Many people are staring at this time.

Real discounts are always fascinating.
This is true for both teachers and students.
Sohudi knew that no one would find out what happened here.
He is much bolder.
Especially when the sun has not set, the gate of the south security office will slowly open!
How effective!
Woody’s eyes lit up with joy. He stared at the dark and deep door.
He continued to recite the spell, but people could not help but step forward.
He handed out the "sage stone" in his hand in the direction behind the door.
A thin palm with a brass ring appeared.
Skinny, dirty and ugly
But woody is shaking all over.
This is Alan’s palm!
He not only knows this palm, but also knows this ring.
Because this ring is the palm of his hand.
Looking at this thin palm, Woody almost cried. He didn’t know what Alan had experienced, but he swore that nothing would happen.
Turning thoughts in my mind made Woody hand out the’ sage stone’ a little slower.
Suddenly anxiety appeared behind the door.
The thin palm kept closing, and it seemed as if it were trying to catch something. With this, the veins stood out on its back suddenly and violently, making it slightly ferocious and horrible.
But woody didn’t think it at all.
He thinks it’s cute
"Alan, are you anxious?"
"Don’t worry, I’ll …"
Woody smiled and said that such words would continue to pass the’ sage stone’.
But at this time-
A wind swept over Woody’s palm.
The sage stone is missing.
Woody one leng.
That thin palm is a meal.
Obviously, neither Woody nor the thin palm expected such a change.
"Stop it!"
Woody drank his fingers low and pointed in the direction of "sage stone"
A force full of silence shot rapidly, just like an arrow filled with the name "death", which went straight through the "inferior blood crow spirit"
Law dodge!
French resistance!
There is death!
Goethe rose this idea from the bottom of his heart when he was locked by this arrow
A [second-class blood crow spirit] has died out.
Fortunately, Goethe has more "second-class blood crow spirits"
Seeing that it didn’t fall, it was getting farther and farther. Woody raised his hand again, but this time he didn’t shoot the arrow of "death"