"Cover the sea whip!" Wu hit home

Xuan Nv said, "Qi Fu Hai Jiao has been getting along for a long time but never touched it. Among the seven apes, except you, who ate a lot of flat peaches, he is the strongest creature. At this moment, if you give him a whip, you will not despise it."
Enlightenment is full of joy, and it is necessary to be hidden from the world. I didn’t expect that most of the magic weapons were in my own hands, which was beyond my expectation.
Xuan Nv then said, "The magic weapon of fire is two fans."
Enlightenment: "I know it must be Laojun’s banana fan or a banana fan with a handle that can fan out fire."
Xuan Nv said, "A banana fan with a main fire and a main wind is more powerful than ten times!"
I didn’t think that two handles of fans could do this. One of them is a fate, baby. If you want to be one … My darling is really a weapon to kill and set fire to!
Wu asked, "Did Sanqing get all these magic weapons?"
Xuan Nv said, "What’s so strange about it when he learned that Pangu had turned many magic weapons into an axe before I waited?"
Wu Dao said, "It is wrong to say that the banana fan is melted by the leaves of the Yin essence."
Xuan Nv said, "Naturally, it’s not right. That’s because the old gentleman deliberately concealed it and was coveted."
Enlightenment: "When telling this lie, it’s lucky that Yuan Da Tian Zun got it. If it comes, it’s very troublesome."
Xuan Nv said, "Although the seven magic weapons are also distributed in Yin and Yang and five elements in a short time, this yuan is very different. If the Tathagata is not a pulse of nature, it is difficult for him to see the mystery in his hand."
Enlightenment: "Where is another magic weapon?"
Xuan Nv said, "This magic weapon is called the earth spirit bead."
Wu heard Xuan Nv say the name of the earth magic weapon and said, "What’s the difference between this magic weapon and where?" Xuan Nv said, "I know it’s deep underground, but after searching for it several times, I think it’s someone else’s hand."
Enlightenment "oh? Is there anything that Xuan Nv can’t find? "
Xuan Nv said, "If I am hidden in the world, I naturally can’t find earth magic, which is not my specialty."
Wu stared at the lifelike pangu axe and knew that it was not a whim for Xuan Nv to talk to himself about these magic weapons. He thought about it and asked, "What can you see if the secret of the occult method is practiced?"
Xuan Nv said, "I can see that this ancient axe is divided into eleven magic weapons."
Wu suddenly realized that the more you practice the secret of the occult method, the more mysterious the heavens and the earth you see. It seems that you really have to step up your practice.
However, one of the great things that my eyes have to do is to re-refine the secret stick. After hearing Xuan Nv say that the ancient axe cannot be recast, I think highly of my secret stick.
Burn the lamp and ask yourself to find the five elements of the great god, the earth-based wood, to ignite the water, and finally to assist in the creation of blood and gold essence, so that the real secret can be achieved.
Enlightenment "There is another boundary in Xuan Nv that I want to see."
Xuan Nv said, "Where is it?"
Realizing that "the northwest is not surrounded by mountains"
Xuan Nv nodded, "You go ahead."
The two of them fell down and realized that they were performing a somersault cloud, folding out a dozen somersaults behind Wan Li and Xuan Nv, and rushing to catch the enlightenment, "Is this somersault cloud burning a lamp?"
Wu nodded and said, "What?"
Xuan Nv said, "Do you know how far you just turned a somersault?"
Wu shook his head and said, "I haven’t counted a somersault for thousands of miles."
Xuan Nv said, "It’s strange that even if I teleport, there are hundreds of thousands of miles. How can you go out to Wan Li?"
I don’t understand that I have made progress in the mixed-yuan holy somersault cloud kung fu. What’s strange about this? Xuan Nv added, "You don’t know that this world is as far away as a blink, and even Sanqing, burning lamps, Kunpeng and I can’t escape this rule. How did you do it?"
Huh? I don’t know if there is such a saying, "I don’t feel different as usual."
Xuan Nv thought for a long time and finally shook his head and said, "It’s really strange. Maybe that’s the genius of apes?"
The two men hurried to the northwest again, and in a short time they arrived at Jin Tianyin’s land. If they expected it, a suspense was about to be solved.
At the end of the week, he realized that he had risen to the towering jade pillar, and he realized that there was also a law here that was very different from Qingqiushan, but he didn’t understand this law, even though he was a saint.
Xuan Nv said, "I knew that the complex was in the mixed yuan, but Jin Xian could see it but couldn’t touch it. Therefore, it is impossible to crack it. Alas, the Tathagata is wily, but it is a way to destroy the array base if it is next to the cloth."
Enlightenment "if it can’t be broken, it doesn’t matter that he will have a law sooner or later." Enlightenment thought to himself, if you collect five kinds of king’s blood someday, you still have to worry about not breaking it.
Although the Gangfeng here is fierce, it has a great influence on the two of them. Knowing that this place is the threshold of mixed yuan Jin Xian, he flew along the nine branches again and again and saw that these nine branches were scattered in all directions like branches
I don’t know how high it flew this time, but finally I have to see this one branch out again.
The fourth volume The cat was the best Chapter 42 Moving the pagoda
I realized in my heart that I went back and forth again and again. I don’t know if there is a branch. Is it really a giant jade column? If there is no such thing as a giant jade column, will things really fall?
Wu climbed further and found that Gangfeng seemed to blow away the soul. He dared not move again. Xuan Nv strolled over and said, "Wu, what are you doing here?"
Wu Dao said, "When Gonggong’s head couldn’t touch Zhoushan, I wanted to see the trace."
Xuan Nv said, "There are eleven here. How can you find them like this? Come with me."
Xuan Nv is familiar with this world, but she flew obliquely to the northeast with a realization, and then she saw a fork broken.
He looked at Xuan Nv with a grain of salt. "Is this the root that Gong Gong broke?"
Xuan Nv nodded and said, "Exactly!"
When I got near, I took a closer look at the new crop where the branch was broken. This branch was eroded by wind for tens of thousands of years, but it didn’t have the slightest sense of obsolescence. This giant jade column material is really harder than burning lamps. I once said that if he didn’t take the material here to make a natural furnace, it wouldn’t be broken. According to the enlightenment, at this moment, it seems that this branch is several miles thick. Then this natural furnace is really huge!
But I can’t figure out why this broken branch can’t fall off? He looked at Xuan Nv Xuan Nv and said, "I won’t go too far if I go any further. I don’t think I can stay if I have traction."
Enlightenment: "In those days, Gonggong’s head didn’t touch well, and then the northwest collapsed into the southeast, but this branch was only one of the eleventh middle schools, even if it was broken, it would have much impact."
Xuan Nv said, "You only have this idea when you see that the southeast is full of aura and the northwest is barren?"
Enlightenment "Exactly!"
Xuan Nv shook his head and smiled. "It’s a big mistake. The distribution of aura in heaven and earth can’t touch the mountain. You will know it naturally after you have achieved the secret of Xuanfa."
Enlightenment: "Gong Gong claims to be furious and can’t hit Zhoushan. It’s really cool to see him today."
Xuan Nv smiled and said, "Where is Gong Gong’s rage and depression? He is extremely eager to collapse the mountain. There is a flaw here, but the material of Qingtian Yuzhu is the hardest thing in the world, so it is called Gong Gong Gong’s neck fracture and death."
Wu thought to himself that Gong Gong could make it here to repair a broken sacred neck, so how could he die? If he wanted to live, there was always a way. Now that he is dead, he will die.
Gong Gong Da Yu and others all killed the God of Nature, and the ape’s life will be destroyed. But he went to Zhuan Xu War in Buzhoushan instead of Kun Peng’s belly? It didn’t mean to hear it at first, but now I think there are many obstacles.
Xuan Nv realized that he was stunned and said, "Let’s go to Lingshan."