Words are tricked. If there are too many people, someone will have to do something blind if they want to float.

Young master Zhang knew such a person.
It was also by "shocking" people that they started out and became famous masters.
If you have nothing to do, just help people look at the grave and see something
And something happened.
It’s not when things go wrong.
Not so weird.
That is, there is coal in Longcheng, but it always collapses when it is dug too much. A local gentleman said that he had the law to keep the coal mine from collapsing, that is, to put a respected and capable person into the town.
At that time, the coal mine owner froze.
It’s not that you are soft-hearted
It’s a capable person. How can he be a town?
Don’t get yourself into trouble
The horse said, I know a person who meets these conditions, and I can still hold him down. You just have to trust him here.
The coal mine owner acted as soon as he heard it.
The well-known master was invited and directly poured with mud soup and buried in the coal kiln.
I’m dying to say it
"What you do will be punished! 」
The one who gives advice is sneering.
The whole family was punished for listening to this demon’s words
The child had a fever and didn’t go to the doctor to drink the water.
Finally, the child died
His mouth went crazy and jumped into the well without watching it at night.
When his parents found out, they could not afford to get sick and died in less than ten days.
If you get what you deserve, it’s you first.
The advise confirmed that that gentleman was dead before tur away.
Yuna Coal Mine?
The next day, when the mine owner took people to check, he didn’t know who shot and killed it directly.
Does Zhang Deshou know about this?
The person who advise this man is that young master Zhang.
He looks at people pitifully and thinks that cheating is hateful.
This just picked a heartless coal mine owner to do the game.
In order to play it really, he also let the coal mine owner go around the hill several times and say it was a disposal.
Actually, it’s to see that the player doesn’t hurt koo.
The young master of the Zhang family doesn’t like "surprised" people who are blind in fortune telling.
Therefore, this slap is riveting enough strength.
But I left it.
The fortune teller took a step back and avoided this slap.
The zhangs’ young master one leng.
Then I squinted.
He just slapped me in the face, although he didn’t have any skills, but he was fast enough. Ordinary people can hide, and even if they run around the river, they have to be staggered.
But the blind man hid.
"You are specially to find another project? 」
Zhang’s young master thundered against one slap after another.
Not only fast this time