Xiao Wen is more and more aware that Xianji House is actually not so trustworthy, and the most reliable thing is himself.

After falling down in a hurry, Xiao asked Jia Fang, "Jia Jiansi, my five ghosts really know that Qiaoer is probably in Xianji Mansion, but her breath is getting weaker and weaker at this time. What do you think? I’ll lead the way, you explain, and the two of us will search our house? "
"This … all right … but there are still several officials in this house, and I’m afraid Xiao Xianchang will have to explain it himself."
"It’s okay."
Then the Jia Fang didn’t let Xiao Wen take it, but he launched a flight evasion. Xiao Wen just took the jade and the little fat man, and then rushed out together.
The big fellow immediately looked at it and didn’t stop Xiao Wen’s search.
However, when Xiao asked about the search, he suddenly heard the man’s words: "The identity token is not fake, but how can you prove that you are its owner?"
"If you can’t prove that it is yours, others can’t prove that it is theirs. Since it was taken out of my hand, I can only be its owner for the time being. Now is not the time to pursue this issue at all. If you really want to confirm, you can come back to Ming Jianzong with me afterwards. " Xiao asked the head also don’t back to the tunnel.
At this time, Xiao Wen has already felt it. This big fellow seems to be not only not buying Ming Jianzong’s account, but not buying the whole 27 cases! Twenty-seven cases have offended him?
Xiao Wen didn’t mean to find fault. He quickly read all the suspicious places. When he saw no one, he went back to his identity token and was ready to leave.
"Wait!" The big fellow suddenly said.
"Brother, what else can I do?"
"Are you tracking down traffickers here?"
"Not bad."
"With my years of experience in handling cases, how do you feel like a trafficker?" The big fellow cold track.
"Zhang Xianchang, don’t be kidding. How can Xiao Xianchang be a trafficker?" Jia Fang immediately smile apologetically.
However, the big fellow only stared at Xiao Wen, ignoring Jia Fang.
Xiao asked to look back at each other, and when he saw that the big fellow didn’t mean to be joking, he suddenly realized that either this Zhang did have a problem, or his hatred for 27 cases had reached an extreme.
"I don’t have time to compete with you now. If you really have doubts about me, you can always stay with me. Let’s confront each other slowly after finding Qiaoer."
Xiao asked and then left, and suddenly he felt a strong sense of murder!
Don’t need the big fellow didn’t speak, xiao asked already dare not move!
It’s too easy for an angel to kill or hurt him!
"Who are you?" Instead, the big fellow ignored Xiao and looked at Jade Road.
"The daughter-in-law is the mother of Qiaoer who was abducted."
"I see you like this xiao asked associates, together to turn people. This little fat man is your son? "
"No. He is a child of my neighbor Liu Laosan’s family. If adults don’t believe him, you can ask him. "
"How do you know that you didn’t scare him in advance to make the child afraid to tell the truth?"
At the moment, Xiao asked his lungs to be furious. This man named Zhang is absolutely intentional!
"If I were really a trafficker, would I be stupid enough to come to Xianji House and get caught?" Xiao asked nu way.
"Since you think traffickers won’t be silly to come to Xianji House, what are you looking for here? Insulting the city’s Xianji House? ! !” (To be continued. )

Chapter two hundred and thirty-two A sharp turn
"I’m just looking for clues. Since there is a smell of Qiaoer in this house, it means that she may indeed be here." Xiao asked quickly.
"Clues? What clues? !” The big fellow sneered.
"Look for yourself!"
When Xiao asked, he held his hand and led the five ghosts to light up face up.
Then the embarrassing situation appeared, and the Guanghua led by the five ghosts was already very dim. In this kung fu, it was even flashed twice, and then it was completely extinguished …
"You said the clue is it? I only heard that the Fu Dao has recourse, but it is unheard of in the Qi Dao. " The big fellow disdains tunnel.
"You haven’t heard of a lot of things! You deliberately delayed me so much time. Did you hide Qiaoer? " Xiao asked not to say malicious words, then cold track.
"I suspect that you are a trafficker in Chapter 232. The thief shouted to catch a thief, and was about to take you, so it will take you a little longer? Even if you are really a sword-singing man, you will come to my Xianji House to search without any evidence, and you will be arrogant and disturb people’s peace. How can Zhang submit to humiliation? "
Xiao asked his brow wrinkled together. To tell the truth, he didn’t find out all the ins and outs of this surname Zhang until now. Is this the accomplice of the trafficker, or is it just a deliberate fault?
But no matter what kind, just because of each other’s fairy realm, it really brought him a great threat!
"I’m chasing after midnight just to save the abducted child. Do you really want to stop me?"
"Is to search, after the prisoner, is also my fairy mansion, if you really want to save people, go to the inspection report, registration. Our government will send someone to handle this case. If you want to search this house at will, I’m sorry, but I have to lock you up as a suspect first. "
That Jia Fang had been scared out in a sweat for a long time, and at this time he was busy saying, "Never! Two feel relieved first, speak slowly, speak slowly … "
"Really?" Xiao asked also ignored Jia Fang, only looked at the man and asked.
"You can try." The man laughed.
It is said that a strong dragon does not oppress local strongmen. Xiao asked this situation is a strong snake does not crush the local dragon, and he really can’t afford to spend with this man named Zhang in Chapter 232.
"You fucking wait for me" Xiao asked suddenly lost his cool and roared.
That man surnamed Zhang is not only not afraid. Instead, I looked at Xiao Wen and laughed, as if I had just done something amazing.
Xiao asked directly and rudely picked up the little fat man, and dragged on the jade. With a whoosh, he rushed out of the door, rushed into the air and threw it outside Linyue City!
It’s far away from Linyuecheng. Under the night, Jade and Little Fatty are too scared to make a sound in the atmosphere. They can all feel the anger of Xiao Wen.
Then Xiao Wen suddenly descended to the ground, quickly took out a dark fairy device, and casually said to Jade and the little fat man, "Go up and go back to Yuecheng."
"Xiao Xianchang …"
Xiao asked quickly, "I was just being angry. I think that Zhang has a big problem." If we leave quietly, he will probably send someone to follow us. "