Just now, he has given the information to you Binhan. If you insist on it for a while, you Binhan will be able to save himself when he arrives. What you should pay attention to now is to insist on it as much as possible.

In fact, he didn’t know that Gang Fengyang had deliberately asked him to inform You Binhan.
"Stop him." The wind rises and sinks and drinks an ice arrow. It has already caught up with Bo Yuan and shot it in the past. Bo Yuan has been scared and worried about fleeing at this time. When he is aware of the strange wind behind him, he has come and gone. The back is suddenly frozen into an ice sculpture by the ice arrow.
Bo Yuan’s body was shocked to see the body move and felt the biting cold pouring into his body. Bo Yuan quickly transported his life force to resist the expulsion of these cold.
However, it is too late.
Wu Hua and Michelle didn’t come here to be an audience.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and thirty War
Welcome you to come.
Bin Han fantasizes about a bright future. You Bin Han suddenly sensed a message from the communication jade note and immediately took out the communication jade note to find out *Pshu8* bubble! Ba *
"Oh,no. Is it exposed?" You Binhan got up in a hurry and ran into the house. He shouted, "Wu Zun’s troops come with me."
There are seven people in Bingham’s Wu Zun level, except You Binhan, Cheng Yi and Bo Yuan, and there are four others. At this time, there are two people in Bingham’s house, Wu Zun. When they hear You Binhan’s yelling, they immediately rush out to kill God.
Others wondered and looked at each other and didn’t know what was going on, but they couldn’t catch up with Bingham’s speed, so they left the house and continued to do their own things.
By the time you Binhan arrived at the scene, people had gone to the building to leave a crowd of onlookers and two horrible bodies.
Bo Yuan and Cheng Yi have died and their death is quite miserable. It seems that they have been trampled back and forth by elephants, and their bodies have been severely deformed. Now I am afraid that even their parents can’t recognize them.
Seeing Bo Yuan and Cheng Yi’s body, You Binhan’s head suddenly exploded like a boom. He just imagined with himself that the two brothers would end up in such a miserable death in less than a moment, which made You Binhan angry to the extreme in an instant.
You Binhan caught a cousin watching Feiyun from the side and looked angry and shouted, "What’s going on?"
"It’s that Feng Yang is so fierce that they become like this after three strokes." The man said with trepidation that at this time, his head still clearly echoed with the abnormal fighting power displayed when Feng Yang dealt with Cheng Yi and Bo Yuan, which was an absolute overwhelming killing.
"Bastard" You Binhan suddenly pushed the young man out to kill God, and directly pushed the young man and flew to dozens of feet away, which surprised a group of people. Although the young man was very angry, the other party was ranked tenth in the second Wu Huang Billboard. This kind of person is not the average person who can offend.
At the same time
Feng Yang and the three sisters Tang Ning appeared together at Bingham Gate, and they blew the closed door with one foot.
More than 30 people who stayed at Bingham were shocked by the sudden explosion, and their hearts trembled. Immediately, they saw that the original Bingham boy took Xia Ying away and walked in slowly, all of them were scared out of a cold sweat.
At this time, you Binhan and two Wu Zun level masters have been transferred. Binhan has left a group of people with the level of martial arts to keep home, but this group of people is difficult to lead, and no one dares to jump out to organize the fight.
"Downing, Xi Yu, Liu Man, it’s your turn to perform." Feng Yang said in a low voice, the bow of the sunset is already in his hand. If he has been dedicating himself to the smoked moon because of his negligence, the generation of Feng Yang will forgive himself.
If you can’t find the jade, you don’t mind killing the Bingham people. This will curb the secret broadcast of jade and smoked moon to kill the gods.
The three sisters Tang Ning did not hesitate. Although Tang Ning, Xi Yu and Feng Yang had some emotional disputes, they both chose to temporarily put aside all their personal feelings to help Feng Yang find his things.
The three girls walked to Bingham House without fear, and walked to the more than 30 Bingham members without fear.
The 30-odd brothers saw that the people in the war hall had stepped on their heads, and they were beaten. They immediately pressed their hearts to have a fright at Feng Yang and attacked the three sisters of Downing in succession.
The wind flies and jumps over the fence. The sunset bow has already pulled an ice arrow and fired it out to kill God. A teenager who has already launched an attack is about to hit Tang Ningshen. The attack comes to a screeching halt. His body is frozen into an ice sculpture.
At the same time, the wind keeps emitting ice arrows, and whoever rushes to it will be shot into an ice sculpture and bear the biting cold of the ice arrows.
Tang Ning, Xi Yu and Liu Man are sisters, and no one can get close to them and present a triangle position.
"Seven Stars Gather in Array"
Tang Ning, Xi Yu and Liu Man glanced at each other and waved the same gestures at the same speed. With the gestures of the three people waving, the three people were already lingering around to form a triangular rain cover to protect their bodies.
With the launch of the law, the three men’s arms launched with a virtual claw, and one by one, they launched a rich and vigorous group. Bingham was like hail flying all over the sky. Anyone who was hit by a vigorous group was not hit by a blown body, but by vomiting blood and screaming, and hit the ground and walls. The explosive force of the vigorous group also bombed the ground and walls with potholes.
In order to get rid of Bingham’s popularity, I can send out the three sisters Downing, a great killer in the group war.
Another place in Feiyun Gate
Rowling, Wu Hua, You Xueer, Yun Rou, Hua Tian and others led a group of war fighters in several corners. Some people chatted around like passers-by in public, but their eyes kept wandering around.
Chen Yi and Hao Yu are two Wu Zun masters of Binghan. They came to practice in the training room with more than 20 brothers, but I didn’t expect that they just received the message from the boss, You Binhan. It was very urgent to say that the two guys, Yihe Boyuan, were killed by the wind and let their horses take people back to get rid of the battle hall as soon as possible.
"This Cheng Yi is really arrogant. He is confident that he is clever and has not been easily killed by the wind. The strength is important." Haoyu disdains to say that although Binghan people are at the same time, they are also fighting for the level of Wu Zun, and Cheng Yi has always been a bit arrogant and arrogant, which makes Haoyu look uncomfortable.
"There may be a lot of trouble this time." Chen Yi frowned.
Today, you Binhan also vowed to reassure everyone that the horse would have a good show to keep everyone in good condition. I didn’t expect Cheng Yi and Bo Yuan to be swept by the wind. It seems that this wind is really not very easy to deal with, which makes you Binhan seem to be nervous.
"Tube he what wind Yang or nonsense war hall before Bingham is just a baby can have much trouble" Haoyu disdain pie mouth said.
Chen Yi and Haoyu are anxious to get out of the practice room and lead more than 20 brothers out of the practice room and hurry to Bin Han.