Female prostitutes laughed; "You have this idea. However, I don’t know if this Hainan will be so calm in a few years. "

With the spread of the cemetery of the gods, forces from other planes will join in the battle for the main deity and the main artifact, and the Magnolia plane will not be so calm.
Maybe everything here will be devastated.
Looking at Warcraft in the South China Sea, Qing Ye looked at the arm’s wallet as if it were about to get out, knowing that the mount wallet was about to get out and reappear in heaven and earth.
"At that time, we will set foot on Hengfeng Qing Ye andao together.
Mount Yazi Jiaoguang has followed Qing Ye for tens of thousands of years, longer than liu er.
Seems to feel Qing Ye’s idea, yazi faint roar like thunder.
When Nu Wa saw this, she said with a smile, "When Yazi and Qingluan come out, it’s all right for them to soothe some beasts."
Qing Ye was about to interface when suddenly, there was a huge energy fluctuation from the distant sky.
"There is a fierce battle between the masters of the gods. Let’s go and watch." Qing Ye said, and the female milk flew to the source of energy fluctuation, followed by Lin Meng and others.
Thousands of miles away, I saw the sky above the South China Sea. There is a huge lion-like beast with colorful light standing in mid-air, nearly 100 meters high and hundreds of meters long. Behind it are five lions-like monsters of sanctuary, nearly 30 meters high and nearly 100 meters long. The monsters have six eyes on their heads. There are huge wings behind them.
Opposite the lion-like beast, there are five middle gods, and the eyes of the five middle gods are glowing with green light, just like two green snakes.
Qing Ye and Nu Nai could see that these five middle gods were all transformed by the Green Snake after reaching the level of God.
. Then falsely accused the four friends of publishing, and the concave plus muscle 0 blue plane met a swallowing god beast, hehe. Although the other five six-eye golden pillows are just sacred animals, it is not bad that they all harvest their mounts after refining their deities.
Swallowing the god beast is also an extremely rare god beast race in countless aspects, which is even rarer than the god beast dragon.
The lion-like beast looked coldly at the five people opposite him, and the third eye standing between his foreheads flashed like a knife. This time, he and his five children had come out for air, but unexpectedly they met five middle gods and wanted to catch them as mounts.
There are few strong gods in the mainland of Yulan. As far as he knows, except that the plane keeper Huo Dan is a middle god, others are inferior gods.
No one can threaten him at all, but this time I closed my door, but I didn’t expect to meet five middle gods.
The lion and beast roared, "Take us as mounts, you can’t dream. My son and I will not be mounts for you even if we die."
"Hey hey, do you want to die? That depends on whether the young master answers or not. " Of the five gods, the one standing in the middle laughed wildly.
This time, the lion god beast roared, and the third eye shot dozens of black ripples, which strangely attacked the middle god.
Seeing the dozens of black ripples, the middle god took his time, stretched out his hand, and a green water curtain appeared out of thin air, which blocked dozens of black ripples, but the water curtain also disappeared.
"God beast swallowing day, hey, it’s a pity that you are the next god. If you are the middle god, maybe you can really hurt me just now. I advise you to be my mount. When you are the young master’s mount, you didn’t disgrace your identity. The middle god hey smiled. It seems that everything is under control.
In the middle of the god’s smug laughter. The lion-like beast suddenly became several times bigger again, then opened its huge mouth, and suddenly took a breath, and a crazy airflow pulled the middle god to his mouth.
Suddenly, the god was pulled for tens of meters, but it only stopped for an instant.
"Yao Fu avatar" swallowed the sky, didn’t it? It was really strong, and even Ben Shao Mou almost became your snack. However, the next god is the next god, and no matter how powerful your talent is, you can’t kill me. " The middle god sneered, and the divine power radiated from his body, and the realm of God spread out, swallowing the "swallowing heaven" that the supernatural power exerted on him. But it is useless.
"You go up to one, play with them, and clean them all up." Enjoy, this time, I’ll see who can save you. "Said the median god.
Immediately, a middle god came forward to take orders and then flew to the god beast.
Just when this middle god flew to the god beast. Suddenly, a terrible force came to him in an avalanche, which scared him to retreat in a panic. When he looked up, he saw one flying in the distance.
The smell of the first eight people made him faint and frightened.
It’s the superior god! They have dark passages in their hearts.
Bearer is Qing Ye and female milk, just to the colorful magic tiger this lazy cat, came to the scene, the lazy cat roars at five people. The howling made Fiona Fang’s waters deep for miles.
The middle god of the young master’s face changed, and he said to Qing Ye with his fist, "Friend, this is the cloth of the ashcroft family. We are surrendering our mounts. What do you mean? .
Qing Ye indifferently: "ashcroft family? . Before coming to the mainland of Yulan, the dragon god Adoge told Qing Ye and the prostitute briefly about some large families. The ashcroft family has a strong influence in the underworld.
The man behind the middle god named Buwen, who was just about to clean up the beast that swallowed the sky, proudly said, "Yes, we belong to the ashcroft family, and our master Buwen is the nephew of the master. You are smart enough to get away from me, otherwise, hey hey."
Qing Ye side, but eight superior gods, and such strength is only equivalent to a small tribe of some small mountains in the underworld. Their ashcroft family, it’s just a matter of words.
"Tell us to roll away? Shit! " Suddenly, there was a binge drinking and a fiery knife light flashed. Net just that arrogant god was chopped off, quit for miles, plop, and fell into the sea, but it was the fierce lion of terrorists who made his hand.
Red-haired terrorist, covered in muscles. Raised all the veins stood out, glared at the middle god who fell off the sea, and still gave a sigh of relief: "If you don’t have eyes, dare to tell our boss to get out and come out again, I’ll chop you with a knife." The middle god who was so scared that he fell into the sea was just about to surface and shrank in, but he really dared not get out again.
Buwen and the other three middle gods look very ugly, but the other party doesn’t pay attention to the ashcroft family, and openly teaches his men in front of your face.
You can guess who this god beast is.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Take out the strength to eat snake soup
Only the Fang Roft family and the Ragnas family have other celestial bodies, etc … "Although the family power of the plane is not as good as the Augusta family of the light celestial body, it is also an ancient family of countless planes. These ancient families have existed in Chi Chao for hundreds of billions or even trillions of years.
Such a big family is related to some gods, otherwise, it is impossible to stand for so long in the four supreme and seven sacred planes where the killing competition is fierce.
These big families, although there is no god. But every generation of their concubines are generally messengers of the Lord God.
The angel of the Lord God, although in the eyes of the Lord God, is only equivalent to the existence of slaves, but after all, he is the slave of the Lord God, and he has some connections with the Lord God, and there are also the main artifacts and the main divine power.
As the third generation of ashcroft family. Buwen’s talent in cultivation is not bad, especially on the law of water element. It only took more than 300,000 years to integrate the three elements of the law of water element and the two kinds of complex.
Of course, as the ghost snakes, they also have the natural magical power of the god beast, which is not weaker than the god beast.
Therefore, although Buwen is only a middle-level god who is self-cultivated, it is also possible to kill the general last god with his natural magical powers and powerful top-level artifacts given by his family.
See Qing Ye a line of people so brushed his face. Buwen’s face is cold, and lazy cats and terrorists have become superior gods by refining the deity of superior gods. He can see naturally that this kind of person, he is the most disdainful, this superior god. There are plenty of ashcroft family, and every one million years, the ashcroft family gives those family guards a deity to refine them into gods. After all, these family guards are just a dog raised by their family.
A million years to train a hundred last gods. One hundred million years is to cultivate ten thousand such superior gods. And 100 billion years?
However, such rubbish is humiliating itself.
Buwen sneered: "A group of guys who refine their gods into gods, are you going to win with more people?"
Refining gods? Qing Ye squinted, one-on-one hit again? It seems that one-on-one combat is popular now.
The terrorists looked at each other with lazy cats and Lin Meng, and they couldn’t help but think of Buck’s one-on-one confrontation with the guards of the German and Italian families in the rainy night palace.
The terrorist came over and said to Ye Qinggong, "Boss, teach him, I will do it alone."
Qing Ye smiled indifferently: "All right, be careful of the natural magical power of the ghost snakes."
The terrorist respectfully replied, then flew over with a knife and said to Buwen, "Ghost snakes, hey hey, you’d better make a snake body, otherwise, you won’t be reconciled to losing, but you should be careful later. Grandpa, I use this knife to attack and kill snakes." Say that finish, waved the knife, knife sound snap.
See terrorists like this, Ye Qing smiled and looked at the dragon nine deep and remote, terrorists and dragon nine deep and remote temperament is consistent.
Buwen was angry and killed the snake? But also dare not treat sth lightly, knowing that he wants to win, he really can only rely on the avatar of ontology and cooperate with two gods in two places at once.
At present, Buwen roars, and the roar oscillates for hundreds of miles, causing wild waves in the southern part of the South China Sea. Then, in mid-air, a super-large ink snake nearly 10,000 meters long and covered with black scales emerges.
Snake eyes, green, glowing with psychedelic light.
Nearly ten thousand meters long, coiled in mid-air, almost covered half of the sky, and the sea was dark for miles below.
This is just the noumenon of Buwen’s deity, and his two deities are the water deity and the wind deity, which also stand beside the super giant snake.
Behind Buwen, a few middle gods were busy quitting hundreds of miles away to wait and see, while Qing Ye and Nu Wa wrapped the people with the power of fairies and disappeared in an instant. And then appear a hundred miles away.
While the god beast that swallowed the sky turned back into a human being, and his sons kowtowed to Qing Ye and Nunai and others for their help, and then stepped aside and watched.
Looking at the super big ghost snake that is nearly ten thousand meters long. Swallowing the god beast is satisfied and horrified, think about your own ontology. Compared with others, it’s a drop in the bucket. I feel the powerful breath of that big ghost snake, and I can’t afford to swallow the god beast.
Looking at the expression of the beast swallowing the sky and his five sons, Ye Qing smiled, and then asked him something about the mainland of Yulan. Slowly, Ye Qing had a clearer understanding of the mainland of Yulan. At the same time, Qing Ye knew that the beast swallowing the sky was named Dilin, and he was also the king of the mountains of Warcraft in the mainland of Yulan.
When the terrorists saw Buwen’s 10,000-meter-long super giant ghost snake in mid-air. Not only did he not show surprise, but he looked excited: "Ha ha, what a big one. Now we have snake soup to eat. " Terrorists licked their tongues and smashed their mouths.