Zhang eyes cold without hesitation tomahawk blink black mans flash Feng Hong head roll Chapter 13 violence gourd ladle.

Chapter 13 violence ladle
Zhang Yang beat Feng Hong with one axe and double dark strength, and then pursued him with victory. Even cutting two axes just killed each other!
"I’ll fight you!" The warrior with a big sword on his back didn’t stop Zhang from slaying Feng Hongxian. He was so angry that his hands pulled out the fiery red sword that was more than two meters wide and half a meter behind him and split it straight at Zhang.
"War is war!" Zhang Yang waved a tomahawk back and touched the big sword directly. Two people quit two or three steps in succession.
Zhang Yang was forced to return to the future because he had just beheaded Feng Hong, but the martial artist retreated because his strength was not as good as Zhang Yang’s.
The jack against Zhang that almond-eyed woman whispered, "Ha ha ….. Chen Hao is not deadly dead, or the competition is less."
I was very afraid that Zhang Cheng Hua was hiding from the crowd. "This Zhang is really evil, and his strength is getting worse and worse. Every time he appears, he has to pay attention to the dead and don’t have chaos again."
In addition to the young woman of the peak martial arts master, many people think that Feng Hong was beheaded by Zhang Yang, and Zhang Yang’s pale face speculated that Zhang Yang was hurt more deeply.
Chen Hao’s moves are also accurate. Zhang Yanggang is not strong enough to cut one person.
Zhang Yang and Chen Hao rushed out in a straight line to kill each other again after hitting a blow, and swung a big axe to cut it off.
"Thunder!" Chen Hao yelled at the sword with one hand and fell quickly, and the red light was extremely powerful.
Zhang Yang’s axe fell on the other side’s big sword, and the chopping speed was not far from each other. Chen Hao didn’t want Zhang Yang’s big sword to chop at Zhang Yang’s hand axe, and wanted to chop the latter axe before attacking.
When the speed of heavy weapons fighters is not dominant, they will collide with each other and fight for the high and low. If they fly the other weapons, the consequences will be very severe, killing each other.
Zhang Yang’s body element can flood into his arms, and the tiger cannon punches into the tomahawk, crashing and chopping Chen Hao’s sword, and drilling into the latter body with double dark energy.
"Double dark strength!" Chen Hao was frightened, but it was too late, because he wiped out Zhang Yang’s dark strength, but it was already damaged by the first pet’s dark strength, which was even more powerful. The big sword Yuan could suddenly be scattered!
"get out!"
Zhang coldly uttered a word, and a virtual shadow flashed across his right foot. Many people didn’t know Zhang’s leg shadow, and he had already kicked Chen Hao in the chest!
"Crack" rang over Chen Hao’s broken sternum, his chest sagged, his body went backwards uncontrollably, and a blood column was sprayed all the way, and every step he took left a deep footprint.
Zhang hand crazy tomahawk disappear speed surge is still a quick victory figure appeared in front of Chen Hao hands into claws direct attack!
Chen Haoju’s sword is very orderly to resist the footsteps. Although he is injured, he has enough experience in fighting.
"Ding ding …"
Zhang Yang’s double claws emerge, and the Yin belongs to the fire element energy, just like the iron claws, which are black hooked, and Hei Hu’s split claws constantly grasp all the good parts of Chen Hao’s body.
Chen Hao’s sword back resisted the constant retreat and quickly disintegrated Yuan Neng.
Zhang Yang’s strength is too strong. When he hits a big sword with black paws, the fire element can be broken constantly, and even the back of the sword has left scratches!
It’s all fire yuan, Zhang Yangyuan, and the quality is high. Chen Hao has too much power to surpass the other side, and there is no axe. He is faster and almost taxiing the tiger Tiger Claw to catch it continuously
Zhang Yang consumes too much energy, and it is not without reason that the tomahawk disappears after fighting for one day in a row, but now he will be impressed by the combat effectiveness if he takes the tomahawk again.
"Send you the way!" Zhang Yang doesn’t want to spend any more time poking out a bunch of chaotic shadows!
"Zhang Yang, I will fight you!" Another six-star warrior attacked, and he rushed out of the back with a slender sword in his hand!
Wu Yu was worried, and his face was red with anger. "A group of despicable guys actually fought in wheels!"
Regardless of the sword stabbed behind him, Zhang Yang’s hands suddenly turned into black fists, and his arms muscles suddenly bulged, and the double dark strength of the sword back suddenly rushed into Chen Haoti again.
Even if the latter is ready, it is still difficult to resist Zhang Yang’s attack because Yuan Neng’s defense is not enough.
Chen Hao tried his best to still can’t attack his hand in a short time. The big sword fire element can disperse defense, reduce the body surface circulation element energy and stagnate for a moment, and blood overflowed at the corner of his mouth.
Zhang Yang roared, and all four beasts roared! Arms big tendons jumped up and punched Chen Hao’s sword, and another punch shot directly off Chen Hao’s head!
No yuan can protect Wu Shigen from Zhang Yang’s beating. Chen Hao’s death is worse than Feng Hong’s and faster!
Zhang Yang was stabbed in the back by the warrior with a long sword!
"Zhang Yang!" Wu Yu was anxious to jump out, but the thought that he could not get up when he went out worried Zhang.