Alice is a hugged Zhouyi.

Smelling the faint scent of Alice, Zhou Yi froze for a moment. He didn’t know if he should Alice.
Alice’s embrace is warm and exciting, which makes people feel tempted and makes their hearts beat faster. If a normal man is held by such a sexy little sister, he will have the idea of crushing Alice.
Alice, are you drunk?
Alice in Zhouyi held her arms but didn’t move intimately. She tried to stay rational and said to Alice that she tried to be a sober person and didn’t want to be a half-thinking animal.
Zhouyi just left without saying goodbye from San Francisco, so he won’t bring trouble to Alice in the future. At this time, although the room is filled with this ambiguous atmosphere, Zhouyi can stand the fact that he and Alice are about to part, but he can’t help himself at this time and have emotions and entanglements with Alice, which will cause the previous efforts to fail. Chapter 5 Zhouyi kisses me.
"I’m not drunk. I really like you, or I wouldn’t have chased you here from San Francisco. Don’t you know my mind at all?"
Alice, however, continued to hold Zhouyi tightly. Her beautiful big eyes looked at Zhouyi and firmly said that her long eyelashes were good. [] American girls came here more than Chinese girls, and after drinking some wine, she boldly said these words.
Alice, I know what you mean, but we are not suitable for being together now. I told you before that we should be friends for the time being. In fact, friendship is also very important in this world besides love.
Alice took a sensible and spicy look on her shoulder.
"I know you don’t hate me, Zhouyi, but what’s so cold about you?"
Alice saw that Zhouyi didn’t take the initiative to hug herself and say these words to herself, so she asked with doubt and incomprehension whether Zhouyi could risk her life to save her. She loved her because of Zhouyi’s heart, or she wouldn’t have fought to the death with the 3k gang.
"Alice, you are a beautiful girl with first-class temperament and family background. If we are a country, there may be development, but we are far away from Chongyang. Let’s talk about our feelings in the future. Anyway, we are still young."
Zhouyi still maintained a rational saying, but at this time he was almost unable to control himself, because Alice held him and blew like a orchid. This temptation is hard for a man to refuse, but at this time he should try to pretend to be rational and not impulsive.
"Zhouyi, you mean we can be together in the future?"
After listening to Zhouyi’s words, Alice asked Ma Xingfen excitedly that she was a little frustrated and became excited. If she could see Zhouyi again in the future, she might be with Zhouyi.
Zhouyi said evenly that he was not going to have emotional entanglements with Alice, and even if he met later, he was going to be friends. There were only a few confidantes in other countries, and it would be really proud to get a foreign girl back. He still had many things to do in the future and could not spend too much energy on his children’s affairs.
"I hope I’m not maybe, but definitely. I’m sincere to you."
Alice murmured something and then said, "I heard that after you returned to San Francisco, I helped my father to stabilize the situation in San Francisco. When I came, I could come to China to find you. I checked a lot of funds and knew that Hangzhou is a good place with beautiful scenery. I have long been eager to go to Hangzhou. When my father is old, I will let him give the flying car to someone else and let him come to Hangzhou to support the elderly. What do you say?"
After Alice finished speaking, she looked forward to Zhouyi, hoping that Zhouyi could give her some promises and a warm hug.
"Alice, this is the future. Your father is a gang leader, and he may not be able to put himself in this position to enjoy his old age. After all, he is not used to it once he loses his strength."
Zhouyi, on the other hand, evaded the important issue. It was really difficult for Alice to answer this question. He didn’t want Alice to go to Hangzhou, but he couldn’t directly tell Alice that it hurt Alice’s heart.
"Then we’ll talk about it then."
Alice didn’t recognize the abnormality in Zhouyi dialect. After thinking about it, she felt that Zhouyi dialect also made sense, so she nodded and said
"Well, take a bath and rest early. You have to go back tomorrow."
Zhouyi took the opportunity to say
"Well, then you should go back to rest early. It was really hard for you to save me last night."
Alice got up and loosened Zhouyi.
"Killing a few people is not as tiring as going shopping with you for half a day."
Zhouyi also got up and sighed that it was not too tiring for him to kill nine people, but his legs were numb when he went shopping this afternoon. Of course, this was Zhouyi’s idea, and he wouldn’t say it like this
"Then I’ll go back first."
Zhou Yisong breathed a sigh of relief and said to Alice that he was almost confused when he was held by such a beautiful girl as Alice, because he was no LiuHui. Fortunately, when Alice let him go, he settled down with his heart hanging.
"Don’t go"
Alice is hold the Zhouyi.
"Is there anything else?" Zhouyi asked Alice, fearing that Alice might have any troubles again.
"You are a gentleman in Zhouyi. You should kiss me before you say goodbye to me." Alice blushed and said.
I was shocked to hear Alice’s words, but Alice said it was true. Some western countries do have such a etiquette.
So Zhouyi was generous and Alice kissed her cheek before she was ready to turn around and leave.
"Zhouyi Kisses Me"