"Don’t blossoming will be bought by you because of a bracelet? ! Impossible! " The thing he is most angry about is that someone is nicer to blossoming than he is! This is impossible!
Leng Ruixi said that she would hug each other and then pick her bracelet. "We’ll give it back to you! Don’t be a blossoming michel platini! You will teach her bad! "
Yin Yuhao raised his eyebrows as if he had a plan for this matter, and then when Leng Ruixi touched the bracelet, he immediately hid and refused to let him take it.
"Come on, give daddy the bracelet."
Blossoming shook his head and then looked at Leng Ruixi unhappily.
ka! He is regarded by his daughter!
Chapter 51 michel platini is not so good.
See this reaction Yin Yuhao really want to laugh and then said "LengRuiXi you see now even your daughter to this michel platini! Then you must admit me! "
Leng Ruixi is going mad. This woman is really … just like Yi Qing! Maybe after seeing the money, I ran away with others! Now that Yin Yuhao gave her a gold bracelet, she couldn’t put it down, not to mention the queen …
This situation is really bad!
Han Yiqing really resisted and said, "It’s okay for blossoming to recognize Yin Yuhao as michel platini."
"Yi Qing, you …" Leng Ruixi was just about to say when she was interrupted by Han Yiqing’s words. Then she turned and smiled and said to Yin Yuhao, "Yin Yuhao, do you really like blossoming?"
"It’s fun."
"…" My daughter didn’t ask you to play! !
"So … michel platini is not so good." As soon as she finished this sentence, everyone’s eyes looked at her, especially Leng Ruixi, and his eyes flashed with appreciation.
Yin Yuhao said with a smile, "Is there any price to pay?"
Han Yiqing nodded and smiled and said, "Yin Yuhao, if you want to think about it, what if you have no money?" Should you … "Somehow meaning one! A gold bracelet was bought! This kid really doesn’t know how to blackmail!
Yin Yuhao is very much in favor of "tell me what blossoming wants"
Han Yiqing said with a smile, "That depends on what michel platini gives!"
Leng Ruixi smiled and hugged her and raised her eyebrows at Yin Yuhao. "Now you don’t want to return it, but you don’t lack this michel platini anyway."
"Hum" he snorted and then accused Yi Qing "Look! You are just like him when you get married! I know how to blackmail me! " Then he took out a key from his pocket and stuffed it into blossoming hands. His face immediately filled with smiles. "This is the key to michel platini’s meeting ceremony and michel platini’s small vault."
Leng Ruixi froze, not to mention Han Yiqing. She really didn’t expect Yin Yuhao to give the keys to the coffers to blossoming! This …
Her mouth kept twitching. "Yin Yuhao, do you really like blossoming?"
"I told you she was fun."
"Yin Yuhao! I didn’t give birth to a daughter to let you play … "
"I know what I’m saying!" Then he left, but he was stopped by Leng Ruixi, "Yin Yuhao, you are waiting."
"Is there anything else? Is my mission not complete? " He turned his head and saw that Leng Ruixi had given the baby to him in her arms. "There is still a week to give it to you!"
"What? !”
"What? !”
Han Yiqing consternation looked at him "LengRuiXi are you kidding! What are you doing? !”
He looked at her. "Don’t you want to take care of the children all the time without spending your honeymoon with me? !”
"But I really don’t feel at ease!" She took her little hand and looked at her as if she could feel the same thing, which made Han Yiqing even more reluctant
"No, no! No honeymoon! Flowers are important! I want to stay! "
However, before Han Yiqing finished speaking, Leng Ruixi directly hugged him horizontally and then turned his back on Yin Yuhao and said, "I’ll give you the flowers in this period!"
You are too overbearing, but I like it.
See Yin Yuhao treat blossoming so that he knows he won’t treat her badly!
Leng Ruixi carried her directly to the plane and left in his private jet. During the whole process, Han Yiqing was taken away by him without coming to remember the reaction!
"Feed! Leng Ruixi, you have gone too far! The blossoming is still so small! "
"She will not be weaned one day."
Han Yiqing really want to cry "you said you let Yin Yuhao a big man take care of such a child! It’s too much! "
"No, there’s still a first softness."
If the two of them talk together, then don’t worry. There must be meat to eat.
Han Yiqing is really angry. I don’t know how he can be so cruel and throw all his lovely daughters to follow her on their honeymoon!
Looking at her angry, cold and good-tempered, she said, "Yi Qing … you have to think about it. After we spend a year with our children, we will spend a lot of time with her. It’s even worse. She can’t spend the rest of her life with us. Let’s take care of the blossoming when we come back from a week."