No one in May’s mind can ever understand how her idea came into being!

Always be in May after this question burn old look a fiercely "don’t blather! It’s not time to start work yet! "
"Are you? Dad, are you sure you are not reluctant? "
Burn old and complete retort immediately smiled in May "I knew dad loved mother! Since you are not reluctant to start work, will you not stop me from doing anything? "
"What do you want?"
"Don’t worry about it!"
May and burn old like afraid, two people stare at each other and look at each other!
For a long time, the old man always sighs when he is defeated. "May is now in troubled times. Don’t be ridiculous! Dad promised you that if you want to punish her, dad will send her to you when the time is right. Such as? "
Surprise in May!
Is her father so cruel?
"Dad, don’t lie to me! I knew everything that happened five years ago! At that time, you couldn’t bear to give her your hand, but now you are willing to give it up? Is a man so fickle? "
Burn old "…"
After being said in May, he suddenly had a feeling that there was no argument!
In the end, he pinched May’s face and said, "Dad is not reluctant to give up, but will leave her to your mother to solve!" "
"Oh, I see!"
The pupil of May is bright and bright. Look at the third place carefully!
Seeing that he looked serious and didn’t feel guilty at all, he raised his tender smile and said, "I knew dad was the most single-minded!"
"Stop that now! It’s getting late. Go to sleep with Tianyue! "
"good! Good night, dad! "
May said, he jumped out of the arms of Huang Lao and then ran into the temple!
However, I never thought that Su Ling’s daughter was never a card player by routine!
She ran back to the back of the house with a small plate, looked brilliantly at her eyes, and then hid in the corner with a blink of an eye, holding heavy hair and two hairs, and said softly, "You all heard it just now!"
It seems that someone is coming again! Why don’t we go and see if it’s a good guy and get it back, and if it’s a bad guy, we’ll give it to him on the spot? "
Heavy hair and two hairs are blowing their tails at May’s face!
Seeing this May, I smiled gently, then I sat on the big hairy body with my calf and patted it gently. The two heads of the tiger, Mao Yiwa, jumped out directly from the partial temple window!
May and the two hairs soon disappeared into the dignified night!
And the people who led the team ahead didn’t know that tight encirclement was waiting for him outside the ghost town!
On the other hand, when Su Ling left the main hall, her footsteps were slightly heavy and she walked slowly in the snowy night!
After a while, I looked up and was surprised!
Before she knew it, she went to the vicinity of the golden palace again!
Cried the smile and walked slowly!
Anyway, I’m here, so let’s go in and see the progress of the monthly flow of China!
It’s hard to be weird in the middle of the night when the cold wind blows slowly around you all the way along the familiar steps!
Even during the light!
Su Ling frowned and stretched out his hand when he was about to push open the doors of the temple, but the two towering doors opened at the same time and came to China to smile smugly. "Ha ha ha! I finally solved it! Let that smelly girl Su Ling know how much I can do! Wow, hahaha! "
Su Ling "…"
This is the second watch! Updated today! Text No.5 text chapter 625 firmly on China!
"Ha ha ha! I finally solved it! Let that smelly girl Su Ling know how much I can do! Wow, hahaha! "
Listen to the moon flow China Su Lingqiao face convulsed!
This fellow didn’t know that she had just come, so she dared to call her a smelly girl behind her back!
I am still immersed in my own thoughts. After I opened the door of the temple, I looked back and looked back. I was excited and proud, and I turned my head and walked out!