"It’s good for your body to feel that you are forbidden to’ double bully the holy magic sword’ and have the holy magic power sword at the same time!" Proud to say his forbidden name, Yuuto Kiba thought of Barupa and rushed over

"It’s ridiculous! I have four pieces in my hand, Ealibur! " Barupa growled and greeted Yuuto Kiba without fear.
The blade intersects instantly, and Balupa’s face changes color. Ealibur Reiki is actually finished with the magic sword in Yuuto Kiba’s hand.
"Yeah … how?" Zha Zha tongue Balupa battle sword will push Yuuto Kiba back at the same time to the rear.
"I miss everyone. My bond with everyone is beyond the comprehension of a guy like you, and this force is beyond your defeat!" Yuuto Kiba said the magic sword in his hand burst into strange light, which was dark light mixed with light.
"How come I have the strongest Ealibur!" Panicked, Balupa met again, and in his hand, Ealibur resisted the holy sword interwoven with black and white brilliance.
There was a dreamy metallic overtone, which was the shattering sound of Rapier Ealibur.
"See? Our strength is beyond the strength of Ealibur! " Along the momentum that shattered Rapier, the Woodyard You Dou Jian slammed into Barupa’s body.
"How can …, was the magic sword …? Impossible … it is impossible for two opposite elements to merge together … "The mumbling words were not answered. In a second, the white and black torrent completely devoured Barupa’s body.
Everything is over … Everyone hates …
Silently staring at the long ravine in front of me, Yuuto Kiba was relieved and generally breathed a sigh of relief
Ah … it’s time to take things lightly. There is a more powerful enemy in heaven.
Soon is to react Yuuto Kiba carefully look at the day.
"It’s really interesting. You used to play a good drama with four Ealibur, but it’s so ugly to die." Holding hands, Kirkbor looked disdainfully at Fangbalupa disappearing into the ravine.
"I don’t expect you to do anything if you don’t come here, because I was going to do it alone from the beginning." Cockball floated in his mouth and made a mocking sound, flapping his wings and he landed slowly.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha, now let’s have a good time." Kirk Boer laughed and landed on the ground, and the horrible breath swept through it, which was overwhelming.
Yuuto Kiba a wail almost didn’t kneel to the ground, that is the level of repression doesn’t even have the strength to resist.
"It’s very good. Forbidden Hands showed me a good play, but now you’d better go to hell!"
Kirk Boer smiled and held out his hand toward Yuuto Kiba. There was no way to resist Yuuto Kiba. He couldn’t help but let out a moan and trembled at the desperate strength gap.
This playground has failed to save others, and no one can compete with Kirk Bohr. Just as he closed his eyes and waited for death, a tall figure appeared in front of him.
"Yuuto Kiba, this guy has robbed me of my head."
With a playful smile, the sound got up, while Kirk Bohr couldn’t believe his eyes widened.
Your attack was stopped by this humble demon? !
"I’m sorry your opponent is me."
Looking at your front ten wings degenerate angel Ye Yu eyebrows slightly tight holding each other wrist palm fierce force.
In the quiet school, the cold suddenly increased sharply, and Kirk Bohr’s face was shocked before it dispersed.
A feeling of extreme danger attacked his heart, leaving him with a thought in his heart for a moment, as far away from this seemingly insignificant teenager as possible!
Fierce ice thorn blooms from two people’s staggered palms. Kirkbor flapped his wings and looked backwards at Ye Yu. His eyes still revealed a deep fear. If he hadn’t hid himself quickly, he might have been hit hard by this humble boy.
That frost actually made him feel a sense of palpitation. Kirkball can’t remember how long he hasn’t felt this way once … It seems that it was still during the great war.
That terrible war … made the gods fall … War … Really … I really want to do it again. Once again, such a war full of wailing and wailing!
"It’s interesting to underestimate you. Where on earth did you come from? The monster just hit the devil level, didn’t it?"
Kirk Boer sighed and said that he looks like an ordinary demon, and he can actually burst into demon power.
How did he do it?
And when kirkbol sighed with emotion, Ye Yu also clearly passed the meeting and judged the situation of both sides.
Ten wings degenerate angel power … So much.
"You go first. I’ll take care of this guy."
Blocked Kirk Bohr’s attack on Ye Yu’s head and never looked back at a few people behind him.
Leah nodded. Now is not the time to be brave. It is meaningless for them to stay here, but it will also drag down Ye Yu.
"Muchang, Zhu Nai, let’s retreat!"
Leah and her family retreated in an orderly manner. Although Kirkbor didn’t want to let Leah go, he couldn’t act well with Ye Yu eyeing himself.
At present, the teenager has been divided into the same level by him, and his opponents are extremely dangerous.
Chapter 56 Lord level combat
"Kirkbor, you are longing for war, aren’t you?"
After Leah silk and others left, Ye Yu slowly spoke. He painted a black sword in his hand step by step.
The quiet moonlight shines with the cold, and when I don’t know, the whole school is covered with a dreamy ice blue color.
"Yes, I am eager for war. What about that?" Kirk Boer said with his hands in his arms. Although he was nervous, it didn’t mean that he would be really afraid of Ye Yu.
Anyway, Kirkbor has lived since the ancient war, and the level of living fossil devil has its own pride in nature.
"Young you are very strong, I think you must be a killer in your hand? Maybe you will be a terrible opponent when you grow up, but now … you can’t be my opponent! Desperate strength gap let you have a good look! "
Roaring Kirk Bohr once again punched Ye Yu.
The fist was held by the other side, and Kirkbor’s eyes were once again in a trance. His attack was so easily pinched by the other side.
"The strength … is not enough?"
Lightly open Ye Yu painted a black sword in his hand and waved it at Kirkbor.
Eyes fierce contraction although I don’t know the specific power, it is obvious that Kirk Bohr doesn’t have the confidence to pick up this stroke by himself.
The killer is always the most powerful thing in the world, and there are mysterious things. You can’t be too cautious in the face of the unknown killer theory.
Holding one’s fist and arm is more powerful than Kirkbor thought. For a short time, I couldn’t break free from Kirkbor’s feet and the whole person jumped up.
Frostmourne brushed his waist and brought a frost sting to his body.
As Kirk Bohr expected, although this killer sword looks scary, it still faces a problem, that is, it is not flexible enough, especially in close combat.
Although the smell of cold makes Kirkbor feel unhappy, the base is still in a tolerable range.
Ye Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, obviously aware of this, and immediately revealed a chuckle.
This guy ….. Does his own power department rely on his own sword?
For Ye Yu, Frostmourne is just a sharp sword. Since Frostmourne can’t say much, just put it away.
When there is no frost sorrow, Ye Yu is best at hand-to-hand combat.
It was not long before Kirkbor was satisfied that Ye Yu had put away Frostmourne. Just when he wondered what this guy was trying to do, Ye Yu grabbed his wings.
"You this guy … ahhh! ! !”