Looking at the two men and women hugging each other tightly, looking at the man who has been searching hard for years, holding his woman in his heart, holding that beauty so that all women will be eclipsed, don’t look at the clouds in the sky and turn around for a moment. This woman who has been searching for a certain man is crying.

Suddenly, a few strange winds broke into the wind and raised their ears. With a few Xu Huang figures flying from the distant sky at a horrible speed, they blinked and fell three feet behind Dreadwind Gate.
People’s strong soul breath makes the wind Yang Yuan’s soul force suffer from a very strong oppression. The wind Yang’s conditioned reflex turns to look at the sudden three men. The three men’s body breath is not much different from the smoked moon breath. Although there are some differences, the wind Yang can still see that these three men are elves.
"This day has come after all." Smoked Moon’s face is bitter and smiling. That kind of smile contains too much enthusiasm for the wind, too much reluctance, too much nostalgia. She had a hunch that the release of Yuan Soul Force and the King of Snakes in this place would inevitably attract the attention of the Elves.
These three men are impressively the unfathomable strength of the Elves’ three dharma protectors.
The fact of Elves is also a humanoid gesture, but Elves and humans have different characteristics and different ways of breeding. Human beings pay attention to the cultivation of meta-strength and the integration of heaven and earth energy, while Elves cultivate meta-soul strength, which is the so-called spiritual strength.
Elf people have a light and elegant temperament all over them, which is a feeling that people can find in nature. Because Elf people’s cultivation is a spiritual force, their real age is even more difficult to see than that of human practitioners.
The three of them look like they are all in their 30 s and 40 s, but it is not difficult to see that they are definitely a hundred years old from the imposing manner of king’s landing.
Those three people are not going to talk, and their eyes have been locked on the smoked moon.
These three people are all handsome, their faces are angular, and they all have beautiful lips, straight nose, deep eyes and rich knife-shaped eyebrows. This combination makes them look extremely handsome and has a different charm, which is something that human beings will never have.
Feng Yang took a step forward and stared at the three elves. Although he had guessed each other’s purpose, he still refused to give up and asked, "What do you want?"
"Soul Elves are the treasures of our Elves, and we are naturally here to bring them back," said a medium-sized but most dignified man.
His voice is deep but vigorous, which is the most vigorous and magnetic voice that Feng Yang has ever heard. It seems that just hearing his voice can make people feel a little awe.
"Impossible" Feng Yang looked determined, his eyes were malicious and folded, and he stared at three people in front of him.
The three men looked at the wind and looked at each other with a playful smile. That gesture was like three strong men seeing a kid blocking his face and making a gun.
No matter how the wind blows in front of the smoked moon, the attitude is as firm as that of the three guardians of the Elves. If things go towards the wind, the line of sight has been locked with the smoked moon root, so there is no wind. Rest assured that the visual expression shows that they are dismissive of the wind. It is not enough for them to feel threatened by a human Wu Shen.
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Chapter seven hundred and twenty Elves nemesis
Feng Yang saw that the other three people saw themselves walking directly towards the smoked moon. Feng Yang suddenly took a big step forward and turned back to block the smoked moon. The voice in front of him was low and cold, and he swore to protect the smoked moon. "I won’t let anyone take her away."
The three people couldn’t help smiling at the sight of Feng Yang’s haughty face. The banter was even more undisguised. Looking at Feng Yang was more like a few big men looking at rubbing their hands and promising to stop their little kids.
It seems that the great protector is of medium height but the most handsome and has the most impressive voice. The man looked at Feng Yang with great interest as a cat looked at a dying mouse and joked, "How do you want to protect her?"
"Life" wind Yang cold so said.
"If we want to, you don’t have a chance to talk here now." The Elf Patriarch couldn’t help laughing. In the joke, there is a kind of arrogance that can’t be concealed. The Elf is born noble and makes him look down on selfish, insidious and shameful human beings. It is easy for him to kill human beings.
"Come and try it" than arrogance and arrogance. He never lost to anyone. He looked biting and took out a soul-eating blade, holding a chilling soul-eating blade and pointing it at the corners of the mouth of the great protector. He also drew a crazy bloodthirsty evil smile, which was his signature smile and a sign of his madness.
As soon as the soul-eating blade appeared, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped to freezing point, so that in summer, the wind on the top of the mountain was full of biting cold breath mixed with cold air, and the wind hit the body like a sharp sword cutting the skin.
"Soul-eating Blade"
Elf clan’s three guardians can’t help showing horror and surprise when they see the soul-eating blade in Feng Yang’s hand. Elf clan will naturally know Elf Nemesis.
Most weapons of human beings, the Elves are fearless, but this soul-eating blade alone makes every Elves fear that the soul-eating blade will devour Yuan soul force, especially for the Elves. The stronger the soul-eating blade is, the more horrible it will be.
The origin of this weapon is also very clear to the three dharma protectors. It was forged thousands of years ago by a gifted martial spirit strong man who specialized in suppressing and deterring the Elves.
That martial soul has integrated his whole life energy and yuan soul force into the weapon. The soul-eating blade of the chemical weapon can be regarded as moderate in suppressing the human yuan soul force, but it is terrible in suppressing the elf yuan soul force.
In fact, it is precisely because of this soul-eating blade that humans and elves can maintain relative peace.
The dharma protector looked at the wind, and his eyes suddenly became a little weird. It seems that he has produced a little fear. Of course, this fear is not because of the wind, but because of the weapons in his hand.
"With a soul elf and a soul-eating blade for self-defense, your father is really kind-hearted." The big protector’s surprised face quickly converges and is replaced by a faint smile.
"My dad?" The wind Yang frightened hands bite soul blade couldn’t help fibrillation.
"Why do you think you have a chance to take out the soul-eating blade?" Although the look of the great protector has returned to a cool color, there is still a very unpleasant arrogance in the words. "If we have the intention to kill you, you won’t have a chance to take out the soul-eating blade."
"Ha ha might as well try it." The arrogance of the other party makes Feng Yang even more angry. He doesn’t like to be seen by others and the other party is a little too natural. When humans are true, there is no confrontation with them.
Adhering to the fighting principle that the first hand is strong and the second hand suffers, Feng Yang’s voice just fell into his hand and he dragged the soul-eating blade for five feet, leaving room to draw a deep ravine, while both sides of the ravine were completely frozen.
Sweeping the floor for five feet, the soul-eating blade suddenly raised toward the dharma protector, and with the frozen gravel, the soul-eating blade blaster out extremely cold and blaster at the elf dharma protector.