"I don’t know how much the base point of the fourth nerve reaction speed gene can rise?"

喝茶工作室VX Jul 5, 2024

With such doubts, Xu got up and was ready to enter Professor Luo Shifeng’s personal lounge.
It’s a good place to practice.
But see Xu retired assistant Liu Lanliu teacher busy came running.
"Xu tui is now conducting the nerve response stimulation experiment in different parts and segments today?" Liu LAN asked actively.
Today, Liu Lan wore a long skirt with a high waist to add new height to her shoes, which were completely covered up, and her head was almost driven away before Xu retired.
Just looking at it can make many students look away.
This leg is long
Chest is leg!
But Xu tui knows false!
Is this chest leg, big leg or fake?
After I didn’t see Liu Lan’s shoes, I glanced back and fell on my personal communication equipment.
Look at it for a while
"After two hours and two hours, we will conduct the nerve response stimulation experiment in different parts and segments today!"
Say that finish Xu back went straight into the Luo Shifeng not personal lounge.
Make a retreat in front of the door and look back and say, "It’s almost time for Mr. Liu. Remember to prepare a cup of hot coffee for me. You’d better grind it by hand!"
The door is light
In situ Liu Lanliu teaching assistant slightly skimmed the pie mouth and always felt something was wrong.
Who the hell is this student?
Who is the teacher?
Grinding coffee?
But her hand-ground coffee really smells good.
Professor Luo said the same thing!
Luo Shifeng’s personal lounge Xu retired and sat directly on the ground. He swished a bottle of E-class energy supplement medicine and concentrated on the fourth neural response gene base point located in the spine.
So far, the neural response gene base point has not formed a complete gene chain, which is not difficult to start.
There is little difference between the consumption of the fourth gene base point and the consumption of the first gene base point in neurogenic response class.
One and a half bottles of E-level energy supplement. Done.
The fourth neural response gene base point was successfully started.
At the moment of success, Xu retired the whole spine, and there was a strange feeling that Xu retired.
At this time, Xu tui is in an illusory visual state, and he is extremely sensitive to changes in various body reactions.
At the moment when the whole spine was sore and numb, I felt that his spine seemed to expand its mastery and influence on the body a little bit.
The body consistency seems to be stronger after expansion.
It seems that the nerve reaction has been extended a little bit.
It was that moment that sour hemp was too short and fleeting and didn’t make Xu retreat grasp anything.
"Is it true that there is also a genetic ability chain in terms of neural response speed, but it has not been discovered yet?"
Xu back my mind flashed a bold idea.
All chain hair with genetic ability can only be determined after repeated verification.
The idea is no
The principle of the E-level energy supplement agent has not been exhausted after the fourth gene base point of neural response has been started, and the energy of the E-level energy supplement agent has been started for a while. The sixth gene base point in the second layer of the Mental Sea Concentration and Sensing Method 49 has been started for a while.
If you can’t help it, you have to save!
Is to let Xu back the accident is the original thought of fully benefiting the E-class energy supplement agent.
However, after the residual E-level energy supplement agent is consumed, it seems that the sixth gene base point is a little short of Kai.
Considering a scheduled time of two hours, it will take less than an hour.
Xu retired decisively and poured a bottle of E-class energy supplement agent.
After 25 minutes, I poured another bottle.
After another 2 minutes, Xu retired and slowly opened his eyes and his mouth was full of smiles.
The sixth gene base point of the second layer of "Mental Sea Concentration and Feeling-based Forging Method 49" was successfully opened.
There is no breakthrough, the nature changes, the illusion of seeing Xu retreat, and I feel very clear that his spirit has risen to a certain extent
The specific lift is not very accurate.
However, with so many allowances, each calculation has a general range.
Every time a second-level gene base point is started, it will increase the spirit by about 5% to 7%
Maybe about six percent.
Moreover, this promotion is not a one-time one.
Every day, mental exercise is a slight increase in the process of mental exhaustion and recovery.
This period of time has been straightened out.