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"I like the back door," Xue Xin said with a smile.

"Shut up"
Soi Fon gave him a white snow letter immediately.
After the distribution of the four groups, Soi Fon added, "Then let’s talk about the precautions and signal transmission methods for a warning."
Chapter sixty-one Truth
After about twenty minutes, two Sineitai captains, Soi Fon and Suzuki, told all the plans and distributed the snow letter, which also made them white.
Guard the back door with the three of them to prevent someone from escaping from the back door. That’s all you have to do
This is very simple.
It’s necessary for Sifengyuan Night One and Ota Tian Xijin to solve the problem of the old patriarch and the little patriarch. The strongest one left is just a four-seat team. If you can’t reach the level strength of the vice captain, you can’t reach the qualitative change gap.
When Xuexin’s strength is deadlocked for a while, it is possible to defeat with Soi Fon without any problem.
And it’s not difficult to have people around to support you.
After the distribution, everyone stays here and waits
They came ten minutes early because of Soi Fon, and now there are twenty minutes left from the plan.
We can’t leave until five fifty.
In this way, when we have to wait for ten minutes, Soi Fon and Suzuki will stay here and start with the Qifan team, while other Sineitai players will join Sifengyuan Yeyi and Ota Tadashi.
Sineitai will automatically arrive at their respective places as planned, and they need to go to the right places.
"Is there anything on my face?"
Snow letter looked at staring at his Soi Fon asked touching his cheek.
Soi Fon said with a snort of cold, "Don’t drag your feet later or I’ll spare you."
"Don’t worry."
Snow letter waved and said, "I will finish myself."
"I hope so"
Soi Fon twisted his head with his hands around his chest.
But at this time, Takashi Xiaomulo asked curiously, "What is Xuexin and Soi Fon?"
When death heard this, he looked at the snow letter and looked curious.
Soi Fon has been aiming at Xue Xin since just now. What exactly are they? What happened?
"Does he dare to answer?"
Soi Fon squinted at the snow letter and said with a smile
But the letter said, "I’m her brother."
Even Soi Fon was a little surprised by the slight one leng of death around him. I didn’t expect him to admit it himself.
Uemon, the little toon blade, frowned and asked, "What brother?"
"Brother, father and mother, brother and sister"
Snow letter said with a smile
Everyone is surprised, even the snow letter is no exception
Uemon, the little toon blade, asked curiously, "Is Soi Fon also a Zhibo family?"
Soi Fon shook his head and said, "It’s not my last name."
"bee? It seems that you are also a class aristocrat. You are brothers and sisters, but why is Xuexin surnamed Zhibo? "
Love Sichuan Luo Wu puzzled asked.
"Ask him."
Soi Fon said coldly that although he hated Xuexin’s violation of family rules at that time, he also knew that Xuexin had a new life and made new friends. His life was very happy and he joined the Seventh Team.
Plus, after learning that a large number of people attended this incident that night, she felt that if she said it, it would affect his life.
Now Soi Fon still hates him and will not give him a good look.
But he won’t do anything that will ruin his life again.
So Soi Fon didn’t intend to tell the truth and didn’t think the snow letter would come out.
"Well, I’m the fourth in the bee house. My name is Bee Shilang. According to the rules of the bee house, I need to go to the secret mobile army to join the criminal army to protect Night Adult, but one of my four brothers is dead. Maybe it’s my turn. I chose to refuse and was expelled from the house."
Snow letter shrugged his shoulders. "I’m leaving Lingting. I was introduced to Shibo’s family by an adult at night. It’s almost sixteen years since I was adopted."
After hearing what he said, everyone was in shock.
Soi Fon was also surprised. I didn’t expect him to say it and frankly admitted that he left because of fear.
"It turned out to be like this."
Aichuan Luowu smiled and said, "But if you go to the secret mobile unit, maybe we will lose a genius in the Seventh Team."
"That’s right"
Uemon, the little toon blade, also said, "I’m going to let you take my position as deputy captain. If you can’t, I’ll have to do it for two more years."
Seeing that no one around showed anger, Soi Fon was puzzled and asked, "But he is afraid of running away. Don’t you think it’s shameful?"
Aichuan Luowu said softly, "It’s shameful if you choose to do it but get away from it because of fear, but what’s the shame if he doesn’t choose to do it at all?"
"That’s right"
Uemon, a small toon blade, said, "It is the same for everyone to choose a life opportunity, and it is not a good thing to join the secret mobile forces to die."
Soi Fon didn’t like Uemon’s last sentence, but he didn’t refute anything. Instead, he looked at them unexpectedly and asked, "So you’re not afraid that he will run away in the middle school?"
"Ha ha ha"
Hearing her words, everyone burst out laughing.
"What are you laughing at?"
Soi Fon asked some angry.
Xiaomulong said, "Xuexin once had a relationship with a female death in his team. They were drunk and hugged and lying on the street together. They were found by the patrol of Shifan Team and sent to Shisanfan Team. Shiba Kaien wanted to punish them. Xuexin was beaten for 30 times and suffered punishment for the other party. He was beaten alive and passed out without saying a word. How can a responsible man run away from the game?"
"is there such a thing?"
Soi Fon was a little surprised when he heard it for the first time, but he still said, "But this is different. This is not the same."

He wouldn’t be too worried if he came behind the scenes.

But Lai is a minion … He understands too well how cruel those flatterers can be.
What if Xiaoli doesn’t say what they want?
Maybe the other person will …
No, he has to hurry back.
Rushed into the car and quickly took out the terminal and dialed several company researchers to communicate, but no one answered.
Obviously, Zhou Cheng was right, and everyone was under control.
The enemy is too strong to be serious now, but it has made him helpless.
The only thing he can expect is that the other party will not take him too seriously, just as no one will deliberately trample an ant to death.
He can dial his wife’s communication.
The other side will be connected soon …
"Xiaoli home into the thief? !”
Li Jijun started the vehicle, stepped on the gas pedal and the car flew home.
"That’s right … it’s broken. I’m afraid these thieves are prepared and should be your business enemies?"
Liu Xiaoli there voice with a little panic and shock.
"Don’t resist!"
Li Jijun Avenue "Let them take everything they want and don’t know where it is. You tell them … money, information and title deeds. Give them whatever they want. Don’t resist. Money is a foreign object. Ensuring your own safety is the first element …"
He dare not say too much.
Because the more you know, the easier it is to be killed.
Including him … He knows so much that I’m afraid he can’t escape the liquidation afterwards.
But Xiaoli and Xiaoyuan don’t know anything. It should not be an accident to cooperate.
Liu Xiaoli "is no longer"
"What ………. what? !”
"Because they were all knocked over by your daughter."
Liu Xiaoli said.
"What? !”
Li Jijun’s car was so shocked that it almost couldn’t step on the brakes and even people and cars turned into the ditch
Chapter 79 I was careless and didn’t flash
"Is it shocking?"
Liu Xiaoli looked a little callous and looked at the house with a stool and legs posing as a strange sword.
And in her feet lay several painful struggling figures just like the background wall.
But even with so many people testifying, she is still afraid to accept the reality at the moment …
Although she was alarmed by the enemy’s attack, she was not surprised.
Shopping malls, such as battlefields, are unruly, but there are not many people.
Over the years, with the rise of the Li family, I don’t know how many people have moved cakes, and many of them have been attacked by vicious people.
At the first stop, she skillfully pulled out a silver automatic pistol that Li Jijun gave her for her tenth birthday last year.
Holding a gun all the way, while the enemy didn’t understand the terrain of the manor, he quietly touched his daughter’s bedroom and planned to escape with her. Along the way, he heard a lot of squeal screams, all of which were paid bodyguards by the manor.
Obviously, the enemy has no good intentions.
But who knows that the daughter has just joined up and hasn’t come out yet, and she was directly blocked by several people in black masks.
There is no escape from the dead end. Liu Xiaoli is already ready to fight with them with a gun.
As a result, I didn’t expect my daughter to kick over the makeup stool, tear down a stool leg and rush …
This way, that way, that way …
Dancing on the stool and legs gives birth to wind.
The attacker is not without experts.
It’s a pity that in the face of fancy tactics and never seen a way of fighting before, all the unprepared departments were knocked down, that is, Li Yuan’s hands were not leaning on the heavenly sword, but stool legs, otherwise I’m afraid none of these people could stay alive.
In the game, even Li Yuan was shocked by his biting.
It was Cheng who forced Liu Xiaoli to break down.
Li Yuancheng’s rustling made her almost wonder if this was her usual stupid, greedy and lazy daughter?
She callous to communication said, "why don’t you believe it? I don’t believe I asked her. She said she was learning Wushu in the game … It’s just that I didn’t see much change when I played mahjong every day. "
"Stop it and run away. Don’t worry about everything at home. Let them toss you down. Even the outpost is not the enemy. It’s much more terrible than you think."
Li Jijun managed to hold the vehicle steady and shouted.
Then suddenly put on the brakes.
He looked gloomy …
At the corner, several off-road vehicles blocked the road ahead, and dozens of figures were lurking on both sides.
Tight encirclement knew they would never let him go.

Qi Qiao reluctantly smiled and missed Su Jing’s topic and continued to say, "There is no other way for school sister to practice the robbery again … After that good thing, her practice speed was slow, and it was only a year ago that she entered Xiaozhen, and she traveled to Shimen Mountain to realize it, but she didn’t hear from her."

When calculating, twenty years after the Star-Star disaster, the overseas Chinese lost their lives, and thirty-five years later, the first three places were broken, so the speed of reconstruction was really slow …
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-one Shadow Sword Sect
"I’m worried that my school sister went to see Master several times and wanted to look for her in the mountain, but Master refused to promise that it was a good thing for me to be worried." Qiqiao sighed, "I always feel uneasy. You have more friends outside. Can you help me? It’s not to ask her to come back, but to find her and find a message. I would be grateful if you could take care of her again."
Nie Luowu doesn’t go to find someone, and Su Jing can’t ask him for help from Tianzong or his fellow travelers. However, Su Jing can ask the demon family to help find the news of bee and overseas Chinese. Su Jing won’t forget to nod immediately and promise to send a message to Xie Lou at the reward of heaven, or he will have to trouble Master San Agong Jin.
Bee overseas Chinese reached out and patted Su Jing’s shoulder. "Thank you, I’ll cook a meal for you! I can cook noodles. Do you like them? "
"noodle soup or noodles?"
"Picky on you!" Qiaoxiaoqianxi Neldock really turned and left to give Su Jing noodles a cup of tea. After Kung Fu, Su Jing suddenly flew out of the air and a beautiful butterfly with wings of ice and fire landed on his shoulder.
Su Jing’s knowledge of butterfly’s Nero dock is true, and the elders specialize in spiritual communication. Compared with other Zong Ling’s communication, this ice and fire butterfly also hides a mysterious killing method, which can not only communicate but also defend the enemy. It is not easy to refine it. It may be nothing, but it is of great value to ordinary sects.
The butterfly fluttered its wings and started a clever sound into Su Jinger’s ear. "Did you forget to ask if you put chopped green onion?"
After a word, precious butterflies melt into ice and disperse into fire.
Su Jing thinks this Qi Qiao is really a prodigal family. It’s really sharp to be away from the mountain. Jin Jian Xun called and put it in the past!
Tianzong’s younger brother acted in an atmosphere and made noodle soup skillfully. One pot was divided into nine bowls of Su Jing, three corpses, and four younger disciples. Then, Qi Qiao counted himself. After eating the noodles, Su Jing took leave and greeted the elder celebrities in Nerowood, and went to prepare for returning to the motherland, but he just flew up and suddenly smelled rumbling through heaven and earth.
Su Jing saw Qi Qiao off and frowned. "It’s annoying!"
The bell hanging from the mountain gate is as effective as the old drum outside Nerowood. When the drum rings, it says that someone is coming outside to challenge.
Qi Qiao bowed his hand and apologized to Su Jing, saying, "Not far away, send me to send those guys who don’t know the depth. Have a nice trip and get news from your younger sister at any time." After that, she paused and turned around and waved her hand at Su Jing. "You can come at any time if you want to drink noodle soup!"
We visited Zong Sujing with our younger brothers for several days respectively, and took people back to the motherland. On the way, the mouths of the three corpses almost didn’t stop for a moment to talk and talk, and there were endless topics. I don’t know which one started. In the past few decades, the newly-built family has constantly challenged the noble family, and everyone has been disturbed. Su Jing suddenly found a reason to say that he hadn’t seen San Grandpa for a long time, and took out some gifts from his bag. Please ask the three corpses to help him run for a trip, thank the floor and pay tribute to Su Jing.
Three grandfathers have deep pockets and Su Jing is polite. In the past, he will come back with heavy gifts and thank the floor for food and beauty. Naturally, he promised to go happily.
Su Jing, a three-scoundrel, took out the purple painted skin and said to his four brothers around him, "Let’s choose one and wear it and go around with me."
Chen Jing was curious, "What did Master take us to?"
Sun Xijia narrowed his eyes "and wear painted skin … unless to do bad things? !” My little girl talks about "doing bad things" in a veiled way. Sun Xijia is in high spirits. His words are eloquent.
"Hu said away from the mountain, both are the right way, and Tianzong will not be evil! Teacher is to see if you practice swordsmanship, "Su Jingxiao replied.
It’s midsummer. It’s June 27th.
There are nine thousand three hundred miles apart between Nerowood and Lishan. Su Jing walked for almost two months with four younger brothers. It was the end of the month when he returned to Lishan …
Take off the painted skin and enter the mountain gate. Go to the Star Peak on the bank of Linqing to meet senior brother first.
Lin Qing-pan is really a leisure man. He went fishing in a pool deep in the mountain. A small fire was built around him to catch one. After eating, he baked one and then went fishing by the fire. Two flagons have just started. Su Jing and four younger generations have just caught a big fish and are rubbing scales with their sleeves.
See the teacher younger brother came Lin Qing side waved and laughed "just right, it’s a real treat."
There is a joke in the practice door that faces northwest and opens your mouth wide, which means that if you drink the northwest wind, you will have a meal. The profound generation of practice will breathe in aura and melt into the body. Kun will no longer need to eat. Occasionally, he may pick a drop of summer flower honey dew and put a piece of green tea in his mouth. That’s all. It’s a rare sight to see.
When they came near, four younger generations claimed that Shi Bo paid homage to Su Jing at the riverside of Lin Qing, and immediately laughed, "Brother, is this … grilled fish enlightenment?"
The children are naughty, that is, pretending to be weird. What is naughty compared with Su Jing’s four younger generations?
The magnificent Tianzong, the master of the sword leaving the mountain, and the younger martial uncle brought four Xiaozhen all the way from north to south. When they met the new Sect, they went to fold their prestige … Because the newcomers have always come to challenge the mountain for decades, this is equal.
"It’s not a bad thing for newcomers to practice suddenly to gain great strength and teachers to guide their mood. It’s not a bad thing to lose their spirit at this time." Lin Qingpan gave Su Jing a good excuse and laughed for a while, and then the question was absent-minded.
Such as? What’s like? It’s nothing more than two things. Our brother is like a challenged family.
The spring tide of Lingyuan has come, but in recent decades, how profound can those new sects be in such a short time even if they have the opportunity to make things happen? There is no match for the evil spirit. Shuangxijia, four talents, have earned hard work, have been instructed by famous teachers, and have been practicing the Dharma doll on the top. They have been solid all the way. However, several clans have impressed Su Jing deeply. Their magic swords are biased, evil and sharp, which is quite unique.
Su Jing probably talked about the challenges all the way, and finally said, "There are many amazing people among the people who have achieved enlightenment in the spring tide, and the art of surprise is fashionable and short-lived, and it may become a climate in a short time."
When listening to the story, Lin Qing nodded noncommittally and pulled out two pieces of jade slips from his sleeve and handed them to Su Jing, who took them. The first piece was Su Jing’s parade period, and there was nothing to say. What is recorded in the last piece of jade slips is what happened recently in the practice of Taoism, where new sects rose and which old sects recovered from injuries, etc. Most of them are not worth mentioning, but there is one thing that interests Su Jing.

I can’t see it!

The culture chamber is covered with a layer of silver-gray film, which will block Xu’s spirit from being induced by death.
On how hard Xu tui tried to penetrate this membrane.
Still can’t see what’s in the incubator.
"Is this a telepathic nemesis?"
Xu tui is a little depressed.
One day, the telepathy was discovered and broken by Luo Mu, and then it was almost impossible to induce telepathy before the 14th Institute, and it was blocked by a film.
Xu felt some ideas collapsed.
Spirit does not seem to be the enemy.
There are many nemesis!
Xu tui encountered two kinds today!
This made Xu retreat a lot of new cognition and ideas …
The huge rectangular incubator in the scientific research room surprised many people.
Especially when it is associate with that possible cultivation of’ people’ inside.
Xu returned this surprise to an extreme.
I was still thinking about many problems until I got a bottle of E-class energy supplement from the Gene Research Institute that month.
Is it legal if the culture in the culture warehouse of Institute No.14 is’ human’?
Is it illegal?
If the cultivation in the cultivation warehouse of No.14 Institute is really a’ person’, what research does An Xiaoxue come to do?
Will there be anything bad in these studies?
Chapter sixty-three Look at the new posture
I haven’t returned to the dormitory area yet, so I suddenly realized my idea of retreating.
An Xiaoxue currently presides over Institute No.14, which belongs to Genetic Research Institute.
What institution is the Gene Research Institute?
It is the first scientific research institution affiliated to the highest gene committee in each district.
Kyoto Prefecture, the Gene Research Institute, is the headquarters of Huaxia Gene Research Institute.

"It’s not terrible to die. I’ve enjoyed the most beautiful things and the most delicious food in the world. I’m not willing to die at the hands of a mud-legged pariah," the star said maliciously

"There is no such thing as untouchability or expensive life, and the value of your life is the same. It is meaningless to say it in your last words, because there is no place for you in the world." Zhang Lan pulled out the reverse blade.
"I don’t need you to start work, my life and death are my own decisions." The stars said and took out a delicate dagger from behind.
This knife is a family treasure. The father of Xingchen gave the position of chairman to Gloria, but he gave the dagger to Xingchen. In their father’s mind, Gloria can take care of the whole people of free group, while the star holding the dagger can protect her sister.
But in fact, the stars never understood his father’s meaning. Greed, cruelty and fierceness annihilated his humanity, and death was the inevitable result.
"I hate this feeling. It’s disgusting to lose." The stars pulled out the dagger backhand and took a deep breath. Both of them dared not tremble in the middle of their hands. "Hey, do you want to watch it all the time? Come and help me. My hand is cramping! "
"It’s not a cramp, it’s just a fear. This can happen to everyone." Zhang Lan sighed and stepped forward to help the stars hold the handle inch by inch until the whole knife was stabbed
"It didn’t hurt so much?" Stars surprise way
"Because your body will naturally secrete renal gland hormone, it is painless to paralyze your nerves, but your life is over." Zhang Lan gently looked back at another group chairman who ended his life
Chapter five hundred and fifty-seven Cross the rubicon universe war
In the universe, the mutual attack of warships has changed from a simple fleet war to a camp killing each other.
You Na shows that the imperial regiment has control over the ball, which can not only command all the regiments, but also command the universe fleet, and now even the imperial ring is completely under the control of the imperial regiment.
What does this mean? Zhang Lan’s control over the earth has simply become a god. The chairman of his regiment and the unified organization have no restraint ability for Zhang Lan.
In such a long history of the earth, no one has ever managed to dominate the ball, but Zhang Lan has.
It is this kind of dominance that Nikyang leads Chaos, which is tantamount to thinking about the moment when Zhang Lan rashly attacked the overlord regiment not long ago. At that time, he still thought that he was the enemy of the world, but now he has taken control of the whole world, which has changed Gu Xuan and his position by one degree. Think carefully and fear.
As a last resort, Nikyang must also inform Chaos to wander or he will become a huge target for many rail guns.
At present, the emperor’s ring faces himself and can attack an orbiting satellite gun. Even if Chaos is stronger, there are still 64 floating orbit satellite guns. The difference in quantity is too much, which can be made up by wandering.
Chaos floating matrix ball with energy shield is definitely the strongest defense body of the warship at present, but it is still impossible to confront the whole defense body of Emperor Ring.
And this advantage is getting bigger and bigger as Zhou Xian moves …
Sitting in Washington, D.C., Zhou Xian, the host computer room of Eye in the Eye, kept tapping the keyboard and actively joined You Na.
"You Na and I directly cut into the human-computer network of Chaos and those hives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do this. This distance is too far. They make the network different from the earth, but I can try to hack into their system." Zhou Xian calculated a terrorist plan.
"What do you need my cooperation for?" You Na to react immediately.
"If even one bullet is attached to the surface of Chaos, I can find a way to hack into them and let Chaos die instantly." Zhou Xian is also throwing caution to the wind.
"How sure are you?" You Na serious way
"2% for 1 second and 6% for 1 minute when the fiber-optic projectile stays on the surface of Chaos; It is almost "excessive" for Zhou Xian to be able to keep 1% cut-in for 5 minutes.
But to know that it took a whole year for a overlord group to be paralyzed in five minutes and it took more than 1% of the universe to collect resources to complete the warship, it immediately felt nothing.
"I’ll be responsible for the completion of what you asked me to do. You are ready to invade." You Na said and hung up the communication and got up from the captain’s position
"Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to do something important. Thank you for being so supportive of me. Although I’m not an easy-going girl, you dare not back me up." You Na suddenly said.
"Because you can burn people, captain. What are you doing?" Xin Bug Chief Officer has sensed that something is wrong.
"From now on, I hand over the captain’s power to Xin Bug. He will be your acting captain and I need to fly the fighter." You Na is going to be himself
You Na knows that this kind of invasion Zhou Xian is also fighting for her life. She needs to send bombs to fight the Chaos firewall through optical fiber. This kind of power is thousands of kilometers away from the earth. No one can make it so far, but Zhou Xian’s network loss power can do it. She needs to send the spirit of the Ministry to thousands of kilometers away. If something goes wrong, she will die.
There is no reason for Zhou Xian to take risks alone. You Na must play along to the end.
"Captain, are you serious? 20 thousand fleet command you to throw it to me? I have never carried a flag and fear of death is what I brought out of the womb! " Xin bedbugs are almost crying in a panic.
"Give full play to your BUFF and try every means to make everyone alive, so I can take care of it." You Na patted Xin Bug on the shoulder with a smile and left everything.
"How are you going to fight this?" Xin Bug is also resentful.
Unloading the shoulder burden and walking out of the bridge at that moment, You Na became the warrior who rushed to the battlefield … Let You Na not help but smile.
Although You Na is a celestial semi-protoss chaos root, there is no opponent to fight in World War I, but this is too environment after all, no matter how strong Una is, it is extremely small relative to the universe. If it is too small, You Na will die like his ordinary people.
Knowing that the Skyfighter team is leaving, the fighter pilots have finished closing in the hangar.
Noah’s warship is equipped with the Skyfighter model "Falcon", a small shuttle with a length of 5 meters, which has extremely fast maneuverability and not strong defense. It is equipped with a shield-off defense system, but it can make a limited number of times, and some large attacks cannot be defended.
In order to increase flexibility, Falcon is equipped with relatively few ammunition, and four missiles are off the machine gun, which is the main weapon. The range of this small space fighter is about 5 kilometers around Noah’s warship at most.
This is the same as the purpose of Noah’s warship. Noah’s warship is a powerful ship. Targets 5 kilometers away from space battleship can rely on causal guns and a large number of ship weapons to complete the attack. There is no need to always strengthen their fighter groups like aircraft carriers
You Na, the captain of the fighter team, said to the team members while wearing a fighter plane, "Ladies and gentlemen, I will need you to carry out a narrow escape operation. We need to cross the entire theater, penetrate through the floating matrix group of Chaos and leave their shields so that I can smoothly send optical fibers to the surface of Chaos."
"It’s hard for me to describe to you how dangerous it is, but the only thing I can say is that this is our best chance to win. I can guarantee that no matter how difficult the battle is, I won’t lose one of you and fight until the end, all right?"
"White Sir!" Member qi answered.
"Very good!" You Na said and buckled the driver’s helmet and quickly rolled over and sat in the cockpit of his fighter plane.
There are as many fighters in the whole fleet, which is the second chance that Noah’s warship can not carry out at present, and it is a desperate battle
When You Na debugged the system, Zhang Lan’s face appeared on the screen in front of him.
"You Na, I don’t approve your battle plan. You can’t work so hard." Zhang Lan objected positively.
"I’m sorry that the sword string has to send Chaos, which is a terrible cosmic-class special warship. If this thing is still near, the orbital area will be completely controlled by Guxuan. This is our only chance. I don’t know when it is." You Na continued to debug.
"Do you also want to disobey orders?" Zhang Lan is a little angry.
"Just because you said you believed in what I did, you should support me conditionally." Una smiled.
"The death rate is too high, which is not my intention." Zhang Lan blamed herself.
"Zhang Lan, not all plans can be under your control. We have to learn to adapt to the line." You Na said and hung up the communication
Chapter five hundred and fifty Dance Snow is going back to Earth
The battle against Kun is more like a tragic suicide attack. After Linger was killed, a group of celestial semi-protoss all attacked with red eyes.
At present, there are only two attack units that can cut into Kun’s side, namely Ye Chang and Long Wangye, who constantly stand on the platform to create various multilaterals to hinder Kun’s action, but the effect is very limited.
Soul-breaking and Caster have been constantly switching platform positions about 1 km away for multi-angle long-range attacks.
They cooperate perfectly, which is simply a model for the semi-protoss to besiege and fight god at the educational level, but looking around the world, it is probably possible for Guxuan to attack Kun with such luxury.
However, Kun was never injured except for some nosebleeds just now. He wandered around many besiegers and constantly countered the enemy without falling wind.
"broken soul wave!" In the distance, there is another wave of broken souls. In the past, Kun was hard-jointed and then came out of the explosion unscathed.
This time, Kun dodged sideways and let the horrible light mass fall freely into the ocean, directly blowing out a water column as high as 100 meters. What is even more frightening is that Kun turned his head sideways and looked at the broken soul and Caster.
"Run!" The sovereign is nervous and constantly switches to a new position platform, so that the broken soul can quickly escape with Custer.
Because of too much attention to protect the broken soul and Caster, no one thought that Kun appeared behind the sovereign just now, just now, the absolute realm was once again opened to the sovereign and Kun together.

If you find it, it’s probably nothing. Can you still lock a man up?

"I always pay more attention to my daily life according to my original plan and invite them to the Bureau of Investigation for tea whenever I have the opportunity."
"I don’t know if there are many people in this organization, so we haven’t been asking for information."
Another possibility is that this organization is mainly active in foreign countries, and its fighters in Baiyun Prefecture and Baijiang City are the only black swordsman.
Others may be logistical support, which of course is hard to find.
"Don’t worry, I am duty-bound to find this organization!"
Jiangtingqiu avenue
He’s been waiting for days. Brother Black hasn’t met him, but he has found many clues.
He believes that he is so enthusiastic that it is only a matter of time before a heart is found!
There will be!
I talked a few words about the more important issues. "The influence caused by the frequent occurrence of evil in various places these days has become more and more serious. Our Donghuang border is barely under control, but some small countries have fallen into fear."
"Like Borneo, there has been an extremely serious disaster, with the gates of hell pouring out in an instant, and it is difficult to count the fallacies. Now that city has completely fallen into the casualties."
Hearing this, both Snow White and other investigators gasped at the scene.
The gates of hell!
The wave of evil!
Can human beings resist this? How do you feel that the end will come at any time!
"But we are not too desperate. There are more and more paradoxes, but we humans are also making progress. A few days ago, the General Bureau of Investigation made a new breakthrough and developed a lethal weapon that can guide and compress the growth of life energy."
Zhou Bureau said
This almost makes people breathless.
But the investigators are all curious about when the new weapons in Zhou’s mouth will be equipped with them. Wait a minute … They don’t seem to wake up and can’t guide life energy.
Expecting investigator Orz
At this time of Zhou Bureau, people brought a long box. "This is a new weapon. I also have a lot of human feelings to give priority to our Baijiang Branch."
Inside the box, there was a white pike split into two pieces and lying quietly in a long wooden box.
Zhou Bureau looked at Snow White with a pair of lures | turn … Cough him, how can someone do something called lures? There has been no special investigator in Baijiang Branch. He did this in the hope that Snow White could sit here for a long time.
It wouldn’t be so tight to have a special investigator in their Baijiang branch.
This is beneficial to both sides.
"Give it a try. Only you can make this weapon here."
Chapter 39 Actions of all parties
Snow White is also curious. She has heard a little about the development of this new weapon.
For a long time, like her, her awakening ability is not high, and the strength of the special investigator is actually awkward.
Come on, they can’t cope with it. The output is purely scraping.
To put it mildly, they can get rid of evil by themselves, and they can save a lot without using foreign things.
But is a special investigator like her saving money? Can’t!
Scraping is because life energy is too loose to find a guiding method.
Just like if a person wants to kill a tiger with his fist, he may be too tired to do it-or if the tiger doesn’t answer back.
But if this person has a sharp machete in his hand, it will be different, and he can easily break the defense and stop scraping.

An elder in the house handed the roster to Ling Renjie, who looked at it carefully. The former said, "Only 43 people met the requirements after our consultation."

Ling Renjie said while watching, "There are nearly 150 Tsukiji deacons in the clan, and less than 50 of them meet the requirements."
Smell speech the man in front of him explained, "Although many monks in the family in the foundation period are strong in recent decades, they have broken through one after another. Their breakthrough is too short, and now the foundation is still wandering in the early stage."
And the qualified Tsukiji deacons broke through the list in the past few years, and the young people broke through in recent years and were selected because they met those special conditions. "
Lingrenjie explained that the list will be read and the list will be closed. "I’ll go and present the list to the three elders first.
Let’s take a rest first. Once the Three Elders agree to it, we should organize people to inform the list of Tsukiji deacons, and at the same time make some adjustments to the Tsukiji deacons’ guarding of various places. "
Ling Renjie left and soon met Ling Youdao, and presented the sorted list for Ling Youdao to have a look.
This is where Ling Renjie Cong consults, so that even if something goes wrong, Ling Youdao can’t blame him. After all, Ling Youdao himself has seen it and found no problem.
"Well, you know more about the deacons of Tsukiji than I do. Now that you have confirmed the list and feel that there is no problem, you should immediately call for the list."
Shortly after Ling Renjie’s departure, a series of command orders were sent from the Ling family in Baiyun Mountain to the northern section of the Wan Archipelago chain in Feiling sea area next to the meteorite sea area, especially the Qingdan sea area in the northern section.
Then the list of Tsukiji deacons received the call-up orders one after another. Although they doubted the family call-up orders in their hearts, they dared not disobey the family call-up orders. They were urgently called to be in charge of specific matters. After giving instructions on some important matters, they immediately set off for the meteorite sea family.
In less than half a year, the list people rushed back to the family.
Originally, it took several months to get from Jinjiaofang City to Qingdan Sea, even if it was a real-life flight, but with the end of Terran War, Zhenxuanzong and other forces returned to Wandao Chain through the northern section of Wandao Chain, led by Zhenxuanzong, and several big forces supported the northern section of Wandao Chain to build a straight-chain Jinjiaofang City to send troops closer to Qingdan Sea.
It is precisely because of this send-off that the time from Qingdan sea area to Jinjiaofang city is greatly shortened. Otherwise, the deacon in Qingdan sea area will never return to the meteorite sea area family in less than half a year. After all, it will take several months to send the order from the meteorite sea area to Qingdan sea area, let alone return again.
After returning to the meteorite sea family, the list was summoned by another person.
Forty-three Tsukiji deacons hurried back to the main hall.
Ling Youdao sat down first and scanned the 43 people and said, "You must be wondering now that the family suddenly transferred you back."
As soon as he said this, he went to the hearts of the deacons, and his spirit became different
Ling Youdao didn’t hide the direct way: "The ruins of Zhenhai Palace are about to open. I called you back this time to choose the right person from among you to represent the family in the ruins of Zhenhai Palace."
What is the place where the ruins of Zhenhai Palace were bombed by the deacons? That’s what several monks in Beihai dream of seeking happiness. The number of genius treasures in it is expected to make the monks in the construction period achieve the elixir, and the real people will achieve the Yuanying.
"You’re not so surprised. It will happen in a few years."
"In addition, you will have a competition later. The strongest person will get the family’s key training and hopefully get the representative family to enter the ruins of Zhenhai Palace."
"In addition, there are three places randomly designated by the elders. Your performance in the competition is also very important, and those who have the skill of cultivating immortals are preferred."
Smell speech, some people are happy, some people are worried, and they are all led away.
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Selection into Zhenhai Palace Three deities compromise!
Forty-three Tsukiji deacons immediately put themselves into active preparations after returning to their homes after the meeting of the Assembly Hall.
They are different in strength, some are monks in the late period of the foundation and some are monks in the early period of the foundation, even the monks in the early period of the foundation chose the reference fight.
Although the contest is for the five places, it is also a rare opportunity to learn from each other and make a good impression on the elders. No one chooses to give up the contest regardless of the strength.
Let all the deacons in the competition reach the goal of learning from each other, and do not make two people with strong strength meet in the early stage of the competition, which will lead to the elimination of those with strong strength. Ling Renjie made a fairer competition plan and presented it to Ling Youdao for decision.
The rules he made are also very simple. First, select seven of the 43 people in the reference bucket to be the strongest, skip the front airport directly, and each bucket will occupy a ring and enter the fourth round directly.
Seven people were selected because seven of the forty-three were monks in the late period of the foundation.
In this way, there are 36 people left. After the first round of fighting, 10 people enter the second round of fighting. After the second round of fighting, 9 people enter the third round of fighting. At this point, the monks in the early stage of building the foundation have been eliminated by the Ministry, and the rest are all monks in the middle stage of building the foundation.
In the third round, one out of nine people entered the first round, that is, the fifth round.
In the fourth round, it is not that five people compete with each other, but that five people challenge the ring. If one of the seven people is defeated, there are six others who challenge the ring.
No matter whether others challenge or challenge others themselves, everyone will have three chances to compete, and finally seven people will win.
Then seven people will compete in the fifth round to rank the strength of the seven people. The five people with the strongest strength can get everyone’s key training and have the opportunity to represent Cang Li Ling’s family into the ruins of Zhenhai Palace.
Ling Youdao carefully watched it again and was very satisfied with the plan.
"If you feel good, just follow your plan."
Ling Renjie was very fast, and in a few days, he prepared the supporting facilities such as the pit and sent a notice of the pit race schedule.

Xiao Xi should be tired to get along with him, right?

He closed his eyes and said, this thunder can’t stay after this.
Chapter 619 End of the road
Everything is in the calculation of rain and clear days.
Since he said it almost …
Things naturally didn’t emerge from his calculation.
Three days later.
Outside Qixing, a miniature warship with an overall ring shape is sailing in the direction of Qixing at a steady but extremely fast speed.
It seems that this warship has been sailing for some time, and now it has gradually approached the position of the Qixing ring.
At this time, the Qixing cosmic route has already been captured by hybrids …
Now, that defense and detection against foreign enemy have become the means and assistance for hybrid to hinder the arrival of foreign aid.
But ring warships seem to have already had a response to this situation.
Outside the painted black hull, there were waves of light curtains flowing …
With the unification of the ship’s hidden barrier
The warships that are sailing in the future are still in people’s sight, but they have disappeared into the automatic defense range of all radar and detection weapons.
And the closer you get to Qixing,
The faster the speed of the warship is, the more blazing light is emitted from all the thrusters before it is idle, pushing the warship to be almost ten times faster than before, and it is sprayed straight at the Qixing Department … The warship shape is also ring-shaped with the change, and the warship gradually gathers together to form a bullet shape.
It’s really like turning into a bullet, shooting itself through the atmosphere and breaking through all the defense circles.
And then fell directly into the Qixing department.
Cheng didn’t disturb anyone.
Qixing cliff …
This used to be one of the most famous scenic spots in Qixing.
The cliff is like a crescent moon hanging from the top of the cliff.
Whether it’s taking pictures or sightseeing, it’s extremely rare.
It was in the fierce war that the crescent cliff was completely destroyed, along with the rare vegetation around it.

Lingqing knew at that time that Wen Jun had broken through.

He evolved from Wen Jun into a peach tree. After all, she was very fond of a peach tree in Taoshan.
At this time, it was another breakthrough in Taoshan Taolin, but I didn’t expect that with the vitality of heaven and earth, a ten-foot lotus flower in Fiona Fang rose.
Lotus leaves are rippling like water waves.
Then, every petal of the lotus blossom has a spiritual brilliance full of vitality.
Luotao Mountain is absorbed by every fruit tree and gradually gathers its own spirituality.
When all the layers of lotus petals show a 91-petal violet pavilion independent Taoshan Peak,
A more intense clear glow falls on all the fruit trees in the mountain.
Although the remaining plants in the distance have not changed like this, they have become full of aura and vitality.
Wen Jun is sitting in the lotus heart and looking at Fang’s blooming vitality. All kinds of spiritual plants show a sincere and innocent smile.
Then she took all kinds of visions and turned her head into a lotus flower.
On weekdays, she was silent, and at this time, she didn’t have the meaning of poetry and mood at this time.
It’s not that she won’t be proficient in the classical education that the warring States deputy received.
But she’s not used to it.
Afterwards, Lingqing also learned from Wen Jun that her nine violets not only have protective energy, but also contain all the vitality.
At the same time, she also integrated the spirit of the ancient dragon into the process and cultivated a kind of spirituality.
In the future, it will be very convenient and easy for her if this violet comes to enlighten the vegetation elves.
With people in fairyland, her demand for the spirit sword and golden cicada method is naturally not so strong.
And a brainwave, although it has not yet been condensed, has not been practiced, but it is almost the same.
I want to stay in view of the new year, and he will surely be able to combine all kinds of wonderful things with all kinds of beasts and bodies to practice the wonderful things and break through the fairyland.
During this period, he devoted himself to practicing. Will he come? Where is the leisure to refine this spirit sword method?
For him, the spirit sword method is definitely not as big as his unseen immortal practitioner.
Therefore, apart from Wen Jun asking for a few, the two wanted to see if they could see if Violet and Qi Ling had a brainwave at all.
A few days later, Lingqing was still combing the blessed land of Qingyun Mountain by the boundary tree, and he saw Taoist Yun-sheng coming to him and said, "Someone is asking for an audience outside Guanzhu Mountain.
Self-proclaimed fame and hatred is the old knowledge of the Lord to thank him. "
"Oh, invite him in," said Ling Qing after a pause.
Since the second time, he helped him and Lu Qing and others to take it, and then he didn’t care about revenge.
Later, I also heard that Qiu Feibai and others contributed a lot to the destruction of Xiao Mo and others.
He is applying for permission.
After all, Qiu Feibai and others had put it bluntly and didn’t commit anything. It was just mixed with Xiao Mo and others.
And it was later confirmed that they didn’t know it at first and helped them cheat some people.
Later, I found out that Xiao Mo and others had fallen out after their evil deeds.
It’s nothing to be biased against the Ministry of Special Affairs in the past.
Anyone who has cultivated some evil laws will subconsciously be suspicious of the Secret Service Department.
At this time, it’s been a month since the second action, and I want Lu Qing to have finished handling things.
After a while, Lingqing saw Taoist Yun-shen coming with Qiu Feibai and a very attractive young man, a teenager, a woman with a cold body and a burly monk.
As soon as they saw Lingqing, the five people bowed their hands and said, "I have seen a Muslim."
"Don’t bother" Lingqing stretched out his hand and said, "Please go inside."
Said to them, please come into Qingling Pavilion.
After the placement, Qiu Feibai introduced several of his companions to Lingqing.
It was Fan Long, Wang Hou, Xue Shu and the monk who broke the precepts.
Then I looked at him and smiled. "This time, thanks to the matchmaking of real people, we can suffer from twists and turns."
I’m waiting for this time to thank the real person for helping me. "
Compared with Ling Qing’s vice middle school, when he saw him, his face was a little more relaxed, and the sunshine was a little less dull and gloomy.
"Our brothers also have nothing good. We have previously got some spirit animals and blood to give to the Taoist priest."
After the speech, he took out a conch from the bosom and raised his hand to send a few cases beside Lingqing.
This kind of snail that can hold things has also been collected a lot in other cities.
Lingqing doesn’t want to accept his things. After all, it’s just a little effort for himself.
Besides, how many people suffered before they acted to destroy Xiao Mo and his party?
Naturally, he didn’t want their reward, but he wouldn’t refuse when he heard the spirit beast Jingxue.
"So being original would be disrespectful." Lingqing knocked on the table to show her acceptance and looked at them.
"This is also your totally without making any mistakes to have this result.
If you are not afraid, you will be as good as Lu Tiansheng. "
"True" QiuFeiBai and others nodded deeply.
This time, after seeing Jing Yesi uprooting Xiao Mo and his gang and saving the victims, they completely understood the power of the Secret Service.
At the same time, it also gave some recognition to the Ministry of Special Affairs.
After all, it is the Ministry of Special Affairs that really maintains the current peace situation and does not make the reality jungle.
Lingqing can also hear from their words that they are really sincere.
So it is much more valued.
It is also very commendable to say that mud is evil and not stained.

Ma Jiaqiang, the US military, fired a second wave of artillery, broke the bridge, and a large group of giant ants cried in a hubbub. The giant ants climbed the pier like touching and fell into the water again, and the fleet passed quickly regardless.

The fleet also met several cities in the later trip, but the scale of the cities was much smaller. The bridge across the river was never touched, but the dock was seen several times.
Except for the heavy rain in the afternoon, the voyage went smoothly for nine hours in the evening. The fleet has sailed more than 1,000 kilometers to the northern part of South Sudan and is about to enter Sudan.
After refueling once, the fleet didn’t stop at half past night.
It was decided by the Americans to leave overnight, but it was also unanimously supported by Yip Han and all allied soldiers!
No one likes aliens to control their territory for the night. The more static they are, the more likely they are to be in danger and move forward quickly, but the safer they are.
Chapter 797 Get away
However, after a day, the aliens obviously didn’t want to let the fleet go like this. At night, a group of giant ants suddenly got together and climbed each other. It didn’t take long to become a few giant ant balls!
The vegetation on the shore is not bad, but no matter how dense the vegetation is, it can’t cover up the conspicuous ant ball boat. When the sentinel horse finds something wrong, he immediately reports the abnormal situation.
Yip hon gather together to the porthole to see his eyes, and immediately ask for support in fleet communication.
A few seconds later, the space fleet in low earth orbit caught fire, and dozens of shells fell from the sky, smashing all the ant balls that would gather together.
The shelling lasted for half a minute, but the artillery fire was very dense, sweeping the whole river bank and counting the giant ants. After the shelling, there was no longer a complete giant ant in sight.
The giant ant raid ended so anticlimactic that the fleet continued along Hebei.
Visibility is not very good at night, but every soldier has a night vision device. The speed of the fleet has not decreased, and it is still moving at a high speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour.
I don’t know if it was aliens who didn’t adjust their troops or realized that the ant colony couldn’t get things done under the nose of the fleet. The trip went very smoothly at night. By the next morning, the fleet had entered the semi-desert area of Sudan, and the banks of the river were replaced by a piece of yellow instead of tropical vegetation as far as the eye can see.
Vegetation is not absent, but it is very few, and some places on both sides of the middle and white Nile are desolate.
Yip hon lay on the porthole for a long time without looking at an ant, and the real-time satellite images of the United Pacific fleet were not seen near the fleet.
He searched along the river and finally found that the giant ant closest to the fleet actually swam more than 300 kilometers away!
Yip hon blinked and suddenly raised his head. "Aren’t we just coming out?"
This is nonsense. Everyone is a little stunned. Yip hon quickly explained a few words of what everyone meant in the vernacular. The quiet cabin cried the excitement.
Liu Bin held his helmet and grinned with a big mouth. "Yesterday, when I was on the boat, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to run all the way without fighting insects. I didn’t expect to get out so easily."
"Who said it wasn’t!" Ouyang Pinglian agreed that "there was an accident last night and we didn’t start work."
Luo Qi looked at Yip Han. "Captain, can you call a plane without worms?"
"I think so, too." Yip Han smiled and wanted to communicate with Gibb base. "Call base, please answer!"
"Base, do you copy?"
"Base, our department has entered the semi-desert area. No insects are found here. Repeat, no insects are found here. Request for support!"
"The base has received the plane and is ready to take off, but you are still in the threat range of flying ants. You must continue north!" Then the base sent a coordinate to Yip Han. "This is the time when the plane will arrive in two hours and you must hurry!"
"What about the white Americans?"
"in what way?"
"This is a joint operation."
At the end of the communication, Ye Han clapped his hands and said, "Pay attention!"
The soldiers immediately turned their attention to Ye Han.
Yip Han said, "There is good news. The base will send a plane to meet the coordinates about 160 kilometers due north. Our plane will come with the American plane and we can go back after a while."
The soldiers were relieved, but no one cheered … It’s not too late to wait until we get back to the base to vent our emotions.
Later, the United States received an order from Gibb to speed up the fleet at the highest speed. Ten minutes later, the fleet rushed to a desolate river beach, which was less than five kilometers away from the meeting point.
The hovercraft has a strong adaptability. Anyway, these ships can’t be recycled. Just fly directly to the shore of the hovercraft for a while and then get to the farm.
There is a well-preserved desert road at the junction, which is the basic condition for the plane to land.
After seeing the highway, some soldiers commented that it was an accident that the highway was kept in such good condition.
It is not surprising that the destruction of highways in tropical rainforests is the result of wind and rain erosion and vegetation growth, while the desert is dry all the year round, and unless it is buried by sandstorms, the desert highway will not be much worse in another ten years
Then there is a long and painful waiting point. I am very familiar with the roar of the engine and the horizon. Several transport planes appear in sight and land on the road soon.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and the soldiers boarded the plane as soon as possible, and then the fleet took off and returned
When the plane took off, Ye Han looked up at the south. Although he couldn’t see Molobida thousands of miles away, many thoughts still haunted him.
However, in just a few days, four battle groups lost more than half, although there was no Siberian loss, it was not much better
Also, the situation in Africa looked good just a few days ago, but a few days later, Central Africa has become a giant ant … not an alien, and the loss of nearly 2,000 officers and men of multinational forces is huge.
This is nearly two thousand mobile infantry, not two thousand ordinary soldiers!
And the key is not the past, but the participating countries should act one step at a time!
On China being an Al Qaeda group, it will not sit idly by and watch aliens occupy Africa, let alone treat aliens as big, just don’t know whether countries are going as planned.
Ye Han and others withdrew from Djibouti, and countries also held a new round of consultations.
The space fleet is in place, but countries have different views on one step, such as action. The debate focuses on whether to make nuclear weapons within the scope of nuclear weapons and so on
It is always that aliens must be destroyed, but it is not necessary to move nuclear weapons.
Many countries are very optimistic about the sub-wave artillery, and think it is best to continue the pre-African action plan, so that the sub-wave artillery can kill a large number of giant ants and then find out and kill aliens.
I have to say that this plan is a bit second. Although the tropical rain forest is protected to the maximum extent, it needs sufficient ground power to implement this plan, and the special investment in the tropical rain forest environment is comparable to a world war.
It’s simple to bomb Africa, but the problem goes back. Without the tropical rain forest, the whole earth’s climate will change in a predictable way!
Chapter 79 Stir the day
The only military action that can suspend the whole African territory is that the U.S. military Nile has built a defense line to stop giant ants from going north.
At this time, all the insiders believed that ant colony would be commanded by aliens quickly. The purpose of doing this was not only to open up the road to North Europe, but also to attack and defend the human military forces to fight for development.
However, to everyone’s surprise, there was no movement of aliens or ant colonies for days on end, and even the giant ants on the ground were much less, as if aliens were shrinking their forces to recuperate.