"She lives in the building over there. Of course, there are people watching. If she agrees, you will naturally let you in. If she doesn’t agree, I can’t help it. I have to read the old classmates’ old feelings, but the elder brothers make a small promise and I have to keep them. There are so many things I can do." Feng Yi patted him on the shoulder and left.

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Cheng Dongyang walked to the white low-rise building. At the door, there were two soldiers guarding the door and not letting him in. Cheng Dongyang looked inside. He didn’t know which building Meng Yudong was in. He shouted at it, "Meng Yudong, come out!"
In winter and winter? She has a separate kitchen here. She is cooking. When she hears his voice, she shakes, but she still cooks carefully and decides not to be disturbed.
"Winter, winter, winter!" Cheng Dongyang had telepathy like this moment. He knew that Dong Dong was inside, and she was in one of her rooms. She heard him and told him to think of it. He shouted even louder.
"Dong Dong, you come out Meng Yudong" Cheng Dongyang is so angry that his face seems to be getting a little worse. "Dong Dong, you come out"
Meng Yudong’s nose is sour. She will take the fried food out. Zhan Longhai also eats here. He looks at her. "Why don’t you go out and make it clear?"
She shook her head. "Let’s eat!"
"You should let him know what your decision is." Listening to the screaming outside, he sighed and Cheng Dongyang became like this.
Meng Yudong shook his head. "I can’t see him. It’s not that I’m worried that I will be soft-hearted, but that I know Dongyang. He won’t accept what I say when I see him. The answer is that I might as well not see him."
Cheng Dongyang’s eyes were red when he shouted outside. He kept walking back and forth staring at the white building. He didn’t believe in Dongdong, and even if he hated him again, he refused to forgive him and refused to see him once.
"Dong Dong, you come out, Dong Dong, I was wrong!" Cheng Dongyang said the voice was hoarse. "Dongdong, I shouldn’t misunderstand you. I shouldn’t believe you. Dongdong, you give me another chance! Meng Yudong! ! !”
Wu Meng Yudong almost didn’t even hold chopsticks. She really couldn’t stand it. She put chopsticks down and lowered her head, quietly listening to his shouting outside.
"Dongdong, did you really give up on me? Dongdong, you really don’t want me? " Cheng Dongyang has some low gas at the moment "Dong Dong, will you come out to see me?"
Zhan Longhai looked at Meng Yudong and listened to the sound outside again. He sighed and went out.
Cheng Dongyang saw Zhan Longhai coming out of a door, and he was red-eyed.
Zhan Longhai walked slowly over and then walked to the door to guard the soldiers. The door let him out. He walked up to Cheng Dongyang and said, "Dongyang temporarily calmed Dongdong down-she doesn’t want to see you."
"Zhan Longhai, you are my good cousin who turned my wife here and stabbed me in the back." Cheng Dongyang hated to see him gnash his teeth and said.
"Dongyang, if you want to recognize me like this, you can say" Zhan Longhai wry smile "Dongdong, she doesn’t want to see you now. You don’t let each other calm down and wait for everyone to be calm before coming to her."
"This is our husband and wife thing with you" Cheng Dongyang the face so cold "Zhan Longhai I tell you that it’s my wife’s winter and winter now. Put away your little thoughts and stop harassing my wife"
Zhan Longhai was really upset when he heard this. He snorted coldly, "Dongyang, you don’t seem to understand the situation. The person who is harassing Dongdong is you. She doesn’t want to see you. You don’t yell here. You will make her difficult to make her suffer."
"You shut up Zhan Longhai" Cheng Dongyang listened to this and his face became even uglier. He looked sad and looked at the building where he lived, but she refused to come out to see him.
"Dongdong, are you really unwilling to see me?" Cheng Dongyang keeping a close eye on her door. He is behind the door in winter and winter. "Really don’t give me a chance?" Winter and winter "
Meng Yudong leaned against the door and burst into tears. Didn’t she want to forgive him? It’s not that she has no confidence to continue walking with him.
"Dong Dong Meng Yudong!" Cheng Dongyang screamed at the top of his lungs and called her name. He even moved away from Zhan Longhai. He had never seen such a Cheng Dongyang.
"Uh" sealing game listening to the cry is very sad to see him with a sigh "old classmates I don’t take this! I let you in, you come to make trouble with me, and it’s going to be someone else, so I’ve been arrested for yelling here. "
"Let me in to seal the game" Cheng Dongyang walked to the front door, and the soldier was consciously holding a pike to block him from entering.
"It’s not that I won’t let you into Dongyang." Feng Yi can’t give him a sigh. "It’s that Dongdong doesn’t want to see you. Since she doesn’t want to see you, you will be forced."
Cheng Dongyang such as being struck by lightning, he stared at the building and turned pale. "Dongdong, will you come out? Can’t we meet once? Winter and winter "
Feng Yi and Zhan Longhai looked at each other and sang that there was nothing they could do. Without Cheng Daji, he made noise here, and he had to fight back to prevent people from arresting him and gagging him.
This also has to sigh that a woman is ruthless. Cheng Dongyang is called like this. She said that she can’t see the truth and she just doesn’t see it.
Meng Yudong clung to the door, and her hand clung to the handle of the door. Dongyang sound is wrong. He is very weak now, and she wonders if he will faint in a second.
But her horse said to herself that Zhan Longhai and Feng Yi would face him and he would be fine.
Cheng Dongyang is really desperate, as if he doesn’t want to come out to see him in winter and winter. Does he really want him in winter and winter? I’m really going to never forgive him. Chapter 41 is an opportunity.
"Meng Yudong! ! !” He finally roared with his last strength. He had just had minor surgery in the past few days, and he was so desperate to get here by car all night. After this roar, his physical strength was exhausted, and his eyes went black.
Feng Yi and Zhan Longhai got a fright and Gengqihang also caught up.