Feeling the wonder of being in the void, he can’t restrain his feelings, and he is looking forward to the breakthrough of the Golden Dan period. Can he travel for nine days then?

Somehow, he became the second young master of Duanmu family, and his status was raised to an incredible level. All kinds of grievances became a piece of cake.
However, this does not mean that the future will be smooth sailing, and the mood will gradually calm down. Duanmu Yunhai’s previous words came to mind: "My parents took you out to play in danger, and no one knows the exact thing, probably to protect your safety, and deliberately erased your memory. They … They are gone, so you shouldn’t hate them. My parents did it to protect you … "
In addition to blaming my parents for these years, I am more shocked. With the power of Duanmu family, who dares to kill my parents?
Eleven years have passed, and it is impossible for the Duanmu family to have no investigation. However, the powerful family has no clues.
"Don’t …"
As long as you just go on reasoning casually, you can get a certain result, but he is scared by this result: "Where is the existence beyond the four great families?" How strong will it be? Why are they after mom and dad? If you have a grudge against Duanmu family, why haven’t you taken action for so many years? "
He didn’t tell his eldest brother the questions in his heart. He can think of these problems and others can think of them.
Since there is no clue, it means that the ability of Duanmu family is not enough to find out the truth, or it is useless to ask if you don’t intend to tell him for the time being.
Jinling city.
Located in the eastern part of Yanhuang, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties is also the ancestral home of Duanmu family.
It is three thousand miles away from Qixingling, and it was thrown in the body in just one hour. When a group of three people flew down, it had already appeared in the manor covering tens of thousands of square meters.
Of course, this is the core area of the inner court, and falling from the sky will not cause any impact.
The surrounding environment is beautiful. Pavilions, pavilions, waterside promenades and flower beds and lotus ponds are hidden from each other, but there is no figure in the unusual space. Chen cold heart without any doubt, with more powerful perception than the same order fix true person, before three people fall, he was vaguely aware that there are dozens of consciousness peep.
With his cultivation, he can’t find the source of these spiritual knowledge at all, and he can spread the spiritual knowledge to the outside world, at least in the early stage of then.
If three strangers suddenly appear, even before landing, they will face the joint attack of dozens of experts in the then period and even the Yuan infant period.
"These people are always hiding in the dark to monitor, and it will definitely cost a lot to keep their minds open. This shows that they are monitoring in shifts."
"In the same shift, there are dozens of people who fix the truth over the cardiac period. How many strong people are there in the whole period? It’s incredible! "
"Xiao Han, what are you staring at?"
Duanmu Yunhai pulled Chen Han forward and interrupted his thinking: "This is our home. We will live here in the future. We can see enough of you whenever we want. Now come with me to see grandpa."
Just as they stepped into a long corridor, it was clearly a wooden bridge erected on the stream in front of them, which inexplicably turned into an antique pavilion. The surrounding scenery has changed one after another. They are standing outside an arch, guarded by black super police on both sides, and the old man standing at the gate of the pavilion is full of excitement.
Chen Han was even more surprised in his heart. Duanmu family not only has a large number of people who fix the truth, but also is very proficient in law. The magic array in front of him is the best proof.
The old man looks like he is in his sixties. He is of medium height, with gray hair, but his face is unusually ruddy. His face contour is seven points similar to Chen Han’s.
With my toes, I know that he is the contemporary master of Duanmu family and Chen Han’s pro-grandfather Duanmu Ting.
"Xiao Feng … my grandson Xiao Feng …"
Duanmu Ting’s excited body trembled a little. Being in a high position all the year round, he even hugged Chen Han with tears in his eyes: "It’s my grandson, just like when I was young, and I finally found you. Ruier … Xiaomin … Did you see it? Your son is still alive, he is still alive … "
The memory before the age of five disappeared without a trace, but when he saw Duan Muting’s appearance, he was already sure that this was his grandfather.
That kind of affection from blood can’t be changed. Hearing grandpa’s words and thinking of all kinds of experiences over the years, he couldn’t help crying.
"Well … Grandpa, should we go in and talk?"
"Yes, yes! Go in and talk, Xiaohai, come in, and let’s have a good talk. "
Not everyone can enter Duanmu Ting’s study, unless the core members of the family, ordinary people are not qualified to enter the inner court.
At the moment, ye Sun San people are sitting in it with excitement, and many pictures are playing on the huge screen, and Chen’s cold heart is getting wetter and wetter. Because the memory before the age of five disappeared, in order to let him have an understanding of the past, Duanmu Ting took out the video of his family more than ten years ago for the first time.
There are more than a dozen people who often appear on the screen, which is also the core member of Duanmu family. The most common picture in it is a young couple with a warm face and teasing a child of two or three years old.
"Eleven years, this is grandpa’s memory of eleven years."
Duanmuting looked gloomy, immersed in the painful memory of the white-haired man sending the black-haired man, and muttered, "Xiaohai inherited his mother’s appearance, while you inherited it from your father. At that time, you were the youngest child in the family, which became the treasure of the whole family. Unfortunately …"
I tried to hold back my tears, but the warm pictures, the faces that disappeared from my memory but seemed so close, still made Chen Han burst into tears.
"Who killed mom and dad?" Nails pierced the palm skin, blood dripped on the pure wool carpet, and his voice was full of anger and murder.
"When your father was 32 years old, he already had the mid-term strength of Yuan Ying, plus family treasures for insulation, and …"
"What else?"
"I have been investigating for so many years. Although there is no clue, I can guess the most likely reason why Ruier was hunted down. He is a congenital Taoist."
Grandpa’s words almost made Chen Han exclaim aloud. There are less than one in ten thousand people who have the physique of fixing the truth, but with the population base of billions of Chinese people, there are still many people who are suitable for fixing the truth.
However, the probability of the appearance of congenital Tao body is rare in a hundred years in the Chinese land with a population base of more than one billion!
People with this physique not only practice much faster than ordinary people, but also have a purity and a condensed degree far beyond the same level. In other words, the innate Taoist body in the early stage of then, due to the relationship between the purity of true elements and the degree of conciseness, has an actual combat effectiveness comparable to that in the middle stage of then.
Duanmu Ting is now 78 years old, and he has only reached the realm of Yuan Ying’s later stage. Duanmu Rui, who is only 32 years old, has the strength of Yuan Ying’s middle stage, and with the increase of the terrorist fighting power of congenital Daoism, the general masters of Yuan Ying’s later stage are not his opponents.
"The world is influenced by the rules of heaven and earth, and the peak of Yuan Ying’s later period is the limit. I really can’t figure out who can kill Ruier and even let him have no chance to ask for help."
"Yuan baby late is the limit, this …"
According to grandpa’s analysis, even if he is besieged by many masters with his strength, he can at least insist on sending out a distress signal for a moment.
Seeing his emotional appearance, Duanmu Ting barely smiled: "Xiaofeng, let’s not talk about this. Tell me about you. How have you spent these years?" Also, Grandpa found that your soul strength is comparable to that of a person who fixes the truth in the late stage of his heart. It is impossible for the Star-Picking Sword School to have this kind of mentality. How did you embark on the road of fixing the truth? "
Chapter 34 Blood is thicker than water
The emperor can’t easily let the outside world know that he opened a record of heaven, but Chen Han absolutely believes in his grandfather and brother and won’t tell such a thing at random.
When he finished the whole thing exactly, Duan Muting and Duan Muyunhai fell into absolute shock.
The way to practice only when the abdomen is broken …
Pure physical strength can pierce the stars …
The mysterious seal assists cultivation and fighting …
The most ridiculous thing is that as long as there is enough metal, we can ignore the spiritual realm and make a breakthrough in the promotion of the great realm in a short time.
This completely subverts the common sense in the field of repairing the truth. You should know that once you reach the late stage of your heart, the most difficult thing in the future is not to absorb aura, refine the truth, and polish the meridians, but to realize the spiritual improvement of the realm. The so-called spiritual realm is illusory. Even with the guidance of ancestors’ experience, the breakthrough mainly depends on themselves. Many people are stuck in the late stage of heartbeat and can’t enter the then stage for a lifetime. It is precisely for this reason.
What does it mean to ignore the bondage of the mind?