Just coming out of the fighting skill field, Chen Han saw Duanmu Yunhai waiting anxiously outside. Only the master of the Qingtian Sword Sect can enter the fighting skill field, but as a disciple of Youquanmen, he can’t.

When Chen Han came out, he quickly greeted him and said, "My master summoned me and said that he had something urgent to find me. I’m going back."
"So urgent?"
"Well, the Pope and the elder personally sent a message that it would be disobedience not to go back soon."
"Ha ha ….. If Youquanmen expel you from your old school, I, the Giant Sword Sect, will accept you immediately. How about we sponsor you to continue to be a candidate elder?" Come out with Chen cold JiMu laughed.
"Thank you for your good pleasure, that what …"
"Come on, I’m just joking with you."
Although the third-order physique is rare, it is a pity that it is not suitable for cultivating the mind of the Qingtian Sword School. If Duanmu Yunhai joins the Qingtian Sword School, it will be completely buried.
Moreover, although the third-order physique is a genius in the celestial world, the number is not uncommon. Even if it’s one in a billion, there are hundreds of millions of immortals in the vast celestial world, so the third-order physique will not be rushed by the Qingtian Sword Sect.
"Then I’ll go first?" Duanmu Yunhai is reluctant to part with his younger brother.
"Elder brother, I’d better come with you."
Chen cold corners of the mouth to stir up a cold smile, cold track: "Kong Liu that fellow is likely to be unwilling, anyway, this time I’m leaving, take the opportunity to … hey hey …"
After recovering from serious injuries, some of them became disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect, possessed the lofty status of the elders, and got the magic skill and fighting skill, so everyone’s worries were gone. Ying Zheng, Qu Zhe, Yu Qifeng and Kirin Chen Yan left the furious star with their own troops as early as a few days ago. Now, only Chen Han and Duanmu Yunhai are left in the Giant Sword School.
After a farewell, Chen Han, Duanmu Yunhai, Qi Xianer, Bing Pupil, and Qi Youfeng were rationed to Qi Xianer and Chen Han, who were secretly responsible for protecting and helping them. Ten immortals and two immortals who had developed in different places set foot on their way back to Ningbi Star.
Of course, Chen Han’s trip is entirely to kill Kong Liu, and he will leave after the incident and go to Helan Star to continue his development.
Chapter 605 Rich raised
"Elder brother, it’s time to get a promotion when you come back this time. Hey hey … should we celebrate the promotion?" Chen Han smiled particularly batting practice.
Duanmu Yunhai looks very angry on the surface, but in fact he is quite happy. He also knows why his master sent him back.
To be sure, his competition with Kong Liu has long been passed back to his legacy, and the results of discussion at the core of his legacy have come out.
The same is the identity of the candidate elder. One has been an introduction for hundreds of years, and the other has only been an introduction for more than 30 years. There is a great gap in qualifications, cultivation, background and power, but he actually won in this competition. The key point is that the three immortals who sat in Lixing said a lot of good things, and all the qualities of Duanmu Yunhai are the potential that the superior needs most, which is enough to make his position in his legacy change obviously.
Thirty-eight candidate elders, if there are no accidents, most of them will grow up to be elders of Youquanmen in the future, but the same elders have different powers.
If the strength is reached and the mind and wrist are not enough, they can only become ordinary elders without real power, such as Duanmu Yunhai, who will undoubtedly become powerful elders.
The gap between real power and no real power is big. It can be said that there is an insurmountable gap in the status and discourse power in the master school.
Non-real elders only have a small fief and a little insignificant bodyguard, but real elders can own fief of several star clusters, master a certain number of military power in their master schools, and have countless immortals and emperors under their command, even they have to give some face to palm teaching, which can be said to be extremely powerful.
Dear Li Xing.
The only yellow planet in the Huansha galaxy, Duanmu Yunhai, who served as the inspector of the Huansha galaxy, returned eight days after receiving instructions from his master.
Just arrived in the main city of Xuan Lixing, which is occupied by the star owner, and the three immortals guarding this military planet have been waiting there early.
The three immortals smiled and congratulated each other, which further confirmed what would happen next.
"Yunhai, it’s the three elders who came here this time. Remember to be respectful." Headed by the fairy thousand ding million told, the three of them but the sea of clouds as an investment object.
"The three elders came here in person?"
While several people were flying in the direction of the Lord’s Mansion, one of the immortals said, "I have carefully reported what happened on the unique star that day to my master, but I am full of praise for you. It’s not something that an ordinary candidate elder can get to let the elder come here for you, so don’t disappoint our high hopes. "
"The three seniors have carefully cultivated, and the sea of clouds is remembered in their hearts. There is not much to say about the pleasantries. If it is useful in the future, just one sentence!"
"Ha ha ….. you have the heart is enough, be awesome …"
Unconsciously, outside the castellan’s mansion, the familiar guards disappeared and were replaced by four immortals.
When the four men saw Duanmu Yunhai, they quickly gave their hands as a gift. They said superciliously, "Inspector Yun, the Third Elder has been waiting here for several days. Go in quickly. There are three predecessors, as for these … Who are you? If you are not a disciple of our school, even if you are a friend of the inspector, it is not convenient to enter. "
"Xiaohan, you and Bingtong and Xianer wait for a while, and I’ll be out soon."
My brother’s position in his legacy has soared, and Chen Han is of course very happy, but he is not interested in participating in it because of the internal appointment of his legacy.
At this moment, the immortal Zun, who was in the town of XuanLiXing, said, "This is the brother of the cloud inspector, and it was he who made great efforts in the World War I."
The four immortal emperors who guarded the door were brought by the three elders. Knowing these things naturally, they quickly said, "Is he the Chen Han mentioned by the three predecessors? The Third Elder has an order. If it’s cold, you must go and see it. Please! "
"Well … I’m not a disciple of Youquanmen. Is it inconvenient?" Chen Han didn’t want to be taken a fancy to by the three elders, and he made a mess.
"Don’t you think the three elders of our family can please don’t move you?" One of the immortals turned ugly.
"This …"
"Afraid of what he does? Go in! "
JiXianEr mercilessly stared at the fairy emperor, with a dozen followers walked to the inside, the fairy emperor suddenly look unhappy, but I did not stop.
After all, the sea of clouds has the identity of the candidate elders, and after this competition, it has become a celebrity. Although it is a lot worse than the powerful elders above them, it is still a lot higher than them. Since these are his relatives, it is harmful and unprofitable to stop them. Besides, the three elders also said that they would like to see Chen Han.
More than a dozen people arrived outside the living room of the Duke’s mansion in a blink of an eye, and at the same time, a dignified and cold voice came: "Is it a sea of clouds? Come on in. "
The hall is not as grand and spacious as the Qingtian Temple, but it is also 1000 meters away from Fiona Fang, and there is only one person in it.
Wearing a dark blue robe, he looks like a man in his fifties. He is extremely tall and afraid of being no more than two meters, probably because of his height. Single eyelid, aquiline nose and thin lips give people the first impression that they are very cold and belong to that kind of very difficult person.
"Sit down."
When everyone sat down in order, the man found a jade slip from nowhere and recited it as if it were a proclamation: "The inspector of Huansha galaxy, the candidate elder of our school, Yunhai, has outstanding talent and profound mind. He has worked hard in Huansha galaxy for more than 30 years and made many contributions to our school. We will be rewarded for our meritorious service. In view of this, we have made a special inspection to make Yunhai as follows-giving the best fairy wares, the best fairy stones, the best fairy jade, the best fairy pills, the two immortals and the 100 immortals. "
Glancing at Duanmu Yunhai, who stood respectfully below, he paused for a moment and continued: "Besides, from today on, the inspection made Yunhai take charge of 30 galaxies, such as Yisha and Oboro, and made a first-class meritorious service in our merit list, giving Huansha galaxy a fief, and our clan taught it!"
Don’t say that you have been promoted to today’s status. Even for the previous sea of clouds, some rewards are not too exciting.
For example, 100 pieces of fairy wares, 100,000 pieces of best fairy stones, 100 pieces of best fairy jade, and 1,000 pieces of best elixirs can be obtained within ten years, although they used to be a lot of money. However, other rewards are unusual. Two immortals and a hundred immortals died before.
You know, although there are two immortals around Kong Liu, the two immortals are the personal bodyguards sent by the above to protect him, and their boss is still the Youquanmen.
What about the dead man?
Death means that these 102 people will be completely obedient to the sea of clouds from now on, which is equivalent to his servant and only to him.
These immortals and immortals are different from the rubbish that was brought in temporarily. Since they are dead men sent by our master, they are still disciples of Youquanmen in the final analysis. Therefore, at worst, they all have first-order special physique, and they have cultivated top-grade art and tactics, and their fighting capacity is far stronger than that of the wild Xiuxian monarch who has no door and no faction.
In the past, the sea of clouds was just an inspector of the Huansha galaxy. To put it bluntly, it was an empty job at all, and there was no real power in its hands. After all, the ruler of the galaxy was someone else.