddenly set off a big wave in the subtleties.
In the nine-day summit, a rolling east river suddenly emerged!
A sword light surprised and cut off the river.
Thousands of troops reverberate like a million divisions from the rushing sound of the great river!
Wang Dao’s sword can be a million teachers!
Chapter sixty-one After one thousand saints game ()
As the saying goes, is it true that all the land in the world is not the king’s land rate and the land is not the king’s minister?
The sword meaning has reached the last realm of the three realms. The sword meaning is like rushing in the river, and millions of mighty men have traveled all over the land, which is daunting and the road to retreat is daunting.
Luo Changfeng, the center of the mighty sword disaster in the depths, stands with a knife.
His slender figure was instantly lost in the sword meaning of the stormy waves lapping against the shore.
He is awe-inspiring!
He is still standing still!
The sword around him raged and suddenly lit up one star after another, Guang Chen.
More and more stars are lit up and then strung together by a star line, stringing together complicated and obscure star lines.
He was bound by a knife in his body
Knife boundary
Self-boundary of knife domain
Luo Changfeng, who dominates the sword domain, is raging with the sharp wind mixed with the sword by the collision and friction of the boundary wall of the sword domain.
The wind is as thin as a thread! The wind is like light!
Wind lashing to the top of the cliff vigorous green leaves suddenly appeared many countless fine holes, eyes.
The wind lashed to the cliff, leaving several mottled sword marks.
The wind lashing into the misty sky stirred up the unknown Nuoda sword array, and sometimes it flashed like rain hitting the lake, and the small rain spots of the sword array appeared densely and rippled.
The wind on the cliff top urges everything! That method covered up the big movement, making the top of Jiufeng Mountain look up from afar … Occasionally, climbers on the mountain stopped to show their admiration!
But this climber is not a sword-challenged person.
The mountain he climbed was also not the nine peaks.
Among the seventy-two peaks of Kunlun Mountain in his feet, it is the most steep and majestic.
This mountain is called Kunlun Mountain!
The top of the mountain is Kunlun Mountain!
He’s going to climb the top of Kunlun Mountain, which has been inhabited by only one person for thousands of years. There are two attics that have stood for thousands of years and passed through Xinghai Yunxiao Pavilion for a long time.
He wants the top of the mountain to have a look at the bright Milky Way and the stars at his fingertips.
His name is Yichuan.
Thousands of years ago, he was an old man who looked up to the stars in Kunlun Jiange.
Thousands of years ago, he was the handsome young man riding a crane in Kunlun Mountain.
He is the sword enthalpy!
He’s going to see an old friend, an old friend who personally put him in a seal for thousands of years, causing him to go crazy.
The old friend is his brother and the only brother in his life.
The old man, the famous sword entropy, is now the old man who stars at the head of Kunlun Jiange!
The long and steep mountain road has been worn for thousands of years, and the tattered cassock is covered with gray and fluffy hair, and the back is bent by all grievances … The skinny old Taoist temple star guest’s sloppy back looks a little sad.
Okay, that’s just a moment.
Stargazers walk fast.
His whole body changes quickly, too
He took a thousand steps at a time.
The emaciated and rickety figure in tattered robes suddenly turned into a white gown, tall and straight.
He climbed another thousand steps.
The disheveled gray hair turned into 3,000 silvery white, falling over her shoulders like a waterfall.
He climbed three thousand steps.

Chapter DiYiSiSi agarwood knot baby

It belongs to Zhao Zhumo when it comes.
Mainland monks have congratulated each other.
Even Qingyun Gate can’t send a gift in a vulgar way.
Of course, many monks of Zhao Zhu’s magic knot baby have secretly injected Qingyun Gate into Sun Hao.
Sun Hao and Zhao Zhumo meet and compare babies.
Now Zhao Zhu’s demon has already married the baby first.
And it’s amazing when you have a baby. Three disasters and twelve difficulties
It’s difficult. Most of the rankings are stunned. If it weren’t for the help of the big brother, it wouldn’t be so easy.
So the elder brother has given birth to a baby.
What about Sun Hao?
When the mainland monks were paying attention to Qingyun Gate and Qi Xin Sun Hao,
Sun Hao also felt that on a whim, Yuan Zhen was stirring, then he trembled and was eager to try.
The opportunity has come to break the Dan and have a baby.
Three days after Zhao Zhu’s magic knot baby, Qingyun Gate announced that "agarwood will knot baby every day"
Suddenly, the focus was once again on Qingyun Zhanzhou.
All monks pay attention together
Wait for the baby to be born.
Killing demons and agarwood are the two strongest rankings in this burial day market.
One is that Master Tiangong has accumulated strong strength and is strong. Although Sun Hao ranks lower in the list, it is only a special reason. It is said that the hero of blood drop has affected his record, otherwise it is hard to say who is the first.
A second-rate clan was originally ranked only 94, but the burial day market stood out and showed its extraordinary ability step by step. Finally, it won the first place in the burial day market by defeating Zhao Zhumo.
Now the two meet and compare babies.
It will be another magical story sung by the mainland.
Of course, agarwood had a baby before.
Of course, the time base of the strong and weak real Yuanying of Aquilaria sinensis and Zhao Zhu’s magic Yuanying can be seen.
The more difficult it is for the mainland to form a regular baby robbery, the higher the level of baby is.
Most monks want to see the baby’s big robbery than Yuan Ying.
The next day, the Qingyun boat was as usual.
No friars, no Yue Xian.
Sun Haoping faintly rises from Qingyun Zhanzhou Teng.
Sun Hao, who jumped into the sky, smiled indifferently and bowed slightly around his fists, saying, "agarwood has seen all Taoist friends and invited them to witness agarwood breaking the Dan and giving birth to a baby."
Sun Hao buried a lot of Zongmen alchemy in Tianxu, and made friends with you in the ranking of Elixir. Many war boats had monks shouting, "I wish the agarwood knot baby climb to a higher level …"
Sun Hao smiled and sat cross-legged
Compared with the generous atmosphere, Sun Hao’s performance is much more satisfactory.
As Sun Hao sat in order with all the monks.
In the sky, it seems that this moment is also instantly quiet to suppress the momentum and suddenly fill the sky.
Sun Hao’s baby-binding hand posture is not weak
The depressing atmosphere in the sky seems to be stronger than that of Zhao Zhu’s magic. It seems that all monks have a vague feeling in their hearts that Aquilaria sinensis Yuan Ying should not be bad either.
The momentum is getting more and more dignified.
The huge dark clouds are thicker than Zhao Zhumo, and the dark clouds are brewing on the platform.
It’s like the end of the world.
Many monks even feel scared.
It is a rare feeling and a great pressure to see the accumulated monks advance.
Sun Hao knows four points at this time.
A special observation of Lei Yun.

Because it’s a little fuzzy, it may be more than that

"Are there many transcendental people and strong spirits in the temple of Brahma?" Xu asked another question.
"Well, my Lord, I’m not sure about the temple. I don’t have much contact with it," said Burroughs, the governor’s housekeeper.
"Adult, I can answer this question. Most of the temples are transcendental. I don’t know how strong the spirit can be.
But if the temple comes out, the star power is far stronger than the local star power.
However, there are also many stars in the temple to cultivate the flesh.
However, compared with the pure cultivation of the flesh, the star status is much lower. Generally, it is an iron guard or a disciplinary group, "said Roushan Derui.
Spirit at a glance, far away, Xu retreated with a dazzling red beard and eye-catching horns, just as the governor’s housekeeper Burroughs led him into the praetorium.
"Derek and Burroughs should stick to the plan."
"Don’t worry, my Lord!"
Xu ordered the retreat to make Roushan Derui laugh, and his eyes were almost gone.
What are you doing here?
Naturally, it is looting and fishing.
Burroughs, the governor’s housekeeper, appeared, and a quasi-planet and several transmutations were present. The remnants of the governor’s house were temporarily taken to a hall without any twists and turns.
There is no accident 3.
Later, Derry of Roushan came over and said that Manyo planet had called him in the warehouse of Cardiff City. Please allow me to go back and have a look.
Looking at the cautious meat mountain, Ruixu suddenly has a little appreciation for this guy, which is quite good at doing things.
I didn’t rush in for the first time when I hit the Garfield warehouse, but I asked Xu to step back first, which is very good at doing things.
Xu tui is actually waiting for him here.
If Roushan Derui rushes into the warehouse to enrich himself and then makes a retreat, he will be forced to die once, so that he can linger in death for a long time.
I didn’t expect this guy to be so sensible.
The warehouse of Cardiff City on Manyo Planet is expensive because of Governor Rank.
When he entered, Burroughs, the governor’s housekeeper, told Xu tui about the total number.
Collect about 73,000 grams of active crystal, which is the annual output of Manyo planet, and it is the amount after paying tribute to all forces, including Honghu.
With a wave of his hand, Xu retreated and directly swept away 73,000 grams of source crystal, which made him feel disappointed. He thought about sharing it.
However, even if the foreigners temporarily defected, they didn’t take care of his idea greatly.
Later, Burroughs quoted a variety of ores, refined materials, plant species and so on, but they were not interested in giving up.
The reason is very simple. Although the quantity chain is not small, Xu Hui came here with a lot of materials and emergency equipment, and it is not that he can’t hold too many things.
These mineral materials occupy more land.
Xu returned and picked up more than a dozen blue stars. Without listening to them, he casually took a little bit and waved his hand and said, "You divided these things!"
In the meat mountain, Rebras made a big retreat and turned back and added, "Make a distribution ratio."
After the harvest, I will choose the rest and let you divide it according to the distribution ratio. Every member of our group should have a share.
Of course, the sharing ratio is definitely different with different status and strength. "
The meat mountain Derry stayed for a while, but Burroughs, the housekeeper of the Governor’s Office, laughed. "My Lord, don’t worry about this. I will do it without authorization."
Finally, Burroughs, the governor’s housekeeper, took Xu back to another door of the warehouse.
This way, the spirit of Amen’s retreat can’t penetrate into it.
"This is?" Xu looked back at Burroughs.
"Adult, this is a library that can shield the spirit. The warehouse will put some special resources and very precious things.
I can’t fight this library. Only the Governor can fight it, "Burroughs said.