Xiaopei Li

It’s not surprising to see Xiaopei Li here, but Fan Li hasn’t injected Xiaopei Li information for a long time.
I saw Xiaopei Li walking a few steps to the actress Yan Jie and holding hands with her like a sister.
"I heard that recently, Xiaopei Li’s girlfriends have set up a street with several actresses, which is estimated to be an exposure." Next to Zhang Nandao, "At present, it seems that her girlfriends are very successful. Someone even took her to attend the event?"
"What are you doing so note her? What are you doing idle? " Fan Li glared at Zhang Nan, and Zhang Nan was full of arguments. "I … I’ve been chasing my sister recently. She’s more concerned about the stars. I can’t tell her that Xiaopei Li is my ex-wife!"
"What can’t be said is over," Fan Li added. "But it’s better not to note. After all, it’s annoying."
Li Fan really let go, but he will still be upset if he is upset.
There was a time when feelings could not become strangers.
"It is better to work hard or watch when you have the divination." Fan Li taught Zhang Nan again
"Yes, yes, Li Zhengwei!" Zhang Nan pouted and rolled his eyes. Is it easy for me? I followed the landlord to learn, but now I’m helping you move and I have to be taught a lesson.
But who called Li Fan Fan Ge? Fan Ge Ye Ge is everyone’s brother. I am the younger brother.
By the way, the landlord is also a younger brother!
Three people have already walked across the red carpet, and Fan Li is watching quietly.
In fact, he knows more about these entertainment circles than Zhang Nan.
The scene seems to be very loving. In fact, the two people put their mistakes together after deliberately coming out of the scandal.
After this, fans from both sides have blessings and tears, and the promotion of the company behind the scenes has brought a wave of enthusiasm.
In fact, Xiaopei Li should have changed a brokerage company like actress Yan Jie, and announced by the way that after all, it is better to expose one person in the street than to promote another person’s popularity and exposure by the way.
In this way, it seems that Xiaopei Li’s development is actually good. After all, the previous "high-energy rushing forward to the zoo" gave her a better opportunity
Three people walked to the red carpet and in front of a background board prepared by the organizer. There were also several entertainment reporters waiting to take pictures here.
Hai Ge took the pendulum Pse to publicize his new assistant and waved to Fan Li and them. "What are you doing? Don’t come here quickly. Didn’t you see Hai Ge want to announce the new one? Send the new ones to the reporters quickly! What are you doing? "
Fan Li quickly unpacked the box next to Zhang Nan, and his hand was scratched by the carton. He quickly put it in his mouth and sucked it. Tears streamed down his face. "I knew it was nothing good to come with the landlord to learn. I moved boxes all day at work, at school and at home. Where am I moving boxes? Why do I have to come to a place like this to move boxes!"
"Cut the crap. You can ask Brother Fan to treat you to a big meal later!" Zhou Yedao helped Fan Li to send his hand to reporters and soon bought several boxes.
"By the way, give us both one." Sister Yan waved to Fan Li, and Fan Li handed her and Xiaopei Li his hand.
Xiaopei Li took it and paused.
Only then did she find out that the worker who was working was actually Fan Li.
Her face is a little embarrassed, but more cool!
I finally surpassed you in the coffee table! Look at you. You were so arrogant a few months ago. Does anyone remember you now? Out of breath!
She just wanted to ridicule a Fan Li when she suddenly saw a few guys behind Fan Li who were so busy that they were sweating all over. It was his friends who were even not far from Zhuang.
No sooner had she tried to speak than she froze.
Is this guy broke? Have to move?
Impossible … Xiaopei Li is very interested in Zhuang not far away. She knows that Zhuang has made several big deals recently, and each sum is unimaginable.
What is this kind of rich man moving around?
Are these guys trying to pack to force again?
You’re pretending to be addicted to the quartet, aren’t you?
Mom, mom, mom, mom knew this guy wasn’t that easy to deal with! This group of people is so insidious! Must have come to hit me in the face!
It seems that we have to clip our tails tonight.
"Thank you … thank you …" Xiaopei Li’s face changed several times and finally squeezed out a smile.
"Don’t be too tired" Fan Li smiled at Xiaopei Li and turned to go to work again.
Chapter 769 The director adds a play to his sister!
"You just wait here and send them one if anyone comes in later." The assistant arranged Fan Li behind the red carpet.
Workers are very dissatisfied to drive away Fan Li several times. "What do you think of this place? This isn’t your fan meeting, this is the awards meeting! What if you disturb other guests? Go, go! "
Li Fan begged for a long time, and moved all the cases to the corner, holding a few by himself at the door.
"You guys go in quickly. Is Zhang Nan’s hand okay?" Fan Li was so busy that he had a chance to thank his brothers.
"I’ve lost too much blood. I have to eat several big meals to soothe my heart!" Zhang Nan wronged and squeezed two drops of blood from the wound.
"When I finish this order, all the bonuses will be treated!" Fan Li patted his chest to make sure.
"How many?"
"This list is very small and there are tens of thousands," Fan Li said cheerfully. "Now you can choose the pavilion! Walk and walk! "
"Remember to remember!" A few people took out small stories to record the "Weekly Record of Women Workers" not far from Zhuang, which was almost full of all kinds of black history.
"Look at the big meal, let’s stay with you for a while." The three people didn’t go to help Fan Li. How can they bear to let Fan Li be driven away by the guests and the workers here?
Once a guest comes in Fan Li, send it as soon as possible. However, these guests have different reactions. They have a sad face and wave their hands to indicate that they don’t want to take it and hand it over to the assistant class.
The next three people commented on the performance of these people
"This man is handsome. Do you want to give him a supporting role?"
"No, no, this person’s attitude towards Brother Fan is too bad. He must be jealous of our peerless beauty!"
"That younger sister is very beautiful! Add a female role and add one! "
"This younger sister is also great. Is there any drama about getting wet? Add one, add one! "