I don’t know when … Yuan Xuan likes to call Lan Bing a baby dad in front of others.

Yes, to show off her happiness?
Perhaps the deepest part of her thought is that she wants everyone to know that Bei Yuanxuan is a Lan Bing night woman and she has Lan Bing night children. They will last a long time.
"Lan Bing night … it’s time to talk to him." Xiao Yumin said vaguely. "I think he still loves you. You and his child will be born in less than a month. His father has a duty to take care of you and take care of your child."
Luca brasi blushed and nodded his head.
"Why don’t I go with you?"
"No, I can do it alone."
"Then be careful yourself."
It’s impossible that Yuan Xuan won’t let them go with her.
Yuan Xuan has a child, Xiao Yu Min is not at ease for whatever reason.
Yuan Xuan has always had the key to Lan Bing’s dormitory door. I don’t want to give it back to him. There is always a feeling that she is the hostess in Lan Bing’s dormitory.
Naturally, I hit the night gate in Lan Bing. It’s as clean as before and hasn’t changed.
Does he still live alone?
Xiao Yu Min and Yuan Xuan are across the street.
Luca brasi may know that Shinohara Min followed but didn’t say.
She knew that Xiao Yu Min didn’t trust herself.
Just like I’ve been worried about the snow.
"Lan Bing night you?" Yuan Xuan shouted
No one paid attention to Yuan Xuan.
Because the sound insulation effect is too good? Or Lan Bing night root is no?
Yuanxuan doesn’t know anything.
The white door is clean and spotless
It seems that Lan Bing night’s favorite color is white.
It seems to be the same before and now, but it is the same as her.
Yuan Xuan pushed the door.
Seeing the scene inside, her tears fell.
Lan Bing night is surrounded by another woman’s lingering ambiguous sound Yuan Xuan’s ear
Her ears buzzed so that she couldn’t hear anything else.
Lan Bing looked up at her at night but pretended not to see it. Go on …
This move makes Yuan Xuan even more chilling.
Lan Bing didn’t speak at night or Yuan Xuan couldn’t hear you?