"Are they dead?" Duan Qingyun surprised and asked

Huang Liang Ma quickly shook his head and said, "They are abroad!" Words have a limit to sorrow.
Duan Qingyun feels that this is Huang Liang’s family affairs and no longer asks too much. "Brother Huang came to my room and I will relieve your troubles now!"
Huang Liang hemp incredible tunnel "Duan Xiong but training now! You see, they’ve almost finished a round now. I think Ye Fei’s ego will have to beat him up again! "
Duan Qingyun laughed. "It’s ok without me and Li Hu’s novel."
Said Duan Qingyun came to Li Hu’s side and said, "Emoko, I have a little thing to let acne come to my room."
Li Hu naturally bowed and agreed, but just now Duan Qingyun acne sat on the sidelines and a hot chat made Li Hu itch. What did they talk about? Not only Li Hu, but also his ambitious boxers are whispering to each other that Duan Qingyun, a newcomer to the boxing team, has no enthusiasm for training on the first day. Instead, he looks like a leader, and people can’t compare with each other!
And Huang Liang hemp at this time also saw teammates envy eyes heart way an acne also befriended Duan Qingyun this little haha the day after tomorrow can be better? If Duan Qingyun fixes my acne today, I’m sure I’ll have a big congratulations. I’ll go to the typhoon shelter hotel to find a young lady in the evening. Hey, hey, hey …
Chapter 19 A virgin body reiki foot ()
Chaoyang has risen so high that Duan Qingyun’s dormitory with four rooms and two halls was quiet at this time.
Huang Liang Ma Su lay face down Duan Qingyun thick and soft Simmons tightly closed his eyes.
Duan Qingyun’s left hand gently pressed Huang Liang’s pockmarked head with a slender silver needle in his right hand and gently pricked Huang Liang’s pockmarked face. Every time he pricked a zit, Duan Qingyun gently squeezed his hands and squeezed the juice out of the zit into the glass around him.
Duan Qingyun was surprised to find that the juice contained in these pimples was not dilute water, red blood or yellow pus, but a pure white mucus that was similar to paste and flowed into the glass along the fine needle in Duan Qingyun’s hand.
Because Duan Qingyun had previously applied a special potion to Huang Liang’s pockmarked face, the potion quickly penetrated into the skin when the needle tip pierced the pimple, and Huang Liang Ma did not feel like pain.
But Duan Qingyun’s face is more and more surprised. It’s rare that this little yang is so deep! It was not until nearly noon that Duan Qingyun removed Huang Liang’s pockmarked face and neck, and more than half a cup of pure white mucus had flowed in the glass beside Duan Qingyun.
Looking at this half cup of pure white mucus Duan Qingyun secretly tunnel this is a baby, this glass is filled with pure yang! Pretend to be a young man with yang! It’s not easy to pick such a yang head this year! Zhang and Erh Lin, the directors, are really lucky to have added Huang Liang Ma Yang Qi!
Duan Qingyun took out several kinds of traditional Chinese medicine powder with different colors and tastes from his rustic gray cloth bag, and quickly passed through his brain. Then he put it in a big water bowl according to the matching method in memory and stirred it to form a light blue liquid. Then he gently poured the towel over Huang Liang’s pockmarked face and heart. An Lao Duan prepared his own secret recipe "Regulating Qi and Moderately Warming Jade Powder" to give this small application a good life!
Half an hour later, it was eleven o’clock noon. Through the bright glass window, Duan Qingyun saw the boxers, led by Li Hu, ending afternoon training and returning to the dormitory to rest and prepare for lunch in half an hour.
Duan Qingyun gently took a Huang Liang hemp, etc. Huang Liang hemp opened its eyes. Duan Qingyun uncovered Huang Liang hemp face covered with a towel.
At this time, Huang Liang Ma’s first reaction was to quickly get up and study the bright mirror on the bedside.
Huang Liang Ma exclaimed that when she looked at the smooth face in the mirror, she stayed there for a while and unconsciously reached out and gently stroked her face.
Looking at Huang Liang Ma’s "sudden change of face", Duan Qingyun was also amazed. Huang Liang Ma’s face was really a handsome man after removing the disgusting youth acne! A melon face is like a piece of leisure white jade, and a pair of bright eyes are like two clear springs. What a wonderful contrast! Duan Qingyun satisfactorily Huang Liang hemp side say with smile "? Does it feel good? "
Huang Liang Ma didn’t seem to hear Duan Qingyun talking to him. His eyes were still straight and numb in the mirror. He never seemed to have seen his face. He never seemed to have the courage to look at his face. Tears suddenly surged in his eyes.
Duan Qingyun watched Huang Liang Ma Xin Road. He lost confidence in his face since he was a child. Now he is twenty years old and still remains a virgin. Think about it with emotion! Huang Liang Ma claimed to be "the enemy who fought all over the south of the city". I didn’t expect to have no confidence in myself in love! I don’t know how he spent all these years since the day his penis hardened!
Suddenly, Huang Liang Ma turned around and looked at Duan Qingyun’s knees with an incredible plop. He knelt down toward Duan Qingyun and knocked on his head. He kept saying, "Brother Duan, you are my Huang Liang Ma reborn parents! I I I … "
Duan Qingyun was surprised and quickly reached out and helped Huang Liang Ma to help Nai Huang Liang Ma to kneel down and still kowtow to Duan Qingyun.
After 20 Xiangtou, Huang Liang got numb, grabbed Duan Qingyun’s arm and stared straight at Duan Qingyun’s face. "Brother Duan, you are my second-born parents!"
Chapter 19 A virgin body reiki foot ()
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Duan Qingyun quickly shook his head and said excitedly, "Don’t say that. We are brothers!" Heart, my old section is just a palliative. The yang of his body is still very full, but the acne base on his face has been removed. It can be said that his body lacks a channel for yang discharge! From this point of view, it is not good for him! To be more precise, my old man has not cured Huang Liang pockmarked zit. His face is criss-crossed and will recover every other month if there is no accident! Hey hey so an old section can control Huang Liang hemp this small! If Huang Liang hemp wants to keep the balance of body yang and qi, there is a best way, that is, indulgence! But this little girl is afraid of the disgusting eyes when she sees him.
"Brother Duan, the south of the city is my territory. If you have anything to do, I will do it for you even if my head falls off!" Huang Liang Ma was so excited at this time that he really wanted to dig out his heart and show Duan Qingyun that he was passionate about Duan Qingyun.
Duan Qingyun laughed. "Now your face is fine, but your youthful acne is caused by your excessive energy, which is to say, the firepower is too strong. After that, you should adjust your own mentality to make your temper gentler. Don’t lose your temper. If you lose your temper, you may grow acne again one day."
Huang Liang Ma is like an obedient child. "Well, I will never lose my temper again after listening to you!"
"Oh!" Huang Liang Ma suddenly opened his eyes wide and seemed to realize something. "Brother Duan, do you mean it’s not okay for me to fight with Captain Li Hu earlier?"
"Right!" Duan Qingyun looked at Huang Liang Ma Dao appreciatively. "You are really savvy. If you grasp it well, you will have a career!"
At this moment the bell rang, and it was time for lunch.
Huang Liang Ma said, "Brother Duan, let’s not eat in the canteen at noon. Let’s invite you to the typhoon shelter hotel and have a good drink!"
Duan Qingyun’s heart thumped when he heard the word "typhoon shelter". Lin Yushan’s face full of filth floated in front of his eyes and quickly said, "Brother Huang, I think I’d better forget eating. I was a little busy just now. I feel a little tired now. Just tell Li Hu that I have nothing to do when I sleep. Don’t come to me!"
Huang Liang hemp firmly tunnel "period of brothers if you don’t go is to look down on my brother! If we can’t do it now, if we can’t do it later, we have to treat you to this meal anyway! "
Duan Qingyun smiled. "Brother Huang, if you really want to invite me to dinner, we’d better not eat in the typhoon shelter. How about going somewhere else? Let’s also ask Li Hu’s little brothers to have a few small dishes and a few bottles of beer without being too luxurious. How good is it? "
Huang Liang Ma smiled at the sound of his eyes. "Brother Duan, I know you ate in the typhoon shelter last night. Hehe, then listen to you. Let’s go to the south of the city. There is a restaurant for my brother with mountains and water. What do you think? I’ll make a phone call now, "said Huang Liang Ma, taking out his mobile phone and dialing a friend’s words.
Duan Qingyun shook his head naively. Since Huang Liang Ma’s hospitality is really unreasonable if he insists on not going, it is good to go to the typhoon shelter. He picked up the glass containing Huang Liang Ma’s "yang liquid" and took a look at it. Then he put it in the freezer to prepare a unique aphrodisiac for Zhang and Erh Lin.
"I think so. If you go out for dinner, call Li Hu, too. I think this guy is also a man!" Duan Qingyun command tone to Huang Liang hemp "advice".
Huang Liang Ma was so grateful to Duan Qingyun at this time that he couldn’t wait to dig out his heart and hold it before Duan Qingyun. After listening to Duan Qingyun’s "suggestion", he naturally obeyed "Brother Duan, your words are imperial edict. Let’s call Captain Li! Ha ha ha "
Duan Qingyun smiled with satisfaction, but his heart was faintly floating with a trace of concern. He was worried about what to do when he suddenly met Lin Yushan after walking out of the sports bureau!