2.5 meters

喝茶工作室VX Jul 9, 2024

Obviously, the students have worked out a way to deal with Xu’s mysterious ability in the video of Deng Wei’s war against the public.
It seems that they came to Xu tui to test their thoughts.
When Wang Xuan approached the range of two meters before Xu retired, he didn’t make a move.
And the students of the academic Committee are already nervous and their fists are clenched tightly
In the recent study course, almost all teachers are saying that in actual combat, mysterious students must keep their enemies at arm’s length.
This is an Ann before the university.
Two meters away from the limit, students can kill the mystery in one explosion.
There is no suspense.
"Monitor, you also retire!"
If you are in a hurry, you just don’t yell.
Xu back did not move a face of smile and looked at slowly approaching Wang Xuan without nervous meaning.
"I’m going to do it. That’s your weakness."
Wang Xuan is very graceful, and once again slowly approaches a retreat. Wang Xuan moved at the moment when Xu retreated closer to one meter.
A stride side punch attack flashes close to Xu retreat at the same time
Xu back still didn’t move.
There is little sign of defense.
It’s like getting ready to get beat up there
Li Zhang was startled.
Does this retreat seem to be less magical than in the video?
However, Wang Xuan didn’t have so many ideas, and all his attention was devoted to the battle at the moment.
It’s almost a step punch. Wang Xuan’s body turned sharply again at the moment. It turned out to be a fake move
A whip in their ears potential to Xu back leg intention to put down Xu back.
At this moment, Xu retreated his eyes slightly.
Bang bang!
Kicking the brick and hurting the breath, the sound of cold air suddenly sounded.
Wang Xuan’s whip leg suddenly met with difficult resistance at a distance of five centimeters from Xu’s leg.