However, he was so sure that he would send someone to deliver a letter to her and speak Liang Qing. No matter how stupid he was, he would guess that their roots would not believe him, but he just took this road. Even if there is a possibility that Liang Qingyu is still alive, this information may be true.

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Liang Qing Yan Liang thinks of her and her heart sinks. If she really didn’t die, how much has she suffered in the past ten years?
In his plan, Xiaoli also sent someone to send a letter to Liang Zhen and promised Liang Qingyu to change Liang Ye.
But if you think about it, you will know that this is a trap. Liang Zhen has no Liang Qingyu, and Xiao Li and Wei Yuan here have no intention of Liang Ye to exchange.
Now that we all know it’s a trap, we can see who’s more difficult to trap
XiaoLi Weiyuan two people ready to Yan Liang on the second floor, regardless of those back and forth to guard her responsible for Liang Ye.
People who are tied up inside the doors and windows are not only deprived of freedom, but even their mouths are stuffed. This is why Xiao Ligang stopped him from talking nonsense and disturbing Yan Liang’s mood.
Knowing that Yan Liang was outside, Liang Ye tried to make some sounds, but he was badly beaten, and his mouth was blocked and he couldn’t make any sounds.
Try to move. The pain came and made him afraid to move again.
You need to look at Yan Liang to know that Liang Ye moved. He tried to talk to himself, but she didn’t want to hear a word from him.
Struggling for a long time, Liang Ye finally pushed the rag out of his mouth and took a deep breath. He looked at the door and said, "Liang Yan, I said it was true. Does my dad want your mother to exchange me? You believe that he will never have a fake. Your mother is still alive. If you are scheming, you will not see your mother alive. "
Eyes as light as a knife, Yan Liang slowly turned to look at it. "Don’t worry, Liang Zhen doesn’t want to see you alive." There would be no negotiation sincerity, and it would be a big deal.
"Why don’t you believe me? I said it’s true that your mother wanted to get rid of my father’s control and associate with Dayan royal family, which attracted my father’s anger and killed your family, but my father didn’t kill your mother. As she was a Liang family, she took her home. "Her mouth was broken when she was beaten, but Liang Ye tried her best to fight for it. It seems that he really wanted to live and didn’t want to die."
"Your father is the mastermind" Weiyuan killed his father and his enemy was Liang Zhen.
"Do you really want to see your mother again? You have to believe me, what I said is by no means a fake word. "Liang Ye was in a hurry and seemed to have a hunch that they would not let him go back alive.
"You will get together with your dad soon, and you should always be together in the underworld." Yan’s cold face expression shows that he doesn’t believe a word in his position.
Liang Ye sighed a little anxious for a moment and seemed to want to say something more.
Yan Liang didn’t give him another chance to change hands and pop up something, which must have hit him and made him lose his voice instantly.
Xiao Li Weiyuan didn’t always get ready to leave near noon.
Yan Liang tied up all his body, and Liang Ye dragged the floor without receiving any force, which was very cruel.
The guard took over and threw Liang Ye directly on a horse’s back. He was in a big head, but he couldn’t say that he was miserable.
"What did he talk nonsense again?" Looking at Yan Liang Weiyuan’s eyes, the color is deep and bottomless.
"It’s just a struggle before dying." Looking up at him, Yan Liang’s face softened a lot.
"Today, these things are completely solved. From then on, no one will bother you again." I raised my hand and touched the back of her neck and Weiyuan took her to his arms.
His forehead pressed against his shoulder, his eyes closed slightly, and his heart sank slowly with his breathing.
Not far away, Xiaoli looked at the two of them as usual, but his dark eyes floated. How much did he not pay attention to the dark color? He was more like a loner.
Ma Qicheng took Liang Ye, who was half dead, and slowly left for the desert.
It’s noon when the sun is hot and the head is dry, and the horses have to walk slowly in the yellow sand.
Although the sun is blazing, it can’t stop Yan Liang’s expression. If she is not influenced by Liang Ye, no one will believe that she is.
Looking at her from time to time, Weiyuan thinks that killing Liang Zhen is the best way.
Black-and-white eyes are as firm as iron. Look straight ahead at the vast edge of the yellow sand. Yan Liang’s idea killed Liang Zhen unanimously.
After about an hour in the yellow sand, a shadow finally appeared at the far end.
Xiao Li’s military forces are obviously gathered here because of Liang Zhen’s coming, but even though there are many military forces, this vast desert is as rare as ants.
See the shadow Yan cold hands tighten murderous look looming.
Xiao Li Weiyuan glances at each other and then gives a sign to the guards behind him. Since it is a trap, let’s see who is more vicious.
It’s almost half an hour since it’s far away and slowly approaching.
Finally, I saw hundreds of people in the opposite team, except for a dozen dolls in red, all of whom were black killers.
These black killers, Yan Liang Weiyuan, have dealt with each other several times, that is, they have been to Dayan Emperor and harassed Yan Liang, but almost all of them are dead.
A carriage stopped at the back, and the sun shone, and the carriage was glittering and expensive.
It’s not the kui that Liang’s family has been searching for money for so many years. It’s so luxurious to decorate a carriage with money.