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I can’t see it!

The culture chamber is covered with a layer of silver-gray film, which will block Xu’s spirit from being induced by death.
On how hard Xu tui tried to penetrate this membrane.
Still can’t see what’s in the incubator.
"Is this a telepathic nemesis?"
Xu tui is a little depressed.
One day, the telepathy was discovered and broken by Luo Mu, and then it was almost impossible to induce telepathy before the 14th Institute, and it was blocked by a film.
Xu felt some ideas collapsed.
Spirit does not seem to be the enemy.
There are many nemesis!
Xu tui encountered two kinds today!
This made Xu retreat a lot of new cognition and ideas …
The huge rectangular incubator in the scientific research room surprised many people.
Especially when it is associate with that possible cultivation of’ people’ inside.
Xu returned this surprise to an extreme.
I was still thinking about many problems until I got a bottle of E-class energy supplement from the Gene Research Institute that month.
Is it legal if the culture in the culture warehouse of Institute No.14 is’ human’?
Is it illegal?
If the cultivation in the cultivation warehouse of No.14 Institute is really a’ person’, what research does An Xiaoxue come to do?
Will there be anything bad in these studies?
Chapter sixty-three Look at the new posture
I haven’t returned to the dormitory area yet, so I suddenly realized my idea of retreating.
An Xiaoxue currently presides over Institute No.14, which belongs to Genetic Research Institute.
What institution is the Gene Research Institute?
It is the first scientific research institution affiliated to the highest gene committee in each district.
Kyoto Prefecture, the Gene Research Institute, is the headquarters of Huaxia Gene Research Institute.

Ma Jiaqiang, the US military, fired a second wave of artillery, broke the bridge, and a large group of giant ants cried in a hubbub. The giant ants climbed the pier like touching and fell into the water again, and the fleet passed quickly regardless.

The fleet also met several cities in the later trip, but the scale of the cities was much smaller. The bridge across the river was never touched, but the dock was seen several times.
Except for the heavy rain in the afternoon, the voyage went smoothly for nine hours in the evening. The fleet has sailed more than 1,000 kilometers to the northern part of South Sudan and is about to enter Sudan.
After refueling once, the fleet didn’t stop at half past night.
It was decided by the Americans to leave overnight, but it was also unanimously supported by Yip Han and all allied soldiers!
No one likes aliens to control their territory for the night. The more static they are, the more likely they are to be in danger and move forward quickly, but the safer they are.
Chapter 797 Get away
However, after a day, the aliens obviously didn’t want to let the fleet go like this. At night, a group of giant ants suddenly got together and climbed each other. It didn’t take long to become a few giant ant balls!
The vegetation on the shore is not bad, but no matter how dense the vegetation is, it can’t cover up the conspicuous ant ball boat. When the sentinel horse finds something wrong, he immediately reports the abnormal situation.
Yip hon gather together to the porthole to see his eyes, and immediately ask for support in fleet communication.
A few seconds later, the space fleet in low earth orbit caught fire, and dozens of shells fell from the sky, smashing all the ant balls that would gather together.
The shelling lasted for half a minute, but the artillery fire was very dense, sweeping the whole river bank and counting the giant ants. After the shelling, there was no longer a complete giant ant in sight.
The giant ant raid ended so anticlimactic that the fleet continued along Hebei.
Visibility is not very good at night, but every soldier has a night vision device. The speed of the fleet has not decreased, and it is still moving at a high speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour.
I don’t know if it was aliens who didn’t adjust their troops or realized that the ant colony couldn’t get things done under the nose of the fleet. The trip went very smoothly at night. By the next morning, the fleet had entered the semi-desert area of Sudan, and the banks of the river were replaced by a piece of yellow instead of tropical vegetation as far as the eye can see.
Vegetation is not absent, but it is very few, and some places on both sides of the middle and white Nile are desolate.
Yip hon lay on the porthole for a long time without looking at an ant, and the real-time satellite images of the United Pacific fleet were not seen near the fleet.
He searched along the river and finally found that the giant ant closest to the fleet actually swam more than 300 kilometers away!
Yip hon blinked and suddenly raised his head. "Aren’t we just coming out?"
This is nonsense. Everyone is a little stunned. Yip hon quickly explained a few words of what everyone meant in the vernacular. The quiet cabin cried the excitement.
Liu Bin held his helmet and grinned with a big mouth. "Yesterday, when I was on the boat, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to run all the way without fighting insects. I didn’t expect to get out so easily."
"Who said it wasn’t!" Ouyang Pinglian agreed that "there was an accident last night and we didn’t start work."
Luo Qi looked at Yip Han. "Captain, can you call a plane without worms?"
"I think so, too." Yip Han smiled and wanted to communicate with Gibb base. "Call base, please answer!"
"Base, do you copy?"
"Base, our department has entered the semi-desert area. No insects are found here. Repeat, no insects are found here. Request for support!"
"The base has received the plane and is ready to take off, but you are still in the threat range of flying ants. You must continue north!" Then the base sent a coordinate to Yip Han. "This is the time when the plane will arrive in two hours and you must hurry!"
"What about the white Americans?"
"in what way?"
"This is a joint operation."
At the end of the communication, Ye Han clapped his hands and said, "Pay attention!"
The soldiers immediately turned their attention to Ye Han.
Yip Han said, "There is good news. The base will send a plane to meet the coordinates about 160 kilometers due north. Our plane will come with the American plane and we can go back after a while."
The soldiers were relieved, but no one cheered … It’s not too late to wait until we get back to the base to vent our emotions.
Later, the United States received an order from Gibb to speed up the fleet at the highest speed. Ten minutes later, the fleet rushed to a desolate river beach, which was less than five kilometers away from the meeting point.
The hovercraft has a strong adaptability. Anyway, these ships can’t be recycled. Just fly directly to the shore of the hovercraft for a while and then get to the farm.
There is a well-preserved desert road at the junction, which is the basic condition for the plane to land.
After seeing the highway, some soldiers commented that it was an accident that the highway was kept in such good condition.
It is not surprising that the destruction of highways in tropical rainforests is the result of wind and rain erosion and vegetation growth, while the desert is dry all the year round, and unless it is buried by sandstorms, the desert highway will not be much worse in another ten years
Then there is a long and painful waiting point. I am very familiar with the roar of the engine and the horizon. Several transport planes appear in sight and land on the road soon.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and the soldiers boarded the plane as soon as possible, and then the fleet took off and returned
When the plane took off, Ye Han looked up at the south. Although he couldn’t see Molobida thousands of miles away, many thoughts still haunted him.
However, in just a few days, four battle groups lost more than half, although there was no Siberian loss, it was not much better
Also, the situation in Africa looked good just a few days ago, but a few days later, Central Africa has become a giant ant … not an alien, and the loss of nearly 2,000 officers and men of multinational forces is huge.
This is nearly two thousand mobile infantry, not two thousand ordinary soldiers!
And the key is not the past, but the participating countries should act one step at a time!
On China being an Al Qaeda group, it will not sit idly by and watch aliens occupy Africa, let alone treat aliens as big, just don’t know whether countries are going as planned.
Ye Han and others withdrew from Djibouti, and countries also held a new round of consultations.
The space fleet is in place, but countries have different views on one step, such as action. The debate focuses on whether to make nuclear weapons within the scope of nuclear weapons and so on
It is always that aliens must be destroyed, but it is not necessary to move nuclear weapons.
Many countries are very optimistic about the sub-wave artillery, and think it is best to continue the pre-African action plan, so that the sub-wave artillery can kill a large number of giant ants and then find out and kill aliens.
I have to say that this plan is a bit second. Although the tropical rain forest is protected to the maximum extent, it needs sufficient ground power to implement this plan, and the special investment in the tropical rain forest environment is comparable to a world war.
It’s simple to bomb Africa, but the problem goes back. Without the tropical rain forest, the whole earth’s climate will change in a predictable way!
Chapter 79 Stir the day
The only military action that can suspend the whole African territory is that the U.S. military Nile has built a defense line to stop giant ants from going north.
At this time, all the insiders believed that ant colony would be commanded by aliens quickly. The purpose of doing this was not only to open up the road to North Europe, but also to attack and defend the human military forces to fight for development.
However, to everyone’s surprise, there was no movement of aliens or ant colonies for days on end, and even the giant ants on the ground were much less, as if aliens were shrinking their forces to recuperate.

If I had known this, I should have personally recruited Liu Yuan.

It’s a pity that after this, the possibility of Lu Yuan joining their club is slim.
Catherine’s eyes at Lawrence became even more disgusted at the thought.
"Lawrence … you go out."
"When you break through the 25th floor of the Wild Tower, when will you come to see me again?"
Twenty-fifth floor of the Wild Tower!
Hearing this, Lawrence’s expression suddenly became very ugly.
The opponent on the 25th floor of Wild Tower is five silver and ten-star wild puppets.
Now he doesn’t say twenty-five floors, even the twenty-first floor can still get through.
It takes him less than a semester to break through the 25th floor.
Catherine, this is to tell him.
She was angry about her offending Liu Yuan, and she didn’t want to see herself for a semester.
Lawrence looked at Catherine several times and tried to speak.
But in the end, he bowed his head and left the life leaf field.
But Lawrence’s face immediately became gloomy after the gate.
He can’t figure out what a mere human can make Catherine pay so much attention to it!
Isn’t it just a human being? If you haven’t been invited, you haven’t been invited. Is it worthwhile to punish yourself?
Lawrence directly remembered Liu Yuan at the thought of this.
Ready to find a chance to teach this arrogant guy a lesson.
Yes, Lawrence seems to have invited Lu Yuan into the leaf of life, but Lu Yuan chose to refuse.
This is his arrogance, not his own invitation.
And Lawrence left soon, and Catherine got up and started walking outside after thinking for a while.
Peer’s mistakes can make her make amends.
Chapter 174 Apologize at your door ()
Laifu Hotel Gate
"Students come again!"
Listening to the warm greeting of the member behind him, Liu Yuan ran out full of sweat.
He looked behind him and kept waving to himself. The girl in Laifu Hotel was simply Ma Benteng.
He never imagined that the effect of his special enrollment status was so horrible.
Before the Eternal Hotel, Lu Yuan received the warm hospitality there.
Who knows that I met the same scene when I came to Laifu Hotel?
After the other party knows that he is a special student, he also arranges various discounts and enthusiasm to start a procuress soliciting posture.
It can be seen that for the two hotels, Luyuan is such a high-quality customer.
Think about it, too. Hard currency is credits.
And special enrollment represents a group of geniuses with amazing talents.
This also means that special enrollment students are a group of people who have a lot of credits at hand and are willing to spend them to upgrade their strength.
They are obviously the most ideal customers of Royal Animal Food Hotel.
Naturally, we should treat them well and try to keep them.
But people at Eternal Hotel and Laifu Hotel didn’t expect it to be.
Lu Yuanshi was not their customer, but came to spy on the military situation and prepare to rob their business counterparts.
After experiencing these two hotels, Lu Yuan was full of confidence in himself.
He was able to snatch a lot of tourists from these two big hotels.
Then he won’t worry about his lack of credits.
But Liu Yuan didn’t intend to open a restaurant here at once.
After all, he doesn’t have that much energy yet.
A month later, freshman qualifying is what Lu Yuan should focus on this month.
He is going to wait until the freshman qualifying session is over in a month before considering implementing his own’ Yangquan Restaurant’ plan.
Now he’d better upgrade his strength first.
After all, no matter how stable the old driver is, it is possible to roll over.
Although Liu Yuan is confident in his own strength, what monsters will happen to others?
His goal is to be the first in this freshman qualifying session.
You can’t be serious enough to accomplish this goal.
Leaving the student exchange square, Lu Yuan went all the way back to his single villa.
But when he walked to the door of the single villa, he suddenly stopped.
Because two unexpected strangers appeared at the door of his villa
"Catherine’s senior Tina, who are you?"
Looking at his villa door Catherine and Tina Liu Yuan asked curiously.
Originally looking at each other, Catherine and Tina turned their heads at the same time.
Almost at the same time, he said, "Brother Lu Yuan (classmate), I want to see you for something."
This homonym makes two people one leng in succession.
Then they looked at each other again.
Seems to be curious about each other to find Liu Yuan exactly what’s up.
At that time, Liu Yuan felt a subtle atmosphere in the air.
An indescribable awkward atmosphere.
Liu Yuan first took a look at the two men, and then he took a sad breath to control the domineering of his villa wall.
I don’t know when I saw the fence, but I put out three little heads.
Tam, Xiaoguang and Xiaojian looked at the whole face with curiosity outside the fence.
Those excited little eyes don’t know what the hell they are expecting.
Boy, he didn’t practice well, but he ran out to see a play.
It seems that these three little guys are lazy again!
But Liu Yuan is not ready to beat these three little guys for the time being.
He looked at each other and looked at Catherine and Tina with a smile and said, "Well, Tina, classmate, Catherine, senior sister, since you have something for me, let’s go in first and talk about it inside."

"No, it’s probably outside the river. Then again, Mr. Earthwork, aren’t the two of us on duty? And there seems to be no such island in Jiang? " Okita Sougo looked around.

"Hey kid, where are you from?" Sakaguchi Tian Yin asked Allen to play around in her arms.
"I came from the wall. Our investigation corps was searching for people nearby, and then I fell into a cliff and woke up here." Allen was a little confused
"That your waist weapon is investigation corps? What is the investigation corps? " Sakata silver caught the key point in Allen’s words.
"What is the investigation corps? You don’t even know about the investigation corps? Is this really outside the wall? Is this the sea at first sight? " Allen surprise pointed to the sea.
"ha? You haven’t even seen the sea? " Sakata silver surprised to see Allen island, although the area is very large, but people who have never seen the sea are almost not.
"Of course, many people in the wall have not seen things here. We must report them to the investigation corps." Allen was excited.
"Hey kid you should not be his planet? What do you think the wall is? " Okita Sougo asked.
"Heaven and man? Is that what people outside call people in the wall? From the wall to here across the number of giants can be called heaven and man "Allen scratched his head seems a little embarrassed.
"Giant?" four
"Ah, don’t you know?" Allen was shocked.
"Giants Jiang … You four are not from parallel worlds, are you?" Kotaro, an elite-educated Yamen, boldly guessed.
"Parallel worlds?" Sakaguchi Tian Yin looked at Yamen Kotaro puzzled, and so did the three of them.
Amen Kotaro Naihao explained the concept of parallel world once again.
"So there are giants in this little world and we lived hundreds of years ago?" Sakata silvered white. Unbelievable
"Yeah, and I’m here. Maybe this is another parallel world, but it should be a modern society to be able to see the lights opposite." Yamen Kotaro completely confirmed the current situation
"Hey, always realize if I’m drunk?" Hijikata Toushirou black face way
"Mr. Earthwork is probably out of his mind. I can help you do an removal operation." Okita Sougo knocked on Hijikata Toushirou’s head
"What a joke! You are a pale soul! " Hijikata Toushirou roared.
"Stop arguing and find a place to spend the night. I hope this island has food." Yamen Kotaro took the lead in walking into the forest.
Allen and Sakata Yin followed. It has been dark for a while. If you go like this again, you will sleep on this beach.
"What about Mr. Earthwork?" Okita Sougo is the so-called place where they are not afraid at all.
"Follow him. If what he says is true, then our identity is a big problem," Hijikata Toushirou thought.
All five people went into the forest.
half an hour later
"It’s a good thing I have a lighter." Hijikata Toushirou slurred as he ate the roast rabbit.
"Go to sleep after eating. One of you and I, Miss Silver, can sleep in my clothes. If they dare to touch you, I will never spare them." Amen Kotaro said seriously.
"Thank you for being such a good man." Sakata Yin smiled sweetly and went to sleep safely. Actually, she also knew that Okita Sougo and Hijikata Toushirou could not touch her.
Allen looked at the flame and couldn’t sleep. He was very worried at the thought that he might not be able to go back. He didn’t say that he was caught by Lena because he didn’t want to bring panic to the four.
As a result, I didn’t expect him to panic first.
"Kid, do you want one?" Hijikata Toushirou sat beside Allen and handed him a cigarette.
"I won’t" Allen politely refused.
"Although I have never been to your world, I can see that there is hatred in your eyes, but no murder means that you hate people and hurt you and yourself." Hijikata Toushirou lit a cigarette.
"Well, my strength is too weak to defeat them. If there are people from the investigation corps together, I believe I can go back to the basement to solve the giant mystery sooner or later." Allen clenched his fist
"If you are too strong, you will carry a lot. Anyway, since you are here, you have to live well and go back." Hijikata Toushirou looked at Allen with a mouthful of smoke.
"Thank you, Mr. Earthwork." Allen nodded.
"Give me one, too." Yamen Kotaro offered to beg for a cigarette.
Hijikata Toushirou handed him a yamen. Kotaro took a sip and coughed a few times to get used to it.
"If you have more spirit, you can stay up until dawn, and then we will make a simple boat and go to the city." Amen Kotaro looked at the moonlight by the mouth of the cave.
"When we get to the city, it’s up to you. You know more about the situation here than any of us," Hijikata Toushirou continued.
"It is also possible that the future world will go to someone’s place first anyway." Yamen Kotaro shook his head to confirm this matter.
"I wonder what will happen if Kondo Sang knows that we are missing?" Okita Sougo by cave wall light way
They were silent for a while, leaving the sound of flames.
Sakata silver turned his back on the crowd and didn’t fall asleep. It is no longer a familiar place, which makes her feel uneasy.
Chapter 16 Secret Opponents
On the 29th, Yunxuan was finally discharged from the hospital. Qin Zhihua was almost succeeded by Yunxuan on the last day. When Yunxuan was discharged from the hospital, she refused to come out.
The island countries are very busy these days.
First of all, Sato appeared to have an immortal body. He washed more than a dozen big companies in a row, and finally his limbs were cut off by Yunxian in the secret service group, and somewhere in the secret service group was frozen.
The limbs have been handed over to Yunxuan for testing. Sato’s head is frozen and it is impossible to resurrect.
Then Oboro appeared to add a powerful assistant to the virtual hand.
Finally, the number of people wounded by the masked men against the secret service group reached 15, and two species were captured alive and have been transported to the secret service group for freezing.
The island incident caused the secret service to note that the only thing they felt lucky was that these people did not show up in China.
"Misha, please stop." Yunxuan saw people walking past the mall in the car and smiled.
Car three misha stopped the car without hesitation because it was forbidden to stop here, even if it was a ticket, it was Yunxuan’s order
Yunxuan got off the bus and went to a coffee shop.
"Meiqin classmates didn’t expect to meet you here. I have got some news about that." Yunxuan walked into the coffee shop and faced Misaka Mikoto Road.
"YunXuanJun find a place to say again" Misaka Mikoto looked around here a lot of ordinary people is not convenient to talk.
Yunxuan ordered a head of three people out of the door car, and three beautiful sand cars came to Xuanxun House without saying a word.
"I’ve found the device, but it’s almost impossible to repair it … This is the secret service plan." Yunxuan walked upstairs to Misaka Mikoto low road.
Three people came to the fifth floor. Misaka Mikoto looked at the burner and looked at the documents. Misaka Mikoto’s face appeared a bit worried.
"This document was hidden in this container. It should have been picked up by a beggar and sold to waste garbage because it was not burned in rainy days. It was my intention to find this document out from the inside." Yunxuan explained the source again.
This plan is called Artificial God of War, and it is planned to capture all anime characters and then clone and extract their genes to make the secret service the strongest.
Face with secret service layer signature and fingerprints.
"I believe you" Misaka Mikoto put the file and sighed.
"Sister’s adult …" Shirai Black knows how much the Misaka Sister incident has affected Misaka Mikoto. That thing still hurts Misaka Mikoto today.
"Sister, it’s been a long time, long time, no.16 Imperial Sakamoto greeted me cordially." No.16 Imperial Sakamoto came out of the room.
"This … how did you get here?" Misaka Mikoto consternation way
"I was summoned earlier than my elder sister. I didn’t expect my elder sister to come to this world. No.16 Imperial Sakamoto said that I was very happy." No.16 Imperial Sakamoto said that the corners of her mouth became warped, which didn’t look like happiness.
"There is something special about her. When these summoning characters appear in this world, it seems that there will be corresponding anime characters." Yunxuan simply said.

The evaluation of Fang you is acceptable, but the road is not very big in his view.

Is to add flowers to the brocade.
It’s an angel’s tears that can raise the spirit, and can quickly restore the physical fitness and massive life energy … On weekdays, it’s a real trap and it’s a big killer and a king fried card.
Although raising is also a hassle.
But …
Fang You wears’ Angel Tears’ to practice skills such as palm thunder, mysterious evil tracking and detection in the training ground.
The skill of quick recovery of life energy increases the number of times, which means that the exercise effect increases at the same time.
Rise sharply
Black Knife will probably like this equipment.
"But there must be someone who likes and needs it more than Black Knife."
"Little Magic hangs angel tears on the redemption list. Well, hang them on the most eye-catching recommendation column and add a’ rentable’ function."
"Well, add another sentence. It is forbidden to accumulate energy unless it is necessary."
"Good ~"
Seeing that it was specially pushed and soon rented by Pei Hongjing, it can quickly restore angel tears when making’ explosion cards’
Fang You smiled with relief.
Pei Hongjing’s strength has risen faster, and Angel Tears have been energized and contributed. This is a win-win situation.
This kind of deception that can win-win and improve the overall level of the organization is the favorite of other saviors.
And before that, gold is probably the same kind.
Is he still not too white after a long time?
This is a simple hardcover page that is as big as a table. At this time, it is suspended at a height of more than one meter from the ground. The cover has simple stripes and several mysterious symbols that people can’t help but stare at.
It seems to be some kind of writing
But he can’t read it.
Salvation game is also very vague about it.
"Trial (Gold)"
"class secret treasure"
"It is said that simulation trials can be conducted in the middle world, and there can be up to 36 trials."
The trial page is 36.
Fang you stretched out his hand and pressed on one page to inject life energy.
Suddenly there was something similar to the state of’ skill practice’, and he came to a strange place in a trance, but the whole thing was white.
The sky is white, there is nothing in it.
Trial. What about trial?
It’s not the first time he’s come in. He’s been in and out for hundreds of times since last night, but he still hasn’t been able to explore it deeply.
The only discovery is that …
"The sword is coming!"
As he shouted, a green sword appeared in his hand.
He can breathe out knives, guns, daggers and so on at the same time … but it is relatively difficult. He has touched these weapons, unlike this green sword, which he uses day and night.
An idea can be exhaled.
But then what?
Fang you was blind and knocked on the floor. In this trial, he explored back and forth and found nothing and nothing happened.

Followed by wen-xuan li and Wang Yueyue also walked back.

I have been pregnant for seven months, and my belly is over.
"Qiu Nan’s mother Chu’s father has something to do. Let Wenxuan take his father back to bed?"
"Yes, just let me lie outside and sleep so that I can be practical. Wenxuan takes good care of his wife and his father has everything, just a little tired and let me have a rest."
"I know, mom, you should go out for a while first. If you want to help, you can ask the dog to call you." Li Wenxuan pointed to a few dogs sitting on the sofa.
A small dog is mixed with a big dog.
That wave left that big guy with a perfect white forehead and yellow hair before he gave birth, which has been slow for a month.
Uncle Lin glanced at several dogs and nodded, "Good Huihui, he will do something carefully after lunch."
"Mom, grandma just came over to say that you brought lunch to let our family stop doing it."
"Ok, you know, they also go back to their rooms to rest. Does he have classes in the afternoon?"
"Yes, it’s finished early."
"He also pays attention to rest and not being too tired."
"Got it, Qiu Nan. Mom, you should go back first."
"Well, go."
Because Wang Yueyue was pregnant that time, she let you go. It is still the class that should have a rest.
Uncle Lin tried to hug her husband before the children went out so that I could sleep more comfortably.
The move Li Chu opened his eyes.
"You woke him up."
"Yes, I’ve been staring at you for a long time. It’s so sticky to take a shower."
I haven’t slept for a few days. Li Chu lay in bed before taking a shower. His eyes were sleepy. He opened his cerebellum but he was excited and a little sleepy
Brain overseas is like a movie. It stops playing back the afterlife.
I also know when to sleep. I know exactly when I am asleep. I always feel like I’m walking around, and I feel like I’m back in my teens when I first met Viagra with Master.
After a long time, I knew that a slippery body had slipped out of my arms, and the real touch finally made my consciousness return to my body.
I naturally tightened my arm to make my wife stick to me more tightly.
"Did you wake him up again?"
Li Chuyou talk is gather together the mouth in the past.
"Oh, is he sleepy?"
Still talking, moving your hands.
"You …"
Uncle Lin was just about to say something when there was still an exit when he was blocked back, followed by a burst of strange noises.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-five Tune
Zhao Zhijun, who just entered the office the next day, hasn’t come to report to him what happened in these two days. Dean Du came.
"What are the instructions of the Dean?"
"What instructions don’t indicate we don’t play with virtual" dean du with the wave away desk chair and sat down.
"That is, I sent a letter while reading it, saying that a foreign patient might come over at the end of the month."
"It’s not that I haven’t read it since I just arrived." Li Chu pointed to the table with several documents.
"You only need to know about this. I just want to ask if there is anything that this foreigner needs to pay attention to when he comes to our hospital?"
"There is nothing special and I don’t need to pay too much attention to him. I will treat him as an ordinary patient with all my heart."
When Sarah came for the first time last year, Dean Du was still political commissar Du, and it was not often that the hospital received him, and it was not clear how to receive him.
"Well, since I came to see you by name, I don’t care. Come to me at any time if you need help."
"This dean can rest assured that I will definitely speak when I trouble you."
"There is also the sketch of the professional ambulance that you gave me at the end of last year. Yesterday, the reply came, and they have begun to organize professionals to demonstrate."
"Dean, I’ll leave this matter to you and don’t discuss anything with me. You know I have a lot of things here day by day. Your horse has to go to a nursing home because of Lin Lao’s funeral."
"Ok, you are disturbing you." Dean Du got up with a smile in her mouth, indicating that she was sending me out of the office.
Watching me go, Li Chucai shrugged his shoulders. That’s wrong. Let’s just say that the railway police are in charge of each other
Just like Dean Hou Shan, you will definitely forget him when you need him to come forward.
Pick up the table. Just now, Xu Damao brought me a few documents and flipped through them. In addition to this notice, Lao Li came to see a doctor. I lost a few of them with me, and then I picked up the table and arranged for Tian Jun to drive.
Now the physical condition of these old comrades is what I should be most concerned about.
Busy two days ago, I finished giving a formal lecture to a child on acupuncture, acupuncture, massage and bonesetting.
Ye Nacheng found us again when she had just finished telling us to digest it for ourselves that afternoon.
"Lead your friend Zhao Zhijun to come over. I said I want to find something for you. You let me sit in your office."
"Let’s go. Your side is just finished."
Outside the office, Li Chu, who greeted Zhao Zhijun in the reception area, asked strangely, "Gary Oak, what’s the matter with him in the hotel?"
"Hey, hey, Brother Chu, you just want to ask him if he wants something good."
"What good things?"
"window-adjustable tone"
Li Chu almost had a straight eye. Boy, where did you get that? I’ve always wanted to make a tune outside my home. It’s so expensive that I have a toothache when I see it.
Because that thing is now rooted in domestic department stores, one can often appear outside the small building, all of which are retreating.
"Where did he get the tune? How much is it? " It was just after the dialogue asked Li Chu that he realized that he was right.
"You said that it’s all over for him to make money in Daxian Hotel, right?"
"Yes" Zhao Zhijun hurriedly motioning with his hand "Brother Chu, how dare you monkey around? Do you want to get the tune or the hotel?"
"Is he looking for this Li Baonian?"
"Who? Brother Chu, he said it was the factory director Li? "
"I also get that? You really know that your goods came from the south, and you also know that the goods must have come from the right place, but it can be so cheap, but you can turn a blind eye when people can open tickets. "
"What did he buy besides the tune?"
"Also … also let a person get you a partial bucket"
"It’s better to be steady and jealous before. There are few people in his restaurant."
"You know Brother Chu"
After that, people took two thousand dollars to find a door to ask for half the shares of our hotel. At the beginning, Xu Yang came to Li Wenxuan to settle this matter.
Wenxuan told me before things were finished.
"How many sets did he get?"
"Ten consecutive operations cost you a whole million."
"This is one thousand and one hundred. Here you go … seven. Go back and give him money."
"If there is a problem, Ye Na will press that thing if you send it to him later?"
"That window machine is complicated … and so on!"
Speaking of that, Li Chu suddenly realized a problem. If my family is pretending, this ass must be directed at this good guy outside the hospital. If you talk outside the hospital in summer, there will be a way to stay foolish.

Stared at Chu Yi, Zhao Gongzheng said, "Don’t mess around when it’s a real accident. Even teachers may not be able to protect you."

Chu Yi nodded with a face of frustration, but his heart was thinking about how many people might die if he persuaded Twelve Jinxian to go to the sky.
Guangcheng and others entered the Jiuqu Yellow River large array, looking for the mixed yuan bucket with the ecstasy, which meant that they found the heart of the array and wanted to pick the mixed yuan bucket large array, so they couldn’t be trapped.
However, the large array of the Nine Curves Yellow River is known as the Nine Curves Yellow River. Is it so casual that people can find the eye of the array? They walked for less than half an hour and didn’t find anything.
It was because of avoiding the evil wind that the twelve immortals got together, but less than half an hour later, Twelve Jinxian had been separated.
However, it’s just like Guangcheng walking in the same cloud with Taiyi real person, Yuding real person walking in one place, Manjusri and Pu Xian.
At this moment, the cloud is heading for Guangcheng. "Brother, it seems that we underestimated the great strength of the Jiuqu Yellow River array. If we go on like this, we may not be able to resist Shaqi erosion until we find the place where the mixed yuan fights."
Guangcheng looks dignified at the moment, and he knows what the cloud says, but he also has magical powers at the moment, but he is using them.
There was a flash in my eyes, and I heard it widely. "Let me try and see if I can break the large array."
Speaking widely and offering sacrifices, the power of printing is terrible, especially the suppression can be stopped by few people.
There was a loud bang, and I saw that the sky was printed like a mountain, and it was violently smashed towards the virtual. It seemed that the virtual capital would collapse, but the large array was not affected at all. Because of the bombardment of the large array by the sky, it directly led to the soaring Shaqi in the large array, which made Guangcheng double their pressure.
Seeing that Fantianyin smashed the array, it made Guangcheng’s heart suddenly hang up. Fantianyin was almost his last resort, and even there was nothing he could do. He really couldn’t think of any other way at the moment
In the eyes of the cloud, Jing Mang said, "Brother, let’s find some younger brothers first, so I won’t believe it. We can’t break this array by explaining the strength of all people."
Listening to the words in the cloud, Guang Cheng suddenly had a bright eye. "You said that you had too many concerns about us before, but you didn’t think about uniting us all. If so, it is a saint. We can also hit a blow. What’s worse, it is such a large array."
Twelve Jinxian combined with a blow in the cloud can imagine how terrible the power is, especially Twelve Jinxian has its own powerful Lingbao. As a result, it seems that such the most brain and outrageous array can really tear apart the world’s 99% array, including the Jiuqu Yellow River array, and it can’t carry such an attack.
Guangcheng, their every move in the cloud is unknown to others, but they can hear it clearly in their eyes when they host a large array of clouds, and their eyebrows are wrinkly at once.
Chu Yi noticed that Yunxiao looked wrong. "What happened to Sister Yunxiao? Is there any way for the other party to break the battle?"
Yunxiao nodded slightly to tell Chu Yi and Zhao Gongzheng the dialogue with Guangcheng in the cloud. "If they really get together to strike together, the Yellow River array may not be able to carry it."
Chapter one thousand three hundred and sixty-seven Meet Tongtian
Chu Yi smiled and said, "It doesn’t matter if the big array is broken, it’s just to let out the swill!"
After hearing what Chu Yi said, the Duke of Zhao couldn’t help but look at Chu Yi in astonishment. "Little teacher younger brother, you won’t be confused, will you? How to say Si Shui is also a big business? How can you say let it go?"
Chu Yiwen said with a chuckle, "It doesn’t matter if you don’t know that the swill can’t be broken. The key is that the big businessmen want to lose one or two cities. What’s worse, will they be able to break a card if they occupy the swill?"
Speaking of this, Chu Yi is fair to Zhao. "Brother, come back to Jin Ao Island with me later."
With a bright eye, Zhao Gong looked at Chu Yi and said, "Brother, are you going to invite Brother Duo Bao and other sisters?"
Chu Yi shook his head, his eyes flashing with Jing Mang, "No, I’m going to see the teacher."
Slightly stunned, Zhao Gong said, "What are you going to see the teacher?"
I don’t know what I thought. Zhao Gong suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Chu Yi. "Little teacher younger brother, you don’t want to invite the teacher out, do you?"
Chu Yi laughed. "It’s just to teach Twelve Jinxian. Are our other disciples still afraid that they won’t have to ask the teacher to come out?"
Duke Zhao nodded. "That’s true. It’s enough for us to call some other disciples here casually to confront them in Twelve Jinxian. Why do you need a teacher? In that case, why are you going to see the teacher?"
Chu Yi said lightly, "Nature has something important to tell the teacher."
At Chu Yi, Zhao Gongzheng said, "That’s all. I don’t care about it. It’s good for you to know it."
Although I don’t know what Chu Yi did when he went to see the Tongtian leader, Zhao Gong didn’t have much curiosity. Anyway, Chu Yi won’t have any bad thoughts about intercepting education.
When there is something, he believes that Chu Yi will tell him.
Among the large array of the Yellow River, Guangcheng and others finally got together, and more than a dozen figures hit each other with ecstasy and bone erosion in the large array. At this moment, we can see that the twelve immortals have become colorful.
As the Huanglong reality is simply miserable, it is not much better than relying on the real dragon body to resist the fear of leaving grandchildren in the large array, and it is also more embarrassing than the Huanglong reality.

He’s in such a state that he can’t fight the Excalibur.

Xu back corners of the mouth is sneer at.
Ruan Tianzuo’s thoughts and ideas can be seen through by everyone in the place, but he who sees through them is not serious, which is to leave some noodles for Lao Ruan.
But the question is, who is the cosmic passage behind Shui Yuan Palace?
At this time, Xu retired a little fortunately, fortunately, he just didn’t have a person to guard the cosmic passage, otherwise it would be to add vegetables to the retreating Maya or this person!
All eyes are on the rear passage of Shui Yuan Palace.
Xu retreat is rapidly refining the water eye strength while quickly purifying a soul crystal.
The negative force of soul crystal has flooded into the Excalibur with red core in Xu’s retreat guidance and control.
This is why Xu tui can once again condense an Excalibur to scare Ruan Tianzuo off.
I realized this problem when I retired from refining the water hole just now.
But he has no means to deter the enemy except teleporting other life forms.
And teleporting other life forms, after this killing, will be in a coma on the spot. Can the current situation not?
At that moment, Xu retired and thought of the soul crystal.
Soul crystal silver box is different.
The negative force of soul crystal is more than that of spirit silver box, and the spirit force of spirit silver box is more pure than that of soul crystal.
But negative forces need to be purified more slowly.
Purifying the negative power of the spirit silver box is a bit like peeling cocoons and spinning silk, even with the cooperation of the red core and the Excalibur. It is slower to purify it.
It takes at least fifteen minutes for a silver box.
It takes about five to seven silver boxes of negative power to fill the Excalibur.
But the soul crystal is different. When the negative power of the soul crystal is more purified, it is necessary to punish the Excalibur with the red core and cooperate with the negative power, and the tide will surge to punish the Excalibur.
This kind of speed is extremely short, and the negative power of Excalibur can be restored in a few seconds, and it can continue to increase.
Just now, Xu scared Ruan Tianzuo not to dare to kill Excalibur with another handle. This is how it came.
At this moment, everyone is staring at the direction of the power fluctuation channel.
At this moment, Xu tuili has refined the residual share of the water hole, and Xu tui has refined 10% and 15%.
When Xu tui refined the residual strength to 10%, he suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of security and familiarity.
At this moment, everything in Shui Yuan Palace made Xu degenerate and became familiar, which brought Xu a sense of security.
There is a feeling of dharma coming from all sides, as if there is something to pass, but it is very vague and I can’t see anything.
Dazed for a while and suddenly lost control.
This is the feeling that he has formed a certain control over Shui Yuan Palace after refining the water eye of Shui Yuan Palace by ten percent.
The mind moves back again, prompting telepathy and finding something in an instant.
Shui Yuan Palace Force Field has weakened the suppression of Xu’s spirit.
Before Xu retired, the range of telepathy was as high as 10,000 meters, which was suppressed to 1,000 meters in Shui Yuan Palace.
But it will take a long time to retreat, and telepathy can spread to 1,700 meters away.
There should be no problem if it is not blocked by various building walls for two kilometers.
This is also the change brought about by refining the strength of the water hole.
This change makes Xu retreat. What changes will happen if the whole water hole is completely refined and controlled?
In my mind, there is a five-star dizzy spirit, and the main star is bright to the extreme, so I can retreat to refine my eyes.
Also at this juncture, fifteen breath with appearance poured in from the rear channel.
Don’t talk about the breath, just look at the war style and you will know that this is a blue star human!
Bluestar human reinforcements are here.
But this wave of reinforcements is wearing that kind of cover war.
Generally speaking, it is simpler to wear stars or quasi-planets in words and deeds.
And this wave of reinforcements is to cover the identity of the bearer after the heavy-duty war
But since it is blue star reinforcements, let Harun, Ruan Tianzuo and others breathe a sigh of relief.
Danger relief


All people are angry in their hearts, which is to forcibly suppress the two people and scold them out naturally without pressing them down 2.
Have nodded "I black dragon door also recognize that person is Baiyun door prancing reality".
Black dragon Gate was the first to destroy the four main forces of Baiyun Gate. Compared with the forces of cultivating immortals in Qinghai Province, black dragon Gate Baiyun Gate has the deepest revenge.
It is precisely because of this that the remnants of Baiyun Gate will be the first to attack black dragon Gate.
It was not until black dragon’s younger brothers returned to black dragon Island that they could not find a mobile phone meeting and turned to the forces beyond the Qinghai Sea.
According to the current situation, there won’t be too many remnants against us in Baiyun Gate, except for the prancing real person, there will be at most three or four monks in the foundation period.
During the foundation period of Linggui Island, the monk said, "Yes, if there are many remnants of Baiyun Gate, we can’t reach black dragon Island directly."
Have nodded his head is confirmed this.
"I don’t know four cases behind the door is how to think? Such as responding to this crisis? "
"When the head came, the patriarch had said that we must not consume the remnants of Baiyun Gate so much or it would be too dangerous."
"The island owner also confessed that it is necessary to injure the prancing reality so as to worry about leaving the pale blue waters as soon as possible.
Of course, it is best to kill him, but it is too difficult. "
Great way "a few people say it’s good that the prancing reality will stir up our pale blue waters and there will be no peace. All forces can be trapped in Zongmen Resident, and this will do too much harm to my pale blue waters."
If it is wounded, it is estimated that it won’t be long before he will return to Cangqing Sea, and even just find a lonely island to heal in Cangqing Sea.
Therefore, we must slay the prancing real person so as to completely solve the problem. "
Everyone was shocked, including the four monks in the construction period.
Slaughter the monk in the golden elixir period?
You know, we don’t even have a real person then. If we can slay a real person then?
Brother Linggui Island took a deep breath during the foundation period. Although he just said it was best to slay Tengyue, he never thought about actually slaying Tengyue.
A real person, then, is not so easy to kill. Maybe it will cause a big problem.
"Master, are you serious?"
Smell speech home eyes firmly said, "we have to slay the man to get peace."
When I heard this, the monk Aoki Zhai gave a wry smile. "Is it so easy to slay the real leader then?"
"Our strength is naturally not good."
As soon as this was said, the four monks opened their eyes.
"Does the master mean to invite the three predecessors of Ling’s Jin Chan Guan Hai Sha Zong to take action?"
Dagong nodded his head. "Can the three seniors do it?"
You laughed. "Ling’s golden toad watched the sand Sect of the sea. It was once the dominant force that destroyed Baiyun Gate, which had a bloody feud.
I don’t know where they are hiding and I don’t want to send someone to find them before I start work on the remnants of Baiyun Gate.
Now that the remnants of Baiyun Gate have appeared by themselves, and they are the real person who poses the greatest threat, can the three predecessors still sit still when they know it? "
The monks in the foundation period are a little loose. "Then what do we need to do?"
The black dragon Gate Sky Ship took off from black dragon Island and wanted to fly out of the blue sea as soon as possible.

"No …"

Zhao Shangxin shook his head in a trance.
Master Zhao Xiaogong has already awarded the Golden Bull Award in her heart.
What are you talking about? Do you have to ask? Because he likes it, of course.
"Don’t you dare to make a big mistake in Beijing!"
When you drink in anger, you suddenly press!
The dragon felt that his head had been hammered.
When the static face suddenly changed! Without hesitation, she offered a dragon boat tunnel capable of dozens of people in a crisis.
"You fast jade boat! Temple, let’s go. Terran is not you. "
Miss Zhao didn’t go out
Her silence at this time is the best answer.
At this moment, a dark purple light beam has fallen from the sky!
"Bauhinia star? Please also ask the two temples to fight together! Otherwise, we are going to bury our bones tonight. "
Princess dragon three’s face changed slightly, and she was already mentally prepared for this.
A green robe has appeared in the middle school.
Zhao thief heart in a surprised.
"Happiness …"
He is also troubled at this time.
People in the Tibetan green robe are probably happy.
He doesn’t want this girl who is infatuated with himself to get hurt.
"Sister Feast, you can also make moves."
He spoke to his eldest sister.
The big drink offering naturally won’t really be heavy-handed to one of our own.
If it is Chen Hou who is likely to be suppressed on the spot, he will not be happy.
"You and I won’t be influenced by Bauhinia Star, will we?"
Have a feast.
Zhao cuo tries to make himself look like a slave.
Zhao feast immediately no longer hesitate to step up.
Bauhinia starlight will hit the green robe at this time.
"This ….. how can the dragon method?"
She suddenly froze.
After seeing Xiao Chen, he took out a jade-white flute.
Before she played the flute, the melodious music rang, almost condensing clouds and insects from the horizon!
"It turned out that it was after the abolition of the emperor!"
Laughed at the big drink offering.
He attracted stars, and the roar was stopped for a moment.
Happiness has turned into a black fog at this time, rolled up the dragon boat in the middle of the river and shot away in the distance! She didn’t forget to grab Miss Zhao.
"You don’t want to leave when you come!"
Big drink offering nu way
Purple beams of light keep falling from the night.
When Jing princess took out the flying boat, she didn’t tear it quickly.
"Please ask the temple to resist the dragon torch raiser."