Because it’s a little fuzzy, it may be more than that

"Are there many transcendental people and strong spirits in the temple of Brahma?" Xu asked another question.
"Well, my Lord, I’m not sure about the temple. I don’t have much contact with it," said Burroughs, the governor’s housekeeper.
"Adult, I can answer this question. Most of the temples are transcendental. I don’t know how strong the spirit can be.
But if the temple comes out, the star power is far stronger than the local star power.
However, there are also many stars in the temple to cultivate the flesh.
However, compared with the pure cultivation of the flesh, the star status is much lower. Generally, it is an iron guard or a disciplinary group, "said Roushan Derui.
Spirit at a glance, far away, Xu retreated with a dazzling red beard and eye-catching horns, just as the governor’s housekeeper Burroughs led him into the praetorium.
"Derek and Burroughs should stick to the plan."
"Don’t worry, my Lord!"
Xu ordered the retreat to make Roushan Derui laugh, and his eyes were almost gone.
What are you doing here?
Naturally, it is looting and fishing.
Burroughs, the governor’s housekeeper, appeared, and a quasi-planet and several transmutations were present. The remnants of the governor’s house were temporarily taken to a hall without any twists and turns.
There is no accident 3.
Later, Derry of Roushan came over and said that Manyo planet had called him in the warehouse of Cardiff City. Please allow me to go back and have a look.
Looking at the cautious meat mountain, Ruixu suddenly has a little appreciation for this guy, which is quite good at doing things.
I didn’t rush in for the first time when I hit the Garfield warehouse, but I asked Xu to step back first, which is very good at doing things.
Xu tui is actually waiting for him here.
If Roushan Derui rushes into the warehouse to enrich himself and then makes a retreat, he will be forced to die once, so that he can linger in death for a long time.
I didn’t expect this guy to be so sensible.
The warehouse of Cardiff City on Manyo Planet is expensive because of Governor Rank.
When he entered, Burroughs, the governor’s housekeeper, told Xu tui about the total number.
Collect about 73,000 grams of active crystal, which is the annual output of Manyo planet, and it is the amount after paying tribute to all forces, including Honghu.
With a wave of his hand, Xu retreated and directly swept away 73,000 grams of source crystal, which made him feel disappointed. He thought about sharing it.
However, even if the foreigners temporarily defected, they didn’t take care of his idea greatly.
Later, Burroughs quoted a variety of ores, refined materials, plant species and so on, but they were not interested in giving up.
The reason is very simple. Although the quantity chain is not small, Xu Hui came here with a lot of materials and emergency equipment, and it is not that he can’t hold too many things.
These mineral materials occupy more land.
Xu returned and picked up more than a dozen blue stars. Without listening to them, he casually took a little bit and waved his hand and said, "You divided these things!"
In the meat mountain, Rebras made a big retreat and turned back and added, "Make a distribution ratio."
After the harvest, I will choose the rest and let you divide it according to the distribution ratio. Every member of our group should have a share.
Of course, the sharing ratio is definitely different with different status and strength. "
The meat mountain Derry stayed for a while, but Burroughs, the housekeeper of the Governor’s Office, laughed. "My Lord, don’t worry about this. I will do it without authorization."
Finally, Burroughs, the governor’s housekeeper, took Xu back to another door of the warehouse.
This way, the spirit of Amen’s retreat can’t penetrate into it.
"This is?" Xu looked back at Burroughs.
"Adult, this is a library that can shield the spirit. The warehouse will put some special resources and very precious things.
I can’t fight this library. Only the Governor can fight it, "Burroughs said.