Russell’s heart moved at the bottom of the pupil and suddenly burst into a group of blue flames.

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An emotion of indifference, despair and isolation that he had neve felt before flooded into his heart, which made Russell’s eye consciousness become indifferent.
In a moment, Russell’s body turned into an ordinary blue songbird in the blue flame and took off-
-What can I fly?
Russell’s heart is hard to suppress amazement.
The first time he flew with his wings, he felt an unprecedented strangeness and drew an elegant arc … almost crashed directly.
Fortunately, Russell’s learning ability is still quite excellent.
Before the crash, he managed to fly with his clumsy wings.
However, it seems that Bluebird’s flying ability can’t support his long delay …
The bird perched precariously on the sink, fell down and flew up again.
When Russell triggered psionics again, the metal cage emerged from the void around him and banned Russell.
He lost the ability to fly in an instant.
The cage with that bird clanked and dangle, then settled down.
Russell looked out through the cage.
The strange horizon gave him a sense of seeing tears from behind bars.
He also quickly understood the birdcage quality.
The psionic power of "caged bird" is a passive trap form, and it is a preparatory stage ability to trigger to become a bird … just like Russell peeked into the past memory of "Little Glass", it seems to be another manifestation of his incarnation psionic power.
If someone closes the doors and windows when the birdcage is in the same room, then the person with the last door and window will be pulled into this one-on-one relationship.
Another way to trigger is that the other party hits the birdcage out of curiosity or because of simple hand base … Then Russell can pull the other party into it. If this way is triggered, Russell can jump out of the cage himself.
In that case, Russell can take the initiative to choose whether to eliminate the two-sided antonym.
"Imprisoning or creating a psionic power that is beneficial to the home court …"
Russell pondered.
Although the conditions are quite harsh, once they take effect, they can play a very good role.
If Russell has to fight against the steel monster whose semantic body transformation degree exceeds%, he can strip off the other semantic body and form an advantage.
The stripped righteousness will change back to the "flesh" form … If you have adapted to the righteousness, there will be a lot of discomfort when you suddenly change back to the flesh.
"… or can be chased by a group of people? Create a one-on-one fight to reduce the number of employees or gain time? "
It is not clear whether the birds and cages will stay in place when entering that virtual space.
After that, a camera can be placed to record an outside video to confirm one.
"And this psionic power has wonderful by-products …"
Russell’s expression is subtle.
Without it, Russell can become a bird.
In this way, if Russell is handcuffed or imprisoned, he can fly away as a bird if there is still a gap.
No one would have thought that Russell, the cat’s soul, could become a bird.
Unlike Alice’s universal psionics, bluebird psionics are quite extreme-the kind that will be greatly reduced once the mystery of psionics is known.
Russell’s current psychic level can last about twenty minutes.
If the "blue songbird" body is not used, it will be half-time … and this trap cage can be maintained forever.
The disadvantage is that Russell will be very fragile if he becomes a bird. If this form dies, then he will really die.
….. but if it weren’t for physical changes, it shouldn’t be a big problem
Russell once became Alice in the first mask when he was in the front boat, and almost immediately suffered a lethal attack.
That hard punch broke Russell’s spine directly.
But Russell was not injured when he resisted the attack that could interrupt his spine … but was beaten back to the original form. The mask was shattered by the transformation and the avatar also entered the cooling.
It will take about a month to recover.
At this point …
"Maybe you can also use the avatar ability as a month to cool body double?"
Can also be used as a vest.
It’s best to have as few people as possible who want to know the original appearance of "Blue Song Song" …
Russell wondered what else his psionics could do.
He tentatively stretched out his right hand.
But the "no device" psionic power has no response at all.
….. So you can’t make him incarnate when you transform?
Russell reached out his hand to his face before washing his hands.
With the blue flame rekindled, Russell’s body shrank instantly.
Russell is take a white mask without facial features off his face.