Then I saw a precise and extremely dark imprisonment slowly emerging from Morgana’s hand and flying directly to the card hip.

Who knows that the card saw this Q coming, but it didn’t move and didn’t hide in the same place. It jumped up the card sign and ridiculed the horse riding dance.
Q flew in front of the card, not to mention that the card in Q didn’t even touch the card hair
Ai Shi looked at the one in front of him and saw Q flying calmly, making a mockery of the card, and suddenly he was so angry that he slapped the keyboard with his hand. "You … what the hell are you doing with this Q?"
Xiaozheng’s face was suddenly embarrassed and said, "It’s not Sister Ai, I, I put Q, and that card will go backwards because it is generally predicted that he is going to go to the rear position, but this card is not ordinary people. I think he must have thought of me. Q There was a psychological game in front of him."
Esther clenched her teeth and said, "What about … knot … fruit …!" "
"As a result, I lost," said Xiaozheng.
Ai Shi can say, "Okay, okay, I get it. Go get busy and leave me alone."
Xiaozheng suddenly ran to the road again without saying a word, and it looked quite pitiful.
12 minutes and 4 seconds
Blind monks invaded from the triangle grass in the wild area of our river.
"Xiaozheng walked around the tower." I looked at the small map. If the boat is still on the road, Syndra is still entangled with the card, and the root of the road is left unattended. If we continue to guard the tower, it is likely to be directly killed by the opposite side.
After we evacuated its hammer stone, we tried to q a blind monk and tried to make a sound wave behind the square wall of the defense tower for a whole day, but Morgana and I both retreated very cautiously, obviously not letting them hit their skills easily.
After our evacuation, the blind monk stopped hiding and appeared directly at the same hammer stone EZ, took our road and tower, and then rushed to Xiaolong to fight Xiaolong non-stop.
I didn’t have much blood, so I went back first. Spider took the lead to Xiaolong, followed by Sindra. Morgana sat tight behind Xiaolong wall.
When the little dragon was bleeding, the spider released the E and landed on the blind monk. When he was punished, he went out, almost at the same time.
However, it’s a pity that the spider is still in a hurry. The punishment is that the blood volume is almost the same. The matter of punishing the dragon is to fight for the psychological quality to see who is in a hurry first. In the high-end station, the dragon is often punished later.
The spider desperately grabbed the dragon and didn’t get it. There was no way to die in the fire of the blind monk Hammer Stone EZ.
Syndra came a little slowly. After all, the spider came and walked in front of Aishi, and it was E-shifted.
No, Syndra or EQ stepped up the move to give the dragon resistance to the half-blood blind monk for a second. At the same time, Syndra was given a hammer stone to Q and was madly output by EZ.
Morgana also went to Sindra’s position at the moment and gave Sindra the E skill, but EZ threw out a big move to completely cripple Syndra’s blood and broke Morgana’s E. At the same time, the card also came directly from the middle of the road, and a yellow card stunned Sindra and flew over Syndra with three deadly cards to give his life.
Then there’s Morgana. How can three people chase after the assistant?
It was slowed down by a hammer stone and e, and it was stuck to death by three people again, losing Xiaolong and a wave of four people.
This wave is not perfect. If the boat spider grabs the dragon too quickly, it is almost bound to die, but it is too difficult to grab the blind monk dragon before it is grabbed, and then one will die before the regiment.
Secondly, Dao Mei didn’t send it, not because Dao Mei didn’t want to, but because he sent it to CD Road. He sent a flash to Dao Mei to flash and ignite Ruiwen, which actually played an advantage, so as to facilitate the rapid supply and not leak the line of soldiers, which better suppressed Ruiwen, and Zhuang Kai also left a heart for a little dragon, but when the speed of breaking my tower was too fast, he went to fight the dragon. Dao Mei P still has dozens of seconds of CD possible lines. I will hold on for one minute and this little dragon group will wait for his support.
Luz EZ took it to Luz by himself. The tower was equipped with less blood-sucking equipment than the luxury sandals.
"Xiaozheng came over to prepare for a wave of EZ" I said to Hammer Stone that I was almost 100% sure that there was definitely EZ on the road. A blind monk was squatting in the grass on the road, and Raven Dao Mei saw the card in the middle of the road. The line of soldiers was in our tower, and it was not easy for him to fly over, but Hammer Stone had previously returned to the city. Now he should be on the road. If he gets to the road, it may take some time.
"Good Brother Tong, I have a big move and I am weak." Xiaozheng is walking out of the highlands.
As soon as I heard this, my heart widened and I boldly lit EZ, trying to make the line of soldiers consume as much blood as possible, and it is best to force EZ out.
I’m going to check with EZ. Nai’s equipment is much better than mine. I’m only a storm sword and a pickaxe. After I clicked with EZ for a while, my blood volume was instantly left by one third. It’s a shame to retreat so that I can keep WEZ’s big move. I don’t have to worry about it, but the good news is that EZE was successfully cheated out of this wave by me. When Morgana comes, he will die.
A moment after EZ came over to E and finished my face, Morgana had already arrived at the first hand. He was ready to call EZ’s face when he saw it. When EZ saw it, he immediately panicked and handed over his long-cherished hand. He escaped Morgana Q, but Nai was weak and Morgana’s big move had a double deceleration effect. The second-stage injury and dizziness effect of this big move could not escape.
I’m behind Morgana, and the cannon is hard to output EZEZ, and I’m still bleeding.
At this time, the grass in front of our blue square stone man saw the hammer stone figure. I woke up to Xiaozheng and said, "Xiaozheng hammer stone!" "
But it didn’t help to wake up. Hammer stone immediately flashed into the field, E pushed Morgana back, and then made a big move
EZ took advantage of this gap to escape from the scope of Morgana’s big move and immediately took over the big move.
EZ, this big move is not scary. Morgana directly lost half a tube of blood, added hammer Shi Ping A and previous E Morgana, which was crisp. Don’t say that the hourglass even had no money for the arm armor. The amount of blood dropped to one third. EZ came over and AQAWA Morgana fell to the ground with a cry.
Hammer stone moves very fast. After killing Morgana, it directly follows the soldier line into the tower, directly crosses the second tower and rushes towards me. My blood volume is not much. Just now, I was scratched by EZ’s big move, and I was scared to hand over W and entered our highland.
At the same time, Lu Dao Mei single-handedly killed Raven again.
I told you that there was such a good opportunity just now. Why didn’t Dao Mei support you? It turned out that he was in full swing with Raven.
"What happened to Tongge Road?" Zhuangkai residual blood back to the city after asked me.
"Hey, don’t say goodbye. I’ve been pressed to hit the hammer stone after the previous second-level routine. The hook and E are too good, and the root is difficult to hit." I said that it’s been nearly 16 minutes, and I’m still more than one yuan short of it, and after Morgana’s death, the blind monk came to the tower again and was soon taken.
At this time, there were people in the place facing the road, and when I got back, Morgana and I came out almost at the same time.
There is a little blood left in the defensive tower, and the spider took the lead in switching the adult form. The hammer stone and EZ dropped almost two-thirds of the blood. The hammer stone didn’t hand in a skill, and it took so much blood to crit and level A and Q skills by EZ alone.
Hammer stone saw that the spider’s blood was almost consumed. Hurry up and the previous E picked up the spider E and handed it over for ignition.