Almost at the same time, the long-standing resentment of the dry well spewed out from the well instantly.

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Then the hungry ghosts became angry and growled and turned into a ferocious evil spirit with dozens of heads.
Unlike those children who have been taken away by Ah Jiao and put into a shrine to cross over.
These evil spirits in the dry well, suppressed by Ajiao for a long time, are all full of tyranny.
On whether it was the original occupation of Jikoji bandits or the subsequent mistaken entry into Jikoji murderers …
Absorb their resentment, and after the black rosary of the soul is taken away, they will merge into a statue that is 100 times more ferocious than ordinary evil spirits.
The truth was forcibly detained by Ajue and the evil spirits in the dry well were suppressed. Their resentment was by no means comparable to that of ordinary human beings.
You know, even evil spirits with deep resentment vent their resentment and hatred of death in front of them.
Once the resentment disappears, these ghosts will go to hell to report, and finally decide how many layers of hell according to their evil causes and consequences before their death.
However, the inheritance of the magic Buddha is no longer as kind as before, and Ajue will not let go of these fanatics who have lost their humanity so easily.
Even if you force a spell to arrest the souls of the dead and let them kill each other and eat in the dry well day and night, you can vent Ajue’s agony.
If it’s brothers and sisters, you need to cross over.
I’m afraid Ajue would have committed suicide to turn the Buddha into a magic Buddha and then swallowed up the ghosts of those murderers-just like what those murderers did to the children before their death.
Only by personally letting those murderers daylights out can Ajue’s hatred be solved.
The appearance of Pei Wende and the subsequent seizure of the black rosary line certainly surprised Ajue.
But after determining the identity of the other party, Ajiao did not have any worries.
"Are you crazy? !”
Lanterns and shrines trap children’s ghosts in ghost temples, which can be said to resolve and turn over their grievances so that children can reincarnate.
But at the moment, the evil spirits that emerged from the dry well were maliciously bred by Ah Jiao!
I don’t have much resentment and hate for Ajue, but I abruptly detained them in a dry well to prevent the ghosts from finding their traces.
This kind of situation, not to mention those who are narrow-minded and violent, will lead to refugees, and even normal people will become fierce souls full of resentment.
On the one hand, cross over, dissolve the resentment in the children’s hearts and send them to be reborn one by one …
On the other hand, it detains and breeds evil spirits to prevent one of those murderers from going to the underworld …
This method is extremely compassionate and vicious, showing the true meaning of the so-called "magic Buddha"!
"Crazy? I have never been awake since she left me … "
Before again, it was cool and calm. With the manifestation of the three-sided stone Buddha behind him being burned out by the magic flame, Ajue’s thought became more and more extreme.
"I hate myself. I hate those thugs, but I hate leaving her even more!"
In an instant, Ajiao’s body has burned out and replaced it with a fierce and surly three-faced magic Buddha.
The real magic Buddha is different, although Ajue Fa also has three faces, but the surly and fierce colors are exactly the same, and there is no distinction between good and evil.
Or, to be more exact, the manifestation of Ajue burning himself out at this time is the proper posture of the real magic Buddha.
Being poor and evil, hating yourself …
If you become a magic Buddha root in this way, there will be no three-sided division.
Evil on three sides is the real form.
The root of the state of showing evil on one side and sleeping on both sides is the evidence that the foundation of the magic Buddha was destroyed and the Tao retreated greatly
So who dares to be the enemy of this level of magic Buddha?
Even succeeded in cheating each other?
Pei Wende didn’t even think about it, but he knew who else could be feared by the magic Buddha.
Chapter 20 My name is Wei Tuo.
"She didn’t abandon you. She didn’t want to hurt you!"
Watching the crazy Ajue completely turn into a dark light and then rush out of the room, Pei Wende didn’t know if the other party had heard what he was saying.
However, judging from Ajue’s behavior, there is a high probability that the other party will not listen to himself.
But now Pei Wende has also neglected sleep.
Because he found that I don’t know when the girl had gone to the bed with Zhenjing and picked up the one that had turned into a black mord.
It was not until this time that Pei Wende suddenly realized.
There seems to be one of the most obvious bug—— in the "story" that Ajue said before-who is the girl?
Everyone in the temple described by Ajue before should have died except him?
So who is this girl who opens the door for herself to help Ajue cross over and resolve the spectre resentment?
Ah Jue, it’s so clean. It’s because the children who died were all named by that girl. Why doesn’t this girl have an exact name until now?
It’s as if this girl just doesn’t come, and even there are no memorial tablets of girl bones in the shrines around her.
It’s not the evil spirits that children turn into, and it’s not the only living person in this ghost temple like Ajue-what is this girl’s position?
"Who are you?"
Pei Wende is really confused this time.
It seems that this girl and Ajue have been together for a long time, but there is a slight contradiction in subtlety. Is this girl sacred?