It’s good that Xiao Zhe can keep his daughter when he stops talking.

"Children are also at fault."
"Then you go back to Quyang immediately and go back immediately."
"Yes, son is gone."
Xiao Zhe got up and flicker out of Baoting. At this time, his body medicine didn’t get rid of everything. After he left the Queen Mother Yongshou Palace, he didn’t worry. Instead, he went straight to the brothel Chu Pavilion.
The Queen Mother Baoting seems to be a few years old. With the thought of Jiang Han’s smoke, the whole face is distorted and she walks out of Baoting all the way from the back garden of Yongshou Palace.
At this time, the tree in the southeast corner was watching, and Su Wan was really stunned. His hands grabbed Xiao Huang’s arm tightly. It was because the drama was so shocking that she almost didn’t fall into the tree and stayed in the back garden. Everyone left Su Wan and could not help but exclaim, "Oh, my God, isn’t this play too exciting?"
The end of the month, the end of the month, ladies, turn out your pockets and see if it’s clean. Don’t miss the tickets. You need a little reward. Chapter 89 Two men fight. Have you taken any medicine?
Su Wan, a big tree in the back garden of Yongshou Palace, was amazed, then suddenly interrupted her face and said with a sigh of compassion, "How could the poor Yiling County Lord encounter such a heartless thing? How can you live after you let her do such a heinous thing to her father? This poor girl is really miserable. It’s really miserable."
Xiao Huang picked a heavy eyebrow face with a strange look, staring at Su Wan with faint eyes. Is this sympathy for Su Yue? When did this girl become so compassionate? Shouldn’t she clap her hands?
"Ladies, are you so kind?"
Su wan looked up at Xiao Huang discontentedly. "Why not? I’m so unsympathetic. Am I the kind of person who gloats?"? Am I a good person who can’t see others? "
Xiao Huang immediately wanted to nod and tell her that you are such a person.
However, someone turned against each other and tried to hold back their desire to nod, but they were so lucky and bitter. Do we have to play the bitter route?
Xiao Huang looked at Su Wan faintly, staring at her with deep eyes. In a short time, a woman broke her work, her sad face was sunny, her smile was dense, and she couldn’t say how happy she was.
"It’s really exciting. The wicked have their own wicked mill. It’s really great to see those two mothers and daughters tearing just now. By the way, the queen mother also moved the flank of Jiang Hanyan. You see, I didn’t move a little finger, and people tore it apart."
Su Wan was very happy and looked at the night with regret. "But at least give people a place to be."
Sue wan’s sparkling eyes are brighter than the night sky and stars. Xiao Huang looked at her and couldn’t help laughing. This way, ladies and ladies are the ones he knows well. He knew that this guy was not so kind, so he was still black-hearted and black-hearted
"Ladies, are you sure you didn’t do everything tonight?"
Xiao Huang woke up a little girl with a kind face who deliberately dropped a bottle of medicine and asked Su Yue to pick it up. How could Su Yue do it without this bottle of medicine?
Su Wan looked up at MengMeng and looked at Xiao Huang. "What are you talking about? People don’t understand?"
The crisp sound to the bone made Xiao Huang petrified all over, and the woman beside him suddenly interrupted a face of sympathy and said, "Xiao Huang, is it good that you think so badly of people?" How dark your heart is. Such a dark mind is a disease. Why don’t I help you cure it? Do you know that there are still many good people in this world? Don’t think so badly of everyone around you. I am a very kind and caring girl. "
Su Wan finished blinking and looked at Xiao Huang Xiao Huang corners of the mouth straight smoke faint looked at Su Wan "ladies ladies so it’s good not to be modest? Narcissism is also a disease. "
Xiao Huang said that Su Wan’s mouth was dizzy with a big laughing flower. "Yes, I know narcissism is a disease, but I am willing. What am I willing to do for you?"
When she finished, she looked at the nearby Baoting and thought of what had happened before. Her face smiled more and her eyes were bright.
"I really want to see Su Yue’s lofty and pretentious face. Would it be wonderful now? But that woman is drugged. Where’s the effort now? "
Su Wan looked around and forgot that she was looking in all directions at the tree place at the moment. As a result, her foot slipped and she planted the tree, but she didn’t have martial arts and directly smashed it to the ground.
It’s a real joy and sorrow. Good thing she didn’t forget to shout "Xiao Huang" when she planted it.
Xiao Huang’s figure drifted and stretched out his hand and took Su Wan’s hand. Two people slowly landed.
Su Wan breathed a sigh of relief when he reached the ground firmly. It was really irritating that he could not be too proud, and he would soon be rewarded.
She was muttering to herself. Xiao Huang looked at her with bright eyes and said seriously, "Ladies, is this called joy and sorrow?"
Su Wan shook his head seriously and then looked up at the sky sadly and said, "This is called getting carried away."
Finally, the two men laughed at the same time, and it was rare that Xiao Huang was in such a good mood that he reached out and took Sue’s hand and said, "I’ll take you back at night."
Two figures soon disappeared in the back garden of Yongshou Palace.
At this time, Su Yue was suffering the biggest blow in history. She thought of the words of the former Queen Mother and Empress Dowager and felt that the whole person was going crazy.
Xuanwang Xiaozhe is your father. You seduce your father and want to strengthen him with medicine. You are really heartless.
Desperate. Ha ha. Yes, she is.
But she didn’t know it was her real father. No one told her that Xuanwang Xiao Zhe was her father.
Isn’t she Su Peng’s daughter? How did she become Xuanwang Xiaozhe’s daughter again?
Sue month thought of this uncontrollable looked up at the night and roared out "ahhh"
At this time, the place where she lives is the palace, and many people are alarmed to come out and look at it in the dark.
Just then, a figure floated out in the dark night and blinked and fell to Su Yue’s side. He stretched out his hand and grabbed her waist and said "Go".
Su Yue looked quickly and saw that this person turned out to be the dark guard around her mother. Du Yun Du Yun took her waist and flickered and went all the way to the most secluded place in the palace. When there was no one around, Du Yuncai let Su Yue go.
"All right, miss, you can roar as much as you want."
But Su Yue didn’t call at this time because her body obsequious medicine didn’t solve the problem. She was awakened by the queen mother’s water, and now she is hugged by Du Yun. That uncomfortable strength has come out again. Seeing Du Yun leaving, she reached out and hugged Du Yun’s waist.