Take a panoramic view of everything. Lengling saw that Ye Mu’s face had changed several times and recovered. She was so sad that she smiled bitterly. "Mother-in-law, you’d better go back and change your clothes first and see that you are soaked!"

Hearing the cold lingyan, Ye Mu consciously looked at her clothes. When she found that she was soaked to the skin, it seemed as if she felt the cold. At that time, she habitually embraced her arms. If she didn’t know that her lover would not see it, she would resist what unknown infringement!
It’s not surprising that Ye Mu is now in her thirties. Although she is so old, she is still beautiful after all. If she walks down the street and holds herself like this, it will really arouse suspicion!
Embarrassment instantly replaced melancholy. Although Ye Mu was very worried about Ye Han’s safety, she also knew that she couldn’t make a fool of herself in front of her daughter-in-law, so she nodded her head like a destiny and then slowly left the room!
After Ye Mu left, Lengling was busy and came to the bedside to leave Ye Han. No matter first, he held Ye Rouyu’s hand, and he couldn’t help thinking that since Ye Mu’s cold has suffered so much, the practitioner Ye Rou should be even worse!
However, when she injected her vitality into the leaf soft body through her arm, a sense of shock came to life. The leaf soft body not only had no residual cold, but also showed no signs of cold bite!
Not only that, but what is even more gratifying is that the original body continued to deteriorate, but now the injury has miraculously eased, not only stopping the deterioration, but also showing signs of improvement.
Feel this behind-the-scenes cold ling face suddenly filled with a happy color, but also can not help but raise a handful of inexplicable colors. Obviously, cold ling is holding an unbelievable attitude towards such changes in leaf softness!
Unbelievable, if it shouldn’t have happened and it should have happened, even if Lengling couldn’t find a reason to persuade herself to believe, she had to believe this miracle from the bottom of her heart. Maybe it can’t be a miracle!
At the moment, Ye Han is still in a coma, and this cold ling has to raise a doubt again. Before that, the extremely strong cold light obviously emanated from Ye Han’s body. After that, Ye Han was still in a coma as if nothing had happened.
The only explanation for this extremely cold light is not that Ye Han took the initiative to send it out. More precisely, even after all this happened, Ye Han may not know anything at the moment, let alone know the details!
Ye Mu left Ye Hanfang and hurried to her room to hide all the way, which is inevitable. After all, she is now the eldest lady of Ye Family. If others see her like this, it will inevitably cause a storm!
It was calm all the way, or because it was noon and it was hot in midsummer, there were very few people outside, which made her walk such a long way and no one met her!
But the fact is often unexpected. Just as she was about to rush into her room to change clothes, a hurried step attracted her attention. It was not that he wanted to stop, but that hurried step came from a room not far away!
Without further speculation, Ye Mu was already aware that the owner of this step was none other than her husband Ye Hong.
Thought of here, Ye Mu’s face should be tense, and suddenly it will converge and emerge as a series of embarrassing colors. It is really not embarrassing for her husband to find out her embarrassment now, but this embarrassment is still quite special!
Being a woman in broad daylight, drenched in clothes, clings to her body, giving people the feeling that she has no clothes at all. It is impossible to put a woman in a simple way!
Ye Mu is no exception, and she behaves like his daughter. At this moment, the door is quietly spinning, and the unexpected situation has not happened!
Ye Hong wanted to say hello eagerly when he saw his wife coming to the house, but when he saw the sight of Ye Mu soaking wet, he couldn’t help but say that his face was embarrassed!
Ye Hong saw Ye Mu, although she was psychologically prepared, but she was still a little nervous when it came to things. Her hands were not natural, so she put her arms around her chest and properly blocked the uplift!
"xianggong!" After feeling that everything was done properly, Ye Mu leaned over to Ye Hong not far away and shouted, "What a little wife!"!
Ye Hongwen can nod his head, but his heart can remember that he just gave birth to the doubt that his wife would be so soaked. Did it fall into the water?
"Madam, what are you …" Shook his head. Although Ye Jia is big, there are not many ponds. Ye Hong had to silently overturn this inference of falling into the water and then asked at her! ~
[66] 【 Four Boundaries of Yuan Dan 】
Embarrassed smile, she didn’t come to ask why she was so wet all over. Now, Ye Hong suddenly asked Ye Mu like this, and naturally she couldn’t find an answer.
Ye Honglai wanted to ask again when he saw Ye Mu’s face embarrassed, but if he thought about it, he seemed to have something important to do, so he gave up and continued to ask questions. Besides, from Ye Mu’s face, he knew that even if he asked again, he might not be able to ask it.
What’s more, he couldn’t help but wonder whether Ye Mu’s body would be so wet. Even she was afraid of not knowing what conclusion to draw from her mouth. It was impossible.
Thinking of the urgency, Ye Hong naturally chose to turn away, but at the moment he turned around, Ye Mu suddenly stopped and then said to him, "Go and see him sometimes when Xianggong Haner comes back!"
After hearing Ye Mu suddenly say this, Ye Hong suddenly froze, then his figure turned around again and took a look at Ye Mu before he realized, "Did you just come from Han Er?"
Ye Mu immediately nodded her head when she heard the news, and then said, "Yes, Han Er has been in a coma, and I don’t know what happened. Suddenly a blue light flashed, and then I woke up and I was soaked!"
Ye Mu’s face is also full of curiosity. Seeing that Ye Hong is so puzzled, Nai Hao then added, "Linger and Rou Er are back. Linger is nothing. This Rou Er seems to be seriously injured!"
Although Ye Hongyuan was in Xingyuan City, he knew clearly that he was worried that his son would get involved, but fortunately he didn’t.
But he didn’t know that his son had long been involved in this dispute, but the information was very secret and had not been released until now, and even Lengling’s help to the Yan family had not been revealed.