One of these messy news made Zhuo Qiang extremely unhappy.

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The British minister rarely expressed his views on the theft of the British Museum. He said that the theft of the British Museum was probably a despicable and shameful crime committed by a group or a country against the world heritage.
He also said that from the current point of view, this theft is not so much a personal act as a national act.
He declaimed that the treasures in the British Museum belong to human beings, not to a certain country. The British Museum only keeps these precious cultural relics for the whole mankind.
And some theft gangs with the background of state power have made such a suspicion that people all over the world can’t stand it and it is anti-human.
"You really want to die?" Zhuojiang was so angry that his head almost exploded.
How shameful it is for the British imperial minister to be so eloquent when he is a robber
"I’m not leaving yet."
Zhuo Qiang said that Ma ordered everyone to get together and see what they should do to make the proud British Empire learn more lessons.
When all the people were sitting around Zhuo Qiang, Zhuo Qiang came up with his own idea just now.
"In view of a senior official in the British Empire’s rude remarks and turning black and white, I decided to teach them a lesson again-what are their good ideas?"
Christie suddenly stood up and said, "I think we should carry out a large-scale attack on the capital, London, and it is best to blow up Buckingham Palace …" She looked at the people’s surprised eyes and slowly dropped.
"That won’t do? Then forget it. Just forget it. "
Zhuo Qiang said with a straight face, "We are pirates and not regular troops. It’s better to do this less."
Blow up Buckingham Palace? So blind can think out, she is not afraid of the British empire to guide the nuclear submarine department to the door of the summer country?
Although there is nothing real about the royal family in Buckingham Palace, they are the spiritual pillar of the Commonwealth countries. Blowing it up is tantamount to reaching a war with British countries such as Australia and Canada, and a world war may break out because of this.
Seeing that Christie was silent, Liu Xiaolei went on to say, "How about blowing up their nuclear? This will not only hit their national confidence, but also save us a lot of guns. "
Look at him directly.
Zeng Guomin, who seldom spoke, got up and said, "Boss, we haven’t increased energy for a long time. Why don’t we start from this aspect this time? What do you think? "
Zhuo Qiang suddenly slapped the armrest of the sofa and said, "I forgot not to tell you. We have to get some benefits this time. Let me consider it first …"
He sat down to think again and started to add a little energy to the Long Yun.
Of course, it is best to increase energy and do some substantial damage to the British Empire at the same time.
Ye Chuchu saw Zhuo Qiang lost in thought for a long time and didn’t look up. He got up and said, "We can make them offshore oil fields."
Zhuo Qiang looked up and said, "Is there a big oil field in the British Empire Sea?"
To tell the truth, he is not familiar with the British Empire, knowing that it is an old empire, but he has little knowledge about it, and he doesn’t even know whether there are offshore oil fields in the British Empire.
However, since the British Empire is an island country, there must be offshore oil fields, but the number is more or less.
I don’t know, Chazhuoqiang. com searches all kinds of information of the British Empire to determine the location and quantity of offshore oil fields.
I don’t know if I don’t check. I’m shocked if I check
It turns out that the British Empire not only has offshore oil fields, but also has a large scale.
The vast sea to the east of the British Empire has the largest oil field in their country-Beihai Oilfield.
Beihai Oilfield is rich in oil and gas. The British Empire exploited the oil in this sea area in the 1970s and helped it to become an oil exporter from an oil importer in a very short time.
The British Empire, an oil-producing area with an area of 500,000 square kilometers, has brought them a steady stream of liquid gold for decades.
"Good is here" ZhuoJiang immediately decided to come.
Long Yun Zhuo Qiang ordered the horse to adjust its direction and fly to the north at high speed.
Long Yun’s current energy is 50,000 points, which has not been increased for a long time. If it is absorbed smoothly this time, it may be able to meet the upgrade conditions.
With strong hopes, Long Yun flew to the North Sea three hours later.
At this time, it was midnight. Zhuo Qiang looked at the marginal sea and thought for a moment, then let Long Yun descend to the surface and change the diving mode.
Anyway, the horse will have a lot of energy to point to Zhuoqiang, and it won’t take a little energy for this deformation.
After the deformation is successful, Zhuo Qiang looks at the big screen in front to find the hand target.
"Twenty-five nautical miles due west" Zhuo Qiang quickly grabbed the screen and directed the Long Yun to catch up.
This time, Zhuo Qiang still tried to drill a hole in the pumping pipeline of the oil platform from the bottom of the sea so that the Long Yun could enjoy a good meal
As soon as Long Yun’s thicker metal hose was connected to the platform pumping pipeline, the platform workers immediately noticed it.
"Is the strange thing leaked?" A worker stared doubtfully at the changed color indicator light and asked an old-timer questions.
Older seniors looked at it and said, "It may be the cause of poor line contact. I’ll have someone check it out."
Zhuo Qiang was looking at the slowly rising energy data and lying on the sofa contentedly when the platform workers checked the reasons everywhere.
I haven’t let Long Yun attract energy for a long time, but it’s really a little uncomfortable that it’s not sunny this day. We have to let Long Yun eat well tonight.
Although a little sleepy, Zhuo Qiang is very happy.
He didn’t intend to attack the oil fields of the British Empire, but who let the blind minister talk nonsense about his absurd robber logic?