At this critical moment, a cold voice suddenly came: "Some women of Lao Tzu dare to move, so you can go to die and kill them!" "

"Ha ha … Slaughter the living, let’s go!"
With the loud laughter stirring the night sky, dozens of figures rushed into the battlefield from all directions, and the axe shadow in the sky completely sealed the void.
A total of 50 people formed an extremely mysterious war, including the brave little man and his men, as well as the remnant blood and others. Tomahawk flying all over the sky formed a ghosting image, which squeezed the space overhead without any gap, even if it was better than a brave little man, it didn’t have a chance to fly off.
Chen cold figure that rushed into the war, cloud combating Dao rolled up countless ghosting, split to entangle JingAo snow several out-of-body experience master.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Crisp gold iron hand in singing, his left hand took Jing Ao snow waist back more than ten meters.
With the protection of a suit with a medium-grade spirit weapon level and his rock-solid body, unless there is a magic weapon with a top-grade spirit weapon or a strong increase, attacks below the distraction period can’t hurt him. On the other hand, the four out-of-body practitioners, two of whom gushed blood at the beginning of the out-of-body experience, and the other two were also badly injured.
Chapter 141 According to God’s instructions
"Chen cold? !”
Surprised voices came from different populations, some were surprises, and some were surprises. Young Bravo snapped: "Since you are the elder of the Cyclops, you should know that the Cyclops have no grudge against Ise Shrine. Do you want to be our enemy?"
Chen Han shrugged his shoulders and laughed. "You want to rob my woman and kill my brother. Now you tell me there is no grudge?"
Brave wild boy while facing crazy fierce attack, mind DianZhuan contact before and after all kinds of, drink a way: "originally our city, is a conspiracy of you guys. However, it doesn’t matter. They attacked me first. Even if there is any misunderstanding, they can’t blame me. How about a strike between the two sides? "
At the beginning, in our city, we staged a drama that turned against each other. In fact, it was just to let the remnant blood leave safely to avoid surveillance.
Now the base on the other side of the Antarctic has been established, and all aspects have been arranged properly. They got rid of surveillance at one time. No one knows where they will appear even if they come over. It is impossible to be locked again. The layout exposure in those years has nothing to do with it.
Knowing that they turned against each other is false, Yong Yexiao knew that it was impossible to kill Canxue and others, and he didn’t want Ise Jingu to have a conflict with the Cyclops. The war was naturally the best result.
Unfortunately, Chen Han has no intention of going to war.
He put Jing Aoxue down with a chuckle and kissed her on the forehead before saying, "I will never leave any potential threat to myself when I have the ability to get rid of future troubles."
"You … do you want the cyclops to go to war with Ise Jingu?" Bravo boy snapped HeWen.
"Ise jingu? Hehe … Do you dare to go to Europe? Aren’t you afraid of being regarded as an intruder by the Vatican of Light and the Parliament of Dark? If there is no such concern, the cyclops will be waiting for you at any time. "
"Chen cold! If you are a man, fight with me! "
"One-on-one combat between the cultivation of Yuan infant period and the combination period?"
Chen Han gave him a middle finger rudely and sneered, "I’m not that stupid. I never do anything that kills me. Besides, I never choose one-on-one combat when I can fight in groups. Well, don’t waste our precious time. The $300 million B-level entrustment is not worth wasting too long. Kill them. "
Fifty elites from Cyclops, including five in the fit period and ten in the distraction period, and the rest are in the late OBE period.
Remember, it’s just the realm!
They cultivated Chen Han’s self-made method, and during this period of practice, their combat effectiveness has doubled. This beloved race, even the worst tribe, has at least one grade of talent increase, and they have a unified magic weapon and battle array.
On the other hand, although there are also strong players in the fitness period, no matter the number of masters in the fitness period or the total number of practitioners in each order, or the increase in talent, they are all worse than one grade.
According to the various growth rates of Cyclops, the actual combat effectiveness of the ten people in the distracted period is no less than that of the two masters in the early stage of fit around Xiaoye, not to mention the five super-strong people who have their own state of fit.
"Did you hear that? Don’t take them to play, hurry up and get things done to find a beautiful MM massage, woo hoo … "
"Lei Yun, Zhantian!"
"Lei Yun, Zhantian!"
Just blindly defending and trapping each other’s war, suddenly there was a big change, and Yong Ye, who thought it was not a problem to try his best to break through, exclaimed aloud.
Fifty people opened their eyebrows at the same time, 50 bunches of thunder mountain with the thickness of thumb burst out, and 50 tomahawks also launched the strongest blow at the same time.
These guys are hiding their strength!
This is the last thought of Yong Ye Xiao Man. With the explosion of loud noise, he and his 17 people, as well as Jiro Hayakawa and his baby daughter trapped in the war, were all hit by the Lei Yun storm. Plus the double blow of the tomahawk, it is nearly ten times the absolute fighting capacity of the other side, and there is no room for resistance. Except for the bone fracture of the strongest brave wild boy, all the others were killed by a single blow.
He cultivated a practice similar to the method of fixing the true boundary, and also formed Yuan Ying and Yuan Shen’s brave little boy. Yuan Ying has been cracked by the Lei Yun storm.
At this point, he can’t even mobilize a little energy, even if he wants to blow himself up.
Booming …
Vanity seems to have collapsed, and there is a space of five hundred meters above Fiona Fang, and there are countless torn black marks on the spot.
They couldn’t help but be furious. Before Chen’s cold reaction came, the little guy shrank back to his original size and fell to the ground in a coma.
The shape of the residual blood flashed to its side, and one hand was pressed on its little head. It took a long time to breathe a sigh of relief: "Nothing, the energy swallowed is too strong to be absorbed at all in a short time, so it should be a deep sleep. But … I can’t explore its memory of the Yuan God. Its soul is guarded by an extremely powerful force, even if my strength is a hundred times stronger. "
Several people looked at each other with horror. At first, Chen Han took it in because it was cute, and the elite who took it from him felt guilty and never thought about getting anything from it.
However, as it swallowed the flying sword of residual blood for the first time, it gradually showed its powerful ability, and Chen Han began to pay attention to this little guy. However, it didn’t say anything when asked more than once, or even it didn’t know its own life. Until today, the words of residual blood are even more frightening.
What does he mean by being a hundred times stronger?
With the residual blood, the fighting capacity is now shown, and it is a hundred times more powerful than the Mahayana period, so it can’t break through a ban in its soul.