"Miss Amanda, since the money has been returned, I will leave now if there is nothing else." Mo Xiaocheng said.

"Please stay"
Two sounds come from behind Moxiao City, one is Amanda, the other is Amanda, and it’s very magnetic, a middle-aged voice.
Mo Xiaocheng turned his head and looked like a tall and angular man dressed casually.
"Daddy" Amanda shouted to the man, and Moxiao knew that this man was Amanda’s father.
Mo Xiaocheng’s eyes are diabolical. He can tell at a glance that this Amanda’s father is not an easy character. He reveals the temperament and majesty of a person who has lived in a high position for a long time. Look at his eyes. His body is strong and his skin is shiny. In addition, his eyes are rough and there is a fierce light from time to time … Mo Xiaocheng knows that this man Amanda’s father is even a gangster!
He was a little puzzled. Why did he earn any one by himself? They were all gangsters. Is this because he has a fate with the underworld?
"Your name is MoXiao city, right? It was three nights ago that my daughter hitchhiked to my house for one night, right? " The man spoke standard English. He didn’t speak fast enough for Mo Xiaocheng to hear clearly, but there was a oppression and an absolute advantage in his tone to interrogate Mo Xiaocheng.
This tone makes MoXiaoCheng unhappy.
"Yes, I’m Mo Xiaocheng. You’re Miss Amanda’s father. I don’t know what to call you?" MoXiaoCheng consumedly square tunnel no surprise each other majesty oppression very calm tone to speak.
This calmness surprised and appreciated Steven.
"Ha ha, my name is Steven, and you can call me nunle (uncle)." Steven came over and looked at Moxiaocheng with no malice in his eyes, which is a kind of elder’s examination of the younger generation and the elder’s examination of the young.
"Well, what can I do for Uncle Steven?" MoXiaoCheng light a supercilious, modest and arrogant to maintain their normality.
Mo Xiaocheng, the head of the underworld, has dealt with this kind of people a lot. He always treats them equally, neither fawning on them nor hating them. He will talk and get along with them as he likes. He will not take the initiative to offend such people, nor will he automatically treat them with an inferior attitude.
When he was at sea, he had a lot of dealings with Xiao Junliang, but they were always tepid and kept close.
Mo Xiao-cheng regarded him as dignified and indifferent, but his words made Steven speechless.
"Since you have nothing to do with Uncle Steven, I’ll excuse myself first." Mo Xiaocheng smiled and nodded at Amanda and turned to leave.
"Please slow down!"
Steven stopped Mo Xiaocheng again. "You came to Los Angeles more than a month ago. Isn’t it good that your eldest brother is the owner of Weicheng Martial Arts School in Mo Weicheng?"
Mo Xiaocheng was motionless on the surface, but frowned in his heart. "Are you investigating me?"
"Yes, I have investigated you, but you can say that I will investigate every man who approaches my daughter, no exception," Steven said.
"You and I are deliberately close to your daughter Amanda personally create an encounter plot your fortune? Hey hey, if that’s the case, then you’re wrong. "Mo Xiaocheng smiled. He laughed with disdain and seemed to laugh at Steven’s paranoia.
Steven didn’t get angry, and he was surprisingly calm. He also smiled. "Haha, after Amanda had a daughter, my family property was inherited by her. Is it strange that I investigate everyone who approaches her? Young man "
Mo Xiaocheng can certainly understand his feelings. The so-called heart is chaotic. Even Xiao Junliang, such a peerless hero, has a dead hole. That is his daughter. He was secretly investigated by Xiao Junliang’s ancestors when he saved Xiao Yayun.
"Not surprisingly," Mo Xiaocheng shook his head. "I can understand that a powerful gangster loves his only daughter, but you really misunderstood me. I really have no idea about your daughter. I borrowed 500 yuan from Miss Amanda that night and now I’m paying it back, believe it or not."
Amanda has been supported by Steven, otherwise he wouldn’t have said such things to Moxiao City. Before Amanda, he is a fatherly character.
"I know that you are a martial arts master from China, and you have a good skill. You also participated in the Los Angeles Wushu Competition, and your record is extraordinary." Steven frowned. "Are you interested in coming and helping me?"
Steven threw an olive branch to MoXiao City.
Who knows that Mo Xiaocheng doesn’t even want to shake his head directly? "If not, I will be an ordinary person who can’t reach your level and can’t help you. Let’s choose another high school."
Steven looked at his departure direction after MoXiao City left, and his eyes were meaningful.
After paying back the money, Moxiao City was relaxed. He didn’t get a ride, but he still ran back to the martial arts school from here, a total of 1,354 kilometers. Moxiao City ran like a flood, and he went back to the martial arts school for more than half an hour without taking a breath.
At this time, he broke out in a hot sweat, which was his strong physical strength and he was out of breath and panting.
But his physical strength is not exhausted, so he should hold his breath, and he can still beat the general master of chemical energy!
He recovered from his injury, and the damaged meridians became thicker, and his body muscles became tighter and his physical strength became longer.
It can be said that if he plays Feng Jing again now, he is no worse than Feng Jing in terms of physical strength, and we still have to fight to know who will die.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four God changed! ()
After a few breaths, Mo Xiaocheng’s breathing returned to normal. He went back to his room, took a cold bath and ate something to fill his stomach. He sat still.
The room was dimly lit, and a vertical desk lamp and desk gave off dim light to illuminate Moxiao City Room. He faced the dim light, and the light made his face dim.
Moxiaocheng runs through the second meridian of Tiandu in Xiaozhou, and the qi flows from Dantian through perineum and anus, and passes through the tail, the spine and the jade pillow to the mud pill on the top of the head, and then divides into two ears and cheeks to meet the tip of the tongue.
After a short walk, Moxiao City went on for nine times, and it melted Moxiao City for a long time, but he felt refreshed and full of vigor and spirit at this time, which was more comfortable than having enough sleep and food.