It’s a pity that the enemy can disintegrate in the dark night

So I can never leave this place.
Since you can’t leave, you can learn to adapt.
Do you understand Xi?
King Zun hugged Xi tightly and kissed her cheek, hoping that she could feel deep in her heart. That’s a heteronomy …
Unconsciously, it is still customary to touch the position next to it until dawn, and my heart is still falling.
It’s another fun day. When I was having breakfast, I couldn’t help looking at the gate of St. Petersburg. I hoped that the familiar black Lincoln would come back, but it was still missing.
Just about to take back your eyes, suddenly a white RV came slowly, and a faint smile was raised on his lips. It was a Liu Ya car. He would come to check for her every day for four days and talk to her about her depression.
Today, the only pleasure of Xi is to chat with Liu Ya. He is like a normal person. Since Xiaoyun and Lver’s incident, the maids dare not even say a superfluous word to her, and she is almost mute.
"You look good today, Queen," Liu Ya said with a ceremony and a smile to the evening.
"Well," Xi lightly responded by turning her eyes and telling the waitress to "go to the garden and pick some fresh perfume lilies for me."
"Yes," the waitresses all retreated.
"Is there any good news?" The door opened overnight, and the water table read
"Wang will go to China for business in seven days, which is a good opportunity for you to find a way to get him to take you there, and then I can help you escape." Liu Ya wrote this sentence at the desk.
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At five o’clock in the afternoon, the waiter came to ask Xi again. "The queen asked if you had anything to say to him."
"Have you told him that I want to see him?" At this moment, I was watching her in the main hall. She seems to be in a good mood today, and she is no longer smiling quietly with a cold face on her lips.
The waiter looked a little surprised when he heard this, but he quickly smiled with joy and nodded, "It’s my horse who told the king."
It seems that the waiter couldn’t wait to tell the news to Zun Wang, but the communicator called Zun Wang to tell him the news.
"The queen asked me to take you to the Dragon Castle." The waiter said solemnly to Xi after hearing the order.
"Rely on Dragon Castle?" Xi is very surprised that the Dragon Castle is a place where new people are trained in the dark night. It is mysterious and sacred. Generally, waiters can’t go in. Besides, the King never lets her get involved in the dark night field. Why will she make an exception and let her go to the Dragon Castle this time?
"Give me the com, I’ll ask him myself." In the evening, she was vaguely uneasy. She couldn’t believe it was the will of the king and worried that it was someone else’s conspiracy.
"Yes" the waiter handed the com to Xi.
"Is that you?" Evening took the communication cry uneasy to ask
"You’re not stupid. You know to confirm first." Zun Wang smiled with a hint of relief.
"I’m still careful about this hellhole. Although you are a statue of the king, you can’t tell that someone will want to hurt me." Xi Xing said.
"No one dares to touch you with me." Zun Wang Yin is light but powerful. "Come and wait for you."
"Well" evening lips can not help but raise a faint smile, because his simple sentence seems to protect him forever.
The waitresses changed a set of luxurious robes with golden fire patterns printed on the black background for Xi. Some styles are like Tang suits, but with some modern hair behind their heads, they look elegant, beautiful and elegant!
This is Xi, who has never tried to shape herself. Looking at herself in the mirror, she suddenly seems to be in a trance and suddenly becomes another person.
Dressed up and came to the living room, I saw at a glance that the Rolls-Royce door in the parking lot had hit the waiter and bent down to ask her for a car.
As soon as Xi stepped out of the door, the waiter spread a long red carpet all the way to the door. She walked the red carpet and felt her queen status for the first time.
The car went smoothly, without a trace. The window was covered by a black curtain, and Xi couldn’t see the outside. She wanted to put on a curtain to see the scenery outside. The waiter immediately stopped it respectfully and tactfully. Although she didn’t say the reason, Xi knew it was confidential. She couldn’t know the detailed route, even though she was the queen.
The first time I came to the dark night base, I realized that it was nearly an hour’s hike from here, and the car arrived. Although the speed was not fast, she should be very close in her impression, because she could see the castle clearly from the garden of the holy day castle.
The car finally stopped and hit the waiter to help the evening car. It found itself in a wide corridor with a red carpet extending to the end of the corridor.
"please, queen!" The waiter leads the way in front of them, and walks forward in the evening, followed by the mighty waitress corridor, lined with neat black waiters, who will bend over and sigh to themselves if they come to them in the evening. This scene is really magnificent.
About ten minutes away, I finally arrived at my destination. The high black iron gate is inlaid with pure gold to create a dragon. This dragon is as domineering as the tattoo of the statue of the king, as lifelike as shocking people!
"Queen, this is the king’s office hall. He is waiting for you inside. Please come in!" The waiter bent down to make a gesture of please.
Evening was beaten from the inside as soon as she lifted the door. She was a little nervous in her footsteps. I haven’t seen him for days. What kind of attitude will he have towards me? He never asked me to be involved in night secrets. Why did he ask me to come to the night base this time?
Walking step by step as if covered with thin ice, many question marks came to her mind, which made her panic.
Finally, I walked into this door, just like a big sacred hall with golden fire-shaped patterns embedded in dark green walls, which exudes a mysterious atmosphere!
The decorations in the temple are all refined from ancient trees, which are classical and solemn, and there are subtle and abrupt flowers, and the air is faint and floating. Every corner of the room is dressed in a long black dress, and the waitress guards every corner like a statue.
"Long time no see!" King Zun’s deep and remote cold voice made Xi’s heart quiver.
Evening turned to look at the depths of the temple statue of the king sitting in a luxurious black leather chair behind him with a large wall made of pure gold bath fire Tenglong in front of a Zhang greatly black wooden table with some files and a luxurious brain.
Evening eyes blinked and asked, "Why are you still brain?"
"Why can’t I think?" The lip of Zun Wang evokes a confusing radian, with a black pen rotating and a slight hook in the other hand, "Come here!"
Evening slowly walked over and stared at the computer curiously. She didn’t quite understand the mafia mode of operation. Every day, her base was doing some killing. I didn’t expect to sit in the office and read the copywriting and return to the brain. It really surprised her.
"Miss me?" The statue of the king put his arm around her waist in one hand and let her sit on his leg.
"Can I have a look?" Xi pointed to the brain in standby state, and there was a dynamic flame screensaver jumping. She was curious about what his brain was doing.