It even bans the soul bird spirit, and can drive it away to kill the enemy if necessary.

After the flame divinity is integrated, the spirits can surpass them when they are alive if they have substance.
Tri-color flame burning high temperature directly makes the surrounding glass crystal empty.
The spirit bird howled and swooped down on Zhou Jia at a high speed, leaving a long tail flame behind him, but seeing the ghosting image, he couldn’t see his real body.
Spirit comes before fire.
After a hundred battles, Luo immediately violently stirred up, and the perfect defense could hardly resist the extreme high temperature penetration.
Zhou Jia’s eyebrows are slightly raised, and the thunder axe and staff in his hand are instantly transformed into thousands of virtual shadows, which are integrated into the strength of the battle.
"Boom …"
He felt that three forces of poverty were attacking his body, and he couldn’t help but lean back and feel the high temperature, so that his skin was tight through the thunder axe and the staff.
Such a high temperature turned out to be even the seventh highest plough, and it was a little difficult.
Not the kui is a fake artifact.
But …
Yeah, that’s all!
Pseudo-magic skill-royal thunder chop!
Harsh Lei Guang cut through the virtual in an instant to cut out the top 100 thunder axes, and the light was staggered, and the three heads were immediately delayed
Filament cracks appear on the surface of the soul.
Zheng Qiao’s wrist trembled and his eyes were frightened, and then his hand roared
"Boom …"
Jingpo explosive will attack the surroundings differently, which is beyond Zhou Jia’s expectation. After all, there are still several black bandits around.
Eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and white smoke appeared on his body.
The sudden surge of power makes the thunder axe and staff wield more and more rapidly, and the defense of the hundred battles is also greatly increased.
Tri-color flames swept through
Everything we have passed through is empty, and even Lei Guang, which Zhou Jia has transformed, is suddenly dim, and Tianluo is even more riddled with holes
When the attack reaches a certain level, the perfect defense is hard to support.
The blow also exhausted all the strength of Zheng Qiao, with black hair and black hair, and his cheeks became shriveled and old.
Even the three fire treasure fans in their hands are dim.
"Ah …"
A pair of twins suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Jia, holding hands with each other, and their eyes were full of rejection.
Pale blood double?
The black wind bandit twins’ one-handed combined attack method is very good.
Broken mountain tactic!
Two people Kouga bite has inspired some consumption essence yuan, the number of life forbidden body source power instantaneous surge breath crazy surge.
Demon wind!
Only one point and two demon winds merged into one and crashed into Zhou Jia.
The bone-eroding demon wind has the vitality to destroy all things, and even the protective Xuanbing can be corroded by it.
Another person appeared at his side.
Four leaders, Ruan Dengbing
He is holding a sword with a cold light flashing, and the sword has been cutting Zhou Jia’s waist and ribs.
There are a few people left who have moved without breaking out, exerting their own skills or desperate means.
Even Zheng Qiao, who is dying, drives the collapse of the law here and will suppress people for a short time.
"Well …"
In the face of the attack, Zhou Jia whispered, but he didn’t react much and was blown away.
Bone-eating demon wind
Kill the sword light!
Destroy all sources!
Cut the Jedi knife light!
"Rumble …"
Roar endlessly
Zhou Jia’s seat was instantly wrapped in all kinds of flashes, and the breath was completely submerged, so it was visible that the flesh and blood were broken.