Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Stealing drawings

Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Stealing drawings
It wasn’t until I finished arranging new defenses and orders to Hank Achray that I greeted Bonn in the morning and got new information from Bonn. It was only the morning after tomorrow that I learned from Bonn that Luo Li was no longer Chinatown, but flew to Dragon Canyon after getting some information. I didn’t expect that Luo Li had returned to Dragon Canyon. What happened to Dragon? Or did her parents ask her to go back?
I wanted to think about it for the time being. I plan to stabilize Chinatown for the time being. Now, the Haitian situation will feed some subtleties. No one can tell whether Haitian will split like a dark empire. I can’t tell whether the horn of war in the dark is at the junction of Haitian Empire and Dark Empire. Lamy County and Chinatown are stepping on a balance point.
Tianchen and Bonn discussed a fact that the location of Chinatown does have some special directions, such as being able to face the sea, the sky and the land directly, being able to stop the dark attack on the sea and the sky, and being able to attack those small countries in a positive way. Therefore, whether the dark empire is attacking the sea or bullying those small countries, the first thing that needs to be tackled or attacked is that the original Chinatown forces and defense system are facing the dark empire, but with Tianchen, the Dragon Knight, it’s different, which is equivalent to the combat power of 10,000 soldiers, which is a great threat to the attack force rear of the dark empire!
The former Emperor Shamans of the Dark Empire is a genius politician, and Penrose, the head of the Blood Yang Army Corps, is an old fox who can’t miss the threat of Chinatown. Therefore, it is extremely important for the dark protection and monitoring of Chinatown in recent days, and it is also the key investigation direction of Bonn’s hand intelligence agency!
Tell Bonn to continue to strengthen intelligence collection and some other matters, and walk towards the backyard the day after tomorrow morning.
Carl, the old guy, is really ashamed to make something, but he is suspected of being shoddy. He doesn’t even have a protective foam shield. He won’t fight at the thought of being in a mess when he first arrived on earth.
I came to the backyard and my eyes flashed in the morning!
The original medieval backyard has completely turned into a modern garbage place. Generally, it is full of dark things and discarded everywhere. Look at the morning and frown. "This old guy! I haven’t seen it for half a year, but I have turned a good hospital into this appearance. Why should research be so suppressed? Is it … "
"Old guy! Is he dead? Come back and die for me! "
"Which rabbit onion is back? I don’t know how to respect the old and love the young! "
The door of the hut was slowly dressed like an African refugee, and the old man came out of the hut, so that he didn’t see in the morning that this refugee was called the great care teacher Carl by the mainland.
"I said! Old man, what the hell are you doing? Hum, is it necessary to work so hard? " Swallow the saliva to see this miserable picture of Carl. The morning stare blankly is to swallow back the broken words that I wanted to curse.
"Ah …" Carl sighed some depressed and said, "I didn’t expect the mechanical footwork method to be so difficult for your father to leave the drawings. I didn’t make half of it! Is this mechanical magic so different from alchemy? "
Carl doubt looking at the morning body is a butt sitting on a bench full of greasy.
It dawned on me in the morning that my heart was secretly cursing meanness! No wonder the whole backyard is like this. The old guy sneaked into his room after leaving, and turned over some mechanical drawings left by his father to make them.
These drawings were drawn by my father Yu Tianlong when he wanted to return to the earth in the morning to discuss grinding. Some mechanical molds and machine tools can be used to make guns, dusters, materials for people’s livelihood, etc. However, it takes a few things that Kayagan has not seen before to start, including V communication.
Gherardini looked at Carl, a bad old man. Although Carl, his father, had the deepest friendship in the morning and had exchanged these things, even if Carl wanted to make machine tools again, it would be possible to make exchanges. However, it seems that the common knowledge of modern people on the earth has been missing for a long time. I am afraid that insulation alone is enough to test Carl into an African native chicken. It is no wonder that Carl will fail.
However, even if I sympathize with Carl Tie and don’t give up the research spirit, I won’t reveal the secret in the morning. The world is already magical enough. If we let machinery appear on a large scale again, maybe a new magic will appear tens of thousands of years ago.
Thought of here, I think back to the magic statue, which is hundreds of millions of times more powerful than Kaya’s magic, and the unknown magic guide, which is a strong literary style developed by the combination of mechanical appearance and magic. Not only can Caiafa compare with the earth, I am afraid it will take tens of thousands of years to follow that footsteps. Mechanical morning is not going to take it to Kaya, but some production mornings are going to be sold to Kaya mainland on a large scale! Tianchen is not a pacifist. Looking at the current situation in the mainland, it is also about to face a state of war. Tianchen is not a savior, of course, and he will not casually stop a deeper plan, but he is prepared to make a fortune than war.
What is a fight? Weapons and food are two kinds of war materials, but they are indispensable to the war. This time, we not only bought a lot of energy crystals from the earth to act as attribute magic nuclei for dumping, but also bought a lot of food and other people’s livelihood materials to sell them to Kaya by mistake. It’s a pity that we didn’t know in advance that the war was coming. We bought enough Lamy County to accept refugees from Soderbilt War for about 20 years, but the other morning we were secretly pleased that we just blackmailed several production lines and alchemy equipment from the Adeland handicraft industry enterprise to make knives and weapons dozens of times the quality of non-magic weapons in Kaya mainland.
Although these production lines, which can be used to manufacture European first-class military standard weapons, seem to have some feeling of killing chickens in Tu Longdao, I still feel that it is a good thing to make money if I don’t increase Kaya’s access to the foundation of mechanical development and plunder some gold and silver treasures, even if Tu Longdao kills chickens!
Carl doesn’t know that the idea of Tianchen is a pity that it is rare to have the opportunity to steal the drawings after Tianchen left, but it is a pity that he made them by root method and brought them back now, so there is no chance to study and manufacture them. Although he knows something about Haitian, he doesn’t have much affection for Haitian. These technologies are the best way for him to give up the temptation, especially when his father told him that these machine tools produced people’s livelihood furniture, but the whole mainland people can produce 5 OO% with less effort, especially in Jeancard.
It’s a pity that it took Carl nearly a year to learn that this broken machine tool was built, but it was started by the law.
"show me your work?"
In the morning, Carl took the lead to appreciate Carl’s research results this year. It’s funny to keep shaking your head. Can you be a wire when you put some wire? Just put an iron wooden box as an engine?
"Come on, don’t be sorry. I brought you some good things from the earth this time. Don’t study these broken things, will you?" Carl is a little depressed, and there is no momentum for the great care division. When I know that this old guy is completely tortured by these drawings, I am ready to give him some benefits.
What did Carl bring him from the earth in the morning when his spirit shocked? Who seems to have a great deal to do with his identity as a great care teacher?
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Ancient alchemy
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Ancient alchemy