He is not only a myth, not only a monument, but also a unique hegemon in the field of repairing the truth. In the hearts of tens of millions of people in the Jingyun Society, he exists like a spiritual belief.

"Is it fate that my reputation will be destroyed in your hands?"
The long skirt lifted and then fell, covering most of Chen Han’s chest. When Cai Ying sat down gently, her beautiful frown became a ball.
You can see that’ bloody battlefield’ giant, and added a touch of bright red …
Chapter 485 So the endgame
Half an hour later, the essence element containing the absolutely yin qi erupted, and both the physique and the mental method were yin and cold, so I couldn’t help but make a dripping sound.
How does it feel?
Before that, in her life of more than 2,000 years, she had never realized that there was another kind of primitive and simple happiness in the world. Anyway, the red bead in the enchantment Qianxiu, Chen Han fell into a coma, completely without any shyness and scruples, and her cry was also without scruples.
So wild!
So presumptuous!
At this time, she is no longer beautiful, but noble and dignified. The Wanhuamen Palm Sect, which is known as a saint in the fix-up world, is clearly an ordinary woman immersed in the lust of men and women, even more presumptuous than ordinary women.
When she woke up from that indescribable beauty, what she saw was Chizhu’s strange smile, which made her want to die.
"Is it comfortable?" The tone of the red bead is much more teasing.
"I …"
"weren’t you very reluctant before?"
Chizhu’s teasing turned into a sneer, and he snorted, "You won’t allow me to beg on my knees as my seat, and I thought you had to give in because you were threatened by Yi Hao. I didn’t expect you to be so happy." Tell you, Chen Han can’t marry you. As you said, there is no affection between you. It’s just a transaction under threat. Only Bing Yan and I are qualified to be his woman, but you don’t! "
Cai Ying, who was very shy just now, turned pale. If she can’t marry Chen Han, the saliva of the fix-true person in the world is enough to drown her.
That unique Yin qi spread in the body, and she didn’t care much to hurriedly guide the unique Yin qi to merge with the source. The unique Yin and pure Yang body that only appeared once in hundreds of thousands of years accounted for its original unique Yin qi, and once it was merged, it could definitely form an essential transformation.
With a sneer, she was isolated by enchantment. The next moment, Chizhu’s look became gentle, and she gently sipped her lips and went to the jade bed.
Sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at the handsome face, I muttered, "I didn’t expect that you and I became husband and wife under such circumstances. Although it was too hasty, I would die to save your life!"
"In fact, I would rather die, alas …"
Chen Han wanted to say this sentence, but he never dared to say it. He woke up after the second injection, but pretended to be asleep.
What should we do?
He heard the conversation between Chizhu and Caiying, and vaguely guessed what had happened, but how to clean up the next mess?
Originally, the red bead and the ice pupil made him unable to cope. Seeing that many things are coming to an end, the day of returning to the universe has also entered the countdown. At that time, those wives and adults are bound to meet with themselves. Do you want to tell them that you have two other confidantes in the fix true world?
Not to mention, now even the wanhuamen Zhangjiao, who has no feelings and is not even familiar with it, has been criticized by himself.
After less than four hundred years in the field of fix true, there are three more women, which is really hard to explain. He has already tried how troublesome it is to have a fire in the backyard.
Half an hour later, the cold and frozen air isolated in the enchantment gathered and turned into snow-white airflow to return to the colorful body.
Her breath became obscure, giving people a sense of impenetrability. Chizhu was suddenly awakened and stared at her for a long time before slowly saying, "Very good! The legendary Nine-Deep Divine Body is comparable to a great realm talent increase of the God beast. Now, in the realm of fixing the truth, besides Chen Han and me, even Yi Hao is worse than you. This is the benefit you deserve. Chen Han doesn’t owe you anything. You can go. "
"Red Pearl, who are you when you are here? Do you want to be here at any time?" Cai Ying has never been firm, and now she has enough confidence.
"We regard you as a tool to heal my husband. How about that?"
Even though it exists only in legend and has never been seen in reality, Chizhu still ignores it and sneers, "Do you have feelings for Chen Han? Are you friends or acquaintances with him? Do you love him? Does he love you? This is Yi Hao’s deal with Wanhuamen’s inheritance as a threat. Chen Han’s injury has recovered, and you have got the nine mysterious gods that are hard to see for ages. Now that the deal is over, do you still want to rely on my husband? "
This remark turned Cai Ying’s face blue, and she snapped, "Chizhu, what do you think you are?"? As far as I know, what Chen Han really loves is Bing Yan. In those days, you used intrigue to force him to swear that he could not be with Bing Yan. You are just a little person who is loved by others. What qualifications are there to say this seat? "
"Little bitch, what did you say?" Red Pearl, who was hit in the soft spot, flew into a rage.
"You are the bitch, and this seat will tear your smelly mouth off today!"
"Go to hell … Phoenix is really hot, too empty to burn!"
"It’s different now. Do you still think we are afraid of you?"
"Then come on!"
"Very mysterious and secluded, ice and snow … coagulation!"
Two furious women launched a Xeon attack, and Yi Haobu’s enchantment outside the darkroom was instantly torn to pieces.
Booming …
Accompanied by the loud noise, two figures rose into the sky, and the gorgeous seven-color phoenix true fire and the dark blue nine mysterious gas collided constantly, and everything in the world was fly ash.
However, in the blink of an eye, the two men have reached a million miles away. Who knows how many flowers and plants were destroyed in the war?
Of course, before that, their two most delicate and charming flowers were delivered to the door on their own initiative, which was destroyed by Chen Han.
In the aftermath, the earthquake flew far away, and Chen Han, who was crushed by the collapsed building, jumped out.
"Chen Han, what happened?"
Yi Hao flew over in some confusion, looked at the direction in which the two great beauties disappeared, and asked in horror, "When were those two women so strong?" The complete blood of the god beast fire phoenix, like the body of absolute yin and pure yang, only exists in the legendary nine mysterious gods. Is the qi of absolute yin and pure yang really so exaggerated? "
"The fighting power of the two of them is even better than yours now." Chen cold said thoughtfully.
"harem rivalry?" Yi Hao laughed a little.
"get out!"
Chen Han didn’t good the spirit stared his one eye, gnashing his teeth and said, "This time I’m in big trouble. Did you coerce Cai Ying to let her help me heal?"? I might as well be clean as dead. Where is the ice pupil now? Alas ….. this time I really killed by you! "
Before joking a few words, Chen Han’s figure flashed and teleported, and he appeared in the place where the disciples of Jingyunhui and Wanhuamen were located in a moment.
At the first glance, I saw a place not far away. On the pit that had already been extremely hard after Chengtian’s self-explosion, there was a deeper dark hole that was thousands of miles deep. This is the only change at the scene, and the other is that the ice pupil is missing. When asked about the result, Han almost vomited blood.
The ice pupil has soared to the celestial world!