"I promise!"

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"Will you give me a magic weapon?"
"I … damn it, I promise you, will you stop inking?"
"I didn’t kill anyone, I’m afraid …"
"I’ll do it!"
Chen Han was completely speechless by this timid Kirin, and rolled his eyes and wailed: "OK! You don’t have to kill people. It’s no problem to trap them and contain all attacks with your strength. "
Kirin shook his head and muttered, "I don’t know … I only trained in the early stage of Ziwei Xuanxian, although the increase rate far exceeded them, but these three people were all late Ziwei Xuanxian, and there was a certain increase. My mind is better than theirs, but they have the best fairy magic weapon. I don’t even have an inferior treasure, unless I use the secret method of inheritance, but that will make me consume my source, and I won’t do it! "
Is this really a unicorn as simple as a blank sheet of paper?
People have to bow their heads under the eaves, and they can only give in to save their lives. Fortunately, they killed many elite masters on the hidden red star, but they also seized many excellent fairy wares. Besides most of them were given to Ying Zheng, there were three pieces of the best fairy, so he gave Kirin one of the combat knives.
Grabbed the combating Dao and shed blood to recognize the Lord, and looked very simple. After asking Chen Han for a lot of fairy stones, jade, pure gold and Dan medicine, Kirin finally promised to help him contain three Chinese and Western immortals. In fact, having the best fairy is enough to contain three people.
After a wick of incense, the blood fog gradually dispersed.
Three Chinese XuanXian suddenly shine at the moment, one of them sneered: "Yunfeng, your secret method is strange, but I don’t believe you can always use it. Today, you are destined to die at our hands. It is also a great pleasure in life to kill the deputy master of Wangshu Cluster … Die! "
Lin Xu Xian Zun deliberately selected three people naturally not too bad, three people not only have more than one product increase, but also the cultivation method is also the most aggressive Geng metal.
The power of the war rose sharply, but when I saw a white and golden horse rushing straight to tear the void, the blow was even enough to kill the Xianjun in the early days.
The crimson glow is bursting out not far away, and its breath is weaker than the joint attack of three people, but the purity of the fire force contained in it is unimaginable.
"I just contain them … I didn’t kill anyone …"
Kirin, who turned into a teenager, cooed in his mouth, but his hands were not idle. The purple fire rippled from his eyebrows, and the whole space was instantly filled with a sea of fire. Unlike geocentric poisoning, this flame is ten times more powerful than geocentric poisoning.
The most pure Kirin really burns the heavens and the earth, except Chen Han, who is not in the attack range, and the three Chinese Xuanxian are all shrouded in flames.
Their protective fairy gang was consumed rapidly, and the firm but gentle shock they launched was burned by Kirin’s real fire, and its power suddenly dropped by a grade.
Bang …
Latosolic red sword light backwardness to arrive first, just blocked the three people to blow.
Because of the weakening effect of Kirin’s real fire, Kirin’s obviously weaker attack is not much different. Plus, as a god beast, his flesh is far superior to that of the Terran immortal of the same order, and the force of anti-shock has no effect on him. In this case, the three men didn’t have a chance to deal with Chen Han. In turn, Chen Han had an opportunity, but his cultivation was too poor. In the confrontation between Chinese and Chinese Xuanxian, he could not turn the tide.
As the target of being hunted down, he was idle, and three Chinese Xuanxian and Kirin played in full swing, which was clearly a close scene.
What should we do?
It’s not a way to fight like this. When can we tell the winner?
At present, he doesn’t even have a chance to ask for help, and there is only half a immortal strength left in absolute defense. It is impossible to leave the center of the earth and return to the outside. Kirin chewed out a space here, and geocentric poisoning can’t hurt him, but leaving here is another matter.
If you can’t leave, you can’t subpoena. It’s thousands of miles underground, and the information can’t be transmitted because of various natural factors outside.
Kirin has just got the elixir from him, and the three men came specifically to kill him. How could Lin Xian Zun not give them full preparation?
"hey! I’ll fix their battle. How about you break them one by one? " Chen cold call asked.
"My name is not hello, I have a name!"
Kirin was very upset and snorted. He gave him a white look and shouted, "I gave myself the name. My name is Dahuo. Is this name awesome?"
Looking at the purple flame in the sky and polar regions, Chen Han suddenly and violently nodded, and sure enough, what a big fucking fire!
"I don’t kill people, you don’t want to lie to me!" The fire roared angrily.
"I didn’t ask you to kill people, just hurt them, even a little injury. How about that?" Chen Han is persuasive and confusing.
"Well … that’s more like it."
The only remaining force of sixty percent Yuan God was released by seventy percent, and the blood fog instantly permeated every inch of the tens of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang. Unless the five elements were used to escape, as long as they were in this space, they would be included in the blood fog. The three men came here with the ambition of slaying and naturally refused to leave.
The spell of stealing the day made the immortal knowledge useless, and the war broke up on the spot, and the osteotome was on the forehead of the fire, but he had the ability to see everything clearly.
When the last three men joined forces to form a war, he could only draw, but it was different to deal with one of them.
One of them was shocked by the knife light, and a stream of blood suddenly spilled out of her mouth.
However, even if the gap between the two sides is not too big, it is not easy for Kirin to kill him. The most important thing is that Kirin is not ready to kill at all.
"Fire, you deal with others, just leave this guy to me!"
Chen Han’s immortal strength shocked a few drops of blood, and a strange insidious smile appeared on his face. The osteotome kept inching at the blood drops suspended in front of him, and the strange spell floated in the void: "Wake up the gods with my Jingxue, and annihilate the soul with the power of stealing heaven …"
The blood spilled from the mouth of the slightly injured Ziwei Xuanxian gradually exudes a cold and yin cold breath in the osteotome inching and incantation singing.
All kinds of strange runes floated out of the osteotome, which will eventually become dark blood to absorb and enter, and the floating runes gradually condensed into a palm-sized human figure.
Chapter 557 tight encirclement
Poof …
Two gulps of primordial blood gushed out, and Chen Han suddenly jumped up and slashed at the virtual shadow composed of the rune: "Death curse, chop!" "
Be careful in the blood fog that Chinese XuanXian, the whole face suddenly turned black, a shrill scream.
It’s a pity that the scream just came to an abrupt end, and a lot of blood with foul smell gushed out of his mouth like free money. A blood stain started from his heavenly spirit and extended to the lower abdomen, and the whole body almost became two and a half. From beginning to end, he didn’t even know who attacked and how to be attacked.
This is the witch curse!
Among thousands of witchcraft spells, one of the few can be launched without consuming witchcraft. As long as you get any part of the enemy’s body, no matter blood, hair, skin, muscles or even nails, you can launch it with primitive efforts and witchcraft to directly curse and kill the enemy.
Of course, the prerequisite is that the two sides can’t differ too much, otherwise, can the fairy still curse and kill the fairy?
The gap between the two realms is insurmountable. Seeing that the famous Ziwei Xuanxian was only seriously injured, Chen Han couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh: "Even if my Yuan God is comparable to the mid-celestial fairy, there is still a gap of more than one realm. Alas … However, this cargo has fallen by nearly one realm, but it is certain to die. Kill!"
Some unknown poison in the body almost split in half, and the Chinese name Xuanxian took a plunge, trying hard to put all kinds of elixirs into his mouth.
In the late period of the increase in yipin, it is beyond the reach of Chen Han, but after taking a temporary plunge, the result is completely different.
Whew! Whew!
Two arrows, which are comparable to the best fairy wares, came by surprise with sharp surprises, and the strength contained in each arrow was no less than that of the fairy in the sky in the later period.
Although the other party’s cultivation has dropped to a big level, it is still the late cultivation of the fairy in the sky, and it has more than one product of talent growth. It is still a piece of cake to take these two arrows, but the means of Chen Han is more than two arrows.
Ben Lei-Broken Void!
That Chinese XuanXian took two arrows and had spare capacity, but his body was shaken back a few steps. At this moment, a knife with power comparable to that of one of the previous arrows was chopped off.
He greeted me with a swing of sword light and shouted sharply, "Boy, even if you are outstanding in secret skills, how can you kill me?" Get out of here! "
For the first time-Wan Chuan returns to the sea!