Alice rushed to a small building without stopping her motorcycle.

At this time, a man of about forty years old is sitting on a luxurious sofa and a beautiful blonde young woman in a living room in the building.
This man is thin, his eyes are deep in his hair, and his shawl looks a bit like a character in a horror movie. If he doesn’t know him, he probably won’t give him more attention, but he knows that others should give him a little face because he is Francisco, the leader of the speeding gang, and San Francisco is extremely powerful.
There is a beautiful blonde young woman sitting in Francisco’s lap. This young woman is about twenty-five years old. She is tall, protruding forward and backward, with fair skin and a pair of eyes that can hook people. At this time, she is hooking Francisco’s neck and coquetry.
Not far from Francisco, there was a man in white, black pants and sunglasses. They were all like sculptures. It was obviously Francisco’s personal bodyguard.
"Baby, I’m going out on business, and I’ll be with you when I get back later." Francesco touched the beautiful young woman’s face and was about to get up.
"Honey, are you going out to accompany his woman?"
That beautiful young woman is pestering Francisco to stop him from leaving.
"I’m going to negotiate with the dragon gang about the Grand Hotel," Francisco paused. "Just take a bath and wait for me to come back. I won’t be long."
"Honey, wait and go. The Dragon Gang is just a small force. It’s nothing for you to wait." The beautiful young woman continued to coquetry as if she couldn’t live without a man for a moment.
Just then, the living room door was smashed, and Alice came in angrily.
"Alice, who made you angry? Your little face turned white with anger." The beautiful young woman giggled when she arrived in Alice.
"Get out of here, you fox. I have something to talk to my father."
Alice gave the beautiful young woman a stare and said
"Alice, why are you talking to me like that? I’m your stepmother at least." The beautiful woman said with some dissatisfaction, but she seemed a little afraid of Alice.
"Call you roll roll you are my stepmother? You’re just a father and a woman. Get out of here if you don’t want to fight. Don’t you see that I have something to discuss with my father? "
Alice great anger way
The beautiful young woman got up when Alice was furious and left as meek as a cat.
"What’s the matter with Alice?"
Francisco asked Alice
"Father, I was bullied by the dragon gang in Chinatown today!"
Alice, the wicked complained first!
"Alice, my baby daughter, who bullied you? Who in Chinatown has the guts? It is said that Long Ao Hai Er Long Jianfeng is good at martial arts in Chinatown, but he may not be able to beat your whip, right? No one should be your opponent to others? "
As soon as Francisco heard the horse, he asked how much he cared about this daughter. It doesn’t matter who bullied her daughter. Everyone in San Francisco has to give way to Alice. Of course, this Alice is not bad. This place in San Francisco is not a gun. Few people can take advantage of him.
"It’s not that he is famous in Chinatown, but I haven’t paid attention to it yet."
Alice Francisco, sitting beside her, pouted and said.
"Who’s that? Is it that old guy Long Aohai who bullied you?"
Francisco said, "This guy Long Aohai really knows how to collect protection in Chinatown beforehand. No one dares to say no, but he has formed a dragon gang to help Chinese in Chinatown refuse to pay protection and asked me to meet today. It is estimated that he wants to negotiate with me and doesn’t want to pay protection."
"My father is a woman named Xiaoxiao. I have never seen her. This woman is a very good marksman. She can shoot several shots in a second. She interrupted me with a whip gun three times in a row. I can’t stand this evil spirit from my father in Chinatown. You must avenge me."
Alice said aggrieved, grabbing her father’s arm and shaking it hard.
"Alice, what is the background of the other party? You tell me what’s going on, and I’ll make sure you get justice. No one in San Francisco can bully my daughter yet. "
Francisco asked Alice if she was angry. Whoever bullied his daughter in San Francisco hit him in the face.
"It’s the Lily Hotel in Chinatown, where that Xiaoxiao should also be a dragon gang."
Alice replied.
"I also sent William and others to Chinatown this afternoon. I know Long Aohai doesn’t want to pay protection. William is called to take people to make something out. Alice, haven’t you met William? It stands to reason that he must be there this afternoon. Where is this trot? "
As soon as Francisco heard the horse, he said that he would take out words to call William.