"You can’t be with her." Chizhu finally held back her anger.

"That doesn’t mean that I will be with you. Besides, even if I swear by heaven, it is not impossible to solve it. There is never an absolute thing in the world."
"Ridiculous, how do you lift the oath of heaven?"
"If the ice pupil as the strongest force in the world, vowed in front of her can’t violate, otherwise it will be ruthlessly obliterated by her. Then, if my cultivation reaches your level and surpasses the law enforcer, do you think the oath is still useful to me? "
"You …"
With a warning from the past, Chen Han did not dare to say it. He was afraid of being struck by lightning as before, so he took the ice pupil as an example, but how could the three of them not understand?
What he means is that the oath of heaven is by no means inviolable. As long as he reaches the level of heaven, even beyond the level of heaven, the oath of heaven will no longer be binding on him.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that he really intends to be with Bing Pupil. This remark is only to cope with the red pearl, but it sounds like thunder to the three of them: this guy is too courageous and ambitious. Don’t say that such a thing is just a fix-up, even the great magical powers in the celestial world can’t even think about it.
Beyond heaven?
This idea can only be described as appalling. Unfortunately, they don’t know that in order to save Jill who is suffering from the magic flame, Chen Han has already made a shocking bet with the supreme existence for a period of 100,000 years, and he must transcend heaven within 100,000 years.
Otherwise, Jill will certainly be tortured by the magic flame for 100 thousand years, and then the daylights out will not enter the reincarnation, and he himself will be annihilated by fly ash.
"Very good!"
It took three minutes for Chizhu to recover, nodding and sneering: "The man I like in Chizhu is really different, so I’ll wait and see if you finally get together with this little bitch, or if you take the initiative to ask me to join the Temple of Demons one day!"
Chen Han’s remarks moved Bing Pupil. What is there to be unwilling for a man to set such incredible ambitions for himself and vow to break through the sky and transcend heaven?
However, what Chizhu said made her guess vaguely, and she snapped, "Chizhu, what do you want? Do you want to use such despicable means again? "
"You will know soon, haha … See you soon!"
The red bead disappeared into the air as a streamer, and the sneer echoed in the void: "You’d better shut up about our entry into Taiyi Xianmen in other capacities, otherwise the secret code we accidentally got from Taiyi Xianmen will be shared with the whole world and you will regret it. By the way, it seems that this condition can’t blackmail the man I value, but … Chen Han, you’d better keep your mouth shut, otherwise I can’t guarantee that your secrets will not be leaked, such as your peerless talent, such as the five-color robbery, such as you robbing the secret of the mouth. "
In fact, Bing Pupil also knows that Red Pearl can’t get the deepest secret code of Taiyi Xianmen, and other methods and lighter skills are meaningless to her.
However, once these things get out, it will be a fatal blow to Taiyi Xianmen, and this threat is absolutely effective for her as a disciple of Chuan Chuan.
As for those threats to Chen Han, isn’t it so?
If his secrets are leaked to everyone, there will be many people wooing him, but if they fail to woo him, I’m afraid the whole fix true world will try to kill him.
"This woman is terrible, not only for terrible, but also for terrible scheming and means. Do you think she will continue to follow us?" Kouxun patted his chest and looked a little scared.
"No, after all, her identity and her pride are there, and things have come to this point. If she continues to follow, she can’t say it."
"That she sneaked into Taiyi Xianmen …"
"Just pretend you don’t know."
Chen Han sighed helplessly and shook his head with a wry smile: "It won’t do us any good to say it, what’s more, even if his master knows that it is condemnation at most, can he attack the Temple of Demons on a large scale?" On the other hand, making her reputation worse will completely anger her, and the result is beyond our imagination. "
At this time, the ice pupil, who hasn’t been talking, has a stiff tenderness on her face. Maybe she has never used this expression.
She tried to make herself look natural, lowered her head and said in a low voice, "Chen Han, would you really do that for me?"
"That’s what you said, not bound by oath."
"I said it to Chizhu to make her back down. You won’t take it as true, will you?"
"You son of a bitch, go to hell!"
I can’t pretend to be a little woman, but I didn’t expect to get such an answer. Ice Pupil immediately turned against people and slammed his fists on Chen Han, who had no time to escape.
Ten seconds later, Bing Pupil clapped his hands in a comfortable habit, swore that he would never care about Chen Han’s life again, and set up a flying sword to leave.
Unlike Chizhu, her mood is unexpectedly good.
At least express the repressed feelings in my heart. In the face of the overbearing Red Pearl, she has to face the feelings that have been uncertain. Whether Chen Han accepted it or not, the relationship between the two people has obviously improved, and it is no longer as incompatible as before.
Perhaps, transcending heaven is as far away as a mirror flower and water moon for a worldly genius, but she is not the same person as Chizhu.
Chizhu’s feelings are absolute possession, but she enjoys this caring, loving and ambiguous feeling, and doesn’t have to pick the feeling of lingering together tomorrow …
This time it’s really clean!
It is impossible for two women to follow in the dark, but they can finally devote themselves to the training with less than eight months left.
"Brother, great!"
The two men drove the flying sword 20 meters from the ground and headed for a more far-reaching area. Kou Xun couldn’t help but give a thumbs up: "It’s really the kind of clothes that are full of admiration. There is the first disciple of Taiyi Xianmen, and there is also a heavenly demon temple to teach. If anyone else were to eat soft food, you would have done it. Don’t you regret it? "
Chen Han chuckled and said indifferently, "People strive for a sigh of relief, while Buddhas strive for a fragrance. What’s more, I think I have the ability to do better. Why should I rely on others?"
Now, with the help of the Chinese fairy suit, the immortal body and the extreme mental method, Kouxun at the beginning of Mahayana is absolutely confident to confront the ordinary five-robbery scattered fairy without the magic weapon at the same level.
As for Chen Han, the Mahayana mid-term realm has more attack power than ordinary five robberies and scattered immortals, not including the increase brought by magic weapons.
Two different systems of telepathy enabled fellow practitioners to master two different defensive magic weapons at the same time. What’s more, without using the defensive magic weapon, his body could compete against the pure true element attack without using the magic weapon and the lighter.
With the self-confidence expansion of the two men, they began to belong to their training and were no longer bound by the rules of Taiyi Xianmen.
A hundred miles …
15 Wan Li …
Twenty Wan Li …
All kinds of monsters emerge in endlessly, but under the amazing fighting power of the two men, they did not encounter any danger, and the deeper they went to the edge area, some valuable treasures gradually appeared.
Of course, the value of these treasures is only relatively speaking. There are still no real top treasures, but the most valuable ones are only a few top-grade minerals, metals and medicinal materials.
Unconsciously, the two people are getting closer and closer to the boundary between the edge area and the inner area, and this is where they plan to experience along the way …
Chapter 353 Lingshi vein