But now my father can speak so cool thin dialect after all these consequences!

He has long known that his father’s methods are very important, but he underestimated his cruelty!
With a sigh, my mood is getting more and more confused!
If he is too strong to leave Qi and Chu, how can he be with Shinohara Snow!
Now she is the Queen of Southern Xia Kingdom, and her responsibilities are no less than his!
Is it necessary to forget each other in the rivers and lakes because of their identity? !
At the thought of this, Huang Yin’s heart aches!
He has lost her once and he doesn’t want to miss it again for the rest of his life!
All night long, Huang Yin-li didn’t feel sleepy and sat in the sky!
The next morning, the morning light outside the window gradually dispelled the cold of the temple, and the figure of Huang Yin Glass, who was unable to sit for a long time, also trembled slightly!
He slowly raised his eyes and pursed his lips as if he had made some decision, and his eyes were firm and powerful!
"Qihei changed clothes for the palace!"
He thinks he still can’t sit still!
Even if my father threatened him like that last night, he will cross the rubicon once with Shinohara Snow!
Similarly, when Qi Hei heard the sound, he immediately strutted in from outside the Snow Palace!
"Great grandfather where to go? Prepare for the imperial palace! "
Steep qi black expression a stiff elm head temporarily in a state of crash!
Now it’s too late to be a prisoner. What do you need to do? !
"Hurry up!"
Burn three-dimensional glass coldly looking at stupidly qi black could not help but rebuke 1!
Qi Hei shook his little dream and waited on Huang Yin-li to change clothes.
This day is impossible to live well!
Dressed up, dressed in a crimson purple embroidered robe with a gold crown and a jade belt, Huang Yin glass turned into that warm and indifferent temple!
It is his cold brow and deep dark eyes that make people look straight!
It is because of the move of Huang Yin-li that it is so strange and simple-minded that Qi-hei smells a little uneasy atmosphere!
He stole a glance at tidying up his skirt. I don’t know why he always feels like Taidian is going to do something big!
Otherwise, his cold eyes are sharp and deep, and you will know that it is not simple at first glance!
"You stay here!"
When Huang Yin-li tidied up her skirt and then glanced at Qi Hei, she got up and walked out of the snow palace without saying a word!
His black eyebrows looking at burn three-dimensional glass figure don’t know he vaguely feel too seems to have changed!
But he couldn’t say what it was!
Is it too late to go to Korea at this time?
But look at the sky, it’s obviously halfway through the morning!
Too even if you go, you can catch up and have to go. !
Something is wrong!
Something must be wrong!
Qi Hei is still a rare clever once in his sight until the crimson purple attire of Huang Yin Glass disappears in front of him. Qi Hei made the smartest decision in his life!
Got up and rushed out of the snow palace and ran all the way to the palace!
In the early morning, Huang Yi sat in a high position and looked a little tired. If he had, he seemed to listen to the minister’s advice and advice!
But his look seems to be a little trance, and his eyes will eventually be fixed on one side of the dragon case for a long time!