To put it simply, it’s just a light beam with a virtual demonstration video conference

How did Cai Shaochu’s virtual projection become an adult?
Smoke solid don’t say will Nyirabu corners of the mouth out of the blood?
It’s not scientific, but it’s a bit mysterious!
The meaning behind this surprised everyone.
Nyirabu who was slapped in public was strangely angry.
This is an insult!
This is trampling!
Trampling and insulting his Nyirabu personality!
Cai Shaochu dared to slap him in public!
This is absolutely intolerable!
This is a provocation!
"The heads of Raymont’s main joint districts, I think that Cai Shaochu, the star-rated strong in Huaxia District, has seriously violated …"
Before Nyirabu finished, Cai Shaochu’s virtual projection flashed slightly at Nyirabu’s horse and scared Nyirabu to retreat behind Nott.
If Cai Shaochu slaps him again, his face will be completely gone!
No, it’s almost gone!
"Don’t you want to hear the reason why I chose Nyirabu as the vice president?" Cai Shaochu took a bite, and the strong people in charge of the pedestrian star in each joint district even nodded.
This step they have to!
Otherwise, it’s really possible for Nyirabu to get a slap and send a star-rated strong man to hack with Cai Shaochu.
So Nyirabu this slap base …
Realizing this, Nyirabu was wronged like a kannika nimtragol who was …
However, Cai Shaochu explained that they were still very willing to listen to a wave.
"Mr. Maipeng ‘ao, let me ask you something." Cai Shaochu said.
"Excuse me, Mr. Cai"
"When you police in Milian District face the danger of holding a gun, you usually warn them to shoot first, right?"
"Yes" Maipeng Mr Nodded.
"when did you first warn the other side not to let go?"
Maipeng’ ao thought about "the second warning"
"The second warning is still not fired?"
"Third warning," said Maipeng ‘ao.
"The third warning danger points still don’t shoot? Come to the fourth warning? "
"No, our police will decisively shoot and kill dangerous points!"
"Very good!"
Cai Shaochu nodded with satisfaction. "One more question, what would you do if a stranger at home tried to break into your home without permission?"
"Warning first!"
"You still insist on breaking in after a warning. Are you warning for the second time?"
"I will choose a gun to shoot or call the police!" Mai Peng ‘ao has some white Cai Shaochu meaning, but white belongs to this pit. At this moment, he has no choice but to jump!
"Perfect answer! Then I invite you to watch a video and talk about other issues after watching it. "
The conference hall immediately lit up the video recording of the previous war of Tongtian Special Combat Team.
When Free Indra landed on the Fuqiang asteroid, the Tongtian Special Forces broadcast a wake-up warning.
When Indra Battle Group of Freedom Special Forces wanted to forcibly break into the ancient base of Daxi nationality, Tongtian Special Forces gave a high warning.
The number of warnings is definitely more than three times!
However, whether it is the Freedom Corps or the Indra Corps, it is still determined to break through!
"Even if the rich and powerful asteroid didn’t declare in the Unout asteroid war accusation department, the ancient base of Daxi clan was occupied first, right?
Flag, preliminary measurement, don’t say anything about it.
As far as the Daxi ancient base is concerned, there is always a first come, first served, right?
Warn the freedom special warfare group Indra War Group to attack forcibly. Tell me, if Tongtian Special Combat Group doesn’t fight back, is it going to surrender? "
Cai Shaochu eyes swept from the meeting room all people "who have different opinions, it will be said!
If anyone really has a different opinion, I’ll ask Tongtian Special Combat Team to follow their ass that time, and I’ll ask Tongtian Special Combat Team to repeat this scene as soon as they explore a valuable planet!
Is there? "
"Is there? Say it quickly if you have it! "