"But I also want to have a reasonable reason to leave Qingfeng Pavilion?" Zhang Tao said that even the Qingfeng Pavilion would doubt his disappearance.

"It’s very simple. Saint can give you one if you die in battle," said the elder.
Zhang Tao nodded. This is indeed a good way. "It’s the elder who has something to ask."
"oh? Do you want to talk about Wanzhangfeng? " The elder is sophisticated, of course, to see Zhang Tao’s thoughts.
"It’s really impossible to hide anything from the elder," said Zhang Taoji Pei.
The elder smoothed his beard and said, "It’s hard to say that it’s fate that Wanzhangfeng fell because of the eagle’s cold, but rose again because of the infiltration of Wanbaozhai people. It’s bound to take a good look at Wanzhangfeng in the future."
"Thank you, there is a younger brother named Yu Zhen in the peak of the Great Elders. This woman has a firm character and a solid foundation. I hope that the Great Elders will not let the world of mortals bury the jade." Zhang Tao once again said that one year of practice is unforgettable, and that the earnest practice of Jingyi is firm and persistent. Everything makes Zhang Tao unforgettable. This woman may not be crazy, but the conation in her heart is real.
The phrase "practice hard" seems to be the mantra of Yuzhen. It seems that she must insist on it. Zhang Tao knows that after thousands of years of calculation, if she revisits her old place, she will still think of this sentence and think of this teacher elder sister who has been making unremitting efforts.
"good! I didn’t expect that you have been lurking for many days and found that talents still look holy for me. Thank you. "The elder smiled heartily. Zhang Tao also smiled and was about to say a few kind words, only to find that the elder’s face changed" Not good! " Zhang Tao hasn’t asked why, and he feels a strange chill in the air.
"Is it?" Zhang Tao’s pupil contracted slightly. If so, wouldn’t Qingfeng Pavilion be finished? Zhang Tao still remembers what happened that night.
"He failed after all." The elder’s face is hard to see the pole.
Throw the variety to the elder of Zhang Tao, which means it is very white to join hands with the wind again. Zhang Tao also knows that things are eager to fly with the elder.
It is possible for Zhang Tao to stay for a short time with the explosive force, but it is necessary for a saint to have a chance to be as royal as nine days and one less.
He Hege Lord, of course, also arrived at the same time. It was also a surprise for them to see Zhang Tao, but now the enemy is not asking more questions about "Ha ha ha ha". Qinghuan Peak will make people laugh for a moment, and the enchantment will be broken again. The wind will lift up and the eyes will turn black again. This time, his hands will condense black energy as if he were directly going to level the Qingfeng Pavilion.
The elder and others all changed their faces. "All my brothers must leave Qingfeng Pavilion at once!"
Hearing the elder’s order, all the younger brothers, including Ge’s younger brother, dare not hesitate to use their magical powers to quickly flee towards Qingfeng City. At the same time, the pressure was like the sky falling, and a black energy ball that seemed to be the size of a basketball suddenly expanded to a hundred meters. This energy ball hit Qingfeng Pavilion, and it was absolutely that Wanfeng annihilated nothing.
"How is this force possible?" Zhang Tao just felt this force as if he was going to lose his resistance. Why did he swear that Yuemei would die? The sky is unfair? So the energy ball will be filled with such strong negative emotions?
Zhang Tao was shocked at this time. I don’t know how many younger brothers were affected and lost their minds. The cold of heaven and earth suddenly woke Zhang Tao up, but the elder found the danger. Many younger brothers have been mobilized to kill each other with negative emotions.
"Ha ha ha ha kill kill! Kill all day "wind Yang laughed even in his voice with a hint of demagoguery.
The elder went up into the sky and snorted, and the surrounding air seemed to oscillate. Suddenly, the elder’s body seemed to become illusory and hazy, as unrealistic as looking at flowers in the fog. In the face of such a powerful energy ball, he could not avoid hitting it directly.
"Elder!" The pavilion owner and He are both surprised to see the elder commit suicide. They are completely shocked, but Zhang Tao has a strange feeling that he will not have an accident.
But for a moment, there was a scene of surprise. Like a black hole, the big elders were absorbing huge energy balls quickly, which they had never seen before.
, and others are dumbfounded "this" Zhang Tao clearly remember this scene is not the first time he saw nine days with a split saint and a big elder.
"Kill, kill, kill!" Feng Yang saw that the energy ball was absorbed by half, and he waved his hands and suddenly the energy ball spread out and fell like a meteor shower to Qingfeng Pavilion.
"Not good!" The pavilion owner’s face changed greatly, and he also responded quickly. Of course, Zhang Tao has not been idle to stop these black falling objects as much as possible. You know, there is great power in it
Booming the so-called "one hundred secrets and one sparse" four people even tried their best, but it was difficult to stop the Qingfeng Pavilion. There was a devastating scene, and the explosion suddenly changed beyond recognition.
At this time, the elder is fighting with the wind. This time, the breakthrough of the elder seems to be extremely fast. The wind suddenly fell into the wind and was hit by the elder in a boxing and flew thousands of meters away. Although it seems that the injury is not serious, the wind did not continue to attack but suddenly looked in one direction.
"What’s the matter?" Zhang Tao and others all looked at each other for a moment, and the wind seemed to be called by something and disappeared instantly, and shot out in one direction.
Seeing the wind blowing away, the elder didn’t stop him, but he looked dim. "Qingfeng Pavilion may have declined."
"Don’t the elder stop it?" Pavilion master and a face of don’t understand flew past big elders shook his head "stop? Does it make sense? He has been completely controlled by the devil, and there is no more sanity. It is no longer our pavilion master’s wind. "Hearing the words of the big elders, Hehe Pavilion Master is also slightly changed. That’s true! Feng Yang was punched by the elder and flew out for thousands of meters, but he didn’t wake up at all. It seems that he was completely occupied by the magic gas.
"This matter may have been kept secret by law, and we must make preparations, especially to guard against the Magic Tower," said the elder.
"It’s not a big concern for the elder to be promoted to the summit Wanmo Tower now, is it?" He asked
The elder shook his head. "I didn’t let myself grow old to be cynical until I realized the peak saint. On the one hand, I realized the old and sick people’s sufferings, on the other hand, I realized the strange change of personality. Finally, I realized the last step in the battle of the cabinet master, but the more I knew there were mountains outside the mountains."
Zhang Tao heart a clot indeed as expected before he is pretending, but also don’t know when I will be able to reach the big elders this realm.
Chapter 437 Death Selection
Just as the more you learn about Haiyua, the more vast you feel. Now the elder has reached a level where he can understand the vast Dongyue mainland [/
The so-called wise men fear the elders, but only when they have a certain understanding will they feel terrible. He also knows that the Qingfeng Pavilion is dangerous now.