Su Ling’s low voice calls for a moment, and her footsteps are more calm and she is heading for the cave!

Outside the mouth of the back mountain cave is a stone gate that divides the outside into two worlds!
There is a sunken groove in the stone wall on the right side outside the stone gate. After a brief look around the mouth of Su Ling’s cave, he reached into the groove and touched the stone gate behind the machine.
The deafening rumble resounded through the hills!
As the stone door hits, the dust is scattered around Su Ling like the wind!
She gently waved her hand and stepped into fashion, and she couldn’t help wondering how long it has been since this stone gate was hit.
Why else would there be so much dust? !
Su Ling stepped into the cave and called out again!
Soon at this time, a sound came out from the winding path of the facade of the cave, "Is Ling Girl back?"
Yuboyin is very long and long, and it floats far along the curved and deep aisle!
Su Ling didn’t answer when she heard Yu Boyin. Instead, she dug a tunnel along the cave and walked in slowly!
She has been to this cave, but she doesn’t linger like Yubo!
When she came back at this time, she suddenly felt that there seemed to be something wrong in this cave. !
But what is it? Su Ling can’t think of anything at the moment!
After all, it’s been a while, and she can capture many details.
The tunnel of eyes keeps going, but half a cup of tea is bright when the eyes are dim!
Looking up at the end of the tunnel, a large piece of spacious land will be impressive!
And all the structures and decorations in this cave are like residential scenes!
Deeply embedded in the cave, Ran Ran glows in the hanging beam and the door and window.
"Cheep!" At the moment, the door was slowly beaten from the inside, but when someone came out of it, Su Ling frowned tightly!
She has never seen this man!
Seeing that the man walked out of the room in a black robe and wrapped himself tightly in a black hat, he also covered his face from the top of his head and almost hid it in the dark!
She has never seen Pearl Island in five years!
"where’s yubo?"
Su Ling twisted his eyebrows and looked at the black man coming out from the inside. Because he couldn’t see his cheek clearly, Su Ling was also difficult to distinguish the real identity of this person!
It was not until the other party strolled to the front of her that Su Ling was slightly surprised at her moment!
No wonder he wrapped himself in a black robe and even wore a wide face-covering hat on his head!
It turned out that this person’s cheek was half burned!
What will surprise Su Ling is that his nose is covered with a mask everywhere, but his nose is exposed to the outside with a terrible scar!
Even the corner of his mouth is crooked, let alone the scars around his jaw. How terrible!
Su Ling frowned and looked at this person, and the other person’s eyes looked at Su Ling coldly until the opposite room came to the footsteps again.
"Three girl how suddenly come back? Just now I was wondering if you should be neat and tidy! "
Talking jade "figure has come out of the room!
It’s still a crane hair and a child’s face. Yubo is full of energy and his eyes are bright!
See Su Ling with black men in the eye couldn’t help smiling explained "girl don’t be afraid! He’s an old man. I just accepted a new apprentice! Called ghost Yan! "
Ghost face? !
Listening to the name makes me feel a little horrified, and the other party really calls it a ghost face. Su Ling has no reason to make a chill!