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Qi Qiao reluctantly smiled and missed Su Jing’s topic and continued to say, "There is no other way for school sister to practice the robbery again … After that good thing, her practice speed was slow, and it was only a year ago that she entered Xiaozhen, and she traveled to Shimen Mountain to realize it, but she didn’t hear from her."

When calculating, twenty years after the Star-Star disaster, the overseas Chinese lost their lives, and thirty-five years later, the first three places were broken, so the speed of reconstruction was really slow …
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-one Shadow Sword Sect
"I’m worried that my school sister went to see Master several times and wanted to look for her in the mountain, but Master refused to promise that it was a good thing for me to be worried." Qiqiao sighed, "I always feel uneasy. You have more friends outside. Can you help me? It’s not to ask her to come back, but to find her and find a message. I would be grateful if you could take care of her again."
Nie Luowu doesn’t go to find someone, and Su Jing can’t ask him for help from Tianzong or his fellow travelers. However, Su Jing can ask the demon family to help find the news of bee and overseas Chinese. Su Jing won’t forget to nod immediately and promise to send a message to Xie Lou at the reward of heaven, or he will have to trouble Master San Agong Jin.
Bee overseas Chinese reached out and patted Su Jing’s shoulder. "Thank you, I’ll cook a meal for you! I can cook noodles. Do you like them? "
"noodle soup or noodles?"
"Picky on you!" Qiaoxiaoqianxi Neldock really turned and left to give Su Jing noodles a cup of tea. After Kung Fu, Su Jing suddenly flew out of the air and a beautiful butterfly with wings of ice and fire landed on his shoulder.
Su Jing’s knowledge of butterfly’s Nero dock is true, and the elders specialize in spiritual communication. Compared with other Zong Ling’s communication, this ice and fire butterfly also hides a mysterious killing method, which can not only communicate but also defend the enemy. It is not easy to refine it. It may be nothing, but it is of great value to ordinary sects.
The butterfly fluttered its wings and started a clever sound into Su Jinger’s ear. "Did you forget to ask if you put chopped green onion?"
After a word, precious butterflies melt into ice and disperse into fire.
Su Jing thinks this Qi Qiao is really a prodigal family. It’s really sharp to be away from the mountain. Jin Jian Xun called and put it in the past!
Tianzong’s younger brother acted in an atmosphere and made noodle soup skillfully. One pot was divided into nine bowls of Su Jing, three corpses, and four younger disciples. Then, Qi Qiao counted himself. After eating the noodles, Su Jing took leave and greeted the elder celebrities in Nerowood, and went to prepare for returning to the motherland, but he just flew up and suddenly smelled rumbling through heaven and earth.
Su Jing saw Qi Qiao off and frowned. "It’s annoying!"
The bell hanging from the mountain gate is as effective as the old drum outside Nerowood. When the drum rings, it says that someone is coming outside to challenge.
Qi Qiao bowed his hand and apologized to Su Jing, saying, "Not far away, send me to send those guys who don’t know the depth. Have a nice trip and get news from your younger sister at any time." After that, she paused and turned around and waved her hand at Su Jing. "You can come at any time if you want to drink noodle soup!"
We visited Zong Sujing with our younger brothers for several days respectively, and took people back to the motherland. On the way, the mouths of the three corpses almost didn’t stop for a moment to talk and talk, and there were endless topics. I don’t know which one started. In the past few decades, the newly-built family has constantly challenged the noble family, and everyone has been disturbed. Su Jing suddenly found a reason to say that he hadn’t seen San Grandpa for a long time, and took out some gifts from his bag. Please ask the three corpses to help him run for a trip, thank the floor and pay tribute to Su Jing.
Three grandfathers have deep pockets and Su Jing is polite. In the past, he will come back with heavy gifts and thank the floor for food and beauty. Naturally, he promised to go happily.
Su Jing, a three-scoundrel, took out the purple painted skin and said to his four brothers around him, "Let’s choose one and wear it and go around with me."
Chen Jing was curious, "What did Master take us to?"
Sun Xijia narrowed his eyes "and wear painted skin … unless to do bad things? !” My little girl talks about "doing bad things" in a veiled way. Sun Xijia is in high spirits. His words are eloquent.
"Hu said away from the mountain, both are the right way, and Tianzong will not be evil! Teacher is to see if you practice swordsmanship, "Su Jingxiao replied.
It’s midsummer. It’s June 27th.
There are nine thousand three hundred miles apart between Nerowood and Lishan. Su Jing walked for almost two months with four younger brothers. It was the end of the month when he returned to Lishan …
Take off the painted skin and enter the mountain gate. Go to the Star Peak on the bank of Linqing to meet senior brother first.
Lin Qing-pan is really a leisure man. He went fishing in a pool deep in the mountain. A small fire was built around him to catch one. After eating, he baked one and then went fishing by the fire. Two flagons have just started. Su Jing and four younger generations have just caught a big fish and are rubbing scales with their sleeves.
See the teacher younger brother came Lin Qing side waved and laughed "just right, it’s a real treat."
There is a joke in the practice door that faces northwest and opens your mouth wide, which means that if you drink the northwest wind, you will have a meal. The profound generation of practice will breathe in aura and melt into the body. Kun will no longer need to eat. Occasionally, he may pick a drop of summer flower honey dew and put a piece of green tea in his mouth. That’s all. It’s a rare sight to see.
When they came near, four younger generations claimed that Shi Bo paid homage to Su Jing at the riverside of Lin Qing, and immediately laughed, "Brother, is this … grilled fish enlightenment?"
The children are naughty, that is, pretending to be weird. What is naughty compared with Su Jing’s four younger generations?
The magnificent Tianzong, the master of the sword leaving the mountain, and the younger martial uncle brought four Xiaozhen all the way from north to south. When they met the new Sect, they went to fold their prestige … Because the newcomers have always come to challenge the mountain for decades, this is equal.
"It’s not a bad thing for newcomers to practice suddenly to gain great strength and teachers to guide their mood. It’s not a bad thing to lose their spirit at this time." Lin Qingpan gave Su Jing a good excuse and laughed for a while, and then the question was absent-minded.
Such as? What’s like? It’s nothing more than two things. Our brother is like a challenged family.
The spring tide of Lingyuan has come, but in recent decades, how profound can those new sects be in such a short time even if they have the opportunity to make things happen? There is no match for the evil spirit. Shuangxijia, four talents, have earned hard work, have been instructed by famous teachers, and have been practicing the Dharma doll on the top. They have been solid all the way. However, several clans have impressed Su Jing deeply. Their magic swords are biased, evil and sharp, which is quite unique.
Su Jing probably talked about the challenges all the way, and finally said, "There are many amazing people among the people who have achieved enlightenment in the spring tide, and the art of surprise is fashionable and short-lived, and it may become a climate in a short time."
When listening to the story, Lin Qing nodded noncommittally and pulled out two pieces of jade slips from his sleeve and handed them to Su Jing, who took them. The first piece was Su Jing’s parade period, and there was nothing to say. What is recorded in the last piece of jade slips is what happened recently in the practice of Taoism, where new sects rose and which old sects recovered from injuries, etc. Most of them are not worth mentioning, but there is one thing that interests Su Jing.

Lingqing knew at that time that Wen Jun had broken through.

He evolved from Wen Jun into a peach tree. After all, she was very fond of a peach tree in Taoshan.
At this time, it was another breakthrough in Taoshan Taolin, but I didn’t expect that with the vitality of heaven and earth, a ten-foot lotus flower in Fiona Fang rose.
Lotus leaves are rippling like water waves.
Then, every petal of the lotus blossom has a spiritual brilliance full of vitality.
Luotao Mountain is absorbed by every fruit tree and gradually gathers its own spirituality.
When all the layers of lotus petals show a 91-petal violet pavilion independent Taoshan Peak,
A more intense clear glow falls on all the fruit trees in the mountain.
Although the remaining plants in the distance have not changed like this, they have become full of aura and vitality.
Wen Jun is sitting in the lotus heart and looking at Fang’s blooming vitality. All kinds of spiritual plants show a sincere and innocent smile.
Then she took all kinds of visions and turned her head into a lotus flower.
On weekdays, she was silent, and at this time, she didn’t have the meaning of poetry and mood at this time.
It’s not that she won’t be proficient in the classical education that the warring States deputy received.
But she’s not used to it.
Afterwards, Lingqing also learned from Wen Jun that her nine violets not only have protective energy, but also contain all the vitality.
At the same time, she also integrated the spirit of the ancient dragon into the process and cultivated a kind of spirituality.
In the future, it will be very convenient and easy for her if this violet comes to enlighten the vegetation elves.
With people in fairyland, her demand for the spirit sword and golden cicada method is naturally not so strong.
And a brainwave, although it has not yet been condensed, has not been practiced, but it is almost the same.
I want to stay in view of the new year, and he will surely be able to combine all kinds of wonderful things with all kinds of beasts and bodies to practice the wonderful things and break through the fairyland.
During this period, he devoted himself to practicing. Will he come? Where is the leisure to refine this spirit sword method?
For him, the spirit sword method is definitely not as big as his unseen immortal practitioner.
Therefore, apart from Wen Jun asking for a few, the two wanted to see if they could see if Violet and Qi Ling had a brainwave at all.
A few days later, Lingqing was still combing the blessed land of Qingyun Mountain by the boundary tree, and he saw Taoist Yun-sheng coming to him and said, "Someone is asking for an audience outside Guanzhu Mountain.
Self-proclaimed fame and hatred is the old knowledge of the Lord to thank him. "
"Oh, invite him in," said Ling Qing after a pause.
Since the second time, he helped him and Lu Qing and others to take it, and then he didn’t care about revenge.
Later, I also heard that Qiu Feibai and others contributed a lot to the destruction of Xiao Mo and others.
He is applying for permission.
After all, Qiu Feibai and others had put it bluntly and didn’t commit anything. It was just mixed with Xiao Mo and others.
And it was later confirmed that they didn’t know it at first and helped them cheat some people.
Later, I found out that Xiao Mo and others had fallen out after their evil deeds.
It’s nothing to be biased against the Ministry of Special Affairs in the past.
Anyone who has cultivated some evil laws will subconsciously be suspicious of the Secret Service Department.
At this time, it’s been a month since the second action, and I want Lu Qing to have finished handling things.
After a while, Lingqing saw Taoist Yun-shen coming with Qiu Feibai and a very attractive young man, a teenager, a woman with a cold body and a burly monk.
As soon as they saw Lingqing, the five people bowed their hands and said, "I have seen a Muslim."
"Don’t bother" Lingqing stretched out his hand and said, "Please go inside."
Said to them, please come into Qingling Pavilion.
After the placement, Qiu Feibai introduced several of his companions to Lingqing.
It was Fan Long, Wang Hou, Xue Shu and the monk who broke the precepts.
Then I looked at him and smiled. "This time, thanks to the matchmaking of real people, we can suffer from twists and turns."
I’m waiting for this time to thank the real person for helping me. "
Compared with Ling Qing’s vice middle school, when he saw him, his face was a little more relaxed, and the sunshine was a little less dull and gloomy.
"Our brothers also have nothing good. We have previously got some spirit animals and blood to give to the Taoist priest."
After the speech, he took out a conch from the bosom and raised his hand to send a few cases beside Lingqing.
This kind of snail that can hold things has also been collected a lot in other cities.
Lingqing doesn’t want to accept his things. After all, it’s just a little effort for himself.
Besides, how many people suffered before they acted to destroy Xiao Mo and his party?
Naturally, he didn’t want their reward, but he wouldn’t refuse when he heard the spirit beast Jingxue.
"So being original would be disrespectful." Lingqing knocked on the table to show her acceptance and looked at them.
"This is also your totally without making any mistakes to have this result.
If you are not afraid, you will be as good as Lu Tiansheng. "
"True" QiuFeiBai and others nodded deeply.
This time, after seeing Jing Yesi uprooting Xiao Mo and his gang and saving the victims, they completely understood the power of the Secret Service.
At the same time, it also gave some recognition to the Ministry of Special Affairs.
After all, it is the Ministry of Special Affairs that really maintains the current peace situation and does not make the reality jungle.
Lingqing can also hear from their words that they are really sincere.
So it is much more valued.
It is also very commendable to say that mud is evil and not stained.

I’m afraid this northern ghost emperor has cooked uncooked rice into cooked rice. It will be polite to ask him for approval.

If he doesn’t approve Chu Jiangwang’s insistence on the possibility that the elite horses in the underworld will clash with the ghost emperor Ulla in the north.
That’s not what they want to see.
They have more important things to do with Ulla.
"But we must not respect other Yamaraja opinions too much, and the number of emergency calls should not exceed 3,000," said cloudy day.
"Half five thousand"
"Five thousand is a little more and emergency transfer …"
"Most of the other three families are nine guards. If there are no five thousand elites, I dare not act." Ulla will carry her own conditions to death.
"Five thousand is five thousand."
"Then please tell the other ten halls Yamaraja to recruit whatever team I touch," Ulla said.
Ula’s cloudy day soon ended the communication. The communication between the two is a direct consciousness. The communication in the seal is not known by Xu tui and others.
After the communication, Ulla didn’t talk much nonsense, but waited quietly.
A minute later, the Red Tiger Ghost King suddenly received an order from Chu Jiangwang to temporarily serve the Northern Ghost Emperor Ulla.
"Have you received the news? Take out the seal of the ghost king. From now on, you and your department will be under my command!" Ura ordered
The Red Tiger Ghost King was startled and released his ghost king’s seal. His expression was very complicated, especially when he received another instruction from Chu Jiangwang.
"Follow Ulla to report his whereabouts at any time!"
What is he?
Does a three-faced spy count?
I was stunned when I retired. Can this be regarded as a god?
Chapter one thousand two hundred and sixteen Difficult to share the burden
Old people, old ghosts and old spirits
The Red Tiger Ghost King has been born for at least 2,000 years in the post-hell era. How refined is the old ghost?
This fellow directly told Xu back the order sent to him by Chu Jiangwang.
It can be said that the Red Tiger Ghost King knows very well who really can control his life and death.
Chu Jiangwang is actually the best to deal with, even if you want to annihilate him, you need a series of means.
At present, the ghost emperor Uraz in the north, although the power of thunder is terrible, especially with the cooperation of the thunder department, is amazing.
But it’s as easy to annihilate the old ghost of Red Tiger and Ghost King as it is to crush the ghost of Seven Guards.
If Ula really can crush a ghost king as easily as killing a chicken, then what does he want with the ghost king?
He is directly the enemy himself.
And the scariest and scariest thing is that at this time, I am sad and shy behind the Red Tiger Ghost King, Lord Taishan.
This Taishan mansion gentleman directly stamped his true spirit. If you want to move your mind, you don’t need to make a big noise. The Red Tiger Ghost King will be completely annihilated on the spot.
Even let him die directly in front of the cloudy day, and the cloudy day will not be saved.
It may not be possible to find out the truth afterwards, and it can be said that he died mysteriously.
This kind of situation has just been honored to be a spy on three sides. The Red Tiger Ghost King naturally knows who he really needs to be careful to serve!
Nature is behind Taishan Fujun changed hands and gave Xu back the latest command from Chu Jiangwang.
If you want to say that he is timid, please or whatever, it is understandable that this is the investment made by the Red Tiger Ghost King in the future.
After being banished for 3,000 years, the Taishan Mansion has come back quietly. What do you think he is doing here?

It seems that many people think that the country is strong because of the emperor Su Yonglin, not because of a certain idea.

This was unexpected in Su Yonglin’s nine-year career as emperor.
Being an emperor at first was the best choice to adapt to that chaotic era and the background of that era.
However, when his status as emperor led everyone out of chaos, his aura had surpassed that of the emperor, and he became more dazzling because he was too dazzling.
He was not consecrated by the emperor, and the emperor was consecrated by him.
It is because when some people are dissatisfied with his policies, they first think of not threatening his position as emperor, but hoping to gain some possibilities to change the situation by occupying the position of chairman and through his status and strength.
They believe that Su Yonglin and his descendants should continue to be emperors and continue to use this golden signboard to maintain the sanctity of the big surface.
While that interior should be hand over to the "chairman" who is in the interest of the elders to complete the adoption of a de facto dual monarchy to safeguard the interests of the old people.
This made Su Yonglin feel strongly dissatisfied.
The emperor should not continue to symbolize the sufferings of the ancient people, the great need of the revolution and the emperor’s complete cutting. Even a thorough constitutional monarchy should not be allowed, let alone this dog-blood dual monarchy.
China doesn’t need an emperor, China doesn’t need nobles, China belongs to the revolutionary masses, and he wants to cut off the last small tail of the old days, even if it is himself.
The revival members’ reaction to this was in line with all his expectations, and they were frightened, appalled, incomprehensible and unacceptable at the moment.
Members immediately had problems such as ruling succession and public security after Su Yonglin, which was their greatest concern.
They are very worried and scared. It is because Su Yonglin is the emperor and in charge of the Ministry that the country is today. One day Su Yonglin will not be the emperor. What will the conference look like?
Su Yonglin is Su Yonglin. If Su Yonglin doesn’t grow up, what will the conference look like?
This is what Su Yonglin is most worried about.
Moreover, it seems that there is a trend theory recently, which is quietly dispelling the positive significance brought by a series of revolutionary policies to the big society and secretly grafting this positive significance to Su Yonglin.
What is the positive meaning transferred to the "emperor" body.
People who do this kind of thing are trying to make people think that great achievements are not driven by a series of revolutionary policies, not by the change of ideas, not by institutional changes.
But because of [the emperor]
Chapter 141 Don’t need royalty or nobility.
This is a terrible thinking, a thinking that makes Su Yonglin very angry, and a thinking that completely ignores the facts.
Today, the great people can get everything and enjoy all the benefits. Did the emperor bring it to them?
Su Yonglin’s answer to him is also very accurate.
"What people get today and what we get is given by the emperor? Is it the emperor’s merciful reward? Wrong! It’s the result of our bloody struggle! It’s the sacrifice of several soldiers! It’s the revolution!
This is also the reason why I want to establish the mass representative system and the central conference system. These two systems are to safeguard the current revolutionary achievements and the interests of the people. They are the first step in the great political reform and an important step to get rid of the feudal emperor.
The central conference system is the decision-making body of the Ministry of Renaissance, and this institution was born not from fate, but from the selection of the central conference, and it is responsible to the representatives of the masses who represent the interests of the masses
The representatives of the masses will review the central meeting to make decisions, or pass or reject the representative body. It is not necessary to put one person in the Ministry in the future, and it is not necessary to pin everything on one person. "
Members were puzzled by Su Yonglin’s sudden "attack", but they knew for a long time that Su Yonglin was going to hold a central meeting and a mass representative office. This was not a whim, but Su Yonglin thought about it for a long time.
But he didn’t say that the real core of these two policies is so earth-shattering!
What kind of country is a country without an emperor or a king?
In this era, there is no emperor or king country. When Su Yonglin overthrew the state of Jin, so many people expected Su Yonglin to be emperor.
Great inertia pushes people to the path they are familiar with, and when someone wants to start a change, everyone’s first reaction is fear, and then they will consider whether this matter is in their own interest.
If it is in your own interest, then support it, if it is not in your own interest, then oppose it.
Although Su Yonglin always talks about the people, no one can guess that he not only says but also does it.
After the initial fear ended, the members who attended the revival meeting began to think and drew many preliminary conclusions.
From this point of view, many people initially believe that this situation is not in their interest.
Some people say that most people can’t even recognize the basic ability to participate in and discuss state affairs. Can such a group of people form a mass representative to be responsible for the long-term development of the country?
Some people think that Su Yonglin and his descendants are the most qualified countries for hereditary rule. If he gives up this qualification, what terrible turmoil will happen to the country?
Has Su Yonglin considered these issues?
Su Yonglin doesn’t think so.
"The country produces and creates wealth because they pay taxes, and they join the army to fight. They respond to the call of the government to work and build everything and produce wealth. They do everything, so why can’t they be responsible for the long-term development of the country?"
Su Yonglin called up the member who had just questioned the mass representative system and asked him a separate question.
"People are born to read, and are born to understand the truth? Are people born to decide what they should and should not do? It used to be, but isn’t what I led you to do to destroy this cage? How come now we have to reshape this cage in turn? "
The member endured the crowd’s gaze and blushed.
"No … I …"
"I ask you if you can read and understand the truth?"
"receive education"
"The answer has already appeared."
Su Yonglin spread out his hands. "If they can’t read, teach them to read. If they don’t know the truth, teach them to know the truth. Which of our food and clothing is not produced by the people? The people produce and support us, and we need the mass representative system to repay the people. "
Some members agreed after thinking and nodded their heads.
Some members have doubts about this and question the practical feasibility of this decision.
Su Yonglin said that there is a long way to go, and he will not abdicate immediately and not be emperor, but he can take his time sometimes.
Let the mass representative system and the central conference system become operational and mature, and so on. These systems are actually running, that is, it is time for the emperor’s career to die.
"I still say that no one was born to suffer, and no one was born to rule others. My status today is because of struggle, because my comrades believed in me, and I made the right decision, so I became a big leader.
But my son has no credit, no experience and no comrades-in-arms believe that he is not qualified to be a leader. Only when he is recognized by everyone can he become a great leader, but he cannot be a leader by blood.
We revolutionaries fought all the way to make this bloodline hereditary system disappear completely, to wipe out this ugly idea completely, to open the social promotion channel completely, and to give everyone a chance to do what they want! This is the true meaning of revolution! "
Su Yonglin simply spoke thoroughly and overthrew the leader’s bloodline. Not only that, but he also made a further declaration.
"Before the rectification movement, I heard that many people questioned my motivation. I heard that some people recognized my hand to the elders because I felt that too many elders would affect my strength and my dominance.
Others said that it was because I began to want to set up Taitai to inherit the throne to my son, and too many elders occupied high positions, which was a great threat to my heirs. It was out of the emperor’s mind that I chose to hand them over.
They say that emperors have done this all through the ages, and I am no exception. I am repeating what happened, that’s all, so I will respond now. I punish them with public interests and no selfishness.
Su Yonglin won’t be emperor forever, but he will abdicate when the time comes. The Su family can’t be a big royal family. I don’t need a royal family or a noble. I don’t need my grandchildren to inherit a big inheritance, and I can’t allow them to do so.
The big foundation doesn’t belong to me and my family. The big foundation belongs to the people. Some people are just as dirty when they are dirty. I want to tell them about this kind of people. "
Su Yonglin looked around the meeting place.
"I will defend the achievements of the great revolution to the death. Anyone who dares to destroy the achievements of the great revolution is my enemy of life and death! I will do everything at all costs to kill them all! "
Chapter 1411 Operation on yourself
Su Yonglin knocked heavily on the wooden table in front of him, and the dull sound got into everyone’s ears.

Chapter two hundred and thirteen Fireworks in the stars

Chen Yi binjiang road business circle looks up at the stars, but the hearts of the stars are full of lofty aspirations.
"People are making money in nightclubs, people are making money in bars, and people still have new office buildings to cherish your opportunities …"
After feeling, he figured out how much it would cost him to buy the original Binhe Road subway in the CBD area, which is called the sub-center of the city. Or the business circle is located in the middle of the business circle, and it is constantly developing with the help of the subway. Its radius of five kilometers actually means the whole business circle. If the redemption method is called Jiangning Riverside Trade Zone, which is 25 square kilometers, there are almost 20,000 square meters of buildings, and the 5 yuan price per square meter needs 100 million yuan …
That’s stupid!
After simple calculation, Chen Yi came to such a conclusion.
Actually, even if people buy money at a price of 100 million yuan, they won’t appreciate it. On the contrary, there will be more nails in groups. Chen Yi suddenly has some sympathy for Mitsubishi Group’s demolition, so don’t play demolition if people are not doing things!
If it’s a little dark, light a torch and clean the regional buildings directly, and then take over after a big case, it’s a cheaper solution. It’s risky, but it’s not necessarily better than redemption of the big energy CBD regional Anjialuo company. Where is a good picture? It’s a gentle rain for the people and a storm for the landlord’s old money, because the people will only break out when they arrive, and the landlord’s old money will break out if it’s a gentle rain or a storm.
However, Chen Yi thought that after all, I am a promising landlord, and I can’t wrestle in the process of running towards the future.
From this, it is concluded that it is unrealistic to talk about redemption or sabotage.
After the first plan was rejected, Chen Yi turned to the second plan to buy a piece of land big enough to build his own regional world.
An entry-exit inspection agency and a foreigner are stationed in the building.
He looks around the hypermarket-high-end supermarkets in CR Vanguard are not easy to buy; It is not cost-effective for Meijiang Building with the height for 12 meters and the construction area for 10; 000 square meters less. Jiangjing Modern Industrial Cluster Area covers an area of 230,000 square meters, with a construction area of less than one trillion yuan, plus liquidated damages for various lively stores inside …
Chen Yi’s head is as big as a bucket of light. Why is it such a busy place? When I passed by, I thought it was quiet enough at night and the lights were bright enough. Now it’s a golden hole to look at.
Several young people talked and laughed from behind him. After a vague tone and a beautiful Nv Jiao smile, many people looked over and envied their eyes, which stimulated them to laugh even more.
This kind of place where land is precious, Chen Yi wears sports and stares at the sky. The look can’t help but arouse people’s suspicion. Beauty Jiao laughs, "Come to the town, hillbilly. Come here and reward you with hundreds of dollars to play with women …"
Hugging his man laughed. "Oh, you still have to show off in an ostentatious manner. Are hundreds of dollars enough to play with women? Gu, when you beg for mercy in front, you don’t have this name … "
"Little-"The beauty twisted her body with a long tone and smiled. "A few hundred dollars to play with a woman like me is definitely not enough to play with him. That’s enough. This is-when you play with me, I am a little girl. When I play with him, I am his aunt."
A group of people cried and laughed.
Laugh less and beat down. "Good, good metaphor. Fang Yu, you Jiangning women are really gentle and sensible."
Hearing this name, Chen Yi slowly turned and frowned.
I don’t know how Fang Yu woke up when she shook her head, but she seemed to have an egg in her mouth and said, "Shirt, you also came to play. These are me … Peng You."
Chen Yi said with true colors, "If you don’t tell me, I really have some Taishi characters coming. Please sign up for them."
His attitude is not bad, but he is absolutely impolite. He has to work hard to calculate after a hard day’s work, so Chen Yi didn’t try to keep him polite and gentle before, and at least he should be normal.
The little beauty is worried about getting into trouble. Jiao laughs. "Handsome guys, we are all drunk …"
"Shut up," said Chen Yi, looking at the little beauty who spoke just now in disgust. "I know you don’t know who I am, but I want to know who you are. Don’t say a word until you decide to let me know who you are. Is it white? "
Women pretend to be drunk and laugh and keep looking at men around them, trying to make him stand out.
Help yourself to choose a little beauty and look at Chen Yi seriously. "I’m Antu. Who are you?"
"I haven’t heard the name. Who is your father?"
Such a hint is almost adding fuel to the fire. Antu couldn’t help saying, "I’m a German regiment, and who are you?"
In a strange place, he was worried about which local strongman he had provoked, but seeing Fang Yu’s familiarity, he also had some guesses in his heart.
Chen Yi feels that the German regiment is also a surname, and it is naturally a big boss in the private enterprise.
He turned to Fang Yu and asked, "Do you want to get involved in the demolition of Jiangbei by hanging out with the German regiment?"
Fang Yu’s period Ai Ai said, "Germany didn’t ask me to take part in the demolition. They asked me to accommodate some traffic matters."
He knew that Chen Yi had built a martial arts school in Jiangbei, and that the martial arts school deliberately resisted the demolition of Mitsubishi Jiangbei. However, the German regiment offered a very good condition-20,000 yuan a month to entertain 10,000 yuan, and all the demolition waste would be packaged and treated to his company, which was equivalent to half-sending and half-selling. If you count it as a rough one, you will lose 10,000 yuan a month. His salary is only a few thousand yuan a month, and he will earn 10,000 yuan for hundreds of months!
Germany has always abided by the agreement between the two sides, and does not require Fang Yu to participate in the demolition process. He himself is also sitting on the scrap and making a fortune. Today, it is the first time that he has invited less people. He officially talked about the demolition of Jiangbei. Fang Yu did not express his position. Unexpectedly, he met Chen Yi before he left binjiang road
His cover-up is too simple. Chen Yi is not good at saying that "Jiangbei is not something you should quit."
Fang Yu was a little uneasy and quite unhappy when she fell in front of Chen Yi’s friends, so she waved her arm and said, "Chen Yi, don’t forget that I am your cousin!"
"Stay out of my business."
Less "yo yo" yelled to Fang Yu, who also showed proud smile.
"Maybe I should call my uncle and ask him to tell you whether you should quit Jiangbei demolition?" Chen Yi doesn’t want to be too stiff or he should punch him in the face now.
Although he didn’t really do it, his fierce eyes made the two foes on the other side swallow their saliva. Everyone has seen blood, and people know that fear is the best way to fight in fear.
I don’t know where I am. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," I waved my fingers and said, "This is not right. If you can’t beat it, tell your parents that we primary school students never play this."
He hugged the little beauty and giggled like an egg goose.
Fang Yu knew that Chen Yi was seriously worried that the fire was too bad, so she blushed and smiled. "You just go home. I just do some scrap business. You didn’t want to join and you won’t tear down your martial arts school."
Say that finish also ease the atmosphere smile.
The smiling face is embossed like the base of a wine bottle.
He didn’t know that insatiability men were angry and the German conspiracy made him feel bad. It would have been too late to add a little conflict just now
Chen Yi smiled instead of anger and said, "Don’t tear down my martial arts school. Are you ready to go back? Which car? "
"The Mercedes S train" Fang Yu also refers to a.
In front of the parking lot, there is a Mercedes-Benz car with smooth and shiny oil, just like a car that ate braised pork and didn’t wipe its mouth.

"No, it’s probably outside the river. Then again, Mr. Earthwork, aren’t the two of us on duty? And there seems to be no such island in Jiang? " Okita Sougo looked around.

"Hey kid, where are you from?" Sakaguchi Tian Yin asked Allen to play around in her arms.
"I came from the wall. Our investigation corps was searching for people nearby, and then I fell into a cliff and woke up here." Allen was a little confused
"That your waist weapon is investigation corps? What is the investigation corps? " Sakata silver caught the key point in Allen’s words.
"What is the investigation corps? You don’t even know about the investigation corps? Is this really outside the wall? Is this the sea at first sight? " Allen surprise pointed to the sea.
"ha? You haven’t even seen the sea? " Sakata silver surprised to see Allen island, although the area is very large, but people who have never seen the sea are almost not.
"Of course, many people in the wall have not seen things here. We must report them to the investigation corps." Allen was excited.
"Hey kid you should not be his planet? What do you think the wall is? " Okita Sougo asked.
"Heaven and man? Is that what people outside call people in the wall? From the wall to here across the number of giants can be called heaven and man "Allen scratched his head seems a little embarrassed.
"Giant?" four
"Ah, don’t you know?" Allen was shocked.
"Giants Jiang … You four are not from parallel worlds, are you?" Kotaro, an elite-educated Yamen, boldly guessed.
"Parallel worlds?" Sakaguchi Tian Yin looked at Yamen Kotaro puzzled, and so did the three of them.
Amen Kotaro Naihao explained the concept of parallel world once again.
"So there are giants in this little world and we lived hundreds of years ago?" Sakata silvered white. Unbelievable
"Yeah, and I’m here. Maybe this is another parallel world, but it should be a modern society to be able to see the lights opposite." Yamen Kotaro completely confirmed the current situation
"Hey, always realize if I’m drunk?" Hijikata Toushirou black face way
"Mr. Earthwork is probably out of his mind. I can help you do an removal operation." Okita Sougo knocked on Hijikata Toushirou’s head
"What a joke! You are a pale soul! " Hijikata Toushirou roared.
"Stop arguing and find a place to spend the night. I hope this island has food." Yamen Kotaro took the lead in walking into the forest.
Allen and Sakata Yin followed. It has been dark for a while. If you go like this again, you will sleep on this beach.
"What about Mr. Earthwork?" Okita Sougo is the so-called place where they are not afraid at all.
"Follow him. If what he says is true, then our identity is a big problem," Hijikata Toushirou thought.
All five people went into the forest.
half an hour later
"It’s a good thing I have a lighter." Hijikata Toushirou slurred as he ate the roast rabbit.
"Go to sleep after eating. One of you and I, Miss Silver, can sleep in my clothes. If they dare to touch you, I will never spare them." Amen Kotaro said seriously.
"Thank you for being such a good man." Sakata Yin smiled sweetly and went to sleep safely. Actually, she also knew that Okita Sougo and Hijikata Toushirou could not touch her.
Allen looked at the flame and couldn’t sleep. He was very worried at the thought that he might not be able to go back. He didn’t say that he was caught by Lena because he didn’t want to bring panic to the four.
As a result, I didn’t expect him to panic first.
"Kid, do you want one?" Hijikata Toushirou sat beside Allen and handed him a cigarette.
"I won’t" Allen politely refused.
"Although I have never been to your world, I can see that there is hatred in your eyes, but no murder means that you hate people and hurt you and yourself." Hijikata Toushirou lit a cigarette.
"Well, my strength is too weak to defeat them. If there are people from the investigation corps together, I believe I can go back to the basement to solve the giant mystery sooner or later." Allen clenched his fist
"If you are too strong, you will carry a lot. Anyway, since you are here, you have to live well and go back." Hijikata Toushirou looked at Allen with a mouthful of smoke.
"Thank you, Mr. Earthwork." Allen nodded.
"Give me one, too." Yamen Kotaro offered to beg for a cigarette.
Hijikata Toushirou handed him a yamen. Kotaro took a sip and coughed a few times to get used to it.
"If you have more spirit, you can stay up until dawn, and then we will make a simple boat and go to the city." Amen Kotaro looked at the moonlight by the mouth of the cave.
"When we get to the city, it’s up to you. You know more about the situation here than any of us," Hijikata Toushirou continued.
"It is also possible that the future world will go to someone’s place first anyway." Yamen Kotaro shook his head to confirm this matter.
"I wonder what will happen if Kondo Sang knows that we are missing?" Okita Sougo by cave wall light way
They were silent for a while, leaving the sound of flames.
Sakata silver turned his back on the crowd and didn’t fall asleep. It is no longer a familiar place, which makes her feel uneasy.
Chapter 16 Secret Opponents
On the 29th, Yunxuan was finally discharged from the hospital. Qin Zhihua was almost succeeded by Yunxuan on the last day. When Yunxuan was discharged from the hospital, she refused to come out.
The island countries are very busy these days.
First of all, Sato appeared to have an immortal body. He washed more than a dozen big companies in a row, and finally his limbs were cut off by Yunxian in the secret service group, and somewhere in the secret service group was frozen.
The limbs have been handed over to Yunxuan for testing. Sato’s head is frozen and it is impossible to resurrect.
Then Oboro appeared to add a powerful assistant to the virtual hand.
Finally, the number of people wounded by the masked men against the secret service group reached 15, and two species were captured alive and have been transported to the secret service group for freezing.
The island incident caused the secret service to note that the only thing they felt lucky was that these people did not show up in China.
"Misha, please stop." Yunxuan saw people walking past the mall in the car and smiled.
Car three misha stopped the car without hesitation because it was forbidden to stop here, even if it was a ticket, it was Yunxuan’s order
Yunxuan got off the bus and went to a coffee shop.
"Meiqin classmates didn’t expect to meet you here. I have got some news about that." Yunxuan walked into the coffee shop and faced Misaka Mikoto Road.
"YunXuanJun find a place to say again" Misaka Mikoto looked around here a lot of ordinary people is not convenient to talk.
Yunxuan ordered a head of three people out of the door car, and three beautiful sand cars came to Xuanxun House without saying a word.
"I’ve found the device, but it’s almost impossible to repair it … This is the secret service plan." Yunxuan walked upstairs to Misaka Mikoto low road.
Three people came to the fifth floor. Misaka Mikoto looked at the burner and looked at the documents. Misaka Mikoto’s face appeared a bit worried.
"This document was hidden in this container. It should have been picked up by a beggar and sold to waste garbage because it was not burned in rainy days. It was my intention to find this document out from the inside." Yunxuan explained the source again.
This plan is called Artificial God of War, and it is planned to capture all anime characters and then clone and extract their genes to make the secret service the strongest.
Face with secret service layer signature and fingerprints.
"I believe you" Misaka Mikoto put the file and sighed.
"Sister’s adult …" Shirai Black knows how much the Misaka Sister incident has affected Misaka Mikoto. That thing still hurts Misaka Mikoto today.
"Sister, it’s been a long time, long time, no.16 Imperial Sakamoto greeted me cordially." No.16 Imperial Sakamoto came out of the room.
"This … how did you get here?" Misaka Mikoto consternation way
"I was summoned earlier than my elder sister. I didn’t expect my elder sister to come to this world. No.16 Imperial Sakamoto said that I was very happy." No.16 Imperial Sakamoto said that the corners of her mouth became warped, which didn’t look like happiness.
"There is something special about her. When these summoning characters appear in this world, it seems that there will be corresponding anime characters." Yunxuan simply said.

Ji Luoling heard a meal and then Xi Xi laughed. "Naturally, I followed him to play. This time, I finally ran out of the house and met someone so interesting."

"Funny, you big ye"
Sue should finish calling out the ship and go straight with Xiaoqiang.
"My uncle was cheated by you."
JiLuoLing ground whisper half sentence then rose up and went straight to Sue should ship.
Although this is the place where the Demon City is located, there are hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Demon Temple. He is not interested in what the Demon Conference is, mainly to go to the Demon Temple.
"Your surname is Ji. I once had a friend named Ji. Are you also a Ji family?" Sue should smile asked.
"I won’t tell you."
Ji Luoling curled his lips and smiled. "If my adults know that I will make friends with Brother Su as soon as I go out, you will have to break your legs when you go back. Don’t ask Brother Su anyway, I won’t tell you!"
Su Ying heard the words and secretly shook her head. Although this girl doesn’t say anything, Su Ying can also see some clues, but since the other party has no malice, he himself is also called.
The ship is fast, and Jiluoling chatters all the way like a bird just released from a cage.
She has a strange charm. Although she is very straightforward, she doesn’t hesitate to say that she should make friends directly, but it makes people feel good about her.
Just then, I suddenly saw a thick coolness in front of me. The hull of Su Yinglou in the cabin is a magic weapon, but even so, it can’t stop this coolness.
JiLuoLing somberly low way "ghost Buddha city here …"
"Ghost Buddha city? What is this place? " Sue should be strange way
"It is said that it used to be a Buddhist holy place before, and then it was robbed overnight, and hundreds of millions of thunders chopped and killed all the monks in the mountain, so there was not even a mouse or a fly left."
Ji Luoling put away his somberly look and said, "It is said that there are ghosts and evil buddhas here. This person is so powerful that we must be careful."
Su Ying walked out of the cabin and looked ahead. It was a dilapidated mountain. There were some grand temple ruins faintly visible, but these temples were already ruined and desolate.
You can see a long jack-o’-lantern floating around everywhere in the mountains.
The most terrible thing is that the mountains are covered with some huge sword pits, which are bottomless, as if the sky were falling and the swords penetrated deeply into the mountains and killed all the creatures in the mountains!
"I have heard from my family that it seems that this Buddhist holy land, Hokkeji, has offended a certain god, and that god has been angry and punished by heaven. Those sword pits are really traces left by lightning strikes. Those monks died unwilling to die and were full of rage and hatred for the gods, so they turned the spectre into wandering around here."
"Who is that evil Buddha?" Su Ying asked.
Ji Luoling shook his head and said, "I don’t know. It is said that the ghost Buddha was a Taoist monk in the Zongmen Holy Land. Later, he was unwilling to occupy this place and turned it into a ghost Buddha city. We have to be careful and be entangled in those ghost buddhas and ghosts."
Su Ying nodded, and the boat slowly passed through the ghost Buddha City. Suddenly, the Ran Ran in the ghost Buddha City rose in poverty, peace, tranquility and awe-inspiring. It felt like sweeping away all evils and transforming the world!
In the Buddha’s light, a golden Buddha sits in a virtual figure, looks handsome and flies all over the sky, chanting the Buddha’s name, and the Buddha is crashing to sing the Buddha’s sound, and the golden light is spreading more and more widely.
"Let Wen and Yuan Jue take advantage of people’s suffering and bind Nirvana Buddha’s convenience."
The Buddha’s voice gives people a feeling of compassion, as if a Taoist monk had turned over all beings to send ghosts to death.
I saw a lot of ghost fires floating faintly, and one by one, the pale ghost monks were looming. These ghost monks sometimes looked ferocious and sometimes looked peaceful when they heard the Buddha’s voice.
Thousands of ghost monks walked into the Buddha’s light, and their spirits became weaker and weaker. It didn’t take long for them to wash away their rage and smile and dissipate into the Buddha’s light.
"This is the Buddhist classic magic lotus sutra!"
Ji Luoling was shocked and shouted, "Is it possible that a Buddhist master came to prepare to turn the ghosts and monks who died here into Buddhists and send them to their afterlife?"
Suddenly, something congenial became strong, and a huge ghost Buddha roared out of the mountains and rushed to the golden Buddha.
"You still can’t let go after thousands of years?"
A clear voice whispered, "Brother Xiu Cheng Da Sheng came here today, which is a great change. Your brothers and sisters also ask you to return to your place and die!"
Su Ying should look at the place where the sound came from and see a white monk kneeling at the foot of the Buddha and prostrating himself deeply.
The ghost Buddha rushed to reach out and grabbed the head of the white monk, but he didn’t catch it. The ghost Buddha’s body trembled and his rage was gradually turned into Buddha’s light. His face recovered as usual and he stepped into the Buddha’s light. "Now the idiot teacher has released his obsession, so do you."
The white monk callous way "brother can’t let go! How can you let thousands of brothers and sisters die when your teacher dies? "
Ghost Buddha sighed and disappeared into the Buddha’s light.
"send the master!"
The monk in white suddenly burst into tears and repeatedly prostrated himself.
The Buddha’s light and the Buddha’s Buddha all dispersed. The white monk got up and turned to the ship. It seems that Jiangnan and others can’t help but make a cold war. Seeing that the monk has no eyes, ears, nose and mouth, his face seems to be a blank sheet of paper.
"How does this guy eat?" Xiaoqiang a wink is curious way
Su Ying nodded and said, "It must be a Buddhist monk to be able to refine such a Buddha’s light and such a giant Buddha to transform thousands of ghosts at a time!"
Chapter seven hundred and forty-seven Nine unique magic monk
The stupid ship Xiaoqiang is still entangled in the problem that the monk with no face is like eating, but Ji Luoling’s face has changed greatly and he exclaimed, "Let’s go! This man is a magic monk dust!"
"Nine unique magic monk dust?" Sue should be puzzled. It’s the first time I heard this title.
Ji Luo Linghua changed color and explained, "It is said that Chen used to be a Taoist monk in Hokkeji. He was young and less than 500 years old, but he has become a great sage. He claims that the nine wonders are more powerful than walking away. This person is even more terrifying than the most vicious devil!"

As soon as I heard this gambling game, I picked it out and said that I didn’t mind any off-the-counter tricks.

A group of professionals were relieved and then the pressure increased sharply.
The stronger the ability, the more and stronger the fraud means.
But fortunately, it can be harmful and can make off-site moves, so everyone can think about it.
And greatly limited the advantages of Io.
After all, all his moves are on the table.
"If you don’t have any complaints, then let’s go on." Lingqing continued to lead a step when he saw people talking again.
Although the banker is Io, it is he who plans to be a dealer who promotes gambling.
After a pause, their names are displayed on the platform one by one.
In addition to the deity Io Druid Daoqing leader.
Arihoshi Zhang Yuan Bai, Monk Fan and Wanderer orochimaru participated in the gambling respectively;
Cherie the bard, David Paul the priest, John Cohen the paladin, Thor the Barbarian;
Warrior Milbarton, warlock Fritter Caesar, evil mage Amon, ranger Andrevich Khiesz Rovsky.
One crystal wall world god, twelve professionals
Subsequently, there were thirteen stone pillars around the altar of one side of the exchange platform
At the top of each column is a sign of one person.
There is no image manifestation. You can see the altar through your own signs and everything around you.
But you can see the situation of others through these signs.
I can’t even feel my emotions or breath.
Although they are not sure whether Io and Lingqing can see their situation, this doubt has relaxed their hearts a little.
There’s still a layer at least.
"Since everyone is not going to quit, then we will come up with our own chips."
Ling Qing said to Io, "Please come first!"
"Since this is my home, I will come to you first to make a sample.
The camp will be divided into camps according to the corresponding standards when all the creatures in the world behave and behave.
This rule is the basis of all truth. "
Io said that the square altar revealed the whole crystal wall world model sand table.
Then a nine-square lattice emerges in its integration model to form a basic rule.
This Jiugongge is naturally divided into camps.
The model world is solidified by the camp rules.
Suddenly, everyone has a cognition in their hearts. This is the Io bet

On the evening of the same day, the second martial brother took the people to the clinic, and after they finished the record, they left, but before leaving, the second martial brother made a sign to call me.

I talked with the second martial brother, Liu Dafeng, in front of two small policemen.
After about half an hour, the cell phone at the next table rang.
Rollin Wang reached out and gave it to me.
"Hey, Second Martial Brother!"
"There was no clue. At that time, we quickly surrounded the whole street. The gun was found, but people had escaped from the crowd. The gun had no fingerprints, and no clues were left. From this point of view, it should be a professional killer. There is no soil for this kind of professional killer. It is likely to be a foreign professional killer. We are investigating the entry and exit records, but I have no hope because this kind of person is probably smuggled into China." The second teacher told me about their on-site investigation.
"Thank you, Second Teacher!"
"You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re all right, or I’ll be ashamed to see the master!" Two exemptions sighed a.
"By the way, the driver of that big truck was drugged, and if he didn’t know anything, he wouldn’t know who took his car halfway." The second martial brother told me about the investigation of the big truck that hit us halfway and then hung up.
Q, this kind of shooting in the downtown area in broad daylight is also a very sensitive period. Naturally, the second martial brother will not want to go home tonight, and the whole police system will have to turn around in the daytime.
Rinrin bell …
Just put the words of the second exemptions, Wang Zhi’s words came in again.
"Brother Chi!" I picked up the phone and said
"Are you all right?" Wang Zhi and I have got along quite well during these years.
"It’s okay. The bullet has been taken out and just handed over to the police you sent."
"I know I’m calling you as a friend now." Wang Zhixiao then said to me, "Nine times out of ten, your enemy won. Be careful."
"Thank you, Brother Chi. I’ll be careful!"
Then we chatted for a few more sentences and then hung up.
"Is it Lian Jiamao?" Since the second martial brother judged that the killer was probably an overseas Chinese, I only offended Lian Jiamao.
If he really planned the shooting this time and let him leave Q city that time, it would be a great disaster to set the tiger back to the mountain, because even the family is too rich to get a certain amount of money, someone will naturally take risks with it.
1 million, maybe no one came to China to kill people, but what about 10 million? Even if Lian Jiamao throws out 100 million yuan to buy my head, I’m afraid I won’t be at peace.
However, I can’t confirm that Lian Jiamao’s recent infiltration into the branch of Yunhai Teahouse next to Weifang City has long since passed, and mosquitoes have also secretly cultivated new forces in Weifang City, so when the time comes, they can send difficulties to Yangjia in Weifang City.
"Don’t be discovered by the yangs? Do not hesitate to send a killer to Q city to attack me? " I was thinking in my heart.
After Yang Jingxing entered the prison, I didn’t mess with him in the prison. Otherwise, even if the Yang family sent a younger brother to protect him, there was no gang in the prison. The signboard of Yizitang in Q city prison is even better than outside.
I’ve thought about my enemies over the years.
The first one is Liu Jun, but he has been killed by me.
The second one is Tian Xinrong, but he has been executed. Maybe he didn’t even know that I was behind him before he died.
The third Xiao Hongfeng is also dead!
The fourth Gao Juxuan, who is just a lost dog, doesn’t have much money and has been kicked out of Q city by me. He can’t have so much energy.
There are only two enemies left, that is, even Jiamao and Yang Jingxi were both badly beaten by me, but neither of them caused the whole death. Even Jiamao was behind the American company Yang Jingxi and behind the Yang family in Weifang City.

Bian Ge Nai replied, "The car is a bug, and we can’t go back … but please rest assured that the bug is not so good at biting the armored car."

"White" senior colonel looks gloomy "Don’t lean back away from the factory if you can’t withdraw!"
Bian Ge Zheng was very disgusted with the tone of the senior colonel. "What do you mean?"
"To prevent accidental injury" Senior Colonel said "100 meters away"
"White" Bian Ge promised to reach a forward order to the people’s troops immediately.
Although the order is reached, it is not so easy to do it. Not only are there many wolves and worms in the armored vehicles, but the swarms are still coming from the west and countercurrent, which is not so simple. Nearly 30 armored vehicles are started at different positions at the same time and slowly accelerated to the west.
Armored wheels are about the size of truck wheels, but they have no advantage in front of wolves and worms. Every time a worm is pressed down, armored vehicles will appear bumps. If the wheels were replaced by tracks, they would have been crushed all the way.
At the same time, we can’t ignore the situation in the factory to attract more attention from wolves and insects. Bian Ge ordered all cars to attract insects by fire, and really attracted a group of wolves and insects to the factory line near armored vehicles to reduce the pressure.
The fighting outside the factory is getting hot, and the dense bullets and rain can also stop the swarm from advancing. However, many soldiers who are about to complete the installation disobeyed orders and pressed against the swarm. Some people sometimes completed the final installation, but instead of returning immediately, they rushed to nearby friendly forces.
Seeing this scene, the senior colonel was moved and was able to order the troops to give more cover, hoping that the soldiers would complete the installation as soon as possible.
I have been reporting the progress of the project with the senior colonel’s behind-the-scenes staff. When the swarm is more than 100 meters away from that row of metal columns, the senior colonel finally ordered the front personnel to retreat immediately.
At this time, the installation progress is about 70%, and a quarter of the metal columns have not been completed.
But at this point, the senior colonel can’t care so much. He gritted his teeth and ordered him to connect to the source.
A flood of guns suddenly mixed with a low and weak buzz, but the gun covered all the weak parts and no one heard them.
The swarm continued to move forward 70 meters, 50 meters and 30 meters … When the first distance set foot at a position more than 20 meters away from the metal column, the flat sphere at the end of the metal column suddenly flashed a winding bluish white light, which hit the charging wolf worm like a weakened flash.
It was not until the wolf worm was caught off guard and was struck to the ground that they heard a "crack" and a crunchy sound that even the dense gun could not cover the sound.
And it’s a flat ball that keeps cracking, flashing like an endless series of chopping wolves. Poor wolves are convulsing and their shells are burning with smoke.
Another wolf worm crossed the dividing line to meet it, and it was also a flash. The wolf worm broke into the position just in two metal columns, and the unlucky wolf worm got two flashes at the same time.
More wolves and worms flock to the factory, and countless flashes split the surging wolves and worms from the flat sphere. When the wolves and worms fall to the ground, they will flash and jump. A flash can chop down three or five wolves and worms.
I don’t know if I got too much flash to dry up the water. A wolf worm was actually lit by flash and the shell burst into flickering flames.
The change outside the factory caused Ye Han and others to pay attention to this scene in the distance. Xiao Yuan was surprised. "Magnetic explosion coil?"
"It’s a Tesla coil!" Yip hon sighs to correct "I didn’t expect them to install this thing"
"I still think the magnetic explosion coil is more suitable," Xiao Yuan said. "Maybe we can build magnetic explosion tanks in the future."
"Have you played too many games?" ChiWei don’t hesitate to accuse "this thing is to want to? Who can afford this thing without the back core? "
"You can do it anywhere!" Xiao yuan said, "isn’t it the same that batons are only loaded with several pools?"
Chiwei suddenly speechless, he really don’t know what is the principle of this thing.
At this time, the coil defense line outside the factory has been overshadowed, just like a flash wall and a flash barrier made by magic in fantasy novel, but no matter what it is, it is always a good way for the insects
A large number of wolves and worms were washed away by the theory that how many wolves and worms were killed by lightning? No one expected that dealing with wolves and worms could be so simple.
Chapter 492 Coil defense (2)
A moment later, even the wolf worm in the armored car was attracted by the flashing Tesla coil, throwing the armored car and empathizing with it.
Bian Ge called a sigh with emotion, "What are we doing? Did you solve this thing early? "
Check "bian ge think like this, senior colonel also regret mo.
He has refused to start the coil because there are still many coils to be completed, fearing that wolves will rush into the factory through the coil gap.
However, the actual situation is that the flash effect is amazing, and the wolves and insects are attracted by the flash and pounce on the factory one after another. None of them are clever enough to avoid reality, and the defense line is full of loopholes. Actually, the light effect is just holding back the swarm.
When senior colonel knew that light could attract wolves and insects, he would let the armed soldiers hold the top for so long?
Look at the unfinished projects. The senior colonel decided, "I order the brothers to wear protective clothing to finish the remaining projects!"