He’s in such a state that he can’t fight the Excalibur.

Xu back corners of the mouth is sneer at.
Ruan Tianzuo’s thoughts and ideas can be seen through by everyone in the place, but he who sees through them is not serious, which is to leave some noodles for Lao Ruan.
But the question is, who is the cosmic passage behind Shui Yuan Palace?
At this time, Xu retired a little fortunately, fortunately, he just didn’t have a person to guard the cosmic passage, otherwise it would be to add vegetables to the retreating Maya or this person!
All eyes are on the rear passage of Shui Yuan Palace.
Xu retreat is rapidly refining the water eye strength while quickly purifying a soul crystal.
The negative force of soul crystal has flooded into the Excalibur with red core in Xu’s retreat guidance and control.
This is why Xu tui can once again condense an Excalibur to scare Ruan Tianzuo off.
I realized this problem when I retired from refining the water hole just now.
But he has no means to deter the enemy except teleporting other life forms.
And teleporting other life forms, after this killing, will be in a coma on the spot. Can the current situation not?
At that moment, Xu retired and thought of the soul crystal.
Soul crystal silver box is different.
The negative force of soul crystal is more than that of spirit silver box, and the spirit force of spirit silver box is more pure than that of soul crystal.
But negative forces need to be purified more slowly.
Purifying the negative power of the spirit silver box is a bit like peeling cocoons and spinning silk, even with the cooperation of the red core and the Excalibur. It is slower to purify it.
It takes at least fifteen minutes for a silver box.
It takes about five to seven silver boxes of negative power to fill the Excalibur.
But the soul crystal is different. When the negative power of the soul crystal is more purified, it is necessary to punish the Excalibur with the red core and cooperate with the negative power, and the tide will surge to punish the Excalibur.
This kind of speed is extremely short, and the negative power of Excalibur can be restored in a few seconds, and it can continue to increase.
Just now, Xu scared Ruan Tianzuo not to dare to kill Excalibur with another handle. This is how it came.
At this moment, everyone is staring at the direction of the power fluctuation channel.
At this moment, Xu tuili has refined the residual share of the water hole, and Xu tui has refined 10% and 15%.
When Xu tui refined the residual strength to 10%, he suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of security and familiarity.
At this moment, everything in Shui Yuan Palace made Xu degenerate and became familiar, which brought Xu a sense of security.
There is a feeling of dharma coming from all sides, as if there is something to pass, but it is very vague and I can’t see anything.
Dazed for a while and suddenly lost control.
This is the feeling that he has formed a certain control over Shui Yuan Palace after refining the water eye of Shui Yuan Palace by ten percent.
The mind moves back again, prompting telepathy and finding something in an instant.
Shui Yuan Palace Force Field has weakened the suppression of Xu’s spirit.
Before Xu retired, the range of telepathy was as high as 10,000 meters, which was suppressed to 1,000 meters in Shui Yuan Palace.
But it will take a long time to retreat, and telepathy can spread to 1,700 meters away.
There should be no problem if it is not blocked by various building walls for two kilometers.
This is also the change brought about by refining the strength of the water hole.
This change makes Xu retreat. What changes will happen if the whole water hole is completely refined and controlled?
In my mind, there is a five-star dizzy spirit, and the main star is bright to the extreme, so I can retreat to refine my eyes.
Also at this juncture, fifteen breath with appearance poured in from the rear channel.
Don’t talk about the breath, just look at the war style and you will know that this is a blue star human!
Bluestar human reinforcements are here.
But this wave of reinforcements is wearing that kind of cover war.
Generally speaking, it is simpler to wear stars or quasi-planets in words and deeds.
And this wave of reinforcements is to cover the identity of the bearer after the heavy-duty war
But since it is blue star reinforcements, let Harun, Ruan Tianzuo and others breathe a sigh of relief.
Danger relief