This time, Lin Yu did not make his blood directly stimulate the power of the demon totem!

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"Moo, click, coax …" With a series of strange spells, the light of the demon totem read from Lin Yu’s mouth resonated strongly with the red liquid in the blood pool.
Wheezing-the water in the blood pool turned into a rotating water column, which surrounded the little captain, and all the spells that Lin Yu had previously read were printed with this red water column, which shone brightly!
"Ah-"The demon captain let out a roar and jumped back to the ground from the water column.
They looked at the little captain, and sure enough, he made a breakthrough from Yuan Lingjing to Yuan Lingjing!
"Haha, I really rose to the first-order strength!" The squad leader was ecstatic. Of course, he didn’t forget to thank Lin Yu. "Thank you for the Hall of Demons!"
"Good abnormal ability!" Inflammation if coagulation can’t help but spit out the heart is instantaneous a tight.
Lin Yu should have such ability after his hand is not angry?
Feather is white. It is no wonder that the demon clan with the red wing god Luo clan is stronger than their original clan, so it can rise to such a level.
This means can be called fate!
Lin Yu smiled at Yu Yaozu warrior. "You can come together and I will solve it once and for all."
The demon warriors all jumped into the blood pool with joy, and Lin Yu cast a spell again.
Then after these demon warriors jumped out of the blood pool, their strength really rose to the first order!
Feather thoroughly said that Lin Yu can not only improve the strength of others, but also mass produce. This ability is really abnormal.
See Lin Yu help demon warrior rise strength inflammation if coagulation immediately quit, she is very dissatisfied toward Lin Yu shouted "Lin Yu you also give me a first-order strength!"
Lin Yu glanced at Yan Ruoning condescendingly and said, "This blood pool and spell are suitable for the demon family, aren’t you?"
Inflammation if coagulation instant language obediently retreated to one side.
Think about it. It’s also Lin Yu’s spell. If it can help the Terran to rise in strength, he won’t help Ziqingyun to rise in strength for the first time.
Feather thought for a moment and then said to Lin Yu, "I wonder if you can help Feather Yang and Feather Moon rise to the first level?"
Feather’s address to Lin Yu has changed, which shows that he has admitted his position in the Lin Yu demon race.
Even the head of the clan, the Red Winged God Luo, can be humble in the demon race. This is the iron law of the demon race.
Feather, of course, hope Lin Yu another identity don’t be known.
Lin Yu shook his head and said naively, "You can’t use this method, and there are many restrictions on one person’s blood pool rising once, and the strength of the performer is higher than that of the performer or the level of feathermoon and Yuyang at the same level as the performer is higher than that of me, so I can’t help them to rise in strength."
See feather face disappointed color Lin Yu smiled slightly "heads of the fathers I now speed I will soon be able to rise to yuan soul condition when the time comes will be able to help feathermoon strength I forgot to tell you after blood pool strength demon race uniting the speed can be doubled this is an additional benefit"
"It can be like this for the time being." Feather sighed in disappointment and then said, "Now let’s think about how to get out of here. It’s not the way for us to be trapped here."
Lin Yu shook his head again and again. "I really can’t do anything about this. I can hope that my righteous brother Wang Haoxuan can pull in many reinforcements."
The demon SiShao outside the high priest’s temple gnashed his teeth and stared at the door of the priest’s temple. He couldn’t wait to smash it.
He can’t figure out why the demon temple fair of the high priest is so strong that even the strongest spar energy cannon can’t blast this door and can’t smash a corner of the temple of the high priest.
But fortunately, they can’t get in and they can’t escape.
It would be much easier to trap Lin Yu and Yuan Lan and fight outside here.
Magic SiShao shouted at everyone, "Keep an eye on them and I’ll see how many days they can stay in it!"